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  1. Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    I'm ok with the Drake signing. Players don't come much cheaper and we need cheap contracts. From my eye Cage shows good drive and effort but can disappear from time to time. I agree Sharpie, need to see more consistency outta him, and less mental errors. Call me optimistic but I believe he's capable of 20 goals in a season. Less mistakes and a few more goals and there is nothing wrong with this contract imo. Could turn out to be a value contract but I won't get ahead of myself on that haha. As for Lucic, though there is plenty trade speculation out there, I'll guess he remains an Oiler next season. Hopefully he rebounds in a big Lucic way!
  2. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    If this thread keeps on the way it's going I may be motivated to make some popcorn. But damn, I gotta keep working today, the bills at the end of the month are motivating me to do so, or are they... I read that Skinner recently mentioned how coach Manny not only changed his goaltending perspective but that he also changed his life forever (in a positive way). Strong words. Motivation? Just remember folks, sticks and stones may break our bones but words can cause permanent damage. I have no idea what motivated me to state that. Nobody is "wrong" or "right" here (imo), motivation comes from all kinds of places, it all depends on the individual. No two peeps are the same and this topic has and will likely go on for the ages.

    I don't overly care either way who wins the Cup. Ovi, sure it would be nice to see him get his. Vegas being expansion, quite the story there too. That said I gotta stick with the West, as it is the Best. GO KNIGHTS GO!!
  4. Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    A couple areas have been addressed (for better or for worse) already. One area being goaltending (though we now have 8 tenders so two will likely be let go, LB and ...) and the other area being our newly formed "team Saskatchewan with a touch of Alberta sometimes" behind the bench. So what will PC's next move be? Big trade? Start signing some of our free agents? Hang tough till draft day? I'm kinda hoping for the latter. Keep calm Peter.
  5. Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    I like it. Yawney should help our special teams a lot and he's had a big hand in developing some good Dmen in Anaheim. I'm not sure how coach GG will be used here but he seemed ok in Calgary and I like his snappy side. I was a bit surprised Flames let him go as they were right in the playoff race till near the end of season when a buncha players got injured and such and they quickly dropped out of the hunt. Anyway, two experienced coaches with fresh eyes coming in, and if anything else a replacement for Todd if things go south. Not really sure why we need to add a 4th coach as the article suggests is soon to happen too. Interesting.
  6. Year End reflection

    I got this. Griffin Reinhart.
  7. Random Oilers stuff

    Congrats Big Fella and Fam! Ahhh so that was the problem last season, Milan was bearing pregnancy weight.... It all makes sense now. He should be waaay faster this coming season!

    Knights over Jets in 5. Anyone bet on that? I sure didn't. Series was much closer then the 5 games may indicate. Sad to see the Jets go out, they had a heckuva run. The Golden Knights, what can ya say, ...Wow, just Wow. Congrats to them, I hope they go all the way.
  9. Fish On!!!

    Junior and I got out to the river again, we managed 2 small sturg then a 51"er yesterday WootWoot!! So fun/ny to watch his excitement...and mine I confess. I feel satisfied now. River came up 3/4 of a metre overnight so I hear, sure looked like it too. Pretty sketchy conditions, kinda looking forward to getting out to a nice calm lake sometime soon, where there's this thing called shade! Hot hot hot. Hope everyone had a good weekend,

    Btw congrats to your son on the new job Sharpie, hope it goes well for him! Awesome atmosphere in the Peg right now, hope he was able to get out and enjoy. Fleury absolutely stole that last game (3) for Vegas. How bout them Knights...
  11. Fish On!!!

