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    Old and New

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    Who should be the next GM?

    Very true - and that Ken Holland thing that Bill mentioned also sounds very feasible. You know - this is really like Deja Vu for me. It really is. When the Jets entered the NHL, then Jets GM John Ferguson was all about building a 'big tough' roster. He figured that was the #1 priority over talent. It eventually got him fired meantime we had a team west of us that took our old blue print (fast, talented team) and they ended up winning 5 Stanley Cups with it. When PC took over, what did he do, why was he hired? We (Hall, Ebs, RNH) were being pushed around, and though we had hired goons like Gazdic and MacIntyre, they weren't good enough to play more than 6 minutes a night so teams weren't really scared. So PC was hired with the promise of building a 'big heavy team to compete in the Pacific' - only thing was everyone else was getting away from that. I keep thinking it's me lol - I'm the curse. I know it's just circumstance but it sure feels like that. I'm actually not against the Ken Holland / KG combo (if in fact that comes to fruition) so long as they are forward thinking and build the team to where the NHL is going, and not where it's been. But you know everything is cyclical. So we're back to a speed game, which means in about 5 years or so we'll have a 'trap' team that comes out of nowhere to win the Cup and voila, back to the 'trap era' and then the 'big' era to combat the trap. Will we always be behind? Guess we'll see.
  3. Yep - if we buy him out it would be a $917K cap hit the first year, and a 666,667 cap hit in year two. So if we keep him (in the minors) the net loss the first year is about 250k which isn't really a lot of money to save vs having to pay out another 667k the following year. So hopefully our new GM does not buy him out - IMO it would be a stupid move. Trade him obv is the first choice but if we can't trade him then bury him in the minors and let him sit there. Then he'll get a PTO somewhere the year after and most likely will end up in Europe somewhere is my guess.
  4. OilyJetFan

    Who should be the next GM?

    So Keith Gretzky then lol
  5. OilyJetFan

    Who should be the next GM?

    I know PC was overseeing the Condors AND the Oil Kings. Not sure on his exact involvement though. Still really don't know what Bobby Nicks does - I really don't. IMO he shouldn't be here. I do know that we should be focusing on hiring a POHO, (well BN should be) - NOT a GM. Let the PoHO hire the GM. My gut tells me these idiots (Katz and BN) will do the same thing, hire a GM and make him POHO as well, thus handcuffing him a bit in terms of what he can do as GM, thus having to rely on Huey, Duey, Louie, Moe, Curly, and Larry when it comes to personal decisions. Not saying PC isn't an idiot, but being stretched like he was made him an even bigger idiot (as Cam Neely runs the show in Boston). Hmmmmm, I wonder, what about Mark Messier being the POHO? What the heck - then he could hire his own GM...... ohhhh, maybe not lol
  6. I think the tool offered him a deal actually wasn't he a UFA? He chose to sign in Chicago though not here. I'm pretty sure I read that PC asked McDavid about if it was ok if he acquired him so I'm making a big assumption a contract was sent to his agent. I highly doubt that PC would ask McD that question and not put forth an offer. Now that idiot is playing in the minors. I just hope we don't buy him out. It only costs us about 300k or so in cap space if he plays in Bakersfield next year vs us vs us buying him out and us paying him for TWO years NOT to play with us which I don't want. My only wish was that we had a team in Alaska that we could send him to for next year. That would be sweet
  7. OilyJetFan

