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  1. Wow, I'm a royal idiot. Sat all my goalies on the last day and then forgot to start them again... Bob always succeeds on my bench .
  2. WTF was Bob doing on my bench, ugh. Thought he was starting
  3. This one's going to OT! 4-3 Oilers
  4. Yeah, I'm laying the smackdown on you! Mostly because of Bob, haha.
  5. Buff's a solid player, but those goalies are a premium!
  6. Haha, off the table at the moment !
  7. Burns and Buff, sheesh. That's insane!
  8. 3 minutes until draft order!!
  9. Do they get washed ?
  10. Hope it's better than my 10th pick in the keeper league, haha.
  11. Are you able to access the league?
  12. Had a good time! Ready for the next draft?
  13. Haha, tired of Rask already !
  14. OJF's are Brad Marchand and Mark Scheifele. Fury's are Joe Pavelski and Devan Dubnyk.