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  1. I am happy Sam is back, he's got heart and character. Remember when Kass broke his jaw? Hahaha I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they got ready together for the first time. Katz needs to call Taylor Hall now... We got unfinished business, and we need secondary scoring. I would be happy giving up first round drafts and someone like JP in the summer. It's not high risk; Hall will get points for years to come and can drive the second line. We have guys in the AHL that will push to move up. The winning streak shows we have people on the way. I'm also extremely excited to see how Bear develops, I would love to see lines like this. Leon, McDavid, (FA) WAYNE SIMMONDS Hall, Nuge, Chiasson Lucic, Gags, Kass Khaira, Cave, Currie Klefbom, Larsson Nurse, Sekera Jones, Bear ? Russell, Benning ? (Try to move both and look for cheaper options.) AHL Call ups for development purposes to support the Dcorps Gags can slot up and down the lineup as needed; I am very happy he's back home. Leon, and Khaira can both take faces offs as well. IMHO we are just a few pieces away from being a darn good team.
  2. This might lighten the mood a bit.https://imgflip.com/i/2n8f2k
  3. Pay the man... Contracts can be bought out, players can be traded. Perhaps given the opportunity to play with McDavid could help knock down the re-signing price.
  4. Central Division forward: Islanders center Anders Lee: "He's a 30-goal scorer, and nobody talks about him." Central Division forward: Senators winger Mark Stone. "I don't really think he gets a lot of recognition, then when you watch him play -- he's really effective. Central Division forward: Blues center Paul Stastny. "He gets sent out against [other teams'] top lines, and he's solid defensively, and he still puts up pretty good numbers. Overall, he's just a really sound player." We also need to pry away the hopeful final stop to the Flyers goaltending carousel. He is a 20-year-old with a precocious sense of self named Carter Hart. The Alberta, Canada, native has been working with a sports psychologist since he was 10. He practices mindfulness breathing, including 15-minute sessions each morning. I would be happy to give up a couple years of picks to see help now, and goaltending in the future. In all reality a top D man is going to cost too much to acquire, so we need to look at finding forwards with a proven track record to shield our weaknesses.
  5. I would like to see Brian Boyle as a rental, and Smith Pelly added as well. That is all. ?
  6. Best of luck to you #4. I'm not happy this trade happened.
  7. The round pick in return. Good luck Purcell.
  8. So after watching this last game we should not be making any trades yet. We found a way to get a win.... We are also over .500 hockey in December. I see a few people talking about trading Ebs or RNH. It's a bad idea right now. We need to let this team get healthy and gel.
  9. Trading RNH would be a mistake right now. We have to let the team get healthy and develop chemistry before anyone is moved out.
  10. I thought I would dig this post out
  11. Zuko.... You lost me. I tried to read each book you wrote. Unfortunately my poops were not long enough.
  12. It's been a couple weeks and I still say no trades right now. The offensive pairings are starting to gel. Be careful not to get over excited about the streak. I expect more dark times before the season is done.
  13. I can't say either is a bad option for anyone this year. I would consider this a sign that our team is starting to mature.
  14. Draisaitl is 1.7 pts per game. Leads the league. He obviously won't stay at that pace but WOW. 17 pts in 10 games. At that pace he'd have 34 after 20 had he started the season performing that well. He'd be leading the league 4 pts ahead of Kane. Kid is taking the league by storm.Interesting you would trade that. No way I would trade that either. But I would trade one of the Oilers' centres if they have to give up a forward. I think it is the only way get a defenseman of the caliber needed. Nugent-Hopkins is part of the old guard, the losing guard, so I would give him up over Leon.The lesson is to be cautious when drafting because making trades and finding free agents is becoming very difficult, especially if you are looking for a young player rather than a veteran. Yep the truth hurts. We do gotta give to get. IF the right deal is there. I'm not so sure it will be. Fine by me if that's the case. I like the hand we have. Three scoring lines works for me as we develop our D together. Drai is a lock for me though, as are the aforementioned three, if any trades do happen. Till then..if healthy.. Hall,LD,Purcell Korp,McD,Ebs Pou,RNH,Yak Henny,Letestu,Gaz/Klink No one first line. Three instead. Maybe swap those LWs around to see what works best for all lines. Cept Hall..he stays put. The ideas of three potential top lines is what I meant to submit in the OP. Our defense is developing, and I think the price of a legit #1 D man is just not worth what we would have to give up. Let Nurse Klef and Rien develope into out guys. I still think no trades should be made unless it's a "No Brainer" until next off season or at the draft depending on the return our #1 draft pick will get us. Hooray for another development year. I am sure management is thinking along the same lines as myself. I noticed TM dodge the playoffs bullet in his last interview. Be patient and let our guys show why they should be part of this team. Financially someone will have to be moved but let's wait until we can make a trade from a position of power instead of need
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