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  1. Yeah sure, I'm easy. Hopefully we get enough peeps to play.
  2. Keeping McDavid and Point. The third is a tough call between Big Buff (will he stay healthy?) or J. Carlson... Probably keep JC, he's been a rock for me.
  3. Agreed the more the merrier(: However, as far as the bolded goes... I ask Why? All this will do will allow lazy managers to be even lazier, imo. This completely eliminates the managerial part of being a manager aside from trades and player drops/pick-ups. Er no?
  4. I hear ya Telly. I was really wishing there was an afternoon game on today, but alas we are not quite there yet. I even watched a baseball game the other day, and it wasn't even the Jays... Indians spanked the Yankees, I enjoyed it. But it wasn't hockey!! Long live the greatest team sport ever! A few weeks and TC will be underway, halleluiah for that!
  5. Slow morning for us on the river, I landed one sturgeon (small) right off the hop and then the next few hours only produced a handful of walleye and a goldeye. Nothing big. I missed many bites early as the fish just weren't committing and more nibbling, plus I was caught wandering around and missed several hits lol, I'll never learn. Found like two dozen Leopard frogs which was rare for this spot, kinda neat. The water flow was faster then usual and the water was much cooler then it has been the last few weeks, I'd say it definitely played a factor today. Plenty weed-fish today too, the rainstorm must have stirred up the water pretty good. Watched your video... awesome stuff! Wowee are the walleye every healthy looking in that lake, and colorful! Looks like you guys had a great time (how could you not!), and I enjoyed watching. Your PB was a beauty and there are some nice cloud/sun reflections throughout the video especially around the 11-12 min mark, wonderful stuff. Love the tunes in the background too as you guys hammer the lake. Thanx for sharing. Fish On!
  6. Interesting. I think we see Haas, Khaira, and my preference Cooper Marody at 3C (first C call-up anyway) before we see Granlund playing center. I think he'll play wing. Hopefully out of all these guys we can find a 3C and perhaps not have to trade to acquire one.
  7. 47 min, that's a long video haha, half the length of the average movie! I'll have to watch that later lol. Congrats on the PB Walleye 420, awesome we both caught our PB on the Walters this season. Going dino hunting in the morn myself, might be tough fishing as the rain has been coming down pretty good around here today, makes for an unknown morning fishing-wise. Full moon yesterday which should mean good fishing the days prior and after (in theory). Congrats again on the PB and 80#s wow, that's quite the haul!
  8. GO OILERS GO!! edit) just giving ya the gears CFAF, all love bud.
  9. Hmm, are you trying to convince us... or yourself. I think it was a good trade for both teams, they both got something they needed IF both players play to their attributes. But the buyout factor for Neal and the ability to move him to the AHL (not happening) are winning factors over Lucic's immovable (unless you are KH) contract if he poops the bed. Thus, Oil win this trade anyway we slice and dice it. I look forward to the BOA this year. Lucic/Neal... Talbot/Smith. Fun twists.
  10. Hehe, been there myself. If you click on "All Activity" at the top of the page you shouldn't have to refresh the page, it should auto-refresh on it's own every minute or two (I think), or whenever there is a new post (I think). Seems to work for me while not logged on and surfing other sites (while keeping the OMB open in my taskbar). Give er a shot.
  11. First thoughts when looking at his numbers is I like his durability... he's only missed 4 games in 3.5yrs since becoming an NHLer. Offensive #s are decent too for a 3rd liner and his cap hit is fair. Becomes FA next year so that's a concern. I'm done with JP so I would do this deal. Not sure Holland or Nill (Dallas GM) would though. Pavelski is 35 and Hanzal is 32 so guessing the Stars will want to hang on to Faksa (25). edit) also, Welcome to the OMB if I haven't said so already.
  12. Yup, lots to like according to this article. All kinds of good things. Definitely a place in our NHL line-up for him down the road if he shows well in the AHL, which I suspect he will. He's been very consistent the last couple yrs for the IceDogs in the OHL and should be a fine addition to Bakersfield. Give him a full year on the farm (like Yam) to get used to playing against PROs and go from there.
  13. Yeah, I realized after I asked the question it was a silly question. Usually starts about a week or less prior to exhibition games I think, so guessing around the 9th-ish. I'm just eager, been going through a little hockey withdrawal lately.
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