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  1. Google Claude Giroux, that is once you've stopped laughing out loud. And your snarkiness doesn't impress me.
  2. We can only hope ........
  3. I've always thought of good hockey coaches as good problem solvers. You're given 18 diverse talents and your job is to assemble them to optimize their talents. I don't believe that McLellan has found the right chemistry with this team. (and, that's his job) I waited all season for McDavid and RNH to play together, instead Lucic is with McD. After 65 games, you'd think they would get it right. All sports are games of mistakes, but any coach I've ever had stressed that physical mistakes are fixable, but mental mistakes kill you. I believe this team make too many mental mistakes.
  4. I disagree. At this level (NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS) I believe the emphasis is more on systems and strategies than on coaching. At this level the coach isn't teaching the game, he's defining systems and developing strategies. And not to be argumentative, but I don't believe that hockey can even come close to the complexities of football (North American style).
  5. A little tidbit on coaching. A friend, who's dad played with Montreal in the 60's and 70's said that their coach Toe Blake was once asked the secret of being so successful. Blake said "the secret is having good players, all I do is open and close the door to the bench". After 15 or 20 years of playing competitive hockey, how much more can be taught ?
  6. It sort of baffles me how an organization with so much NHL experience, (Gretzky, Coffey etc.) could not motivate these guys. Look at Vegas, 25 guys who were considered "expendable" and got together and with some great leadership from Gerard Galant are truly the best team in this league. They hustle 60 minutes a night and play smart. You can't beat that combo.
  7. So, that makes two of us who have noticed this "problem". What does it say for the guys running this show ? Shouldn't it also be obvious to them as well ? Or, are we wrong and it's not a "problem" ?
  8. A couple of points of view from someone who is not as close to the day to day as you guys. I watch a ton of hockey (centre ice), and the two things that stand out to me when comparing this Oilers team to other teams (excluding Buffalo), is 1st: this team doesn't hustle. Game after game I see the trailing back checker coasting into the defensive zone. They don't WANT the puck. Last night the Rangers were a lot hungrier, and it showed. 2nd: The coaching staff seem to be reluctant to CHANGE their line combinations. Having Lucic play with McD is simply not smart. And why is RNH NOT playing with McD ???
  9. "Pieces", "Assets", and "Resources" to describe hockey players is an insult.

    My take.



  10. At what point did hockey players begin to be referred to as “assets” ? Another reason to move our “sport” into a major business. I hate that.
  11. I've been playing/watching this sport for 62 years. What I've noticed is a swing away from hockey to a money grabbing business model. Flashing advertising on the side boards, European style ads on player jerseys, and then to top it all off, the tv graphics to identify players, who is running this show anyway ? It makes me ill.
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