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  1. Yep - Plan B is looking better every game too. We should win this one Sharp - and I wanna see a big OUT beside my name on the prediction thread after the game
  2. Davidson has been great in the two games he's played so far. What does our D look like once healthy (if we ever get healthy): Nurse / Larsson Klefbom / Benning Sekera / Russell Davidson / Gryba We'll need to carry 8 dmen unless Gryba is traded. Gryba could be send down though - I don't doubt for a second that he'd clear waivers - can't see anyone making a claim on him as he's too slow in this game. But Oilers would know if he can or not - Davidson will not clear waivers.
  3. I heard Frank Serivalli on TSN this morning (he picked us as his Cup winner - thanks Frank) and he said things change AFTER tonight - 39 of our last 51 games is against the West - and we had the best record in the NHL against the West last year. This year - we're 4 - 1 - 0 against the West. However, I think he's getting mixed up on the two - we don't play 39 games against teams in our own division - we play 32 (8 x 4) so that 39 includes a lot of games against the Central (we are not 4 - 1 including teams in Central). See how sports talkers can twist things? Colorado won last night (only team I'm looking at right now) so they are 4 points up on us with a game in hand so if we want 13th place we need to win tonight to keep pace. I don't think we will - Bobovskry has been the best goalie in the league this year. Final - 4 to 1 Jackets
  4. Ah yes, Einstein - thanks Ren - forgot who said it. My point on McDavid is what you said - he doesn't use it - he tries to set up, I don't know who, but whoever it is doesn't score near often enough lol. That's why I wouldn't worry about him (and no one does per say - about his shooting I mean)
  5. A famous psychiatrist once said `the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results`. IMO that`s the Oilers PP in a nutshell. I`ve been on this awhile, as have other folks here - requesting for Jesse Pulujarvi be given a `shot`(no pun intended, well sort of) on it. What better way to build a rookie`s confidence then to put him on there and let him fire away. A few go in and all of a sudden teams gotta cheat to him. Right now, I could coach the PK against our PP because there is no threat (for a shot) and McDavid`s shot doesn`t scare me in the least. Our PK is even worse. I won`t look up the numbers but we must be the only team in the league with a special teams ranking less than 100. based on the numbers above we are at 90 (72 + 18) but really 18% - that`s pretty high. That can`t be right can it!
  6. Thanks Hap & Sharp All I know is better darn well not win it this week. In fact, I better be out of the running at around 8pm local time on Tuesday
  7. Yep - I"m still pissed at this. five on three for two full minutes and you have Lucic out there who isn't even standing in front of the net. i guess we'll have to wait until we're mathematically eliminated before we see JP out there. On the bright side - we did outplay the Leafs. Can't knock the effort there - some bad luck and great goaltending sunk us. Too bad we're so far behind - we need wins not close games.
  8. I agree on this - a 5 on 3 and he`s not out there. And we pretty much killed it ourselves passing around the perimeter. Lets see how we come out in the third but I`m not holding my breath on this one.
  9. It's TIMMMMMMMMMMMME what kind of PP is this???
  10. Can't do wine - it stains when I throw it watching these guys - water for me.
  11. I don't recall anyone correcting Romanuk on his goal call by Cammelari -(First goal in 37 games) and then the idiot repeated it saying he hadn't scored since last January - yet he scored his fourth goal of the season. I guess these guys can do no wrong?
  12. Mclhenny is pretty good though - I don`t know - we need the win but this could be out of hand in a hurry if we start slow again. I`ll say we do - and Leafs win this one 6 to 2 (just like I said the Habs would win 6 to 2 - see what I`m doing here).
  13. Yep - that`s the truth isn`t it. I still think we don`t have a shot but stranger things have happened. We`ll know by around the end of February - I say that as if we do go on to win say 3 of every 4 and once in a while 3 of every 5 - between now and Feb 28 - then doing that we should be right there - not in the playoffs but most likely around 10th and in striking distance. If we play two or three games over .500 from now till then - only thing (as you well know) we`ll be battling for is is a lottery pick - we`ll be done by then.
  14. I'm not so sure - I think it's all pressure - internal - on themselves. They read - and they know what they were picked to do. I think they started off thinking they were an elite team and forgot that they still needed to work to be one. Then, once they got behind the 8 ball - they started looking at the playoff spot they need and panicked. Like I said - right now I wouldn't even talk playoffs with them - I would talk Colorado only. Case in point - we won last night - yipee! But so did Calgary, so did San Jose, so did Los Angeles, so did Vegas. All we did was 'keep pace' with them - we gained zero ground - but we didn't lose any - except on Colorado. That's the team we gotta focus on (they are in 13th place right now). Catch them, pass them, and stay ahead of them and next thing you know you're in the hunt for 12th place, etc. etc. If you look at 8th place, that's Everest - you can get there, but it's a lot of work. Gotta concentrate on the next base camp first. I think that may be a big part of their slow starts.
  15. Agreed 100% - I wish all our boys showed the same work ethic as Kass does - I really did mean no disrespect to him. I'm laughing with him, not at him. I think the best play he made all night was when he was killing that penalty and made a nice pickoff in Montreal's end and (potentially) had another breakaway. However, the Oilers were in the midst of changing their PKer's and he knew that so he softly dumped it in the corner and changed himself. Outstanding - most players, especially those wanting to score for themselves, would have tried to do something there, most likely turned the puck over, and then Montreal would have had numbers coming back on a rush. That was winning hockey right there. Huge sign for me. I predicted 1 - 5 - 1 in this 7 game stretch - guess who's going to be happier than you if we go 5 - 1 - 1