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  1. Well, I can't remember who said this, but it was very wise, and very true. If Eberle were on another team, and was available, would PC be looking to add him to our roster? Not a chance - Eberle is not a PC player. He's not tough, he's not strong on the puck, and he plays afraid. I'm almost 100% sure that PC will be working very hard to move Eberle in the off season. I believe though we'll have to wait for after the Expansion draft for sure. Maybe something happens at the entry draft but even then there's still lots of time before training camp on what to do with him. I don't believe he'll be given away - don't forget both Nail and Justin were pretty much at rock bottom and we got 3rd round picks for them - Eberle in a bad year still had 20 goals and 51 points. I'm still thinking we can get a 1st round pick in a weak draft for him. Not a top 10 mind you but it wouldn't surprise me in the least to get 1st rounder from someone who's looking for scoring. With only two years left on his deal, though overpaid, it's a contract a lot of teams could afford - especially when everyone is already losing a contract to Vegas.
  2. Ummm nope - Kris Russell is a UFA - they can negotiate with him two weeks early I believe (before we can) and sign him AND draft a player from our roster. UFA's are not part of any roster and don't need to be protected. At least, that's how I understand it. RFA's (Like Zack Kassian as an example or Griffin Reinhart) do, UFA's are just that - free.
  3. Hmmmm - Cody Eakin for Jordan Eberle. I don't know much about Eakin - he did have a brutal year this past season though for sure. He's also got a pretty big cap hit of 3.85 million a year. Of course, it's peanuts compared to Ebs' 6 million (and Eakin has one more year on it) but based on this past year alone Eakin is more overpaid then Eberle is (or it's close anyway). So, it could be a conceivable trade. His career FO% is 49.5% though this past season he was 52.3% on about 1000 Face offs in 60 games (so he missed 22 games with injury which I'm sure contributed to his bad year.). Yeah OD - there might be something there. But, will he (Eakin) be a replacement for RNH (i.e. we trade RNH too for one of Hamonic/Faulk) OR will he be replacing Letestu if we lose him to Vegas? June will be an interesting month.
  4. Whew - ok good. No need to apologize - my bad. I'm just glad you see/saw it that way as you (and Deutch, the mods, OD, JT (sometimes lol), and a few others) are posters I really respect on here and try to read everything you say. Agree or not I always find valid points (if I didn't, I wouldn't be on here lol). Oh, I'm always intense lol but you're absolutely right - it is all about the future, even if we have a worse year next year (which I think we will but I'll post on that after all the dust of the expansion draft/entry draft/UFA and trades all happen (so like September lol). Yep - great point OD - there were a lot of moving parts and if it was just a straight trade and nothing else was done in the off season it could very well have turned bad. One of my arguments too at the very beginning of the trade. Of course as the time we hadn't signed Lucic yet but I've always maintained that the Hall deal wouldn't have happened if PC knew he had zero chance of replacing him with a guy like Lucic.
  5. Agreed - hope you didn't take my post that way. I was one of the fans last year who did not want to see Hall traded. But after the deal was done and I waited a few days to let the magnitude of it 'sink in' I started liking it more and more for us. Now, for this year anyway, we won the trade easily. As the facts that I posted - and that's what they are, not bashing anyone, just stating the facts as they transpired this year.
