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  1. Thx OJF. I'll set up the next seven after today's game. Bit preoccupied at the moment. Yep, despite what happens today you are the winner of set 1, congrats!! Was really hoping you wouldn't be though, no offense haha. Well done!
  2. Bahaha, I feel so honored! Best GDT Ever!! An early affair today eh, looking forward to the game. Road Warriors come out on top 5-3. GO OILERS GO!! ..thanx for gdt, bronco..
  3. Nor do I tbh, competition is a good thing though. Agreed, ton of compete in the youngster. Will be interesting to see how this pans out. I feel content with both scenarios (9games+ vs junior). His play will answer that question, I'd like to think our current management will not rush players for desperation wins. We are past that phase now.
  4. I'll take over as u tend to more important matters McS. Hope life finds you and yours as well as can be. Stay cool buddy and hope to see you back soon.
  5. 56.18% on the draw this season for the Nuuuuge. StromMcd take note. Xo I wonder if this is due to new face-off rules or has he indeed improved, perhaps a combination? Either way... Yay! Hmm, maybe it is magic OF11?! Haha
  6. Sorry concussions are a very serious thing but since LD is coming along (I think, hope, and pray?) I find this absolutely Hilarious hahaha.#HeartPhillyCreamCheese Get well soon LD, well played Bill!
  7. Deal!! (Not like I have a say haha). Sold to the man with the orange JEEP!
  8. Ah right Strome. Nor do I. When T.M. wins, he sticks with it.
  9. I hope so on Nurse and I think we currently are in fact seeing how fast Yam is, but it would be cool to clock him. May have to check in on the Chiefs skills comp if that's where he is at the time. I'm curious now haha. To be clear for some, as much as I'm supporting Yam lately (due to his play) I'm still on the fence simply because he is so young and small and conditioning is always a great thing.. but ultimately I find myself asking myself.. If I'm management how do I cut this guy right now? This is where Cags n Sleps come into play now as they get healthy and find their speed/game. They will put even more pressure on the Yam, which should benefit the team as a whole. Not sure if Cags will get a shot at 1RW before the call has to be made on Yam (stay or go?) since he's just hitting the ice after his "injury". Sleps is likely next in line unless LD says hold on fellas not so fast. Lol.
  10. Yep. Feel the exact same about Yam here (cept Yam goes to Spokane rather farm). I hope Cags is good to play as this is prime-time for the trio to compete for that 1RW role, which should make for some good hockey. Very true. Tbot was spectacular in this win!
  11. Tell them yourself, I don't have their #. Surely such an acclaimed source such as WWSports must though... No? At the end of the day the lineup is not about who can pee the farthest, it's about balance. Balance, balance, Balance! I'm for whatever works best, and at this time it seems Looch/RNH/Sleps seem to be finding chemistry while the rookie gets his audition on the top line, which also appear to be gelling more and more as they get familiar with each other. Why fix what's not broken? Yes I know our current record. All the power to Sleps if he earns that spot, I like the player for sure, and he seems well on his way. Guessing with LD out tomorrow you may get your wish C2G, as surely coach will want to see Sleps beside McD at some point or other., whether it's tomorrow or not who knows but I would guess he'll get his chance... especially if Yam goes to Chiefs which in all likelihood is a good possibility (as much as I'm enjoying his play). As messed up as our RW position seems to be right now I'm glad we have inner competion amongst our crew. It (meaning winning formations) may not be happening as fast as most of us would like but eventually it will sort itself out. I expect plenty juggling in the meantime.
  12. I guess we'll see who our speediest speedsters are come Oil skills comp later in year Bill, not sure if K.Y. will be on team at that point however. Haha good call on Maroon. He is a lucky man that fella. "Only one" I'll admit was slight exaggeration on my part, though I'd bet my bottom dollar Yam would beat any of the aforementioned (not named McDavid) in a one on one speed skate, end to end. And hey I'm a huge supporter of L.D. beside McD since day 1, get roasted all the time on here for that haha, eventually this will end and LD will run 2C, but it ain't happening overnight and nothing is set in stone ..especially with our coach as we all know, but he sure likes that combo. Hard not to! But yeah, balance.. Sleps n Cags may be able to keep up to McD as you suggest, however I'll suggest Yam is the "smarter" player of the three. Hence he wins the job.. for now. It's up to Cags n Sleps to take that spot and they just may once they are both up to game speed. 4 games will tell us much.
  13. Agreed. Though I say keep "the runt" (brutal C2G!!, hate much? guess that makes Sleepy a big slow oaf..eh.. Wildwood?!) with McD as he's the only one that can keep up. Throw LD on 3C for a couple games and wowee the headaches this would cause for opposition coaches. Balance. It's a thing. Mix and match Nuge/LD as 2c/3c accordingly as well LD/Yam on 1RW if "things" aren't working. In 4 games we will know much more. It's being replayed on Sportsnet right now, halfway through. There is also a condensed viewing on YouTube. Disagree with Remanda er whatever his name is. Hartman seen Kass coming, and a 2min boarding call was the right call, imo.
  14. Yes. No brainer, For Me! Did I stutter lol. Don't expect plenty to agree, that's ok. Funny u should mention those 4 players, I'm inclined to think 1, likely 2 of the 4 will not be Oilers next yr. If you are asking, I would trade a couple wingers and/or prospects before I touch our C strength. Want to see something crumble.. Destroy the nucleus. No thanx. Agree to disagree.
  15. Bump.