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  1. And my topic seems to have gone missing Anyway I will try and remember all things I had in the other one. Post your questions/issues/concerns with the new update here and I will try and answer as best I can. 1) Adding topics/status update to side bar of message board - DONE 2) BBC Code - DONE. Although there is no actual button for it it works if you type it out. There are no intentions of adding an actual button for it back. 3) Post preview - DONE. Although there is no post preview button the editor does show you exactly how it will look so having a preview button would just be duplicating that. 4) Profile banner - this something the community cares to have? Check out my profile to see what I mean. DONE - Profile banners are not active. 5) Some people having issues when posting, It quotes a blank text box with every post. DONE - The problem is that if you quote someone in one post and don't finish that post but then go into another thread it defaults that quote in the editor. This happens because posts that are not submitted are auto-saved in case your browser crashes etc. There will be improvements coming to the auto-saved content that includes an auto clearing of it after a certain period of time. 6) Ticker - Is it possible to get that back? DONE - Currently this is not a possibility however the webmaster is hopeful a widget is added and he will stay on top of it and keep mentioning it for a possible next update. 7) Making changes to the skin so it isn't so white. 8) Seem to be timed out if take too long to post your comment. It does not actually make the post after a certain period of time. I've tested this to a 10min length and could still post fine. 9) Being sent to a blank error screen when clicking on forum links. DONE - Sent some screen shots, Invision is going to roll out a patch for this today. 10) Lots of issues with how the message board runs on the mobile app. Sent all comments to webmaster and he will work it over time.
  2. What a great video 97oildrops, I really got into it and you summed up a lot in 8 1/2 minutes. Great job!
  3. Here is a list of our reputation ranks: Bad: -20 Poor: -10 Neutral: 0 Good: 50 Excellent: 500 All-Star: 1000 MVP: 5000 HHOF: 10000
  4. Admin9


    Here is a list of our member ranks, including post counts. Prospect: 0-50 posts Rookie: 50-100 posts 3rd Line Agitator: 100-500 posts 2nd LIne Winger: 500-1000 posts 1st Line Center: 1000-3000 posts Starting Goaltender: 3000-5000 posts Alternate Captain: 5000-7500 posts Captain: 7500-10000 posts All Star: 10000-15000 posts MVP: 15000-20000 posts HHOF: 20000 + posts
  5. Admin9

    **NEW MEMBER**

    In an attempt to help with the amount of spammer's we have had as of late, we have implemented a new rule for new members. When new members post, their first 5 posts will not show up in the forum until those posts have been approved by the admin team. Once they have hit this number of approved posts they will then be able to start a topic and also have all their posts appear in the forum without having to be approved. Thanks, A9
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    How to manage Live Chat: We now have live chat that will be open during all Oiler regular/playoff games. Posting and Options in chat: 1) You can log into chat by clicking "Chat" on the header bar. 2) To chat, simply type in the text box and hit enter or "Post Message". 3) To turn off notification sounds, click on the icon that looks like a bell on the right hand side. Leaving chat: 1) To leave and sign out of chat, click on the "Leave" button on the right side under the list of chat users. 2) To stay in chat, but still browse the forums, just click on the forum you want to enter, it will keep you logged in chat and you can enter chat again and read back to the conversation you missed. *If you leave chat everytime and then go back in, you will only see the conversation from when you join and on* Private Message in Chat: You can communicate with other people in chat via private message. Just click on the username of the person you want to chat with, and click private message. A new tab will be added to the chat with the username of the person you are in chat with and you can toggle back and forth between your private chat and live chat.
  7. Admin9

    WE'RE IN!!! oilers to the playoffs

    So awesome to not just down to the last game and sneak in but to actually clinch. It wasn't an hour after the game ended and season ticket holders already had the email to enter in the draw for extra tickets. We have all waited so long for this and endured some pretty crappy seasons. Congrats to us all!
  8. Avatar: Due to the mass size of some avatar's, we are now applying a size limit. Any avatar uploaded or directly linked should not exceed 100000bytes (100k). We have been having some lagging problems as of late, and it doesn't help when avatar's sometimes range over 2MB each. Signature: Please do not promote/advertise personal blogs, groups, myspace, facebook or youtube accounts in your signature. You can post links to them in your profile. (Linking a video is fine, just not a personal account of any sort) *With the return of picture signatures please do not exceed the 500(length)x125(width) size limit. Also if you choose to use a picture signature and have text below the sig, please do not exceed 1 line. If you choose not to use a picture signature, but only text instead, the maximum allowed is still 3 lines. Animated sig's are welcome, but cannot exceed a size of 200K in total. Thanks.
  9. Any comments and reference insults towards Joey Moss will not be tolerated. I would appreciate it if everyone would have a little respect for Joey, and his contribution to this team and organization. Anyone referencing Joey as an insult, or commenting in a rude manner in regards to his disability will have a penalty/suspension applied.(which ever is suitable to the comment) Thanks.
  10. Posting links or asking for links to online streaming games that do not have written copyright approval from the NHL are STRICTLY PROHIBITED ON THE FORUMS AND IN CHAT. Your account will be issued a warning or you will be excluded from the forums, for this at the moderators discretion. Thanks.
  11. Admin9

    Connor McDavid Tribute (Highlights video)

    Just watched this for the 1st time, what a great video.
  12. Yes, please explain what you mean by glitches.
  13. Looked into this and the NHL updated our main site design which is why it disappeared. Sent Invision a message and they will update the tool that imports it to bring it back. They said it is priority and they will get it done as soon as possible.
  14. Testing post time limit 9:03am. Time now 9:13am. Happy that was a 10min span and I did not have any issues. I can try longer. Are you mostly posting from mobile or are you on an actual PC when you get timed out?
  15. Just wanted to let you know spoke to Marc and he is swamped right now but did read all the comments you guys made in regards to how the message board on mobile is functioning. He assured me he will work on it, he just needs some time to do that. Hmm..let me see what's going on there.
  16. Hmm let me look into that one Fogolin
  17. Admin9

    Get him on the website

    This is great, forwarded it on even though I am a little late to the thread
  18. Admin9

    How do I use the Oilers app?

    Testing post from iPad. I have no problems from my phone or ipad. What tablet are you using Dooyas.
  19. Admin9

    How do I use the Oilers app?

    Posting issues you are having and your thoughts on the app doesn't hurt my feelings..actually not much does really. Asking you to post in a respective manner is not asking too much. And if you think this message board sucks you should be thankful you weren't here about 6 years ago when we went to kickapps. This board is a dream in comparison. Regardless, I copied all your comments about the mobile app along with the comments from other members who don't seem to agree with you to our webmaster.
  20. Sorry about that issue you guys, Invision did a hot fix on it as soon as you/mods reported it and I could duplicate that blank page. So thanks for that all.
  21. I did speak to Invision about this quoting issue and also the posting issue when taking "too long" to submit. They assured me they are investigating these issues as we are not the only ones to bring it up.
  22. Let me look into this issue. I tested in this thread and like you say mine would not appear either.
  23. I agree with you Crude and will turn the function on today. Try it out and let me know..I may add a size limit but think it actually sizes them on it's own so we should be good. Go ahead and give it a try. All the same rules apply to the banners of course so if see one that violated forum rules please report it The cover photo can be used by the moderation team and regular members. New member will have to wait until they reach the regular member status.
  24. Any of you in the past had the old kickapps board mess with your username and would like it changed back or to something else (given it is available) send me a pm. I will be addressing username changes the next couple of days.