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  1. Peter Chiarelli

    Kind of Surprised Davidson was moved but I guess Sekera is ready to come back from the IR. Too early to give up on Benning - he's having a terrible year but so many fans here are so down on players after a bad year. If he was in year 5 or 6 with 400 NHL games under him then I get it. Davidson is who he is - he'll never be better than he is now - so getting a 3rd rounder for him is fine IMO - you never know what that 3rd rounder may turn out to be. What's really funny - O-Dog is right - Monday's trade deadline show will consist of 7 1/2 hours of recap from this weekend and a half hour of the minor trades lol.
  2. Peter Chiarelli

    yep - that's what i read too. He has too because even draft picks THIS year won't be eligible to play in the AHL (unless they are coming from Europe I guess). He/We need 'tweeners' in their early 20's - guys that are ready to make the jump but maybe there's no room for them in their organisation. Guess we'll see what happens
  3. Peter Chiarelli

    Yep very true - but I still would've held out for a 2nd round pick and if NJ didn't budge I'd have shopped him around more. Especially since we traded a 1st and 2nd rounder already, and lost a 2nd and 3rd rounder for PC and TM. I would've said "look, I need that pick as well - I'll see what else is out there" - I'm sure Shero would've caved. That was the dumb move. Even Ebs - I'm sure he could've played the 'hey you owe me one card' for both the Boychuk deal and the Reinhart deal. But nope - straight up deals which I didn't like. We need picks to stock our farm and he didn't get any when he could have.
  4. What is Leon - 21? Wait till he's 25 or 26 years old. He's going to be an absolute beast when he wants to be. He won't be able to play every game like that but as long as he shows up for the big games he'll earn his paycheck.
  5. Now you know why we're paying him 8.5 million
  6. Yep - it's called 'maturity'. That was the main reason they dumped him. They couldn't wait anymore. But that also belies to what Deutch and JT are saying - it's a culture thing. The Oilers were allowing Hall to be that way, they weren't holding him to task. I do agree though that we never even tried to build a good team around him. Other than first rounds we drafted extremely poorly and the UFA's we signed were bottom of the barrel players (but we paid them top line money). We could go on and on but the culture has to change. This is a good year to see how much the culture has in fact changed. Will they be complacent next year to start the season, or will they be playing with a sense of urgency right out of the gate? Guess we'll see. I don't think we are trying to 'tank' now though, not like in years past. I think we're losing because we are what we are. This past game against Boston we lost because they pushed in the third and we couldn't handle them. They overwhelmed us. I know TM in his presser said something to the affect of us 'sitting back' but I disagree with that. Boston was the team that, well, sitting back may be too much of an exaggeration but they weren't pushing hard either. In the third they did and just couldn't handle it. Hopefully we can / will next season.
  7. Yep - that's pretty much it. That slashing call was an absolute joke call. Sure, Benning hit him, on the stick, but not very hard. Call wasn't made until the Bruin player threw his stick down on the ice in front of the official. I don't even know if the stick was broken. May have been but if it was it was already cracked. What I'm really pissed about is that so called 'embellishment' call on us. Davidson got hacked clearly on the back of the calf, where there's little padding, and he immediately went down and most likely yelped too. I would - so would anyone else. And the official calls THAT for imbellishment but throwing your stick to the ice that doesnt' even appear to broken immediately after a 'love tap' on the stick isn't. What Benning should have have done is taken a two hander and chopped the bruin right down, just like Trochek did to McDavid - those are allowed. I said awhile back, just put a video montage together at the end of the year, hold a press conference and play it. Let the pictures do the talking.
  8. Glad to see JP out there late in a close game. He's gotta learn to play in these situations and really game doesn't mean much for the standings.
  9. Isn't that something? Hey, they aren't the 'big bad Bruins' of old but not even a little slash? Maybe we should drop our..oh nvm we'll get called for embellishment if we did.
  10. That's ok - Strome will get the next on on their net
  11. Why does everyone freak out on a clean hit? If I was on the ice and someone like Chara came over I'd say "oh, is this women's hockey? freak if you can't take a clean hit don't play". Man that 'junk' after a good clean hit really pisses me off
  12. I think the moment you do it gets worse. Talbot went off after the Arizona game so now you watch, next time he's interferred with no matter how egregious it is the goal will stand and the official will skate by and give that 'anything else you want to say' look.
  13. So that's NOT embellishment lol - what a joke
  14. 2 to 0 we must be undefeated with a 2 goal lead lol - nice
  15. Yeah that looked good until he passed it in the middle - he's trying to force things out there. He should just follow the KISS acronym and at least he won't hurt us. That was so close to them tying it up on a play we had complete control on