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  1. I understand your first two sentences, then it gets hazy for me. When you say "PC is making that clear by his strength down the middle" I'm assuming you are referring to the addition of Strome? I don't disagree there and it's no secret RNH is on the outs, but I believe it's more due to cost.. "salary dump" as you say, then not being an efficient player. Personally I really like the looks of JJ-RNH-JP as a 3rd line to start, I think there is potential for great chemistry and I see a fit here, maybe I'm wrong. Strome can be LD's mirror man bouncing from 1RW to 2C in the meantime (while RNH remains a player on our team) unless one of the kids snag that 1RW spot. I'll get used to RNH not being in our line-up when he is in fact NOT in our line-up. Edit) next year I reckon we will see Strome as our full-time 3C, perhaps sooner.
  2. No banking being done. Remember just a first glimpse, nothing concrete, whatsoever, at all, let's be clear. Agreed third line looks undersized ...swap Sleppy and Yammy and that solves that. Personally I see Yammy in the AHL next yr anyway but who knows he may indeed surprise. And hey you won't find a bigger Letestu fan on this board then me plus I love C depth, if we can keep him then by all means! Testy is aging but he's a huge team player, I think he'll sign cheap and hope he's around when we hoist our next Cup.
  3. http://lowetide.ca/2017/08/17/the-man-who-knew-infinity/ Good article here. First glimpse at our potential 2018/2019 lineup that comes in at just under a 77mil cap. Works for me! How this cannot get a fan excited I am uncertain. I for one am not gonna start worrying about 2020 just yet, that's for PC to do. I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy the ride, cross dem bridges when we get to them Yahoooooo!!!
  4. I like this post 2011. Here's my core and wouldn't ya know it most are locked in long-term.. McD, LD, Lucic Lars, Klef, Sek Tbot. Those are my locks. I believe brass has Nurse on their list too. He was on mine too at one point, and though he's trending up, with 3 core pieces on D now with the addition of Larsson, Nurse may end up lost in the midst. I doubt it though, I am still optimistic he will be a legit top 4 Dman in the league with potential to be 1-2. He's young, intelligent, strong as an ox, all arrows point up. Sekera is aging and it would be awesome if Nurse can slide into Sek's role down the road. Pretty confident he'll be an Oiler for quite some time. Huge year for him. Edit) and like you say 2011, Benning could very well do the same (what a gem we've found in this player), though I see his ceiling a bit lower then Nurses. Time will tell.
  5. Oh Telly old friend you make me chuckle, so is this your starting lineup atm or what you'd like to see? Surely not your starting lineup as RNH is currently still a member of the Oil whether ya like it or not. Anywho, without getting into a RNH debate I will say as the summer winds down I'm beginning to change my tune a bit and starting to think I maybe should not have made that bet with ya on where LD will play most the season haha. I was of the opinion that if it ain't broke don't fix it (Maroon-McD-LD) and I wanted to see them together to start season and make changes only if necessary. However, perhaps I've read too much but it seems the masses have convinced me otherwise, we need to spread the love throughout the lineup and if LD as 2C is the plan then pitter patter let's get at er, the sooner the better. The quicker we figure out our wingers the better and if it costs us a few goals at the beginning of the season so be it, our first couple weeks of the season are on the lighter side (imo) so this bodes well, hopefully our lines will all be sorted by end of TC. Feeling Happy today.. on that note, we are still a ways away but HEY SHARPIE, you know it, put me down for 6-1-0 for our squad to start the season. Let's see if the boys can pull it off, again! Now on to those lines... My tune will change by end of TC I am sure (I think Yammy and Auvitu both have a chance to crack starting lineup) but going with what we know today I'll take a shot. ..starting lineup: Maroon-McD-Sleppy/Drake/Strome Lucic-LD-Sleppy/Drake/Strome JJ-RNH-JP Sleppy/Drake/Strome-Letestu-Kassian Wingers are anybody's guess at this point. Where I contradict myself here is that I still think PC sees Strome as a center first, however with RNH here I don't see a spot for Strome with LD as 2C, which is fine, Strome can take ownership at C when and if RNH is moved. Or RNH slides to wing which we've been over and I still don't see that ever happening. Wowee I love our depth at C and interchangeable parts on our team right now. Versatility, variety, options. All good things, feel the flow Happy, it's circular. PC has also recently mentioned we may look to have a couple invitees join camp so the plot may thicken...
  6. Thanx for posting SD. I record Tim n Sid everyday but don't always get around to watching, probably my favourite sports talk show. Anyway, seen this link and I quickly turned on the pvr recording haha. Love Leon's tone. He also kinda leaked that it was himself that wanted a long term deal, which tells me he was/is All-In on our Oil. These boys are hungry and I can't wait! Thanx for workout link too, looking good Leon keep it up, I was exhausted just watching.
  7. The future will be costly for all teams and the cap will indeed slowly rise. 20mil per for McLeon was my dream # if they were both to be long term. Final # is 21 per. 1mil diff, tit for tat I'm pretty happy with that. We'll see what the #s look like 5 yrs from now. I'm glad it's done, I for one will sleep better at night. Way to go Leon, get while the gettin's good!
  8. You are correct on 7.5. Pete is a gambler remember, I say 4-5 to play with. If it looks like too many bonuses are going to happen, bench McDavid. Blasphemy!!! (note- ignore my 2 roster spots remaining question, it is 1.)
  9. Capfriendly has us at just over 8.3mil remaining in space. Minus bonuses (I need to dig them up) which some will get but not all from what history has shown. So say we have 4 or 5mil left after leaving $ for bonuses. That is plenty to find a 1yr stop-gap until Sekera returns whenever that will be. Or look to add a forward. Or stand pat. V vill c.
  10. Hahaha reading my mind TB! I'm sure we'll find something. I predicted Aug14th he'd sign at 8x8. So close.... High expectations now LD young man. No pressure. Wow, McD and LD locked in for almost a decade, pinch me, no don't. GO OILERS GO!!
  11. Agreed!
  12. I say good thing we have both! Good post EHG, you raise some interesting points on how Looch was deployed. Maroon does A Lot More then just find those openings. I'm not sure his dollar value at this point, he'll start the season to McD's left, whether or not he finishes there who knows but TM likes his pairs and this is one that definitely works. I hope coach experiments and tries some other bodies there but I have a feeling Patty is gonna show up ready to play, just like last year, and he won't be so inclined to have his spot taken. He's gonna be a beast for us this year, again, no matter where he plays in the lineup
  13. Don't forget about Fayne! Without additions, Stanton-Fayne Paigin-Simpson Lowe-Bear Jones-Mantha Betker I think Simpson plays both sides (could be wrong). We are limited on RD and Fayne is gone next year too. Hoping PC acquires some picks in his next few trades. Our big club is looking pretty solid with a tweak here and there. Our baby Oilers need some work. D and G look ok, O leaves something to be desired imo, not a ton of excitement there. Assuming JP makes the big club - I believe he will, and Yammy will return to juniors (he may get a cup of coffee in the NHL to start year if he has strong TC however). I dunno anything about Marchenko but if the Leafs don't want him...hmm. Kidding. I actually like the Leafs these days, hoping for a McD vs Matthews final somewhere down the road. Getting sidetracked. Our D is looking Decent up and down. More bodies/competition are always welcome though.
  14. Haha, amen to that!
  15. Vegas currently has Oil as 9/1 faves to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup in June, 2nd only to the mighty Penguins and current champions who lead the list as 6/1 faves. Don't shoot the messenger. GO OILERS GO!!