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  1. Hah - I did not know that. And great point Blank - we all dump on MacT now but in his prime as a coach he was very effective. I only mentioned Muckler because he coached the team to a Cup AFTER Gretzky was traded. He also did well in Buffalo (but not nearly the success he had here). But for those down on Tippett - that is one I will probably say "I told you so" when the Oilers exceed expectations (albeit those are very low) but more importantly play a lot better than they have been for the past 10 years structure wise.
  2. Well we do need depth - something we don't have. Someone gets hurt, we bring up a guy who's not ready because that's all we can do, then wonder why we lose. I agree with BH on this one - 22 points not playing with top / elite players is nothing to sneeze at and is an upgrade on players from last year named Marody, Malone, Currie, etc. What I really like is if any of the aforementioned make the team, they do it by beating out an NHL player, they don't get in because, by default, that's all we have. That being said - I'm with Deutch. Zero expectations, but I do like our coach, a lot better than TM and IMO is the best coach we've had here since probably John Muckler. Fans will see that this coming season.
  3. I don't know much about this stuff but if you're right then, as Tom Sizemore exclaimed in Saving Private Ryan after they use the bangalores to get past the barricades on Omaha beach "We're in Business, definitely". What JP must do is fire his stupid agent #1. This guy has done Jesse zero favors. There could very well have been a deal out there for him, maybe even that deal that Buffalo got for Nylander. I could only imagine some of the 'kiddies' on here (who I have on ignore now) who were upset with that trade wondering why we couldn't get that type of trade for JP. Gee, IDK - maybe because when, say you know a retailer has to blow out a widget at a bargain basement price you don't go to that retailer 'hey, I want that and I'll pay you quadruple of what you're willing to sell it to me for". Yeah, not gonna happen. This quantum singularity clown literally torpedoed any chance the Oilers had of trading him when he went on and on how he wouldn't play here. Now fire your agent, sign your two way deal, and work your butt off in Bakersfield. Start dominating down there, and keep your mouth shut (at least to the media) and all of a sudden the world opens up to endless possibilities for him. I still don't get what that agent was thinking he was doing. I really don't Yep - you can say that again. Besides, there's not going to be any room for him. You know that Ryan Mcleod will be our #3 center next year, Raphael Lavoie is a shoe in for our #1 RW spot. Can't wait to see Broberg run our PP next year (along with Bouchard of course). Where is JP going to fit into all that. Yep - it's absolutely amazing what 'fans' expect/want these days. Oh, damn, forgot, Shane Starrett will be our #1 goalie too - he'll be our Binnington. We're all set .....
  4. Actually - a lot of fans here IIRC were suspicious about why a Finn GM would pass up on JP. I wasn't one of them btw - I was over the moon he fell to us. Back then I'm sure I pegged JP to be McD's RW by now and absolutely dominating there. But then again, I'm a fan, not a scout, so I can be forgiven I agree with the logic behind the Broberg pick. There wasn't one player in the draft that would be playing for us next year. Also, there's the possibility out there that our draft pick (if it was an American going to Uni) would have stayed a second year in college. If he did, well he can't sign a contract and could potentially become a UFA if not signed. So taking Broberg - a big guy (6'4") who can skate and transport the puck is a good reach IMO. He has some developing to do for sure but draft picks are all about potential, not what you have now. So IMO the potential is more than worth that pick. This is why we are where we are. It is absolutely impossible to build a team of any kind, in any sport (North America anyway) when you are constantly going through GM's. GM"s are not coaches, their 'visions' take much longer to come together. Sometimes you have to be patient as there may be a regression before there is a progession in the vision. It doesn't matter who our GM is right now - there's nothing he can/ could do. We'll have to see if the players Holland are signing can play or not. Are they upgrades on Rattie and Reider?
  5. Oh I'm sure that will happen. Hopefully on HNIC
  6. Or a Roloson lol. Remember though - both of those guys payed their dues in the minors. Though Murray only spent two years in the minors. They don't come out of nowhere. I always preach patience, especially with goalies and dmen. Not a fan of Smith, certainly not now at his age (thankfully he's only on a 1 year deal) and not sold on Koskinen but with his salary, it's all we got. That and hope that a Skinner or someone else progresses well enough in the minors and takes over our #1 spot in a couple of years. I'm writing this upcoming season off though - zero expectations.
  7. So again - you missed what Woodcroft said about him. He wasn't ready for the AHL last year when he went there when London as eliminated. The reason is compete. Two completely different leagues. Junior is Mickey Mouse all the way. Many players have dominated Junior and never even got a cup of coffee in the NHL. I don't think he was ready - he wasn't terrible but he played an extremely simple game when he was up here and he rarely played against the other teams top players. When he was, he was getting schooled. The jump from Junior to the NHL is like going from Go-Karts to Formula 1. There's a reason why there is a progression. He was the '10th' pick in the draft. He's not ready Hem, at least, not from what I've seen. He got better as the AHL playoffs wore on, but he's just learning what it's like to be a pro. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for him, or any other young player, to be 'rushed' in to the lineup- Hem - you have 'shiny new toy' syndrome like a lot of fans do unfortunately. You read his press clipping and see his stats from vastly inferior competition and get all hyped up and excited. Hey, I'm stoked to see this guy play too - but not yet. Not before Christmas and even then only if it's because he's playing so well in the AHL that he forces us to call him up. That is when you know you have a good team!
