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  1. Trade proposals?

    Definitely - I had posted earlier that IMO it's no coincidence that McDavid hasn't missed a game since Lucic signed here. And yep, I meant the 2 Mil more. Late 30's - I'm talking about Weber in a few years, not now. If you trade for him you may be stuck with him for the full length of the deal, which takes him to 40 years old. I don't think I'm exaggerating or twisting anything either. If we have Weber, then we have three players making 30 million a year. We still need another 20 players on this roster, and with a cap of 80 million (if it goes that high next season) that gives you 50,000,000 / 20 = 2.5 million per year average for the other 20. But as you are aware you can't do that. There are injuries and callups that occur. I don't know what the cushion is but I'm sure it's around 4 million or so to plan for those kinds of things. That's average, so if you factor in salaries that Klefbom, Sekera, RNH, and Russel make, not to mention 5 to 7 mil for our starting goalie after Talbots deal is over next year that 'average' will drop well below 2 million. No way the cap will go up high enough for us to afford Nurse in two years, not unless we dump another big contract without taking money back. I'm not a 'cap' expert - but I can't see how this works. If you can show me the math - where we can re-sign Nurse for his value in two years if he becomes a stud dman (lets say he's a 6 million dollar player in two years) and keep the big three with a realistic cap (86 million) I'd love to see it. right now I see about 8 NHL players and the rest - Rob Klinghammers making 700k a year just to make it all work.
  2. Trade proposals?

    It pretty funny - a few years ago (year we drafted McDavid but before finished that low to get him) someone floated getting Lucic - I said no way - his best days were behind him and he would be a waste here. My attitude changed when we drafted McDavid and traded Hall - but for whatever reason Lucic hasn't been able to mesh with McDavid which is too bad. I bet when he retires, if asked his biggest regret, that will be his answer. I get what you're saying - but paying a guy 8 million a year when he's in his late 30's is crazy, I don't care about the name on his Jersey. Above Johnny T mentions, Chara, but again Chara's best days are behind him, I don't want to pay a guy for something he did for another team. He's still an NHL dman, but he's no where near worth his salary anymore. Oilers have a lot of money tied up in younger players. You mention the 1.9 mil in savings but you are forgetting we still need to sign Darnell Nurse. Sure, Nurse will most likely get a 2 year 'bridge deal'. But if Nurse keeps improving guess what happens? You now have traded Lucic, Yamamoto, and Darnell Nurse for Weber, as we'd never be able to afford Nurse's contract demands coming out of his bridge. I'm not saying that Weber wouldn't help us next year, or even the year after. But his contract will compromise this team after that and be an albatross just like Lucic's contract is. What we need TBH is a 22 year old Shea Weber, not a 32 year old. We aren't winning the Cup next year (and depending on what PC does this off season maybe not even make the playoffs) so that's where I'm coming from. If were one or two players away from being a cup winner, and one of those players was Weber, then I'd be all for it. It's a good suggestion though - I just can't see Mr. Weber waiving his NMC to come here unless PC really works some magic to make us a contender for the Cup in the next couple of years. We are, right now, by far, the worst team in the league, Worse than Ottawa, only the brilliance of Connor McDavid prevented us from finishing dead last this past season
  3. Trade proposals?

    You realize Shea Weber has a cap hit of 7.9 Million until 2026 right Tea? Not to mention his best years are behind him and he's not been very healthy these last couple of years. I wouldn't trade Yamamoto for him straight up, nvm Lucic as well. Not with that contract.
  4. Trade proposals?

    My biggest worry is the return for Lucic could be Louis Ericksson. His contract is IMO a lot worse than Lucic's. Ericksson has one less year, for the same money. See, he's two years older than Lucic, plus he's not a 'presence' in the lineup. No one is afraid of this guy. Not saying Lucic as an enforcer is worth 6M, but he's worth something, but in the last two years in Vcr Eriksson has 24 and 23 points in 65 and 50 games. Not only can he not score / produce anymore, but he can't stay healthy. If this deals goes down, I'm losing it. If we need to take an Eriksson contract for Lucic, it's simple. You don't move Lucic. At least he keeps McDavid healthy (he hasn't missed a game since he's been here, neither him nor Lucic has).
  5. Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    I heard on the radio last week we only have 37 (38 now maybe?) contracts - that's it. We are up against the cap so we can't afford NHL players (considering we have three of our own RFA's we need to re-sign - Benning, Caggiula, and Nurse) and as mentioned we have nothing really on the farm. This is just farm fill for sure. If one of these guys even get a sniff in the NHL it will be a win lol. But we still need to ice a hockey team down in Bakersfield and in Stockton. Not just any team either, we need to win down there too. The fans there would love to see a playoff game too. The stuff is really going to fly in the coming weeks though - I think a lot is going to happen between the now and UFA season - not saying we'll make a splash in the UFA market itself, but trades will happen and we'll be a big player in them. Heard more and more that there is actually interest in Lucic - apparently, though his cap hit is 6M, he is due a 1.5M bonus that we'll pay - so it's only 4.5 MIL out of pocket for the new owner. Still think it's a huge mistake to sell this guy when his value is super low - but unlike Pouliot and Ebs, if we actually replace it with a bonafide winger then I'll be ok with the selling of Lucic.
  6. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Meh, I don't buy it. Talbot is making 4.166 M a year. Not saying that the first shot can't go in, it does to all goalies. And it is a team record, he wasn't in the net for all those 1 shot goals, Al had a least one and I think LB had two. But - all that being said - most of the goals I saw were stoppable and he's paid to make that save. Sure, once in a blue moon it will happen, but IMO it happened far too often to be wrote off to the 'team'. Simply put, most night Talbot wasn't 'ready' to play. Don't know why, but he wasn't. That's what he's got to fix. I don't expect him to have to make a 9 bell save in the first 30 seconds, but he should stop every single 'first' unscreened shot that comes his way unless it's a perfect shot. He didn't - and I'm hoping someone puts up a montage on YouTube with all the first shot goals on us this year. If it happens and you see it, you'll see that probably half those goals should have been stopped
  7. Klefbom

