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      As most of you know Invision announced they were retiring chat April 30th.   After speaking with our webmaster the Oilers Organization has decided to cover the cost to have a new chat application added to the forums. Hope to have this up and running within a week for you all.
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  1. Hey man, I think it was Doc Phil "grass doesn't grow on a busy highway" jus sayin... edit) going bald not bald yet. yet.
  2. Nurses and Bears. Oh My!
  3. Nice work. Moog was the perfect backup for Grant and GlenN is my fave Oil of All-time. Groovy to see their names mentioned in this post, talk about steals.
  4. So what's the moral of the story here? I am confused. I miss Fraser, and his hair. Come to think of it, I miss my hair too!
  5. My mistake, thought you were just making general comments. I blame the wine lol, I missed the first part oops hehe. I concur sir, Gus will be gone too. Funny we made it as far a we did and we still have no idea of our backup situation. #CamBeast
  6. Yes. Yes it would. We won this draft. Though I do agree with SD, Dmen take longer and Ekblad is well on his way to being a Beast Dman in his league and there is a ton of value in top 1-2 Dmen, same as 1-2Cmen. Both teams win here so far. Reinhart is money but that franchise needs to chop the monster's head off before the team can progress. Bennett who?
  7. -Russell - agreed though with Seks out now.. did his value just go up (to our team.. for time being anyway?) -F n F - agreed -Are you suggesting Goose will be our backup? I think Ellis and LB are both ahead. Not sure any are answer. Pulling for LB, he's served some time and would make flamers fans angry if he panned out (lol) -Henny - Love him but yeah ticktock. Hmm new face-off coach. (: -Pou - Sigh. No place for part-time players. One way or another gone. - Ebs/RNH - I will lump thwm together. PC will only tolerate so much. I am tired of talking and reading about both. Those playoff #s were weak sauce. PERIOD. They got their chance and failed. A couple goals from these two and we may be in the third round. Hard to ignore that. I have read and agree Ebs needs a fresh start, perhaps RNH too but as you know I like me center depth. I think both have value and can be traded for such. Ebs goes before RNH for sure. - Agreed it's going to be an interesting off season. PC put a lot of faith in the current players and coaching staff this season and didn't change a ton playerwise going in, though did make a few Big moves. He gave a lot of players a chance to prove their worth under TM and himself after coming aboard the season just prior themselves. Paid off afaic. From a broken culture to the verge of the Western Conference Final! Impressed with the trust he showed. I wonder if this off season will be the same. Or vice versa now that brass knows who/what they are dealing with even more-so then this season. 🤔
  8. I can't speculate that far ahead. Knew he was hurt but wasn't expecting this. Long time till puckdrop 17/18. Drawingboards and free agent lists are on the menu. How will this affect what we do/do not do with Russell? PC and co. will need to put their thinking caps on here. This sucks, was really liking Seks game. He was becoming our ol wiley vet on D, I am comfortable with him on the ice. Hmm..
  9. Impressive run by Bear, keep it up kid! May be called to duty in the fall.. 🤔
  10. What a stinker this news is. Speedy full recovery Seks! He was a beast for us all season and his vet xp won't be easy to replace. Had a stellar yr. This certainly makes things interesting. Doh.
  11. PC is pretty crafty I think, and always hush-hush it seems. To be a fly on the wall. I like that he is keen on American college hockey and must have scouts watching for a scoop. Ie) Drake. After signing McD and LD as top priority in this off season his next listed agenda item will be to move out the shrubbery (ie Ebs/Poop). Players that look nice but ultimately just take up needed space in the yard lol. I have no idea if the plan will be to roll out next season with LD at 2C but if that's the plan then yes we have a very expensive 3C who becomes shrubbery as well. I like Nuge but not at that cost in that position. Letestu, does the same, often more at times, for a fraction of the cost. DD will not be an Oiler next year I reckon but I could be wrong. He is cheap. But I see more negs then pros on him. PC will continue to look at UFAs for sure, only a bad GM wouldn't. I agree PC will have to be a bit creative to stay under the cap in the years ahead. I don't think we will have issues next yr cap wise. We know what we got now, up to PC now to make the necessary adjustments. Not sure why I quoted you Bill haha but I like to hear your opinions. GO OILERS GO!!