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  1. Comparing the Bruins to the Oilers

    Yes - Griff is Bob's boy - he played a big role in the two Mem cup appearances (and one win) but as most see now, WHL/CHL success does not necessarily transfer automatically over to the NHL. The step from Junior to the NHL is like learning to drive a smart car then being handed the keys to a 12 gear 18 wheeler and saying 'there you go' and that is most definitively NOT an exaggeration. This is why I was so against Yam making this team and why I stated in training camp that if Yam made this team, the Oilers are hooped. When PC took over we needed a dman, a RH dman. Still do. He pushed hard on Hamilton but you're right Boston wanted those picks (1st and 2nd) PLUS Nurse. Once it became painfully obvious Boston wouldn't budge on that (for PC) he ended up on 'advice' from Mr.Green and a few others that Reinhart was ready and a steal for a #15 and #38 pick (or whatever those numbers were). To save face, afterwards they all said they hadn't seen him play in over a year. That to me was a fireable offense right there (for Green and others that is). Unacceptable and I'm surprised frankly that they are still around. I have a feeling we could still see some movement there though but most likely not until after the draft.
  2. Ryan Strome etc.

    I thought this was a Ryan Strome thread? I wonder how much he'll sign for? My bet - two years @ 6M (3M per year) but I guess we'll see.
  3. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    One thing that bothers me about TM - this year not withstanding, is he's a great regular season coach, but can't coach in the playoffs. And yes, that's very different. In the playoffs you only focus on our immediate opponent and formulate a game plan to defeat them - TM could never seem to do that. It's funny watching how the Sharks are totally dismantling the Ducks - and easily - by playing between the whistles and ignoring all the 'stuff' the Ducks are doing. In fact its forcing the Ducks into more penalties and the Sharks are capitalizing on them. Should be a sweep and another blow out win tonight by the Sharks - and that's not a fluke. Why couldn't TM figure that out last year - he never could. That being said, he'll be back next year.
  4. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    PC's track record is he won a cup in Boston - the first time Boston has done it since the early seventies and Bobby Orr. Trades - don't worry about them he was handcuffed there by a few things - salary cap and if you think Hall was a spoiled child here, he was golden compared to what Seguin was in Boston. I know people harp on him for that trade but bottom line it was Seguin himself, and how he acted to both his teammates and his organisation, that precipitated the trade. The return for Hall sucked no doubt, but as I said many times this was a trade that had to happen. Prior to Connor McDavid, this was Hall's team - and Taylor Hall has far too big an ego to just hand the keys over. He had a chance his last year here when McDavid blew up his shoulder (broken collar bone) and missed 45 games. Hall, playing with Drai, managed to creep up to #4 in league scoring by Christmas, but he finished out of the top 25 by the end of the year. My only criticism of that trade is PC didn't do what Sakic did. Though to PC's defense Hall wasn't demanding a trade and as such it's pretty hard to announce him to the open market without it going public. My gripe with PC is that he didn't do anything during the season early when it was obvious we needed it. Basically when I changed my AVI to a PANIC button was when I was expecting something and that was in late October before Halloween. I knew then and I'm a dumb fan. I had major concerns with Yamamoto 'made' the team on a 9 game trial. I saw nothing of him that showed me he was NHL ready. And lets not forget - all his moves got us 103 points and the playoffs for the first time in 11 years. I'm soured on him but glad he's going to be here for another year. Why? Wouldn't it have been nice to have kept Hall another TWO years (remember he had a pretty uneventful year last year and no one was complaining then). Problem in this town is fans (Justin Schultz) are far too fast (Jesse Puljuarrvi) to sour on a player and run him out of town. Personally, I'm ecstatic for Hall and Schultz - and if JP gets run out of town and scores 50 goals for his new team - I'll blame the fans for that too. GM's are even harder to judge than young players - they have longer timelines for the plan to come to fruition. So PC is now going in year four - he needs FIVE years before I will pass judgment on him. Last season he was runner up to exec of the year, this year we all want him fired. I say give him two more years, see where he's at, and take it from there. Then we can judge him fairly. Remember if we get a new GM, he's going to blow the team up yet again (that's what they do, they don't want to live or die on someone else's players/philopshy) so if we do that we're pretty much guaranteeing this franchise stays in the toilet for another 3 or 4 years.
  5. Comparing the Bruins to the Oilers

