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  1. Complain about the refs and get screwed even more? I guess. Like the Triple minor on Kassian a couple weeks back?
  2. We were keeping the NHL's Golden Child... I mean Golden Knights out of the playoffs I guess? This is unexplainable except Rigged. Big Rigged apparently. (see what I did there)
  3. Wow. Welcome back me... Welcome back. This is torture returning.
  4. Oh man, I'm on radio. I hate hearing goal review though. It never goes Edmonton's way. From what they're saying no video is evident where you can even see a puck. Yet, when you can see the puck, can see white ice, it's "inconclusive" whenever it's edmonton's goal?
  5. I just feel like after 12 years of ups and downs, 2016-17 being just a long sequence of up, it doesn't matter what roster we ice. Goods and bads come.
  6. Still bashing Remenda guys? Stick to those that deserve it like Craig Button and Mark Spector Hey Bronc, long time no see.
  7. no more chat on OMB? Game's not looking good again? Never ever surprises me. Hopefully Dr. Jekyll shows up more than Mr. Hyde this year...
  8. I think Craig Button was the one with the awful "Taylor Hall is Uncoachable" speculative article a few years back. Asides from that, he's really rubbed me the wrong way in the past by being unnecessarily Critical of Edmonton every time I saw him. At least for a while. I'd also throw John Shannon in this category. Hard to trust a lot of eastern-based announcers or panelists when it comes to western teams to be honest, that's what a vast majority of TSN and Sportsnet is made up of. I learn to trust people's opinions. I take more merit on what my brother says, or Ryan Robinson on Youtube if anyone's seen his stuff? I suppose it doesn't matter a lot to me personally, who can form my own opinions, but it's for the games I miss, which is usually 20ish that I want a good analogy. Rishaug's not bad for this.
  9. A fair take. The only Oilers conversations I get are from my brother, or you guys, both pretty much over a phone or computer on infrequent occasions. Wasn't it Shorthouse last night and not Garrett? Maybe they just blend together at this point, but I thought shorhouse had the annoying Nasally voice.
  10. Jim Benning? I know, the same guy that went off the board and drafted Juolevi and gave Calgary Tkachuk. Yeah I'd consider him pretty "slow" indeed, if you know what I mean.
  11. Hey guys, random topic I know... This topic came up last night, when I was complaining about how much I absolutely Loathe John Shorthouse and John Garrett of the Vancouver Canucks. This coming up since on a National game, there was apparently no escaping Shorthouse calling last nights game with EDM/VAN. These 2 announcers I believe cause a lot of the awful fan behaviour that the Canucks fans have as they are so incredibly biased to the canucks that it makes me ill. They will barely say a word on the other team, and when they do, they often get the facts or even the player's names wrong, and say things like "Edmonton's players win in the shootout often because they have more time to mess around in practice" True paraphrase circa the 2013 season. Anyways, Remenda came to Edmonton in what 2013-14? A year that I feel was as good as any to have things called as they are, and critiqued for what they are. That's all I see the guy doing. I understand he came from San Jose, but I don't see how that's factored into his play by play. I honestly found it very helpful, and insightful to not have an awful 2013-15 teams' tires pumped and point out why a play went sour, or what 'X' player did wrong. I think the announcer is fair on both positives and negatives, but most of all, he's not a homer to the Oilers. I feel it should be this way, and gives fans that don't understand the game as well a reality check on bad plays. I don't know. I guess I don't understand the influx of hate I see for the guy? Perhaps my preference. I'm in favour of him anyways, as he's a good balance to Quinn.
  12. Yeah, just my gut feeling. I think it will be a good instance to show the world our team isn't just MacDavid though. Just like in 2015-16, when he went down, and the Oilers had that 7 game winning streak if anyone remembers that? Our team may serve well from that build of confidence too. Not to worry. I'm also going against the grain of this years sure-to-be goat, Nugent-Hopkins. Unlike Eberle, this guy is for real, and I feel like I'm the only one who can see it. I'm not saying first line center-calibre, but he's going to have a better year with less defensive responsibilities given to him. Mark Nuge down for 63 points as well. added bonus for my tracker.
  13. I think he'll unfortunately get a minor bump up injury missing a small handful of games, and come in at 86 points in 70 games
  14. Was kind of curious of if Bronco still had a habit of guessing people that never post anymore, and was hoping to make his day, lol. Uhh Fog?
  15. I know it's preseason, but we don't live in Edmonton anymore.  My father had to catch what was apparently an absolute awful game against Carolina.  Too bad.  He literally never watches anymore and that's what he gets.  No Mcdavid magic or anything.  Bummed out.

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