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  1. HappyHappy

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    You mean this Ethan Bear: On the farm - 32 games played, 0 goals, 13 assists. 0 Powerplay goals. 47 shots in 32 games. Yup, he's the answer. What kind of weird reoccurring dream do you keep having in which Bear comes up and takes our PP to the next level. Just curious. He's done nothing, nada, zip thus far this year on the farm. Jus' sayin'.
  2. HappyHappy

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    Me too but don't tell anybody. P.S.) I see what you did there.
  3. HappyHappy

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    Whatever. We got Ryan Spooner so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
  4. HappyHappy

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    I don't want to bury anything, I want to go fishing. Got the truck and gear all ready for the morn wootwoot, darn these late games. Yes Gregor was my reference here also but he later stated around 2.1 mil is the clearance # for Rej to be reactivated. I dunno, just relaying. Manning, Spooner... both, wth was PC thinking lol. Agreed Tbot will be the man out, bummer as I really like him and thank him for the playoff run but the numbers don't lie this year, Kosk is the better goalie here, right now. Wish we could keep both I do. I honestly didn't expect Sekera to be ready to go this season, not enough to make an impact anyway. Maybe he is farther along then I thought. Never a dull moment in Oiltown.
  5. HappyHappy

    Bakersfield Condors 18/19

    Not only did Marody have another 3 assist game against the Heat (Again!), this time he added the OT winner as well as the Condors won their 3rd in a row defeating the Stockton Heat 5-4 in OT. Benson, Gust, Currie, and Gamba also scored. Shots were 36-20 in favor of Bakersfield, Shane Starrett was in net. Special teams went 2/5 on the PP and 3/6 on the PK as the Condors (19-15-2-1) improved to 6-1-0 over the Heat (16-19-4-0) this season. Condors go again tonight with a road game vs the San Diego Gulls.
  6. HappyHappy

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    I've read that it's actually closer to 2.1 mil that we'll need to activate Sekera (after he passes his cardio tests) which we will get when we waive Spooner and Manning. Guessing Rej will spend some time on the farm on a conditioning stint first also? But yeah to find extra cash to take on any new players without giving up any/too many assets of our own could be tough. PC is gonna do something, what oh what will he do.... gulp.
  7. HappyHappy

    GDT: OILERS @ CANUCKS - 01/16/19 8pm mst SNW

    Currently my 3rd fave Oiler after McD and RNH. Shoot me. Plays hard roles and gets tossed all over the lineup with diff line-mates. Shows up with his hard hat and lunchbox every game. Wish he'd shoot more. Anyway... to add to your list here Bill it looks like he'll be getting 2nd unit PP responsibilities also as Hitch mentions in this recent informative interview: https://oilersnation.com/2019/01/18/ken-hitchcock-it-is-about-wins-now-not-developing/
  8. HappyHappy

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

    Yay, just glad your'e back and just in time for the BoA tonight! I put you down for 4-1-0 for this set since you're usually fairly optimistic. I actually wish I would have guessed that for my prediction haha. No matter though cuz C2Gs got this round!
  9. HappyHappy

    Future of the Flames

    Yup, Smith is confirmed for tonight. We'll get Rittich tomorrow.
  10. HappyHappy

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    Bah I did it again, I made a GDT at same time you did but ya beat me to the posting punch C2G haha... mods can delete mine. HUGE GAME! 4-3 Home team! GO OILERS GO!! ...thx for gdt C2G...
  11. HappyHappy

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    @ Lines at practice Friday: LD-McD-Chiasson JJ-RNH-Yamamoto Rieder-Brodziak-JP Lucic-Cave-Kassian ………. Nurse-Russell Jones-Larsson Manning-Benning ………. Talbot Koskinen BIG BAD BATTLE OF ALBERTA! 4-3 HOME TEAM! GO OILERS GO!!
  12. HappyHappy

    2018-19 schedule

    A look ahead: -we still have 3 home games (Flames/Canes/Wings) in Jan before the break. 1 vs current playoff team, 2 vs current non playoff teams. FEBRUARY - 5 home, 9 road - 8 vs current playoff teams, 6 vs current non playoff teams MARCH - 9 home, 5 road - 5 vs current playoff teams, 9 vs current non playoff teams APRIL - 1 home, 3 road - 4 vs current playoff teams, 0 vs current non playoff teams March looks to be a little softer then February (based on having more home games and against easier opponents), and then we have a tough end to the schedule in April. The above totals are near even at 18 games remaining vs current playoff teams and 17 games remaining vs current non playoff teams. 18 home, 17 road. MAKE EM COUNT!!
  13. HappyHappy

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

    Yup it was a pretty wild game and we may have stolen a win there hehe. They don't ask how, just how many! Awesome to be watching meaningful games at this point, if we can go into the break in a playoff position I'll be a happy camper. It's gonna be a dogfight right till April.