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  1. We'll see what the others think, but I definitely think it should gradually increase by year. I have some decision making to do! Maybe you'll end up with TBot again . As for the draft, it will likely be late September, early October.
  2. In!! Can't wait!
  3. Hey guys! With less than a month until Yahoo opens up again, it is time to begin organizing this years keeper league. I will need confirmation from returning managers or notification if anyone does not want back in. We had 12 teams last season, and I am aiming to maintain that number. Not much will change, but there may some settings we could discuss changing. Good luck to all! Last year's managers: OilerPensfan97 (Commish) Rekkin (Co-Commish) nocchi HappyHappy bronco73 Oilfury Hillcat Stevenpfo OilyJetsfan SuperDave17 Fogolin2 Mico
  4. Not quite, but it is foggy in Saint John today .
  5. Here! The Orange hummer
  6. Unfortunate, but necessary trade. We don't want problems signing the big guns later. Good luck in NYI, Ebs! Welcome, Strome!
  7. Thanks, @HappyHappy! It was a great run as always . A 3peat would be great, but with Pittsburgh winning twice, I would love to see Edmonton do it! (I think the Oilers are one of the favourites in the west next year) Go Oilers! Let's go Pens!
  8. This team makes the Avalanche look like the 80s Oilers, haha.
  9. Gee, two game 7s tonight. I don't think my heart will make it through the night . Go Oilers!!! Go Pens!
  10. I don't care how long you have been cheering for, if you jump ship over 1 unsuccessful series, you don't belong in sports, period. Loyalty and patience define a fan, and you clearly don't have either. Get a grip, it's the playoffs. No one thought it would be easy.
  11. Better late than never, haha. Someone's Happy today.
  12. Game 6 is in Edmonton, so it wouldn't surprise me if it's earlier, especially seeing as it's on Sunday. Game 5 is 7:30 PT. EDIT: Game 6 is at 5 MT.
  13. Any indication as to what time game 6 will be? The game is already guaranteed, but I see no set in stone times.
  14. Pens in 6
  15. Oilers in 6, 31 goals