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  1. It says "clubs".....but how about if the "player" initiates it?.....
  2. Always a first time....😎
  3.'s not so much about "unloading" Nuge and his 6's about convincing Nuge to take a pay cut...a roll back in salary if he's to stay and win a Cup!...😎
  4. I broke the story here on the OMB I think....I gots to thank "Wildwood Sports" for the lead ...😎
  5. 8.5 Bills for 8 years....I think I can live with that!...Still abit of crumbs left in the cookie jar.....😎
  6. That's what's holding up the show...😎
  7. Me too!...In a heartbeat!....PC should kick those tires....😎
  8. Kinda difficult to rebuttal this.^^^^.....One can try I suppose....
  9. If Neon Leon signs for 10 bills....And if I am Coach or GM he will not be riding "coat tails" of the Golden Child...He will have to earn his salary, like Malkin does in Pittsburgh, by being the main catalyst as a 2nd line centre!....So, with the bills he gets, I will be expecting 80 pts from him playing without McDavid. ....😎
  10. ..... Hold on! ....Don't pay him yet!....Gonna check the cookie jar!...
  11. Couldn't we sign LD to 8 or 9 bills so we can brag about how well we pay our boys?...
  12. Fayne needs to expand on the two plays he has in getting the puck out of our d zone.... that is.....wrapping it around the boards as hard as he can, and giving four foot high passes to forwards going up ice....😎
  13. Say what you will about Nuge.....but imo the organization "stunted" his growth (offensive wise) the last couple years by not allowing him to continue to hone and perfect his craft....TM's utilization of Nuge's skill has been like a square peg being hammered into a round hole... Also, Nuge's drop in production imo was mainly due to Ebs being a boat anchor on his line. With Ebs gone I believe Nuge will have a better year this year.... Anyway, I believe Nuge can re-discover his craft and do similar things as shown in this video....Enjoy! ...
  14. But 6 million dollar men are suppose to get more ice time than 2 bill men, even though they might be playing poorly!...Its just how it works...😎
  15. Since KLowe is the only one left from the Mgt team who took part in the deed, why can't he bring LD into a room alone, look him straight into his eyes and say....*to the sound of crickets* ....."We're... uhmm....I'm sorry!".....Maybe all will be forgiven by LD after that!?....