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  1. RenJob

    Neon Leon, Dr Drai, The Deutschland Dangler

    Back to draisaitl, I would be happy with 50 points to be honest, but that is contingent on absolutely demolishing the goal differential. I don't care how many points any player gets, as long as the line scores more often than the other guys.
  2. RenJob

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    The qo to slep is just to retain his rights invade he wants to come back next year. (Next year as in 19/20) 10% raise for under 600 000 5% raise for between 600 000 and one million 100% of base salary for over one million As per cap freindly
  3. RenJob

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

    Lucic's agent was on Oilers now yesterday and was asked if he requested a trade on lucic's behalf, he said (as close to verbatim as my memory allows lol) Pete and I have not had that conversation, Milan had a tough year and he is committed to coming back next year and being a much more effective player. Something to that effect. I would be surprised if he didn't start the season here, sounds to me like (and this part is speculation) the rumours just stem from PC asking for the list of teams looch would except a trade to as a point of due diligence, and the "insiders" and media just ran with the story that "sells papers".
  4. RenJob

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    Strome will probably get a qualifying offer (which is $3m) and have a year to earn the next one.
  5. RenJob


    I don't argue the expansion was a bad idea, just that I hope the protected list gets expanded a little for the next one.
  6. RenJob


    Maybe I'm just bitter but I thinks it's a load of crap. Just shows the expansion for Seattle needs different rules on protected lists. There is no way a team should be this good in there first year.
  7. RenJob

    Joel Persson

    That's a fair point.
  8. RenJob

    Joel Persson

    He's got a 1 year entry level deal, becomes rfa after the year is up and is on loan to his shl team. Oilers have the right to recall him. Is it just me or does this seem like a waste of one of the 50 contracts.
  9. I think if Bear comes to camp a better skater that will help his defensive game immensely, I think his lack of foot speed is holding him back more than anything else. If he gets caught out of position he isn't fast enough to have a chance to recover, and all young defense men get caught out of position from time to time. I'm hoping Pearson is more of a "gatekeeper" for the ahl team, injury insurance so you don't have to risk calling bear up before he is ready. That's how it should be done anyways, give Bear a right shot to compete with for call up time.
  10. Hey I agree with you ojf you cannot depend on Bear. That said he still showed promise, and if (big if) he beats out an actual nhl level player for a spot than great. No harm in being optimistic, as long as you don't plan on him being a fixture. As far as I'm concerned you construct the team with the assumption that he will play the entire season in the minors, and if he blows the doors off and is obviously ready than great, good problem to have, you bury someone or make a trade to make room, because you never know. As long as you don't sit on your hands because he was slightly better than replacement level in a small sample size with no pressure, than there is no issue with holding out hope, because no one can say unequivocally that he won't be a surprise next year.
  11. I think what deutch is saying is the roster spot still needs to be filled in. we still need to pay that money to a different 13th forward and 7th defence man.
  12. RenJob

    Lucic signs with Edmonton

    He did say all "year" that might be correct if he is meaning calendar year, I didn't check the dates, but it is misleading.
  13. RenJob

    Ethan Bear - Is he ready?

    Maybe Lucic can get the Lupul treatment, some undisclosed injury keeping him on permanent ir. If he doesn't bounce back management is going to have to do something creative.
  14. RenJob

    Oilers Coaching

    I don't like the idea of replacing McClellan yet, his guy(s) in charge of the special teams however (Jonson?) should be fired from a cannon into the sun.
  15. RenJob

    Lucic signs with Edmonton

    He has fought three times this season, not alot but also not nothing. http://www.hockeyfights.com/players/2638