    Right on 420. Can't say I've ever seen a llama wading around while fishing, neato! Yes sturg are an extremely fun fish to catch. They are still eluding me this year for some unknown reason. The strength of these creatures is absolutely incredible, it is no wonder when fishing for Saltwater sturg that often fishermen have to alternate reeling/fighting these big fish to get them to the boat. Very important to have the proper gear when fishing for these rare specimens. Someday I hope to get out to the Fraser... I've heard the Bow is still quite chocalately brown and fast and high, not quite ideal for trout fishing just yet I guess but great to hear you got into a few and managed a hammerhandle too! Always fun to catch multiple species, makes for some nice surprises. Fully agree on the wildlife, especially when the fish aren't biting, nice to take a step back and gaze around to see what we can see, take it all in. Osprey are Master Fishers! Thinking of Osprey I remember watching a video awhile back. No idea where the footage was shot but hoping it was somewhere where it is legal to fish this way (which is nowhere in Canada). Anyway, goes something like this... Buddy was ice fishing, at the end of his day he'd drop his line down and then leave it overnight and return in morning to catch his fish that would get hooked throughout the night. Eventually he was returning to his line with no fish on the end and often his line was snapped. So he set up a camera to see what was going on. An Osprey had figured it out! This bird would grab the fishing line with his beak, pull it up the hole a few inches and step on it, he'd continue to do this till he pulled the fish right out of the hole and into his mouth. This Osprey taught himself how to ice fish bwahaha, too funny! What a smart bird! I got out to the SSR again the other day and tried a new spot. Mixed bag of results. 2 of first 3 casts I caught other folks gear and brought it to shore, retrieved what looked to be a brand new 5ofD and a huge Rapala lure also in good shape, Score! Almost caught every species the riv has to offer but no sturg and no burbot (generally burb feast at night). Caught 1 walleye, 1 sauger, 1 pike, 1 goldeye (none of size worth mentioning) and my personal best crayfish lol, it was like 8"s! Now normally I'd just toss him back but he was so wrapped up in my line and hook I decided to crush his skull so I could have my gear back. Green guts splashed my face, so gross. They are invasive and we are supposed to kill if caught anyway but I normally don't, as imo they are here to stay, just like the Prussian Carp that have now entered most our systems grrr. Kinda rare to catch crayfish and always fun to play with them lol. Back in my smoking days (I quit 6 weeks ago after 25yrs of a pack a day WootWoot) I put a lit cigarette in one's claw and he cruised around shore gripping it tight. I got a great pic of a smoking crayfish haha. The tug is the drug... Tight lines.
  12. Trade proposals?

    I'm no good with trade proposals but I'd be reluctant to trade with Vegas. Guaranteed we lose any trade haha. Just going by what our and their current management teams have done since taking their respective helms. I'm also still on the fence with Benning, I'd like to see another yr from him I think. I'm terrified of June, PC should be banned from his phone and the Internet for the entire month. Lol. I'd like to keep the 10 pick too, we've given up too much over the last few years. Betcha it gets traded though, sink or swim time for brass come October. That's my latest stance.
  13. Laurent Brossoit

    Skinner has had a good run with the Broncos though they are a great team in front of him this season. Looks like he's been streaky when he played for the Canes before that. I don't recall really ever seeing him actually play so hard for me to form much of an opinion aside from looking at stats. 19 yrs old and going to the Mem cup though. Looks good on the resume, we'll see where it goes. No complaints with this signing. Competition is welcomed. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/166664/stuart-skinner Too bad it didn't work out with LB. I woulda loved to win that trade with the Flames. Neither team really won though as it appears. Wish LB best of luck moving forward.
  14. Future of the Flames

    Good stuff 420, thanx for the updates, always appreciated. I'm really rooting for Skinner and the Speedy Creek Broncos (and I suppose Gawdin too haha) as I'd like to see Saskatchewan take home the Memorial Cup. If not them, then the host Regina Pats. Would be nice to see after the tragic bus accident this year. ...and in case I miss posting later I'll say it now, Happy (early) Bday 420! Always enjoy your posts (and rationality).🎂🎂🎂
  15. Fish On!!!

    Spring has finally sprung most everywhere, hope everyone is enjoying it best they can. How's the fishing going fellas, anybody getting out? Nothing too exciting to report here though I got junior out to the riv the other day (he just turned 5) and he seems to have the patience and desire to explore as much as dad so that's awesome. He/we did hook into a big ol sturgeon and got her to shore but alas she flipped the hook as I was setting my rod back in holder. I needed another adult there and should have allowed her to fight a bit as the current was unfriendly that day. Got a good look at her and from my xp catching a fair amount of these precious Dinos judging by the glimpse I got she was around 48". Not quite a piggie but woulda been a heckuva first sturgeon for wee man. So awesome seeing the look on junior's face when he seen the fish. He's witnessed fish of similar size before but he was pretty young at the time (like 1-2) so he doesn't really remember. Getting more fun every year with him, I love it. River has been stingee to me the first couple outings, just a few Walleye for this guy. Did find a 6' bull snake cruising around, that was exciting! 2.5 weeks till my fave trout fishing "area" opens. Time to get out the fly rods, can't wait! Tight lines....