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  1. Telly you should be studying my friend - wasting time with the Oilers right now I'm afraid
  2. Game over
  3. I guess you guys have lower expectations then. See, I clearly remember Nuge when he was drafted, why he was drafted, and how he played the first few years after he was drafted (save that terrible 4 goal season he had that was injury riddled). He wasn't drafted first overall for playing like this. Oh,he's been much better this year than last overall, but he's still not making plays. He used to be creative, what has he 'created' lately. Go ahead and find it on You Tube for me - I"ll be here. Prove me wrong
  4. What has he done today?
  5. Terrible PP though - McDavid looking for the back door play and no one there or even close
  6. Problem with Nuge is he's no longer being creative, he's a plug. You don't pay plugs 6 million a year unless they are elite plugs (like Lucic). In other words RNH plays like he has no talent but is 6'3" 225lbs. He's done zilch today. I've hardly noticed him (que up the game winning goal of the week by RNH here)
  7. LOL - good one zombie - you may be on to something with that lol
  8. I like the proposal for a right winger. What about Elias Lindholm? He's underacheiving and isn't signed but trading for his rights we could bridge him for Strome's salary (2.5 mil over two years). That's one name but that's someone (a player like him) I'd target.
  9. I don't know what's worse - the Oilers start to the season - or Kevin Quinn's play by play. I'll go with Quinn
  10. There's a nice hard working goal -
  11. orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maybe not
  12. Lets see if this PP helps turn this around - is it me or does McDavid seem to be going in slow mo today?
  13. not yet
  14. We just need to give each official an autographed framed jersey before every game - all good then It was almost 1 to 1 - but the check the stats Telly - we're not even at 70% on the pk - dead last in the league and it's not close
  15. So far so good more agressive on this one