  6. They beat the USA didn't they? Didn't see the game though - not sure how Jesse played. I'm still flabbergasted by all this negativity surrounding him though. I guess too many Oiler fans have been snake bitten by the plethora of bad draft picks and free agent signings that when we see a guy struggle in his very first year of pro it's all doom and gloom for that player. IMO its far to early to read anything into any of this. You want to talk World Championships? Then lets talk. I remember one Oiler Rookie who led his nation in goals at the WHC when he was JP's age, he had 8 goals. I think he was 2nd or 3rd overall in points too that year. His name, you ask. Magnus Paarjarvi - Svensson - better known as MPS. Yep, stellar career that guy has had since, isn't it? He's in St.Louis now - scored a big O/T goal for them this year too but is still a 13th forward there (like Desharnias scored an OT goal for us too - DD is not a major part of this team, ditto MPS in St.Louis). Want another name, there was a goalie a few years back who led his team to the finals. He blew it in the finals though but prior to that gold medal game he had 3 or 4 shutouts, a G.AA of less than 2 (I think it was round 1.2 or somethingi) and a ridiculous save percentage. He played here too - Viktor Fasth. My point is, I don't really care what JP does (or doesn't) do at this tourney. Would I like to see him do well? Sure, of course, we all would. But what he does, or doesn't, do a this tournament will not define him, not in the least. And for all this doom and gloom surrounding him right now - give it a rest folks. Lets wait, at the very least, until his next contract is signed before we even begin about thinking of writing this poor kid off. As one poster mentioned, if he was he Junior Hockey this year, he'd be dominating. And no, that's not far fetched, technically that's where he should be. I get a bit miffed at all these comments because the posters talk about him like he's some 25 year old veteran who is done. You guys have no clue what he's going to turn into, you really don't. I don't either. But at 6'3 and 210lb already and he's still freaking KID, who should be playing junior hockey not pro hockey, I'm not the least bit worried about him. I have more than enough patience for him. Last thing I want to see is another Nail Yakupov, and the Oilers are doing what they should be to ensure he's not.
  7. For this year - no doubt we did on the ice. Off the ice though - I'd say NJ got the better deal, as Taylor Hall was instrumental in bringing them a 1st overall pick. So from Jersey's side you could say they got Hall for Larsson and a 1st overall pick. Not bad for the Devils lol. But on the ice it's not close - Larsson was a huge part of the new 'defense' for the Oilers that was leaps and bounds ahead of least year's defense. As for the 'lost' offense some folks who hate the trade still hang their hats on - we scored FORTY (that's 4 0 Hall fans) MORE goals this year than last year. So really, those Hall supporter have literally nothing to hang their hat on. They really don't. It's just a bias (very biased) opinion of the trade and nothing anyone says will ever change their mind. Like if your fav color was Red, and theirs was Blue - you can't convince them to like Red no matter how hard you try. This trade - same thing. Their love of Hall is all that matters, and short of trading him for someone like Austin Matthews, well, the trade was a total failure. But records speak for themselves. I just look at where the Oilers finished, and where the Devils finished. Case closed. Though that's only for this year mind you. If next year Hall scores 40 goals, and challenges (or beats) McDavid for the scoring title, and the Devils win the division (or finish second) and the Oilers struggle on a hangover from this year and miss the playoffs, then be prepared for all the Hall "I told you so" fans to come out in droves. Hmmmmmm, it's possible I guess, but not likely.
  8. Well, Matt Hendricks and his salary (1.85 M) is off the books now. Read this morning though he's 99% sure he's going to test free agency. He's 36 years old and slow, I really can't see anyone signing him to a contract other than a PTO (and it won't be us). That's pretty ballpark Rapier - but don't forget - only Leon's deal kicks in. McDavid will cost us 3.75 mil next year (I think that's where his max is if he makes all his bonuses and short of a devestating injury he will) so for next year you're probably looking around the 11 million mark for both, not 18. JT is right, we don't 'have' to move anyone next year to fit people in, though not sure what that means. I.E. PC isn't concerned so I'm sure he has a plan to move/buy out some lesser contracts (Ference and Hendricks alone are around 5 million off the books right there) so that our cap is ok next year. I'm hoping CIBC and CCM and maybe a couple of other high profile businesses offer McDavid massive megabucks to be their spokesperson. Why do you think Sid signed for a such a 'cap friendly' deal. Guarantee you that he is the highest paid athlete in the NHL at he moment if you factor in his endorsement deals. If McDavid (and I'm sure he will) gets very lucrative endorsement deals, he could very well take a on a 'cap friendly deal in the 8/9 million range as he'll more than make up for the 'lost money' (what 2/3 mil a year) in endorsements. Whereas guys like Ebs and RNH - you can only make so much on local stuff lol. They need to milk their NHL contracts for as much as they can get. Who knows, maybe Leon has some big endorsements in Germany we don't know about (he's as big a star in Germany - which has a population of around 83 million people) and if he does it probably would be worth a few million a year to him. So who knows? He might be willing to take a little less on a long term deal too.
