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  1. Coffey to join Oilers

    The article hints at a coaching related position, the only thing I can find about coaching history is Toronto minor hockey.......sure seems like he is being gifted a role (assuming reports are accurate).
  2. Which Jersey Do Fans Like? 2016/17 OR 2017/18??

    We're I feel the exact opposite, I like the home one this year so much better, that orange on last year's hurts my eyes, gawd that is bright.
  3. Yohann Auvitu According to this article, auvitu has experience as a forward.
  4. Darnell

    This year he has been a monster, probably my favourite player on the team outside mcdavid, and probably the most improved player. Last year he was a solid bottom pairing guy(he struggled when played higher in the lineup), the year before that...... He is showing growth, just not enough to be worth gambling 6 bills or more. I thought my contract values were fair based on nurses play through his elc, maybe the bridge contract seems low, but that is the nature of bridge contracts. Likely if the bridge rout is taken the next contract will be a monster.
  5. Darnell

    Progression doesn't cost him, lack of a record of consistency cost him. Yes the next contract could be a whopper, which is why I would personally not do the bridge deal, I would try for as much term as possible, but than your trying to fit 5+ under the cap next year for full term, or maybe klefbom money/term might be the best option.
  6. Darnell

    I would still start negotiations at 2.5 for a bridge deal, it gives you room to move. Nurse hasn't shown consistency over his elc, if his year last year was comparable to this year than you would have to offer alot more.
  7. Darnell

    We don't have to pay what other teams might pay (unless offer sheet), he is an rfa, bridge deals happen all the time. This is the first year he has started to live up to his potential, and the points aren't there yet. I stand by my prediction of 2.5-3 on a 2 year deal, or klefbom money for 5+ yrs.
  8. Darnell

    If nurse wants 4 per than the organisation better get atleast 5 yrs. I predict 2.5-3 MIL on a 2 yr bridge deal, or a similar deal to klef and Lars.
  9. Prediction Thread

    5-1-1 for me

    That's Albert Einstein, and imo mcdavid has a decent shot (maybe not alot of velocity, but amazing release), he just doesn't use it enough.
  11. How have we not scored yet OMG, since about the last 5 mins of the first the Oilers have been dominant (other than a shift here or there). Come on boys bury one, we deserve at least a point.
  12. You are basing everything on the assumption that an unsubstantiated rumor is accurate. There is no evidence I can find to validate the rumor as accurate. You or I really have no idea what happens off-ice. Furthermore this forum bans discussion on the topic of players personal lives, which precludes you from posting information you may have found on the subject. Personally I don't buy it, the incident would have become a story somewhere, I have a hard time believing, in a fish bowl like Edmonton, somebody wouldn't have a video of the incident. I don't have any answers on why our team is so disinterested most nights, but I think this whole incident needs to go away, it's negative attention and it deflects blame on to one player. The team as a whole needs to take a good long look in the mirror and decide how they want the remainder of this season will play out.
  13. Prediction Thread

    Me too, actually I just want the Oilers to win.
  14. Prediction Thread

    Just need to beat Philly and I win a round..Yay For the next I'm going 3-3-1, we need atleast that to maintain a semblance of relevance.
  15. Oilers @ Flames: 8 PM. Sat Dec 2.17 CBC HNIC

    Ya it happens multiple times per game, it's a load of crap, nhl officiating is a joke.