    That's right - Korp came off after this season. Paying Pou for another three years sucks - we should have kept him for this season anyway - then we buy him out for two year at at 1.333 Million. Another bonehead move by management when they had the cap space to keep him for this past season
  8. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    It's not that I"m against trading him - but no way no how do you eat part of his salary for 5 years, 'sweeten' the offer with a high draft pick or a 'good' player, PLUS take a bad contract back. Because that's what I'm hearing it would take. And it would take that because as I already mentioned, the 30 million owed him, plus the fact the game may very well be quickly passing him by - well he's a low as he'll ever get. He plays one more year here - now there's only 24 miliion owed him. Two more years, it's 18 million - 18 million over 3 years, especially if the cap goes up to around 90 million, all of a sudden that's an easy (ier) contract to move. Now you don't need to 'sweeten' anything or even take a bad contract back per say. A team may need him to meet the cap floor. But right now - based on what it would take - we could be down a grade A prospect, a high draft pick, and have an even worse contract - and wouldn't it be something if Lucic meanwhile did re-invent himself a bit and was somewhat productive for this other team! Nope - right now I wouldn't trade him, not for what it would take. We'd be better off challenging him in the off season and seeing how he responds. He may surprise us.
  9. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    He better not be traded. Fog/Johnny - you both just bought stock in a company a couple years back - and you just lost half your investment. The company's value is literally as low as it can be. Are you going to sell your stock? Wait, just to add, they aren't going out of business, however it's pretty much a guarantee over the course of the next two years the stock will rise (how much is debatable but it will rise). You selling? Cause Lucic is that stock. His value is as low as it will ever be. Why would you trade him? I wouldn't, his value will go up as his years get less and the cap goes up - guaranteed. How much I have no idea, but it won't get lower than it is now
  10. Klefbom

    He might - I just heard Lucic would be willing to waive too depending on where we'd send him. I still wouldn't trade him though - not unless we could dump all his salary and not take a bad contract back. I heard the new owner in Carolina want's more team toughness - and a radio putz threw out a trade - Lucic plus # 10 for Faulk and Carolina's 2nd, then finding a trade partner to get a first round pick back in exchange for our two seconds (our's and Carolina's). Thing is - why would Lucic want to waive his NMC (which he'd have to do) to go that poopshow that's starting to develop in Carolina? I certainly wouldn't - I'd much rather stay on McDavid's team. Assuming here that Carolina would even do this trade. Sekera would be the guy I'd move for sure, but it won't happen until next year, as he has a modified NTC - the NTC lifts next year where he can list out 15 teams he could be traded to. He could waive it early I suppose but not sure why he would do that or why the Oilers would as coming off his injury, like Lucic, we'd probably have to eat a good chunk of his salary. We're already paying Pouliot to play in Buffalo and Korpikosky may have one year left we have to pay him for too. I really hate paying players not to play here when we are up against the cap as it is. I'd rather just keep the player here, bad contract or not. Lucic - his value is a low as it's ever going to get. From here on out it will only rise, not fall. Keep him for a year, then there's 4 years left on his deal. Two more years, there's three years left, and cap continues to go up (especially when Seattle comes in to sold out crowds and one of Florida/Carolina relocates to a city that can also sell out like Houston or (though not likely) Quebec City). Salary cap goes up, Lucic's contract not only decreases in length but also cap %, all of a sudden you can trade it and maybe not even retain any of it. Trading him now would be trading him at his absolutely lowest value. Oops - went off on Lucic rant on a Klefbom thread - if Klef is playing anywhere but here next season, I"ll be a very upset fan
  11. Klefbom

    Yep and knowing PC he'll trade him for a worse contract and that player will be the same or slightly worse than Klef, meanwhile a healthy Klef will pick up from where he left off last season and be better and be a 'bargain' at 4.1 million at 5 more years. If this were to happen, I would lose my mind. So I concur 1000% - leave him. Same with Lucic - don't trade him either. His contract may be bad, but we'd most likelyl have to eat at least 2M of it (most likely half of it - 3M) plus add some prospects, maybe even a draft pick or two, and take a bad contract back - which may overall be 'cheaper' but factoring in Lucic's deal would cost us the same in the cap - and watching Lucic turn it around while we got another bum would put me over the edge. We're stuck with Lucic and IMO I think Klef will have a rebound year and quite possibly his best year yet in the NHL next season. You don't give up on young players - not unless you want to be a perennial doormat year after year.
  12. Year End reflection

    Yep - if we start off bad again to start the season, players will lose confidence, playoffs will be a pipe dream by mid November, and the whole management will be gutted and we'll start from square one again.
  13. Year End reflection

    I remember lots of comments to that regard - and I'm sure you were one of them. I thought they'd be around a 75 point team (at best). Guess I got the Oilers and Knights mixed up
  14. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Speaking of - just signed Keegan Lowe for two more years. Good signing- lots of 'fans' are upset but I can't figure out why. 25 year old vet of the AHL - we need players like that and if you can sign a guy like that you do it - you don't worry about the name on the back of the Jersey
  15. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Agreed - that's exactly what we need. Big Game hunting will do us no good