  9. Thanks for the link SD - interesting - but he doesn't sound that impressive to me. Of course, never seen the dude play so who knows. Sounds about right - a 7th dman if he can even make the team. I found it funny Calgary is in on him too - maybe as a replacement for Wideman? Is Wideman done this year - or is the scuttlebutt they leave him unprotected (I'm sure they will) with hopes that Vegas takes him in the expansion draft?
  10. All good Fog - been guilty of that many times myself. Agreed - I think PC and his crew will do the right thing and let him (and Caleb Jones for that matter) develop on their own and not force them into anything they aren't ready for. Can't wait to him play - Saturday at 1pm MDT against Connor's old team - the Erie Otters
  11. who knows but they had Jack Eichel on the Roster - nuff said lol. I wonder if he's thrown any Team USA teammates under the bus yet.
  12. I did???? Where did I say that?????
  13. You both bring up some good points. Especially when it comes to clearing waivers. There could be issues there with that as well. And sometimes its better to leave someone in the minors than to yo-yo him up and down, especially if he's not playing. For all the ice time he got, which wasn't much, in game 6, I thought Griffin played just fine. He was certainly more physical than I've ever seen him (not sure if that was a by-product of playoff hockey or he has in fact picked that part of his game up) and to me he seemed a bit quicker then from what I remember in the past. Guess we'll see as he's eligible to be picked, and maybe Letestu has to be exposed too. But if Reinhart isn't taken by LV, he will most definitely be back here next year. We didn't give up a 1st and a 2nd round pick just to give up on him in two short years, he'll be re-signed guaranteed.
  14. Wow - ok - so that's it. If that is the case I'm with Sunder - protect Letestu and expose Ebs. I agree, I'd rather lose Ebs for nothing as IMO he can be replaced. Letestu not so much unless we replace via free agency. If 'test is unprotected, he'd be snatched up in a heartbeat and we'd be stuck with Pouliot unless as mentioned a few times we trade them a prospect or draft pick to lay off of Letestu. Guess we'll see how it all shakes out, but wow that sucks if that's how it is.
  15. Yep - there were a lot of crazy dumb expectations on him. I always thought the whole thing was dumb - i.e. RNH = Gretazky, Hall = Messier, Ebs = Kurri, Schultz = Coffey. This was media writing about it and fans picking up on it. Drove me crazy. I posted many times stuff like Hall = Hall, Schultz = Schultz, and I was far from the only one. I think worse of all was the old boys club (and we know who they are/were) running this team at the time who were hoping for another run like that. It's a totally different era and it evolves all the time - much faster than the old days. I don't think it's a coincidence that since joining Pittsburgh with zero expectation Schultz was allowed to be .. wait for it .. Justin Schultz, and not Paul Coffey. Now we're seeing what he's capable of and IMO the Pens are missing him a lot more than they arewere missing Letang. I'm pretty confident in this new regime that they won't be placing crazy expectations on this new team. LIke Jesse P - lets let him develop into whatever player he's going to be. His name isn't Jari Kurri - it's Jesse Puljujarvi. He may be another full year to year and half in the AHL before he can become a regular NHLer, doesn't mean he's a bust like so many here are calling him already. Ethan Bear - can't wait to see him play in the Memorial Cup - but not anxious at all to see him rushed up here (if he even makes it to the NHL - he many not) next year. Let him play in the AHL for at least a full season, if not two full years. Same as Caleb Jones. Lets start developing players and stop labeling them. Besides, I still maintain, the way the game is played today, the old regime wouldn't win a cup anyway. They were built (properly I might add) for the era they were in, not for this era.