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  1. I think we have found JP's nickname - from now on that's what I'm referring to him as
  2. Damn that sucks and yes Donna Douglas - Dixon was from the 70's. That's too bad Gotta love you tube - good find UC
  3. Remember that episode when he was pitching for the Dodgers? His fastball was clocked at over 100 mile an hour (back then that was unheard of). Of course, the punch line was he had to use a whole bunch of grease (not sure from what animal but you know it was something weird) otherwise he couldn't throw the ball straight to save his life. Ooops... guess I just dated myself Whatever happened to Donna Dixon???
  4. Yeah that's what I was alluding too earlier - no one from either camp has said boo about the value of the contract being negotiated. But there sure a lot of hockey 'insiders' who seem to be negotiating for both sides. Elliot Freidman seems to me to be the most accurate - way back in March I believe he was saying that he expects the two to be signed for 20 million long term - so @ 12.5 for McD that leaves 7.5 for Leon. That was max, he also said it could be for less (though it would be a real bargain for say 18 mil for the two). It might go a bit higher if Leon will sign long term. I hope we do get him for 8 years on a decent deal - we'll see. I'll predict the date he signs - Oct 2nd
  5. Where the heck did I read that then? Ok - we're definitely on the same page then - case closed
  6. Nope - I'm keeping it real. You're thinking he should be signed for 10 mil did you not? How many players make that - and what is their position on their respective teams? Leon is at the very most an 8 million player, that's it. Now maybe we sign him to more - who know's? Personally, if it was my team, I'm telling PC no more than 7.5 mil - or 60 million over 8 years. That's a lot of money - a lot. Leon can retire and never work again and never worry about money if he lives to be 100 if he is smart with his money after that contract is up. If Leon want's 10 mil - that's "I'm the man of the franchise" money, not the " I'm (a very good mind you) the 'second banana' money that he is. And as I already stated - I don't think Leon makes Connor better, I think Connor makes Leon better. You mention the 'split' - really Deutch? Did Kesler start following Leon, or Pavelski? Nope. They ignored him sir. The attitude was "you may beat us with Leon but you're not going to beat us with Connor". But in a way - we did. I still stand by what I say - if Leon can dominate a series with no Connor McDavid on the ice (as in he's not playing so the Kesler's now have to shut Leon down) then I'm all in on that 10 mil. Leon is a damn good player - 7.5 to 8 mil is a lot of money. 10 mil? See ya - off you go and we'll get enough back to more than make up for his loss. I don't think that's the issue though - but that's an opinion. I'm anxious to see what he signs for - 2 years - or 8 and if 8 - how much - if 2 - it won't be more than 6.5 As I believe you gotta go 10% higher than the last 'bridge' to retain his rights (could be wrong though you may only need to match the last salary). So no way (if I'm right) you sign him to an 8 mil 2 year deal knowing you gotta pay him at least 9 now after that. So this is where I"m coming from - Leon has shown me nothing to make him a 10 mil player. He's not Toews, he's not Kopitar, he's not Kane, and he's not Price. There's your comparison. My argument - keep doing what you're doing (Leon) for another two years, keep getting better. Start a debate outside of Edmonton - who's more valuable - Connor or Leon - then we can start looking at 10 mil. But one good season (including playoffs) - not a chance.
  7. Sure he has Deutch - he's the driver. You can put just about anyone with McDavid and they'll be better. Connor just won the Hart and the Pearson - you don't win those awards if you haven't 'proven' anything lol. Can you say the same for Leon? Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm a big Leon fan too - and no one will be happier than me (well except Happy Happy but he's an exception) if we sign him to a long term deal. But if Leon prices himself out of our cap - who is going to get traded? Is it Leon, or is Connor? Who would you trade? This is my point. This is Connor's team, not Leon's. Saying anything else is moot. Not my opinion either. This is fact. And I think you need to watch the playoffs again - time has a way of hazing the memory. In case you missed it - I'll recap it for you - the opposing teams were concentrating on shutting down Connor. Not Leon, but Connor. Connor had a dedicated shadow, the defensemen (have to because of his speed) all cheat to where McDavid is going. Now I know you realize just how much ice that opens up for Leon (or whomever else is playing with Connor but for this discussion it was Leon). Now, to Leon's credit, he took full advantage. Leon is a special player no doubt about it. But don't kid yourself, he's not in Connor's league. If anything, it's Connor making Leon the better player. How good would Leon be if he didn't have Connor pushing him? And please, don't try to turn that around on me - Connor has been groomed and has been pushing himself before he was a teenager. He'd be who he was no matter who his linemates were and you know that.
