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  1. Talk today we could be targeting Marleau. Any one else of interest to anybody out there?
  2. LOL - happens all the time. You say one thing, someone reads part of it and that becomes your view (or in your case someone signed lol). Good to know we'll know by Monday. If he was draft Eligible he most likely would have been drafted 3rd so whoever signs in a sense is getting (for this years draft value) a top 3 pick
  3. Why wouldn't he? Not sure I understand your post. What team is he going to 'walk' on to and be the #1 or #2 RW on it? Name it. One. Even in Vegas he'll have competition. It's the NHL Yuke, not the AJHL. If you were in his shoes, you wouldn't be interested in signing here with the possibility of playing with McDavid or Draisaitl or on a third line with RNH? Only other team I'd consider if I were him would be the Pengiuns looking at the success of guys like Sheary. Only Pens prob aren't interested. RW we have stocked - lmao. With the RW we have 'stocked', this would be the perfect place for him.
  4. No one in this draft after maybe the top two will be in the NHL (as regulars anyway) within two years. And TBH I would be shocked if Nico played in the league this year. Very weak draft - perfect time to take a flyer on a guy like Yamamoto. I'm not even considering this guy even a possibility to be an Oiler for three years, never mind two. Now - any word on Spencer Foo? I kept hearing he'd make his decision after the draft (though not sure which one). I hope we sign this guy. Things have been awfully quiet on him for a few days now.
  5. I missed that Ronmon - but I know you well enough that that was something you'd say. But yeah, in the end, he did have more value than you thought, but not as much as we thought. JT sure is pissed at PC lol. Now he's mad no doubt about Calgary acquiring Hamonic. They are building their defense to stop our offense, reminds you of any other time lol? Though I was hoping we'd have secured Hamonic for Eberle and then passed on Russell. Not that I don't like Russell per say, but not at 4 mil x 4 years do I like him. I guess we'll see this upcoming season how it all shakes out - right now as things stand our second pairing will be Fayne / Russell... until Sekera is back. Not sure if I like that
  6. Lol - that was more of a jab at Ebs - I knew you'd be all over it Ok sorry then Ronmon - all the posts I read from you were about a 3rd round pick. Strome will give us exactly what Ebs did, only 3.5 mil less to do it. All I was saying all along is that we were getting a player back - a contract, not a pick. That was always my debate with you as you kept stating Yakupov or Schultz return (3rd rounder).
  7. Seems some people forgot this I'm not a "Strome fan' but I was in is draft y ear, I was really hoping he'd slip to Wpg but it turned out ok when the Jets landed Schifele. That being said - Strome is 23 and on the last year of his deal, and will be playing with McDavid and/or Draisaitl. How much you want to bet he (easily) has his best season so far in the NHL this coming season (provided he doesn't suffer a long term injury)? Good job Happy - you know you're the only one to put this together? Strange isn't it? I'm sure Dylan will have lots of tips for his older brother - and I bet Ryan and Connor already know each other. Hilarous no one ('cept you) is even thinking of this angle. May not mean anything but who knows?
  8. Agreed - he's been trending down for years. Plus Strome is on is last year of his deal - if wants to be paid he needs to have a big year - he will be motivated. Mods - time to move this thread to the "NHL Discussion" area now, like we did with Hall's thread, which means this thread will die Oh RONMON - 3rd round pick huh? Sorry had to throw that dig in
  9. Yep good call on that (though that's been bandied about for weeks on the all the 'talk shows'). Now there's another one - Carolina acquired Van Reimsdyck from Vegas, so you know they're moving a dman out for offense. RNH + for Faulk? I still think (Besides signing Russell) that PC is looking for another RH dman that can run the PP
  10. Yes but that's what I mean - so you would trade a Josh Manson, or a Hamonic or de Haan, for a 1st round pick in this (very) weak draft? I expected the trades but for a lot more. As Sunder said, I would have taken those guys and moved them to other teams that wanted them for something better. We didn't learn the deals till later and that's what blew me away. Could be other things coming down the road we aren't aware of though
  11. Their defense sucks. I can't believe they took a bunch of 2nd and 4th round picks to lay off some of the guys available. Josh Manson and Travis Hamonic would have been on my blueline - head scratching unless there's still more to come.
  12. Strome had the horrendous year - in fact he's had two horrendous years after one year he looked promising. I loved Strome in his draft year - was hoping the Jets would get him actually but the Islanders took him first. Hamonic got hurt and had an 'off' year for sure, but he most certainly didn't have a 'horrendous' year. I'm still hoping we get him (or De Haan) - losing Reinhart and with Sekera out till December at the earliest, plus not having signed Russell yet - means we gotta add something back there and not a 6/7 guy
  13. Oops - youre 100% right. It was the Pak signing they needed to do (well one of Pak or Jujhar). I was thinking it was both. I'm still doing my "Pick Pouliot" mantra but I guess the players are selected now and will be revealed tomorrow night
  14. Lol - so much for that rumor
  15. Looks more like a trade with the Islanders - as they protected 5 dmen, only team to so. My bet - it's Eberle for Hamonic - if they left him unprotected, then Vegas takes him and deals him to us for Eberle - NYI needs scoring wingers bad - and Buchberger there now is the 'inside' guy - as in he knows Ebs and would (presumably) vouch for him. But we shall see - Friday will be a very interesting day