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  1. HappyHappy

    20 Game Status/Analysis

    I blame the lynx for all things bad.
  2. HappyHappy

    Future of the Flames

    Good stuff here. I agree.👍
  3. HappyHappy

    2018/2019 Oilers Fantasy League is up!

    I'm looking to move Hedman for a forward or goalie. Anybody interested?
  4. Well, gotta tend to duties here. Good luck rest of way to the boys, game got ugly just like that, Shazam!
  5. Agreed. And there we are all tied up again ughh a shortie against.
  6. Aint that the truth. Love Bob Cole. I hear his voice and it takes me back to soooooo many Saturday nights in front of the TV watching Hockey Night In Canada, him n Harry the good ol days.
  7. Ahhhh yes I remember him, The Champ, he was awesome haha! The Alexian One again KAPOW!!! WootWoot!
  8. lol. ugh oh... all tied up! Sharpie Bear getting ready to looooose it!
  9. Just tuned in but I did see the goal highlight. Nice tip by the captain WootWoot! Could hear a pin drop in here.
  10. Mods you guys seem pumped for this one haha! Ooooo you do sound angry. If TM shows no heartbeat whatcha gonna do hehe. I don't think bears are generally angry, I mean look at Pooh Bear, Yogi, they seem pretty happy, Smokey the bear ...now that herb is legal, even he is probably pretty happy, mind you more butts to worry about... put them roaches out peeps! Anyway, 4-1 home team. GO OILERS GO!! ...thx for gdt bronco...
  11. HappyHappy

    GDT: OILERS @ FLAMES - 8 PM (MT) Sat, Nov 17.18 HNIC

    No gdt for tonight's game? Is all hope lost on the OMB already lol. I'd make one but got my hands full atm. GO OILERS GO!!
  12. HappyHappy

    Jujhar Khaira

    It's only been 19 games! Yeah, eating some serious crow here, win some lose some I guess lol ugh. Khaira has been pretty disappointing this year, I expected more. And yup had he connected on that breakaway last night we may have had a different outcome.
  13. HappyHappy

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

    Congrats again fellas. Next set: 3 - 1 - 1 = 7 pts. Thx Sharpie.
  14. HappyHappy

    GDT: OILERS @ FLAMES - 8 PM (MT) Sat, Nov 17.18 HNIC

    Still feeling the burn of that third period this morning. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. Today's game just became all that much more important.