  8. Yep - and the worst case if that happens is we won't be able to afford to sign them all but we can trade for some 'good' players up front to plug holes. Wouldn't that be a unique thing. I do trust Holland to make a trade like that a lot more than any of our GM"s since Glen Sather.
  9. Oh definitely but not sure how we can. PC really screwed us over - up against the cap with contracts that are pretty much buyout and trade proof. Funny thing about McDavid though - out of all these athletes, I actually trust him. He could have signed a deal similar to Matthews, he also could have signed for our original offer (which was 13.5M) - he wanted to leave money on the table for other good players. Of course, PC couldn't find any - but I think McDavid has integrity. He won't back door us like Tavaras did with the Islanders. If he's going to leave - we'll know and then we can act accordingly. But I hear ya loud and clear - we need to improve sooner than later. I just hope Kenny's moves are calculated and he (McDavid) see's a light at the end of this long, dark, tunnel
  10. Yep - when I first heard it announced I was flabbergasted. What caught me even more off guard was I heard on the cult of hockey, as well as from my 'inside person' (who btw told me we were taking an American in the first round so take this with a grain of salt) that it was Hitch that specifically asked for Manning. Hitch works in mysterious ways sometimes and the longer I thought on it the more it made sense - as in it would be something he would do. It's certainly not a coincidence that as soon as that trade was made, our team tanked and fell out of the playoff race rather abruptly.
  11. Hey Telly - that's not a bad thing. He literally just turned 18 - if that is his time line he'll just be 20 years old when he makes his debut. My hope is we don't even miss him - by that I mean our D is good enough. IMO - if we can't trade Russell, then my bet is when his contract expires Broberg will slip right in that spot - and even though he'll be inexperienced, he'll most likely be a huge upgrade over Russell lol
  12. Why Hem? What makes you think he's ready? Have you actually seen him play? Or are you just 'hoping'? Also, if he doesn't, are you going to sour on him? And don't get me wrong, who knows, he may be outstanding and make the team who knows? But if he makes the team because he is our 'best' option, but still not NHL ready, well as already stated and as you have seen, that does not work. Not at all.
  13. Right - Samorukov - good one Hap forgot about him! That's 5 not including Broberg. Obv not all will be top 4 dmen but I think worse case is the worst of the group will be a #7. Except for Bear - I'm not sure about him. If he shows up in bad as shape as he was last year he'll be gone (in a trade). If he puts his party hat away and works his tail off like he said he would - then he could be a wild card for sure as we have such a gaping hole for a RH shot dman. I just hope they don't rush any of them too soon, dmen especially need time, not just to make it in the NHL, but to acclimatize to it. What we did to Schultz was abhorable - throwing him in top 4, sometimes top 2, long before he was ready.
  14. I don't think JP will be going anywhere - especially in our division where he could really haunt us if he somehow (though I don't think he will) turn it around. But could you imagine him being reunited with TM? I'm surprised that they even kicked the tires on him based on how TM used him. Seems to be he didn't really like, or at least, trust him much.
  15. Tippett is the biggest Wild Card I think. I really really like him as a coach. He's always had his team playing well and he is a players coach. I hear you on the signings and Jurco and Nycard are HUGE question marks. But, with that being said, he'll (Tippett) have very specific roles for these players (that's how he coaches) and I doubt very much he'll ask these guys to be 20 goal top 6 forwards. Oh,and you forgot the German player Haus??? Haas??? I think Tippett is a better coach than TM. One of my reservations with TM was he was always underacheiving in San Jose. As for PC - yep I was on that train but a lot of folks here (led by Windsor) were not fooled by him. IIRC I don't think you were enamored with him either when he was first hired. I definitely was happy and gave him the benefit of the doubt, even in the Hall trade. And we had 102 (or was it 103) points the year he made that trade and came within a whisker of the semi's. That bought him another year with me but I started souring when Sek got hurt, he gave Ebs away, and didn't use the cap saving to bring in a Sek replacement. All downhill from there. Ken Holland has a much longer track record. He paid his dues before that. He's a lot more connected then PC will ever be in the hockey world. He'll make mistakes too - what I like is he admitted he will. But I don't think his mistakes will be as egregious as PC's were. He's already proving it. I know a lot of folks are disappointed in his 'lack' of moves so far but he's not giving anyone away or undervaluing anyone. Sometimes your best moves are the ones you don't make.
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