  8. Well I respectfully disagree - Subban was their best 'player' or was going to be - outside the net - and they bridged him. Leon is not our best player, and it's not close. So, you bridge him, and if he wants 10 to 12 mil in a new contract, you trade him. And you can get a lot for him trust me - and at a better price. Plus, no one will really bat an eye. Trade McDavid, now you got issues. I've said it before, I'll say it again - until Leon can do something special on his own (as in Connor gets hurt and misses significant time and we don't miss a beat) then he's got something. When Connor missed all that time last year - Leon did play well - but no where even close to 8 million a year well, never mind the crazy rumors (and that's what they are as NO ONE other than the two parties know what the numbers are being bandied about - we're all just spit balling) and though he played well he was clearly benefiting from the attention placed on Connor. But it doesn't matter - Subban in Mtrl has no bearing at all on Leon here - so I wouldn't worry about that
  9. Yes and no - it's not the same. See, Subban wasn't playing behind one of the greatest defensemen to ever play the game, was he? Now that's a really bold statement considering McDavid is only two seasons (and played one and a half of that) into his career, but unless something happens that prevents him from playing hockey, when his career is over the debate will rage here who was the best Oiler - Gretzky or McDavid. That's the big difference here Fog - Subban was the #1 dman in Mtrl, and Mtrl signed him to a bridge and it blew up in their faces. Draisaitl is the #2 center here or the #1 Right Winger. He's an important piece and a key cog in our offense, but he's not the driver of this team, this team is not being built around him. So, your analogy is moot - Draisaitl is definitely a Malkin to McDavid. Drai, believe it or not, is replaceable. McDavid is not. So your scenario has no merit. BTW - Subban was replaceable too wasn't he?
  10. Agreed on both counts - if he can't come in and make a case for himself early on that he can play he's bound for the KHL (if he want's to continue as an professional hockey player) and even if he does do well (like I'm hoping he does) once Sekera is healthy and considering the rest of the d being healthy he'll be back down on the farm (or claimed on waivers) and maybe - just maybe - we can trade him at the deadline for a team in the east that needs depth on the right hand side down the stretch if we retain a good chunk (I'm thinking 2/3rd's here) of his salary - in a sense buying an additional draft pick. Don't forget - we can only write off his max minor league salary if he's down there (which is approx. 1/3rd of it - $950k I believe it is) so the trade is a wash anyway for us (if we can do that) - even if it's a 5th round pick it's basically a free draft pick as we have to pay the money and allocate it to the cap regardless of the trade
  11. I'm not too worried - will we miss Sekera - of course we will - he's a solid dman, steady and reliable. However, this isn't the 2013/2014 Dallas Eakins defense here. We have some depth, and we have some younger guys that could conceivably step in short term. I've said it before, I expect one dman to really step up in this camp - or he's pretty much gone - and that's Mark Fayne. I don't expect him to be a top 4 guy don't get me wrong, but IMO he could fill in on the bottom pairing of the defense for the first 2 to 3 months of the season and I don't think it's a big an 'if' as many folks here think. I'd only be worried if a Russell or Klefbom (or Larsson) goes down with a significant injury while Sekera is out. I really think we can easily make up for 'one' key guy being gone, if you can't - you're in trouble to begin with. But if we go down two we most definitely need a Mark Fayne to come through big for us. That's my take anyway
  12. Good point but I wouldn't say 'any' team - if Chicago, Anaheim, Pittsburgh had him he'd be in trouble too. Don't forget, he's not 'the man', McDavid is. I don't think Leon will fall flat, but we don't need him to carry the load, that's Connor's job. No doubt he and his agent want to be paid as a #1 center, but he isn't. Connor is - but what an issue to have huh? Three years ago, we all were hoping that just one of our 6 million dollar players would become what Leon is. Leon and Connor and showing what a real star is - been so long we all forgot lol.
