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  1. Hmmmm, interesting but #1 why would Detroit need to pay 'more'? I don't get it. RNH's best year, prior to this season, was back to back 56 points seasons 4 season's ago. I don't / can't see Detroit making this deal for two years of RNH when they have AM for three more years. Maybe they do do this deal straight across, I don't know, but I don't think they need to sweeten the pot. We have a shot at Dach already, the USA U18's did such a great job at that tourney - Dach is dropping like a stone because he has foot speed issues (though so did Draisaitl which is why we got him at 3). I think Dach will be there for us - no idea if we pick him though. But every year it seems, there's a top 4 or 5 guy that for whatever reason, drops. I think this year it will be Dach as those USHL kids who participated in the U18 has seen their stock rise quite a bit. As an example, because of his size many pundits thought that Cole Caufield would be there easily for us. But based on his scoring prowess, the way the NHL is going, and the success of a Johnny Gaudreau and Alex Debrincat, some have him going as high as 4 or 5. Seems like the USHL is taking over for the CHL as the place to draft - as the vast majority of these kids go to college for a least a year as well, if not two - and US College hockey is a much better development place then the CHL. There are a lot of 'men' in that league (guys that are 21 to 25 years old) vs Junior which is rife with 16 and 17 year olds. Plus they get a ton more practice time there. Guess we'll see - but IMO RNH for Anthony Mantha straight up would be a great trade for us, not so sure how it would work for Detroit. But hey I'd take a 3rd round pick in addition (to make up for the Petrovic trade).
  2. No one scouted Petrovic, or Manning. Not lately anyway, cause neither one was playing. Both were healthy scratches. That's the best part of all this. For Petrovic, they wanted to dump Wideman's contract. That was another beaut! Wideman wasn't playing either for the WORST team in the NHL, by far. Ottawa had given up on him and we sent a 6th round pick their for him. Then we shipped him plus our best 3rd for another guy who couldn't play. The demise of the Oilers started though under Sather's rule. Long before I was a fan. When super scout Barry Fraser did exactly what you're saying above. He moved to Mexico and lived there full time. He did his scouting by reading other scoutss, and starting in the late 80's early 90's started drafting extremely poorly. Since then, this franchise has been floundering. Seems like, finally though, our amateur scouting is starting to build something. And I agree with you CM being the worst GM btw - as it was PC that rebuilt the scouting and the farm team - not CM. CM was just PC's go between there. PC did get that part right. He just can't seem to understand the value of players, both in trades and in contract signings. Holland is moving his family here, he will be living here. I will bet that that will be one of the stipulations for the new coach too - he'll be paid a lot of money, but he'll have to move his family here and reside here. That's what bothered me about TM and why I wasn't really all that upset when he was canned - he wasn't living here. This was a temp role for him - I don't think he was 100% all in here. Nor was PC - Holland and our coach will be.
  3. None of them were stars though. Not one. RNH was struggling to hit 50 points. Ebs was scoring more but defense and 'swarm' were foreign to him. Schultz was starting his struggles then. That's what I meant, Nelson really had nothing to work with. I agree on Tippett though - he had less. The reason why his teams got worse, especially in Arizona, was because they were drawing flies to the arena and were a min - cap team. Tippett is a very good, very experienced, and very highly regarded coach. lt's why I mentioned his name way back when this (or was it on another thread) first started. A lot of names were being bandied about, but no one was mentioning Tippett which I thought was very strange. I wasn't predicting him as the next coach (GM was more top of mind then lol) but I threw his name out there just as a possible candidate that our new GM should at the very least vett out. I really agree with your last line and that's the biggest debate I'm hearing on the radio. KH's salary, as reported, is a bit inaccurate. He's not making 5M a year no matter what, it has incentives. Now, what those are I have no idea but I'm sure at the very least Playoffs is part of that incentive. Oilers window, regardless of how bad they are, is now. Even though McD has 7 more years left on his deal, and Drai 6, those years go by really fast. I don't think we want what say, Toronto (Raptors) have. A superstar player that we've built around that is going to be a UFA the following season. We need immediate improvement - and I do think that either guy (Nelson or Tippett) is capable to provide that, in the end, like you, I'd be on the veteran getting the job over the almost rookie. I did like your point about Nelson not landing a job anywhere else too - if he was so good, so highly regarded, how come he hasn't been named a coach yet? Carolina, the team his assisting on now (Dallas), LA, Chicago, Florida, Rangers, NYI, Buffalo, are just a few that could have hired Nelson and none of them did. Same argument could be made for Tippett but I think Tippett may have been collecting a paycheck from Phoenix still (until recently) and he wasn't so hard up to join the next team that offered him a job (pure speculation on my part mind you). Can't wait to see who it is - end of the month at the latest I would imagine. I was thinking we'd know by now though.