    GDT: Oilers @ Coyotes 8 PM (MT) Sat. Mar 16.19 HNIC

    I think it's being teamed with Sekera - he calms him down. Sek doesn't get the credit he deserves. The biggest problem with Benning, even though he plays 3rd pair minutes, is he's usually teamed up with a Manning or a Gravel so he (Benning) tries to do to much, be the 'Sekera' so to speak. He played pretty good when teamed with Russell as well. It's typical of Oiler fans though - for an 'intelligent' bunch they sure do give up on young players fast and run them out of town. Not saying Benning is the be all and all but he's an NHL player at least (most nights when put with the right partner and playing the right amount of minutes). Jesse Puljuarvi ... that's another story. He MUST take a step forward next year.
  8. Well we definitely need a big upgrade to our pro scouts - they are absolutely terrible. I'm sure the new GM will replace those two. Amateur scouting is so tough though. Any one of us could easily make a 1st round pick, even a 2nd round pick. But past that you need to know what you're doing and be patient. The guys taken in the 3rd round and later can be 3 to 6 years away from an NHL career (if ever). This is what makes drafting so hard. Scouting a 17 year old who is eligible for a draft and trying to predict where he will be when he's 24 years old is damn near impossible. Out of all this ogranisations faults, I don't think amateur scouting is it. I know a lot of you will point out Alex Debrincat (we took Tyler Benson) but I still think that was the right move. We took Yamamoto, another smaller guy, and look what he's done so far (not much). I still think Benson was a good pick - he's been healthy now for almost two years - and is improving steadily. There was no way we'd know Debrincat would be this good. No one did - if they had, he'd have been taken over 1st rounders who have yet to play their first NHL game, including players like Kiefer Bellows, Olli Julevi, Logan Brown, Jake Bean, Dante Fabbro, Logan Stanley, and the list goes on. I guess we'll see in another couple of years but I can almost guarantee our pro scouts will be handed their walking papers once our new GM is in place.
  9. OilyJetFan

    Peter Chiarelli

    Here's another point to consider and what scares me - PC wasn't just the GM - he was the PoHO. Hockey ops isn't just the Oilers, it's the Oil Kings and the Condors. That's three teams he was worried about. This is why I'm very nervous about BN hiring a GM - he should be hiring a PoHO, and that PoHO should be a GM but have a vision and hire his GM based on that vision. We're screwed
  10. OilyJetFan

    GDT: Oilers @ Coyotes 8 PM (MT) Sat. Mar 16.19 HNIC

    Not that it matters much if we win as IMO it will just prolong the agony. I hope we get smoked. I have no qualms with that, gave up when we were three points from DFL in the West about 6 weeks ago. Follow that up with a beat down in Vegas and the impending drunkfest they'll go on after the game will effectively end our season
  11. OilyJetFan

    Anthony Stolarz Will BE Our NEW #1 GOALIE

    Oh for sure on the flu. In fact, it's pretty normal. Think about it, when you get sick, are you literally in bed for a week? And by sick I mean a flu. There most certainly is the 24 hour kind. I've had that a few times, when it hits it hits fast and hard. When it runs its course, you feel just fine again. It's a much needed win and he most likely felt he wouldn't be the best chance to win. Oh- to tag on to Drai, he's got 41 goals and will get to or very close to 100 points. He's not a bargain (not like Schiefele is in Wpg) but he's not overpaid either. If he maintains or gets even better numbers, he'll be a bargain. He's not overpaid at all so we definitely agree on that.
  12. OilyJetFan

    Anthony Stolarz Will BE Our NEW #1 GOALIE

    Whew - ok got ya. I wasn't really thinking clearly myself when we first got him. By that I mean I thought we should make sure Stolarz got in enough games that we retained his rights. It was a commentary by Gregor that really changed my mind. I don't think anyone is sold on Koskinen. Hey, he could be the next Tim Thomas ,you never know. I have heard that Kos is one of the hardest working Oilers - he's first on the ice and last to leave and is open to changing his game. It's evident by his improvement from preseason to now. However, if he does falter next year we need someone with experience we can rely on unless the end game next year is draft lottery pick. I would like to assume though our new GM's end game plan for next year is playoffs though. If Kos does struggle, I don't want to hang my laurel's on an unproven injury prone backup. It's what I said to Auturo as well. That's a really big stretch IMO. Who knows, Stolarz could be the next Dubnyk too for all I know. But I wouldn't bet a season on it lol. So I guess bottom line is yes, Talbot was a salary dump, we needed to clear his salary to get Sekera on the roster (we were over the cap if we didnt'). Next step, it's far more valuable to ride Kos down the stretch to see how he can handle the pressure then it is to get Stolarz his '10' games. And as Gregor pointed out, there' isn't exactly going to be a long lineup of teams bidding for him either. His FA status is irrelevant - if we want to re-sign Stolarz there won't be an issue.
  13. OilyJetFan

    Sekera assigned to Bakersfield

    Only caveat on Sekera - he's been getting soft minutes and less minutes, as he should. I don't disagree, he's looked way better this year than last year no doubt about it. But I don't want him rushed, I think he's ok where he is. I wish he played RD though lol.
  14. OilyJetFan

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

    1 - 3 - 1 ....
  15. OilyJetFan

    Oilers vs Devils March 13

    TBH - I hope he wasn't thinking at all. If he was, he should be fired.