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  1. No - you can't. At least, you can't use the preseason to compare. What are you compariing him with, what we already have, or the competition? Competition is horrible. The guy that stripped him in the first period was a rookie. You could see his 'junior' mentality on the play. He was lacsidasical on the play and it resulted in him getting stripped of the puck at the blueline. This is not Junior, and it's not even NHL hockey yet. In the reg season he will have zero seconds to think. Best to figure things out in the minors, even if a lesser player with more experience has to play here in his place while he develops. I do not want a Jesse Puljujarvi redux on the blue line. Jesse should have stayed in Finland for a year and then spent at least one full year in the minors, but we put him in the lineup because we had no one better and look at him now (and us). Doesn't work.
  2. Ugh no Telly not based 'one play'. Based on how he he's 19, and has very limited pro experience. He needs to learn the defensive side and here I agree with Deutch - the NHL is NOT a developmental league. If that's what you want, why have a farm team? What is it's purpose?
  3. Nope me either - I was thinking this before the season started. He can't skate worth a darn, but he knows where to go in the offensive zone and he can shoot. Most of the hockey insiders are saying that 7 goal year is not a sign of things to come. By that I mean he's far from washed up and last season was just a culmination of bad things that happened to him off season and early in the reg season. I also think he fits this team perfectly - we need a shooting winger and he's it (to complement Draisaitl who's really a center). I think Lucic will have a bit of a turn around year too. He won't be a 20 goal scorer, don't get me wrong, but I could see him getting 12 to 15 goals and 35 to 40 points in Calgary - which is double what he would have done here. I'm still flabbergasted buy this trade.
  4. Persson looks pretty good though - and Neal got that goal - a goal scorer's goal. I think he's going to have a big turn around year for us - 30 goals + IF he can stay healthy.
  5. Exactly - hence my 'one play' comment. My point however stands - he's not ready - defensively - for the NHL. That's what the AHL is for. That's why we have a team there. Not saying he won't learn fast and could be up by Christmas, but unless there are a lot of injuries that's where he should start the year.
  6. LOL - we're ready to trade Nuge already? I think we try to re-sign him and I think he'll re-sign a team friendly deal since we overpaid for him for a few years to begin with.
  7. Bouchard got stripped trying to come out of his zone. One playl but I sure hope he starts the year in the AHL - his may be ready offensively (for us) but IMO he's not ready defensively for the NHL yet.
  8. Either way - he was brutal and that was that and yes, Wells was the other one. Neither Wells nor Skinner gave the Condors the goaltending that Starrett was giving them in the Reg season. As for that OT game (and the first few games of the playoffs) he wasn't as good (he wasn't brutal either) to start the playoffs but yeah he really went downhill after that game. I hope it was an injury of some sort, because I have a feeling we're going to be needing him on the big club this year. Smith will not stay healthy and I don't think Kos will be consistent. I hope I'm wrong of course but that's what I see happening.
  9. Ummm no he didn't. He had an awesome regular season Yuke, he was brutal in the playoffs. Why do you think they started playing Skinner?
  10. Yes I know - irrelevant. Your statement was "he wasn't in the NHL until he was 30" which is not factual at all. I think he was 22 or 23. I still think your last part is accurate, but I hope not.
  11. He was Mess, remember? He played for the Islanders. Not that I'm disagreeing with the last part of your statement but he was in the league long before he was 30
  12. But I don't think Smith will be in 40 or 50 games. Its what chastised the Flames for when they signed him. He can't stay healthy - at least not over the last few years (though he did for the most part his first year in Calgary). I'd actually be (pleasantly) surprised if he makes it out of TC healthy. I'm fully expecting him to hurt his 'groin' in TC and have that be a chronic issue all season long. So that's why I think Kos has to be a beast. I agree with you though Deutch, I think we what got last year is what we'll see this year, he'll be brilliant for stretches and other stretches he'll be terrible.
  13. Yep - goaltending is the key for me. If Kos can be the beast he was to start the year last year all year - then 42 to 46 wins I think is realistic. However, if he struggles, and I didn't like Smith in Calgary like him even less here) then we'll be lucky to get 35 wins
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