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  1. Bob reports: Looch-McD-JP Maroon-RNH-Calamari Khaira-LD-Strome Sleppy-Letestu-Kassian Nurse-Russell Klefbom-Benning Auvitu-Davidson
  2. Awesome! Wonderful story, and Merry Xmas! You'll have the stick to cherish the memory for a long time I'm sure!
  3. A win tonight would surely help ease the sting of that last game, still hurts, shenanigans I tell ya! Heard there's a chance Tbot could be back for this one? 4/6pts on a tough road trip ain't bad at all. Let's hope it happens. I think we see another strong effort again, 4-2 Road Warriors! GO OILERS GO!! ..thanx for gdt, cat..
  4. Hehe, special kind of hate. Know that feeling, though I don't hate the Leafs or Habs. Trifecta would be oh so swell. Edit) I'll go 6-2 Road Warriors. Again.
  5. "Sticks and stones may break our bones but words can cause permanent damage" I miss my dear ol sparring partner Telly, he kept me regular, hope he's doing well. Tbh I didn't really notice Davidson much last night, spose that's a good thing with lower pairing D. I'm glad he's back, if he can stay healthy he should be an asset.
  6. Oil after 29 gp: 15/16- 12-15-2 =26pts 16/17- 14-11-4 =32pts 17/18- 12-15-2 =26pts
  7. Jujhar has arrived, in a big way. I did not see a recent thread on him so figured I'd start one. JJ has been a treat to watch this season, lotsa arrows up. Scoring, hitting, puck awareness, pushing himself every shift. Good on him, hopefully he's impacting the locker room with his play, need more players with drive like he has.
  8. Yes sir, the Leafs had a big game last night, hopefully they are a bit drained. Matthews may not be 100% so TSN (which I rarely watch on purpose) tells me so. Imagine winning back to back games on a weekend. One can only dream... Impressive outing last night, carry it forward please!
  9. Welcome to our world. Flames are doing fine, cept when they play the mighty Oil.
  10. 34 more wins. Easy peasy lemon squeezeeeee. As mini-me would say.
  11. That jersey is puzzling. I bet the opposition would be confused. You're hired!!
  12. "Fresh off 16/17 with one of the strongest goalie tandems in the league" speaking of the Oilers... haha, that's cute. LB showed well last season but a "strong goalie tandem", well that's a stretch. Good game by LB last night. Back to point, Hutchinson would be a welcomed addition in mine eyes. Haha awesome!!
  13. You're right, I suppose I do. What can I say, sensitive times haha. I guess sometimes it seems like you're picking apart the team but nothing wrong with that and understandable. Kass is like Smitty to me, he often goes for the unsuspecting obvious play (I miss Ryan's wrap-around that worked 1 out of every 50 attempts hehe) lol, but he works his butt off for the most part. I don't really have a point. We won (in convincing fashion to boot), I rejoice. On to Toronto, will it be one step forward or two steps back. Gulp..
  14. Quite a general, yet certain, statement. I can't speak on behalf of all flamer fans like you have but I think plenty may disagree. As for the Oil, is there something you know that we don't or just more smoke being blown? Both teams have great talents, yes.
  15. 6-2 road victory. Do what ya gotta do.