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  1. nocchi

    Possible Trades?

    After the playoffs he had last year? Wow, he's the type of guy you want in a deep run. KG, gogogogogo. Don't care if he doesn't re-sign - the guy knows how to win, even his presence for a few months will bear fruit.
  2. nocchi

    THE COUNTDOWN: "19 Wins" to get to the show!

    I love this thread, every time we lose we get closer to the playoffs
  3. >goalie has no stick >shoot high and slow ok
  4. The cerebral Zack Kassian. I'm impressed!
  5. Kos'M putting on such a show we decide to spend the whole time in our zone to get a better look.
  6. nocchi

    Oilers waive Manning

    At this point, we should be able to attract players looking for internship experience for coaching/GM roles. The Edmonton Oilers, the teaching franchise of the NHL.
  7. nocchi

    Oilers waive Manning

    Am I going to begrudge Hitch for this move? No, he was brought in to be coach. He can give his input on guys he thinks would fit his system, that's it, I doubt he was lured here with promises of trade requests. Perhaps our mgmt needs to do better than listen to the input of anyone in the organization, seemingly regardless of role, then just wing it and see what happens. If it works, everyone's a genius! Yeah, ok. We need a gameplan and a true leader so badly. Might as well have McDavid be a player/GM at this point, he seems to be asked about trades before they happen, already plenty of experience!
  8. nocchi

    Who should be the next GM?

    And they have a generational talent to work with. One GM has already failed. Cons: Highly scrutinzed by local media; could be a black mark for future jobs if it goes south; need to clean up the messes of others; need a strong personality to filter out noise within the org. Pros: should be able to negotiate big $$$, I'd ask for a nice base plus mad bonuses for targets met (ie. playoff wins); work centred around McDavid; success would mean likely a spot in the hockey hall of fame/statues in Edm/legendary status Neither the best, nor the worst job one could ask for.
  9. nocchi

    Oilers Acquire Stolarz

    Needed that cap space. Only 21gp over 3 leagues the past 2 years. Injury issues? Regardless, welcome to Oil Country, Tony Storks, hope you come good here!
  10. nocchi

    Peter Chiarelli

    That 'room' only exists because we aren't using all of Sekera's LTIR space. That number goes to zero upon his return. When he returns we are at $80.72 mil. Waiving a Benning or Manning gets us to $79.70 mil. Need an extra $200 grand shed by my calculations. Which could be wrong, I really don't understand the 'daily' aspects of the cap very well.
  11. nocchi

    Jujhar Khaira

    haha, yeah, I guess he is on a show me deal already. He's not a 2nd liner. He's got 46 points in under 150 games. Thats a point every 3 games, not bad if your 4th liners get that kind of production. Of course, production is not the only important factor. He's RFA and better than Spooner. I still think he can improve. We'll see if the organization agrees.
  12. nocchi

    Jujhar Khaira

    We don't have the luxury of throwing away cheap assets. Sign him cheap on a show-me deal, see what he shows. We need cheap guys to step up. Might not be him, isn't right now anyway; but might be in the right situation. How ironic we are now clamoring for snappy little wingers.
  13. nocchi

    Peter Chiarelli

    We only get $1.025 mil of relief, don't think that alone would be enough.
  14. I like this, makes more sense than a coach with that much experience and victories suddenly losing the plot. He's a smart guy, highlighting the problems before the trade deadline seems logical. Hold their feet to the fire.
  15. nocchi

    Disappointed oilers fan

    Hate to be 'that guy,' but you're conflating capitalism with meritocracy. In a meritocracy, the Oilers' would make a lot less. The NHL is a weird combo of socialism for the rich (revenue sharing) within the state/crony capitalist framework of North America. Ticket prices for hockey are a nice dose of free-market capitalism within this framework, and.... I'll stop now ^__^