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  1. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    He did say all "year" that might be correct if he is meaning calendar year, I didn't check the dates, but it is misleading.
  2. Ethan Bear - Is he ready?

    Maybe Lucic can get the Lupul treatment, some undisclosed injury keeping him on permanent ir. If he doesn't bounce back management is going to have to do something creative.
  3. Oilers Coaching

    I don't like the idea of replacing McClellan yet, his guy(s) in charge of the special teams however (Jonson?) should be fired from a cannon into the sun.
  4. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    He has fought three times this season, not alot but also not nothing.
  5. He didn't even try to get into the play to thwart any potential rebound chance, he was as useful as a pylon (nice reference oldwarrior). If I was an Ottawa fan I would expect some try, even if it's futile. That play shows a player that's checked out, I would rather not have another one of those on this team. If Hoffman took a penalty on the play that's a good penalty to take.
  6. To all the people who think Nuge for Hoffman is a good idea (haven't seen anyone on the omb advocate for it) just watch Hoffman not even try to stop mcdavid on his second goal.
  7. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Larsson is younger and better than methot, so that argument is a non-starter. I missed Gerard in the list of players so I will concede that point. Sergachev could have flamed out just like Reinhart did (also a highly touted player in his draft year). Dahlin has alot higher draft pedigree than sergachev did, hence likely a 1st overall pick as opposed to a 9th overall pick.
  8. Cooper Marody

    About as sure a thing as any other player still on the board by the 3rd round, I was hoping the pick could have been packaged with something for nhl talent, but it is what it is. Bakersfield needs players too.
  9. Oilers acquire prospect from Philly

    I actually already made this thread in the prospects section, where is probably where it should be.
  10. Lucic signs with Edmonton

    Duchene got Colorado a 1St ,3rd, and prospects, all unknowns as far as nhl quality (Hammond is a good back-up). Drouin got Tampa sergachev, who never played an nhl game, there was risk that he wouldn't translate to the nhl. Islanders got a 1St and a 2nd for Hamonic, those picks weren't expected to be as high as they will be with the flames falling out of playoff contention. Aside from duchene, simply because of the amount of prospects going to Colorado, I would argue larsson as a 2/3 defense man on most teams is equal value to those trades. Larsson is a known quantity on a great contract. I maintain that Oilers should have got a 2nd or 3rd round pick in the deal, but it is not as bad as you are trying to make it out to be.
  11. Cooper Marody Another gamble on a speedy skilled player.
  12. Klefbom is officially shut down for the season, I assume Dillon is up in case Russell can't go.
  13. Oilers Coaching

    He hasn't been spectacular in Bakersfield and earned the call up. And if he can get a better deal elsewhere let him go be someone else's problem. The max I would offer him is 2 years at 0.9 mil (negotiations start at 1 year league min to see what the counter is) or whatever can be 100% buried. It is more likely, judging by his development curve, that his theoretical Ppg segment of 10 or so games is an outlier than the beginning of a new trend. Yes he is pending UFA but don't forget Oilers have a window to negotiate before other teams, if you can't get him in that window for what you want oh well likely not a big loss.
  14. Oilers Coaching

    Chiarelli will counter with years of not being able to become a fixture on any nhl team, the contract (regardless of how well the player performed over an 11 game showcase) should be viewed as an opportunity to prove he can be a consistent nhl player. I don't care how you perform over such a small sample size, it does not/should not earn you a big pay day.
  15. Oilers Coaching

    I would bet rattie would jump at a one year league minimum contract on a one way deal considering how his career has gone so far. I think the contract spot is of more significance than the dollar amount he would be offered, he is playing for a chance to stay in north America right now and I would say the odds are against him even being offered a contract. There is almost zero chance of an overpay, they will make sure not to give him more than can be buried in the minors. If rattie gets anything more than league minimum on a 1 way deal it would show gross incompetence by management.