  13. Good job JT - beat me to it. This exactly - it's his THIRD contract, not second. Leon is not getting a deal like this for his second contract. Could you imagine the trouble we'd be in if we signed him to a monster like that with term and this past season was a fluke, and Leon turned into a say 4 or 5 million dollar player (at best). We'd be crippled and he would be untradeable. He gets a bridge - two year deal for around 14 to 15 million dollars. That's still serious coin and if he does in fact fall flat on his face and isn't 'the player' we thought he was, we aren't stuck. If he is - we either trade him (if RNH can prove to be an adequate #2 guy) or trade Nuge to make room for his 'monster' contract that he'll get.
  14. That part is huge. Hey, remember the first Leaf game of the season - you know - the one that Matthews scored four goals. Take at his first (or second maybe) goal of that game. Who did he make an absolute fool of? Who gaffed on that play far worse than anything Russell ever did. If you said Erik Karlsson, you are 100% correct. Now no way, no how, am I comparing Russell to Karlsson - Karlsson is as far ahead of Russell as Russell is of Belov - but my point is even the best dmen in the league do stupid things and make the 'what the F#*( is he doing' plays. As for your other points - sorry, I missed it - over my head. Was there a time warp or something? 20 year old Brandon Davidson was a #4 dman on our farm system. So a young Kris Russell was still learning the game and couldn't cut it in ST.Louis or Columbus. So it took him awhile to develop his game. Your argument here is very moot I'm afraid JT and really has no relevance. If this was a court of law, I could site 100's (yes hundreds) of NHL players that followed the same path. Here's one for you - Zdeno Chara the human pylon who the Islanders gave up on and though showed more in Ottawa was deemed expendable there too. Chara didn't become Chara until well into his late 20's. Oh - not comparing Russell to Chara either (there's like a foot height difference and probably 70 lbs' of weight for starters). My point is Russell has steadily improved, and he had a much better season than you think he did. You're just focusing on the negative. At least the Oilers know what they have in him. Sure, I would still, to this day, take Travis Hamonic over Russell if we could have done that but not for a trade which would have been Russell plus next years 1st and 2nd round picks plus the following years 2nd rounder. We did that once with Reinhart - and we saw what happened there. But in a known commodity (Hamonic) we'd be giving up a player (Russell as in we wouldn't have re-signed him and he'd have gone to free agency) plus an extra 2nd round pick. Plus, though Hamonic (excluding last season which IMO was an anomaly for him) is overall a better dman than Russell, he's not heads and tails better, and he's certainly not as versatile (Russell can play Right D a lot better IMO than Hamonic can play LD - as Hamonic hasn't really played there AFAIK - whereas Russell has - having a versatile player like Russell can't be measured). It's a risk, sure is, but a calculated one. What if Hamonic has another injury riddled season and his play is as sporadic this coming season as it was last year? You can bet the Flame fans will be lamenting that deal.
  15. Isnt' it though - I guess J/T missed my post earlier too (and your add on - good memory on those guys Telly - I forgot about them LOL) J/T has to remember what a #6/#7 guy looks like - and it's no Kris Russell, not even close. He has a hate on for him, always has, as JT believes very strongly in Corsi and other advanced stats. What's really funny is I hear more and more hockey experts speaking against those advanced stats as they don't offer all the facts or intangibles. Like I said J/T - 103 points and 2nd round of the playoffs last year - was that a dream? How many points and playoff wins did Belov, Grebeskov, Cross, Ference, Teubert, Vandemeer, Foster, Sutton (thanks again Telly ) Fraser, - and I know there's still more - bring us? Russell is MILES and I mean from here to China - ahead of all those guys. Russell is usually out there against the toughest competition and he's one of our top PKer's. As I said in my other post, I agree is a overpaid (probably by about a half mil a year) but that's the price you need to pay for experience. Hey, Belov is still playing 'large' in the KHL - we brought Grebs back (we all saw how that worked out didn't we) why not just sign Belov back in Russell's role. I'm sure we could have gotten him for around a 1 to a 1.25 mil a year deal. But you gotta tell me, who's the guy rated #1 this upcoming season for the lottery - I haven't bothered with it.