  4. Arguments are ok for both sides, but both flawed. BFD - you complain about our PP - yet as TE pointed out, we were 9th overall in the league. AND - in order to make your point on that, you need to figure out the stats of all the other teams. By that I mean, remove their top two PP people then redo the stats. However, remember, it's no secret our offense runs through TWO players, and no coach is going to change that. Not Toe Blake, not Scotty Bowman, not Joel Quennville. Neither will Todd Nelson or Dave Tippet. Only Ken Holland can change that by bringing in better wingers. Mess - Tippett is a fine coach and does have a much better resume than Nelsons, in fact it's not close. However, he did take over a tire fire of a team and he did have them playing better overall as a unit. And we didn't have any stars on our teams save maybe one in Taylor Hall, who was an enigma at the best of times. So do get 17 wins out of that group is pretty good. Dallas Eakins in not necessarily a bad coach, he just had a horrible team to work with and I think, no, I know, Hall and Company just tuned him out which was why they played so poorly. They wanted him gone. Happy said it best though - if it comes down to those two guys, I don't think there is a wrong choice. And though some favor Tippett, most favor Nelson - it's who Holland favors and who he can work with best that matters. All I've been hearing and reading about is it's Dave Tippetts job and my bet is they are just in contract negotiations right now. I'd be shocked if it wasn't Tippett but like everyone else I think Nelson is a fine choice too. I do get the debates on both sides, but what we say or think doesn't matter anyway. It's Holland's show, and we gotta trust he's going to hire the best coach for the job.
  5. I hear ya - same! I didn't mind the trade at first but he clearly has lost a step he didn't really have to begin with. And just think in 2017 our 3rd round pick was some nobody named Dimitri Samurokov.
  6. That is a very very good point PH - It's easy to 'walk in' to a good situation and stay status quo for a year, maybe two, but after that, personal changes and that's when you get exposed to what you really are.
  7. I read today he's got it narrowed down - has 14 people on his list (or had) he can't interview all of them but got Hitch to weigh in (no pun intended - but eat your heart out Principe that's how it's done ;)) and narrowed it down considerably (no idea what the true number is that he's going to interview). I keep hearing / reading the top two are Tippett and Nelson. I guess we'll have to wait and see as I was thinking he'd be hired by this weekend. Sounds more like end of the month now.
  8. Agreed - Holland has been here for two weeks. Like I said, his irons were in the fire before the Holland hiring. Once Holland was hired, well he already vetted the place and most likely went into hard negotiatons. I'm not saying Holland wasn't the catalyst, he most definintely was, but Holland didn't fire him, he didn't need to. That's the only point I'm making. When Holland was hired, MacT had this in his hip pocket and went all out at that point. He didn't put his name out there the day Holland was announced, it already was. Now we gotta clean up the rest of the village idiots. The sad part though, is it won't take a summer to fix. We need one or two dmen, we need three or for wingers, and we need a goalie, and we have no money. I don't think we do much next year. Though, bear in mind I'm wrong a lot more than I'm right
  9. So you honestly think it took him all of two weeks to go there? Mess - re-read your answer and think about it for second. Doesn't the contract expired June 30th? I'm pretty sure that's how they all run. In other words, he's still under contract. So not sure what you are saying. No, there's no way in this or any other universe, that someone will, in 24 hours have an interview, be signed, and move halfway around the world to a country with a totally different culture than here. Mess, this wasn't a whim. This has been in the works for weeks, probably months. The only thing is contract stops him in doing is negotiating with another NHL club. It does not stop anyone from talking to another league. It does prevent them from signing with another team in another league, but I'm sure Holland and Katz were more than happy to terminate his contract so he could sign there once he brought it to them. I do agree that if he didn't do that deal, he still wouldn't be here July 1.
  10. I agree on both - when I first heard about it Rishaug was reporting it. Like I told Mess here and what RR said, you don't decide to pack up and move to RUSSIA overnight. I guarantee the day after PC was hired MacT started looking at options and most likely had already vetted the KHL option. Once Holland was hired he had already had that in his back pocket and most likely had the deal worked out. He was just waiting for the Condors to finish their season before he signed the deal. No way, no how, was Holland hired two weeks ago and in that two weeks MacT decided to move on and a gig in the KHL was his best opportunity. Not a chance lol However, I think we'll see more MacT type moves. I'm sure he wasn't the only one who put irons in the fire the day after PC was fired and I expect more 'resignations' as opposed to being outright fired. But Holland's hiring definitely has something to do with it (in terms of these guys doing it themselves).
  11. Maybe but from what I'm hearing this was in the works for awhile. You could be right, but the KHL isn't run like a some schlock league. It's like the NHL in a way. All managers and coaches go through a process, just like here. They aren't hired with no interview, they aren't hired because of buddies, and they certainly aren't fired over Skype. Oh, ummm wait a minute..... oops. LOL, but seriously, would you move to Russia without thinking long and hard? I think he had this setup and was working on it for awhile. You're right in terms of Holland's hire probably finalized his decision. Do you think if KG was the guy and promised him he'd keep his position that he'd still have gone to Russia coach? I don't think that, but I think he had it there 'just in case' and when Holland was hired he was like " I hope it's not as cold there as it is here" lol.
  12. Well apparently he has - he said many times, as did BN, that Holland has total Autonomy. Which means theoretically he answers to know one. He reports to Bob, and Bob reports to Katz, but final decisions rest with Holland. And I believe them, because even though he's a billionaire, he isn't paying Ken Holland 5 Million dollars a year to be a yes man. Holland will have to earn his money - plus I heard it's bonus laden, he won't necessarily get that money unless certain criterian is met - and if I'm agreeing to that, I would want full autonomy too.
  13. Not Holland - this takes weeks, if not months. My bet is MacT started putting irons in the fire the day PC was let go. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if a few more (like Howson) resign and take another job elsewhere too. Saves them from being 'fired'.
  14. Buffalo is now my third favorite team.
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