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      As most of you know Invision announced they were retiring chat April 30th.   After speaking with our webmaster the Oilers Organization has decided to cover the cost to have a new chat application added to the forums. Hope to have this up and running within a week for you all.
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  1. 1- there is no "we" here. You are a Flyers fan. WE are OILERS fans. 2- I'm impressed you spelled "lui" right. 3- why you heff to be so med? 4- I am smarter then you. BOOOOOOOOOOM! XOX.
  2. I don't get your hard-on for Snow or desire to call out PC whether he sleeps on his left or right side. Can u ask your "people I know to boot" why you speak as if you are the end all mean all, All of the time?! "Nobody is sad to see Strome go" Pretty general vague statement... I guess. You peruse your HF boards, and tell them all they can kiss my happy arse Ivan. Spade a spade. In your mind we lost this trade correct? Okeedokee. If u say so my friend. GO go magic 8 ball.
  3. How can u even consider who "won" this trade at this point. Blind reaction sees this as a 1 for 1 trade. I won't play your game of asking a question in reply. That's what media does, sell B.S. elsewhere. All stocked up here. Got me here. Bugger.
  4. Ifs ands and butts dude. I see what u r saying bout jumping the gun but who are we to know. Screw other GMs and what they do. PC is building a legit bonifide NHL posse here. If ya don't like what he's cooking... You know the rest.
  5. Holy negative Nancy. What's your damage. Rather then attack/defend/stir what's the problem here JT. Are you mad your Flyers suck, and you seem to defend Snow in NY like he's your first born. Seriously? Get a grip and get over your gripe with PC. Agreed! Xox
  6. I forgot about Pitlick, he's been out so long. But Yes, another versatile forward we have. Thanx guys. I'm growing senile I guess? If my memory serves me right he was kickin butt and takin' names before he went down. Totally forgot about him oops. Kass will resign for sure, as will Pitlick. Dunno bout slotting Benning into a key role though Cory. We've been down this road before with rookies, diff management I suppose, but I'm not a fan of throwing these youngsters into the fire. I'm skeptical.. Edit) I'm tired. Glowbowling with toddlers haha. I still see huge issues with our 3/4 D. Can't slot Sekera in, he's gone for most the year.
  7. Good to watch birds. They are in the know. I've learned so much staring at these creatures. 😉
  8. Hehe I Absolutely Love That You Are Speaking Patience these days Telly! You've come a long ways my friend. 😎 However, I think its a guarantee Strome makes the cut, question is will he start as 2-3 C or 1-2-3 RW. Options are nice to have. My bet (at this point) is he slots in as a winger. Training camp will likely determine whether it be top 6 or bottom 6 to start the season. Almost feels like PC is leaving the door ajar for who wants to play rightside with McD.. I mean it's there for the taking.. Who will seize the spot. Drake, JP, Strome, Kass, a yet to come? Kurri have any kids?
  9. Step off the Nuuuuuuge folks! Look at that face, he is a chiseled warrior now. Future playoff Pisani here. You'll see. (If he doesn't get traded)
  10. U betcha, right after a buncha other teams.
  11. Little birds are telling me 4x4. Not too sure how I feel about that. I'd be happier with 3×3.5. Block that many shots a season.. Its only a matter of time, especially as we age. Snap, crackle, pop. I agree, don't go overboard on term. Even 3 yrs is a concern for me. But with Sek out, Russell's agent surely holds the cards here, for the time being anyway.
  12. Haha well thank you kind sir, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought of this "intangible" (seems to be a word of the day on here) hehe. I'm sure there is a Strome family connection to McD fam which bodes well for developing team/player chemistry. Mind you, with 3 brothers in the league soon all on diff teams, Connor may not be invited to supper anymore! The more I think about the trade the more I like it.. for both players, and they both seem excited/motivated for change. Ebs n Tav get their chance to rekindle some magic, we shed nasty salary and gain a young solid player. I trust PC and am convinced he has done his due diligence here. "Cerebral and versatile" (PCs words when describing Strome).. these are great attributes to have in a league/world that is ever changing. -Many good points on here, but I especially like the scrap highlights bronco provided. Thanx chief. I'm sold. ☺☺
  13. I dunno much about Strome but I like his age and size and cost. Still room to improve and the offense has potential. Coming from a struggling Isle team and with a new contract to sign next year then I'm sure the kid will be pretty motivated to play here. If he can play C and RW then hey more versatility for us too, which is always a good thing (injuries And line/player matching). I don't think PC is done, hope not anyway. While others seem to be worried about our wingers, me not so much. My main concern atm is filling the hole we have losing Sekera for the majority of the season. I thought Hamonic would be coming here in a bigger deal but I was wrong. Too early for me to predict lines, still work to be done PC (imo).
  14. Welcome Stromer to the mighty Oil! Time will tell but I like the trade. We save a ton of money and get a big young player. If he can net 50pts on a crappy Isles team I see no reason why he can't reproduce that (or better) on a good Oilers team. Ryan can also get some pre-season tips from his bro Dylan on what to expect when playing on a team with McD haha. Welcome Ryan. 😎
  15. Yep. Good luck in NY Ebs, a fresh start.