    1. No for the first one, yes for the second one. You can't 'fire' a guy until you see his body of work. His body of work led us to game 7 of the second round last year yet you were conspicuously absent during that time 2. Better coaching, and better overall core group of players that they kept after PC was let go, and solid goaltending. Our core is young, Boston's core is veteran 3. Too early to tell that question should be asked again in September/October
  6. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Great point - why did he coast this year? That to me is the real question that needs to be answered. Lucic is a microcosim of what happened to the Oilers this year. Though he had a terrible year - I don't doubt for a second that IF we (wine club) figures out what happened and corrects it that Lucic won't go back to his 25 goal 55 point self (and be mean as mean can be while doing it). We will find out though - he will be back.
  7. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    With what he did this year - you betcha. Though TBH I / we don't even know who's really pulling the strings in the background anymore. How much autonomy does PC have? But regardless, yep soured on him big time.
  8. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Still think an offer sheet wasn't submitted to Drai - that would be big news and someone would have leaked it. I also heard on talk radio there was no offer sheet though there was fear of one. I think PC just wanted to get Drai locked up to a long term deal and he wasn't able to negotiate a good deal. Pretty sad when Wpg can sign a guy like Scheifele to a long term deal at 49M after a 29 goal / 61 point season. Drai had 8 more points and a strong playoff but was that worth 19 million dollars more? I would have used Scheif's contract as an example remembering he's their #1 center and used that as a base. I really don't think PC knows how to negotiate properly
  9. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    That's what scares me Yuke - given PC's track record with trades I'm very afraid of what he'll deem a good move for our 1st and a Klef or Nurse. I don't think Larsson is going anywhere - if that move brings back a #1 RH dman Larsson will fit nicely then as he 2nd pairing RH dman.
  10. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    How so? If he was offer sheeted - he'd have to sign it first before the Oilers were obligated to match it, and that most definitely would be public. You're right to say that if nothing was signed we wouldn't know but TBH in this day and age pretty much nothing is secret anymore. If someone did offer him, we'd know about it one way or another. There's really nothing secret anymore in this day and age of information. But you're right - can't prove it - but to give a guy 8.5 mil after one good season is steep. Just like the Reinhart deal - when you do something like that you better be right. And Drai has 7 more years I think (I really do still) he will grow into the contract and live up to it but until he does this team isn't going to do much - it can't.
  11. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    I agree 100% on Drai - most I would have offered him is 60 million over the 8 years - which is 7.5 which is in line with what other players of his ilk are making. If his agent balked, then a bridge for sure. If someone offersheeted him (no one did) then and only then would I have succumbed to that $ figure. I was ok with them not replacing Sekera - as I thought like PC - we had the talent to pick up the slack. But with Klef/Larsson struggling out of the gate - that really blew up in his face (and mine if I were GM lol) and to his credit PC is in fact owning up to that one. Kris Russell - 4.5 mil over 4 years. Why? Why would he sign a guy like Russell to a deal like that? I know the argument on the board here was "we know what he brings, he knows the system, he wants to play here, etc.etc." but the last one really got me. He "wants to play here". No he doesn't, he wants the money. I guarantee you no team anywhere offered him even close to that contract. Not that length and that term, not a chance. I still love McDavid's deal though - he left money on the table - 2.5 million a year. Plus he signed on for two additional years (into his UFA time) so that's a bonus as well. I wonder, if he gets to John Tavares' status - will we trade him then? What I mean is when McD is in his last year and hasn't signed an extension, we're still not a playoff team, and whoever the GM is here (Fogolin, Lumley, Moog, Fuhr, Ranford, I guess Katz will just throw a dart) and it's obvious he isn't re-signing here - will the GM trade him or will he hope beyond hope he can extend him. Tavares isn't re-signing in New York and Garth Snow will be fired. Hey - maybe PC will hire Snow here?
  12. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    Excluding McDavid - the line of Ehlers/Statsny/Laine would easily be our #1 line here. In fact, there wouldn't even be a line remotely close to this one on our roster (again, excluding McDavid). That's the #2 line in Wpg - as their #1 line is Scheifele/Wheeler/Connor (rookie with over 30 goals this season). What does that have to do with anything? Jets still might not be good enough to get out of the west. Once they dispatch Minne (which they still haven't done yet but it looks like they will in 5 or 6 games - game 3 tonight is a key) they will most likely have to face Vegas, and if they get by Vegas? Nashville most likely. I look at our roster, and excluding McDavid I think we're worse then when we won the lottery for McDavid. With 33 million tied up in four players (McDavid/RNH/Draisaitl/Lucic) I really don't see how we can get better next year. Well, I can - we need to get guys like Rattie and Strome to have absolute monster career year seasons. Lucic MUST play to his salary - Draisaitl must play like he did against San Jose and Anaheim in last years playoffs, Caggiula has to finally become the 25 goal / 60 point man they they thought they were getting and be a pest like Marchand - and of course the defense (which isn't changing) has to play like it did last year and Talbot has to play stellar as well. If all that happens, we should be good to be an 8th/7th place team and get steamrolled in the first round by the Jets/Preds/Knights. Because looking at those three teams - we got nothing to challenge them with even all the stars align for us next season.
  13. 800K I believe - looks like he'll be on the roster full time next year. I don't mind this signing as he actually does have some chemistry with McDavid.
  14. Oilers Coaching

    Wouldn't that be something? If he does - I wonder what will happen here?
  15. Oilers Coaching

    Did you read Spectors article? https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/oilers-held-hostage-voices-past/ Boy I hope this isn't true - see - I grew up hating these guys as much as you hate the Flames. The loudest cheer outside Calgary when Steve Smith scored on Grant Fuhr was me in Wpg. I only started becoming a hard core Oilers fan after the Stanley Cup run of '06. If those same pompous aholes from the 80's are still calling the shots - and with the Jets having a run for the ages (they IMO could win the Stanley Cup this year - they certainly have a much better chance than that fluke team of '06 that went to the finals) and we still see this crap going on here, it will be a lot easier for me to switch my allegiances than it was back in '06. Reading and hearing about this 'Red Wine club'. Oh my - this team is doomed. I feel so bad for Connor McDavid being stuck in an organisation as inept as this one is. Not Leon as he would never have been paid as much as he is getting anywhere else - but McDavid - signing a team friendly contract for 8 years. Wouldn't surprise me if this keeps going the way it is McD demands (in private not publically) a trade and if he does the Oiler fans should lobby around him. Since the season has ended and the stuff that is coming out now is really starting to sour my stomach. If I were in charge - first thing I'd do is get rid of all the old Oilers save Gretzky 'I'd keep him around as the ambassador for the team but he'd be the only one payroll. Buck would stop with Nicholson - and any kind of hiring or decision making would be done by him, not by some 'Red Wine Club'.