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  1. Yeah, I'm laying the smackdown on you! Mostly because of Bob, haha.
  2. Buff's a solid player, but those goalies are a premium!
  3. Haha, off the table at the moment !
  4. Burns and Buff, sheesh. That's insane!
  5. 3 minutes until draft order!!
  6. Do they get washed ?
  7. Hope it's better than my 10th pick in the keeper league, haha.
  8. Are you able to access the league?
  9. Had a good time! Ready for the next draft?
  10. Haha, tired of Rask already !
  11. OJF's are Brad Marchand and Mark Scheifele. Fury's are Joe Pavelski and Devan Dubnyk.
  12. Awesome, thanks!
  13. Last second suggestion. How about playing the final week on week 23 instead of week 24 (playoffs on weeks 21, 22, and 23)? I hate the last week of hockey when lots of players sit.
  14. Keepers have been assigned! They have been added to the 18th and 19th rounds.