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  1. Goaltending

    I'd take Grubby in a heartbeat for the right price. Solid backup and could push Cambot. 2.35gaa, .923%, 3 SO, in 35gp behind Holtby this last regular season. His #s are consistently impressive throughout his career (especially in the NHL) and he's only 26 years old.
  2. Fish On!!!

    Went out to Cypress Hills AB the other day to check conditions and do some feeeshing. Most of the stocked trout lakes (which are pretty much the only places ya can fish right now around here due to seasonal closures) are still thick with ice. The lake we fished had easily 16" of ice with snow on top. Windy as heck and tough fishing. Between 3 of us we only managed 4 trout in 3 hrs of fishing, and no bites in between. Not good for a lake I can usually catch 20-50 trout through the ice on a good day. Coulda just been one of those days but I suspect winter kill. There are several lakes in that area and I've heard reports about all of them that the fishing is not so good and lotsa ice and snow. With the long winter and snow remaining on the ice for so long I have a hunch winter kill is gonna happen to many Southern lakes this year, doh. Not a big deal as most these lakes are stocked trout lakes that will be restocked anyway but they are my go-to while I wait for streams and rivers to open! Can't wait for open water everywhere! Be gone with you winter, be gone!!
  3. How mant pts will Doctor Drai record in 17/18?

    70 pts in 78 games, two winners here... Congrats WindsorOiler and daffy_duck! Bang on.
  4. How many pts will Captain Connor get in 2017/2018?

    Congrats o8, nailed it!! give this man his prize.... And Congrats to McD on back-to-back Art Ross trophies!
  5. Glad to see the boys pull out the win in front of the home crowd to end the season.
  6. Oilers 2018/2019 potential drafts

    So as is, if we don't move up or down the draft order it looks like we'll be drafting in the 9th spot.
  7. Hmm, now I'm bit lost for words. Let's see.. Yes OJF season couldn't end fast enough. Wonderful idea on the 50/50 jockyfa. Absolutely, prayers go out for all those affected from the tragedy, so so sad. Funny stuff about the crowd Foggy, I needed a laugh, thanx. one last time this season, GO OILERS GO!! ..THANK YOU RAP FOR ALL YOUR GREAT GDTS through this season which has not gone so well. I salute you and your effort sir, a trooper you have been!
  8. Fish On!!!

    Great post 420. Thx for links. Ftr, I was kidding about the slingshot lol, I'm harmless out there.👼 Also, I understand boats sometimes have to follow certain paths due to water levels, obstacles, etc... I actually like it sometimes if the fishing is slow and a boat or two goes by, moving them feeshies around. Tight lines.
  9. Fish On!!!

    Haha good stuff Rap! Agreed!
  10. Can't explain the last part of this post but I think u being harsh on LD. Please explain how he is "acting like a whiny brat"? Nothing he has said or done leads me to believe this. Did I miss something?
  11. Fish On!!!

    Just be careful not to generalize. Imo, most fisherfolk know the rules, some just choose to ignore them. Bad apples ruin the whole bunch. For those that don't read the regs, reap the repercussions. I'll dig up the #s and if you think it's bad out east wait till you see the #s out west. There is probably more lakes in Manitoba then there are fisherfolk in AB lol, ok not that bad, but pretty bad. Consider yourself lucky. The beauty of the Bow River is there is no beauty. It's likely the world's best trout fishery and absolutely beyond disgusting at the same time. Litter, litter, litter. I have a hard time enjoying fishing while surrounded by noise and litter. This why I never took to the Bow. But the fish are there. 420 has it right, that is the best stretch of water, from city to Cars. McS, before hitting the bow do yourself a favour and pick up a map from TFS or one of the local fishing stores. Ample maps of the Bow and prime spots to fish from shore or boat. Heads up though, if u rip by me on a jet boat while I'm wading or you attempt to invade a hole I'm fishing, don't be surprised if I pull out my slingshot and start slinging rocks at you haha. If you approach me I will dig deeper into my pockets, and your boat won't be able to go fast enough. Kidding, sorta. Tight lines fellas.
  12. Humboldt Broncos

    Just hearing of this, thanx Foggy. Very sad news. One second we are here, the next second we are gone. Cherish the moments we have, uncertainty is around every corner. My sincere condolences to the fams involving deaths and hopes for a quick recovery to the kids who survived. Heavy impact on a small community indeed. A painful reminder we are driving bullets on highways. World needs to slow down a notch, I'll never understand our hurry. Hurry for what? Good post Foggy, a painful reminder of how precious life is. Here today, gone tomorrow.
  13. The wheels is my main concern too, (and speed up the mental game, fastfastfast). Confidence. That's on him to improve. He signed up for the Pepsi challenge, so make it happen. I sorta kid, cuz he's done alright in a dismal season, spade a spade. His Motivation would be Pride and Proof that he can excel. Subject to what many believe, I don't think it's all about the money for all players. But yeah, drop the ball in Edm and expect to be roasted. I don't think Leon has dropped the ball, he's just trying to find his grip, which should be a point a game player and line driver afaic.
  14. Fish On!!!

    I'm not sure how it works out East. In my particular neck of the woods in SouthEast AB I believe there is only 2-3 conservation officers in the field at once and they have to cover a vast area, huge. Should be many more. Funding is a big issue in AB. Anyway, hard for them to cover several hundreds of kms and catch everyone breaking regulations. If one leaves their shack to sink, full charges should be laid, rightfully so. I believe it should be mandatory for any permanent ice shack to have owner name and phone # on front door of shack, thus making them more accountable for their actions. If a shack/tent is up permanently for the winter that is a right fisherfolk have. As long one is there and able to tend to their line nothing illegal about that. I have learned through xp that a grouping/village of shacks is not always the best route. I've witnessed several times that one group shows up, the next truck assumes they are in a hotspot so they fish close to the 1st group, and so it goes, soon an ice village has formed. But nobody is catching Jack. Meanwhile I'll go to a calmer spot where the smart fish are (away from the village) and it's fish on! As for other's negligence on ice and their debris, I can't defend that. The unwritten rule is try to leave an area cleaner then it looked when you got there. I follow that rule. Might be a yellow puddle on the ice here and there after I'm done my day but that's about it, haha. If ya have a fire on the ice, believe it or not those ashes impact our waters and its best to have a ash drop, haul out the ashes and dispose of accordingly, don't leave them on the ice. I'm picking up what your laying down Groovey and it disappoints me too. If you see an infraction just report it, snap pics if possible and try to get plates #s. Do not take matters into your own hands. my rant over. Nice Walter btw, piggy! I am convinced the next recorded Canadian record for Walleye will come out of either Lake Newell here in AB, or the SSR also here in AB. Call it home province prejudice lol. I'll send ya a pic when I catch her.👍👍
  15. I dunno, I don't see the same. Seems to me he's trying hard and making mental mistakes. He's missing chances to score too. Perhaps trying to hard and needs to simplify? For every 2 great passes he makes, his third pass attempt ends up being a horrible decision and the puck ends up in the back of our net. Costly. Like Lucic, we can see the frustration in his eyes, but I think the effort is more there. I think he's trying to learn to drive his own line (which has clearly been asked of him) and the pressure is on. At his cost, he NEEDS to be able to do this. Like Malkin, I am confident he will get there (and is close). Consistent line-mates would be ideal, but this is Oil country and such things don't exist, making his job more difficult. To my eye LD needs consistent line-mates and a BIG bag of confidence from wherever. He's a sensitive fella with high self expectations. Coaches should still be challenging him to outperform our captain, which he has the skill to do, just not in the same fashion.