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  1. Thanks, Rekkin. And that makes the keeper decision easy. OV, Drai, Lindholm.
  2. I plan on keeping Drai, Ovie and Lindholm at this point; figured I could lose ROR for nothing, or lose him for something; and those mid-round picks are where things get interesting. Now we just need OPF to open things up to allow the trade; it says we can't since we haven't drafted, though a trade has already occurred off-season between OPF and SD, so it should be doable?
  3. 2/3 the offense of Ryan Strome with 1/3 of the cap hit, and PK ability. Not complaining. Reminds me how bad that Strome trade was. No use dwelling.
  4. Trade picks. I'll give you ROR for a 9th rounder
  5. thx bronco Also: "removed the cant cut list" love it. Guys get injured
  6. Its Vasi though, thats a safe bet, as far as goalies are concerned imho 2nd thought on Hellebuyck as a keeper; weakish year, thinking of ROR or Lindholm now....
  7. Oh, I like this. I think we've all proven ourselves to be honourable. If 2 consenting squads want to make a risky move, its none of my business
  8. I'll be back for this one. Likely sitck with my same keepers: Drai/Ovi/Hellebuyck
  9. I'm down for a return, this one was fun.
  10. nocchi


    Thanks to you as well Fog. As well as everyone else here who helps me see things through different lenses. And of course, the competition via fantasy. Definitely increases my appreciation, knowledge, and enjoyment of the game.
  11. They're talking scared. Any team that has cap space needs to be considering offer-sheeting Marner. I was hoping Sheldon Keefe would come here, but if the Leafs insist on promoting him, I suppose Babs will do
  12. These posts are making me think - how do you even measure a coach? Can you really just look at win%? What is really the difference between a good coach and a poor coach? Are we talking a 60 point difference, or a 10 point difference? I'd lean towards the 10 - if that. Vital points for sure, especially for bubble teams, but ultimately the players get the results. The roster is the roster - the coach's job is to maximize that roster, not turn lead into gold. Important question - but of the 3 questions of upper mgmt, roster, and coaching - coaching is the least of our worries. Though now I wonder why Dustin Schwartz keeps surviving these changes?
  13. Hanlon's razor + Occam's razor = refs ain't corrupt - they just suck.
  14. He's perhaps too much of a genius - the contract is all but unmoveable - but what if Lucic ever wanted to be moved? He pretty much nailed himself to Edmonton. He's got no out.
  15. Coffey's salary isn't the one being singled out. He's still here. I'm not sure why Liason Lady is being singled out. Not to get too off-topic, but if her role was to acclimatize players to Edm, that isn't nothing. I've been overseas a few times, and it is a world of difference when you have someone from the place you are to guide you through it. The internet can't teach you to ignore your own cultural biases which aren't relevant (but you otherwise don't realize they aren't relevant) in the place you're visiting. If she sucked at her job, ok (and no, that is not measured by on ice performance), but my goodness Katz needs to up his propaganda game.
  16. I respect Krueger for stating this so soon afterwards, knowing there will be tons of speculation. RS, you may be onto something with Soccer Canada. We've got 7 years to prep for a World Cup, a guy with Ralph's experience might look appealing. I mean, we're pretty bad at soccer.
  17. If he comes back - to hockey in general, not just to Edmonton - it don't think it would be as coach. He has spent 5 years as the Chairman of a club, that while not elite, still brought in over a quarter billion in revenue a few years back. It seems like one heck of a demotion, unless he has a real yearning for the job. And if he does have that yearning, would it be for the guys that fired him via Skype? I see him taking no less than a GM role if he were to return to hockey, and perhaps would want a POHO role.
  18. For sure - though it could just be after 2 straight years of battling relegation (After 3 straight top-8 finishes), it was time to move on. Ralph doesn't seem the type to stop though, he'll definitely find another role, somewhere, and not long after the June 30 contract with Saints ends I'd predict.
  19. Ralph took all the mikes with him to Southampton. Probably regrets it: https://youtu.be/joE-KbBipDY?t=2913
  20. We had few other guys with 'career' years as well: Reider, Lucic, Talbot, etc. It all blends together to make an ugly shade of gray.
  21. One step above these aspects, that affects all 3, is poor planning. Bob hires Chia without doing any other interviews; Chia trades for Reinhart based on the advice of 2 guys who hadn't watched him in over a year, etc. They act in a reactionary way. Its like gambling - they must feel incredible when it pays off (payoff run a few years back), but they have no idea what to do when they come up craps and have to leave the table. Do they change their ways, or just head back to the ATM to max out their line of credit? And when that fails, they go home broke, to the most loyal spouse they could ever hope to get, ignoring her pleas to change. Too busy blaming the loss on some guy named Rider who didn't throw the dice right. They should have a plan to replace *every* player on the roster at a given time - injuries can happen. They should have a plan on the exact type of player they need, and tell their scouts to focus on that type of player; not just look for guys that seem 'good'. They need an actual plan, not just a random timeframe and a wishlist. Specific goals to be carried out by a specific time. Specific consequences if goals are not met.
  22. Thanks, Happy. Didn't mean much though, did it! This league had razor thin margins all year; 31 points between 1st and 8th, I don't think its ever been that close. Good job Steve, 1 point above the relegation round, and now in the final. Will Steve get his first title, or will Rekkin be the first to successfully defend one?
  23. GG Happy, a deserved win. Even with the points I left on the board on Wednesday
  24. Not going to quote the whole box, but I'm confident you can't buy out more than 1 player in a year, dk. Also agree with Fog, try to be rid of them entirely, or let them expire, buyouts should be a last resort.
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