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  1. Yamamoto

    Seen this at lowetide, Yam 2016/17 - 65gp, 42g, 57a - 99pts (1.52ppg) Yam 2017/18 - 31gp, 17g, 35a - 52pts (1.68ppg) first 10gp - 1g, 8a - 9pt second 10gp - 7g, 11a - 18pt third 10gp - 8g, 14a - 22pt 1g 2a last night. Kid is playing well.

    What a bummer. I'll confess I missed the last Mens and Womens games, wasn't expecting those results doh. Hey at least LD is smiling! He's gonna be even better then last night's spectacular performance he put on, due to Germany's hot run lol! Go Germany Go... oh and GO CANADA GO!!
  3. Somehow we managed to end the Av's ten game winning streak at home while they had their top player return for the game, so with that I'll convince myself we have a chance here haha. Expect the worst, hope for the best! Tbot is looking better lately, be great if this carries forward. Also the Art Ross is in our captain's sight (though odds are against him) and I'm sure he's aware. With those two on their game we have a chance to beat any opponent on any given night. 3-2 home crew in extra time. GO OILERS GO!! ...thanx for gdt Rap...
  4. Las Vegas Golden Knights

    Haha no not so much, but wish him success, just not against our beloved Oil is all.
  5. COUNTDOWN: # of points before playoffs! (Projected "94")

    Don't worry chief, till the math proves impossible, I'm with ya!
  6. COUNTDOWN: # of points before playoffs! (Projected "94")

    Ehhhh Canada represent! If only the Fonz could make it happen and snap his fingers and we'd win 24 in a row.
  7. Tyler Benson

    Ditto on the injury comment hmm, but I doubt they'd be playing him if he was indeed hurt. 15pts in 18 games ain't horrible but in comparison to his first 28 games it is a significant drop-off. 46gp - 20g, 35a - 55pts. Nice!
  8. Yamamoto

    Agreed much too early. Had he excelled in his first audition (many, not all) would be singing a different tune. Today's NHL is much about speed and skill and Yammy has both. Time will tell and hey I realize the odds are against him (only due to size), but the Kid is highly determined and skilled so ...v vill cee...
  9. Oilers Hockey Memorabilia

    Indeed some goodies in the collection and fair priced. Good luck to you at your auction Oilerzfan28, I think you'll make out alright. And welcome to the OMB should you stick around.
  10. COUNTDOWN: # of points before playoffs! (Projected "94")

    23-1-0 eh. Smooth sailing.
  11. Las Vegas Golden Knights

    I'll be hopping on the Vegas train in the West come playoff time, gotta root for the underdog. Cheering for the Jets too, they are building a great team in the Peg. In the East I'm rooting for the Devils (should they make it - I think they will) and the Bruins. Wouldn't that be a kick in the face if the Devils (Hallsy) and Bruins (P.C. old team) played in their conference final haha. This is not why I'm cheering for them however, I've always liked both franchises (just to be clear). GO KNIGHTS GO!!

    Can't have the Winter Olympics without hockey Foggy!! I see what you're saying though haha. Nevertheless the final should be a gooder and I'm really hoping for 4 Gold in a row for our ladies! GO CANADA GO!!

    Agreed, and a comeback win on the tail end of back-to-back games to boot! I thought our team played pretty good today and never really let or gave up. More please! TM mentioned McD is not at full health but I sure didn't notice, I'm loving that he is shooting more often and it seems to be working. Too funny indeed. I think there was maybe a water bottle on the receiving end of Strome's stick while he was pounding away there on the bench, and I'm pretty sure JP was silently counting the blows haha. Not overly professional by either player but downright hilarious nonetheless. Good on Strome to go out and get the monkey off his back next shift which turned out to be the gwg. All in all it was a pretty solid road game for us, good job boys. GO OILERS GO!!
  14. The Big Bad Draft Thread (17/18 EDITION)

    Keep the pick for sure. Keep them all. Players tough call. Prefer a winger. I like LW Tkachuk probably the most (assuming we lose Maroon). Tbo I dunno much about this yrs draft (players) but I'll certainly be paying more attention now moving forward as clearly we'll be picking high. S.S. and Zadina are intriguing too, both play RW and that seems to be a position of need for us, amongst several teams. Voted Tkachuk, like the idea of having another Esa-esque type player and it seems like Brady would bring that like his brother and pops did/do. Wish we could trade our special teams coaches for picks not that anyone would take them .

    Hmm lost for words. At this point I'm just wondering how far our team is gonna continue to fall down this rabbit hole.. GO OILERS GO!! ..thanx for gdt Rap..