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      As most of you know Invision announced they were retiring chat April 30th.   After speaking with our webmaster the Oilers Organization has decided to cover the cost to have a new chat application added to the forums. Hope to have this up and running within a week for you all.
      Thanks A9


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  1. I think you stole the show here. You are the only one who picked Kassian for best beard and I for one cannot dispute those Mutt-Chops. As far as worst beard goes take your pic haha, I took RNH too, lots of winners for worst on the team here haha.
  2. I concur sir. 4-2 Road Warriors. Can't wait! GO OILERS GO!! ..thanx for gdt, C2G..
  3. Sure seem to be a lot of typos on here lately. Here supermoron, fixed it for ya: We know this is what you meant to say. Love the Passion bud. GO OILERS GO!!
  4. Lol! Weird I see it way differently. I think Couture shoulda got 5 n a game, clearly diving on that play.
  5. Well, so much for my McDavid vs Matthews, coach TM vs coach Babs, Oil vs Leafs final showdown haha, maybe next year. I actually only had 3 outta 8 first rnd series correct hehe. Thankfully one of those teams is our own, and that's all that matters! I'm going Oil, Preds, Sens, Pens advancing in rnd 2.. Ultimately leading to an all Canadian final OR the Pens would be fun to play too! Dare to dream. One game at a time. Unfortunately our next one ain't till Wednesday. Rest up boys, long road ahead, 1/4 way there. GO OILERS GO!!
  6. Rnd 2, I'm gonna say Oil in 6, 30 goals.
  7. I never actually checked. Oil in 8? But if it was 26goals I take 2nd in the regular season C2G, I called 26 goals in 5, you said 28. hehehe CONGRATS to one-bit n SH here!
  8. he has the flu. So says sportsnet.
  9. You'll have to inquire with the boss man Sharpie, but afac the regular season pool that was a three way tie between you, I , n C2G was to be decided by this series, and you took that crown with your 6 game predicky here! C2G n I called 5 games. CONGRATS and Well Done "bjowol" (add a "B" and unscramble letters folks, hehehaha ). Very fun pool McS. koodos! And this is our winner here in the playoff pool first round, I think? CONGRTAS Hemmer, well played!
  10. So proud of our team! (I encourage a listen here, found a gem!) Happy Dance! Well Done Boys! Yahoooooooooooooooooooo!! WOW.
  11. Whooooooooops! Corrected, thanx Foggy.
  12. The Edmonton Oilers can eliminate the San Jose Sharks tonight. REPEAT The Edmonton Oilers can eliminate the San Jose Sharks tonight!! Time to go for our first knock out punch, make it count boys. 3-0 ROAD CREW!! GO OILERS GO!! ..thanx for gdt, C2G..
  13. That will suffice. I will let you off the hook here, just cuz you are you. 🤔
  14. Yeah man, got my alarm clock set to it. Really gets me going in the morning, who needs coffee. -I wanna hear you say Letestu deserves to be on our PP and he is a reason it has been part of our success. Don't ignore the plot here C2G. Are you gonna man up here and save face er what? Yep, this is me calling you out here, Crow tastes good, u should really try it sometime, keeps us honest, don't cha know.. or ya know.. you could check the #s.. for a change.. god forbid.. That's 4 u Hem.