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  2. They must have been referring to Cup appearances not wins as you can see here the Blues made it to the finals three yrs in a row from 1968-70 only to be swept in each series. Fascinating to look back on the list of prior championship teams. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Stanley_Cup_champions Congrats to the Blues of 2019!
  3. Way to go Woody! Happy approves! 3 year extension. https://oilersnation.com/2019/06/12/edmonton-oilers-sign-jay-woodcroft-to-coach-bakersfield-condors-through-2021-22/
  4. Bit more on Kretzky's role here: https://oilersnation.com/2019/06/11/keith-gretzky-to-remain-as-oilers-assistant-gm/
  5. Problems in all areas really, pick your damage ha. As for the rest of your post my thoughts are similar to yours... Goaltending. I'm willing to give Kosk another chance (no choice haha). Holland has already suggested he'll be addressing this area and bringing in a 1B so hopefully the split duties and off-season training (I hope) Kosk is doing improves this area as a whole. As for defense I don't expect much to happen over the summer, just a hunch. Could see Russell moved if Holland sees a chance to unload a heavy contract but other then that I think he'll wait to see what the current group looks like to start the season. I think Jones and Bouchard are closest to making the big team at some point during the season, maybe sooner then later. Another hunch. So manty fine prospects in this area, the farm will be stacked. I hope if Ken shops one or two of them he picks the right ones to keep, whichever they may be. I'd hold on to them all for now personally. Let them grow. Forwards. Again like Russell if Holland sees a chance to move a heavy contract in Lucic he'll do it, but he might be taking one back (Erikson), we wait. Agreed we need a winger or two and I think Holland will address this area after he deals with the goaltending. As well recruit at a 3C like you mention. So for me, Holland needs to look for a tender, a couple top 9 wingers, and a 3C, and away we go, lol. Git er dun Kenny!
  6. UGGHHH, RNH is NOT going anywhere people. Stop this madness talk! If I had hair I tell ya!! Picture this, Connor goes down. Then what. Give yer headz a shake. I get the the RNH value is high now speel but seriously, for me it would have to be an offer I couldn't refuse. Petry, Fogs... not a chance Lance.
  7. I don't think there is any getting rid of Kosk and his paycheck, love him or hate him fellas. So, we can only hope he improves, .906 on a bad team could be worse. If the team is better that # could increase to .916 which is close to what we want/need. Everything needs to be better, not just tending. Let's also hope whoever KH brings in as the B tender is strong enough to challenge the A tender for pole position.
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    Haha awesome Bro-lo, such a funny flick! RAAAAAAAAPTOOOOOORS!!
  9. Ryan O'Reilly. Wow, great playoffs for him! solid.
  10. Ugh, I'm at a crossroads with young JP. I maintain hope...
  11. Series tied 2-2. Broken jaw Chara, didn't see that coming. Tough loss for Boston if he can't play which I'm guessing is the case? Back to Boston we go... Go Blues!
  12. For me, (1)letting unwanted players go, and (2)bringing already existing players in the system up for tryouts and possible permanent stays does not signify a rebuild. Number 2 is what most good teams do if their drafting and developing is on point. Nobody named here is new, some will grow on to the big team, some will be released, some may be bought out or buried, but none are new. So for me that's not a rebuild, I guess that's where we differ in our definition of rebuild and that's ok.
  13. Awesome 420 good stuff, looks like a great day on the lake, nice weather and the bite was on! Watched the whole vid, you two are hilarious haha! Some beautiful looking walters in there. Noticed you guys don't use leaders which might save ya from losing them lures or do you find you catch less when using them on clear lakes like McGregor. Never fished there myself. Thanx for the vid, tight lines!
  14. It won't be Starrett, last yr was his first real season as a pro down on the farm so he'll be back there to start the season. The other choices are interesting, my first thought was ugh Smith really, but looks like he has found success under Tippet as the article states and he actually played good for the flamers for a yr and in the playoffs this season, it was the players that pooped the bed. Of the three Smith, Elliot, and Mrazek, tough call. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Hope Ken picks the Best Goal....ie.
  15. Hmm, though I see your view, Holland himself has stated that making the playoffs 2019/20 was the goal. I'm not sure a team "totally in rebuild mode" would really be aiming to make the playoffs. Rebuilds take time and it doesn't sound like Ken plans on waiting around (nor do fans want to). I don't feel we are in rebuild mode personally bc though we changed management I don't think a bunch of changes are coming soon on the roster. A couple additions/subtractions and possibly a player or two making the jump from the farm but that may be it. As it is today, nothing has changed on our roster since our season ended. Just bc our new GM is cleaning house up top doesn't signify to me a rebuild. If there was a massive overhaul of player personnel then yeah, but I don't see that coming. I guess it just depends on a person's opinion of what a rebuild is. Edit) I forgot, we did sign that winger Nygard but so far that's it, and there is no guarantee on him yet.
  16. Oops I had Malone and Marody mixed up. It is Marody who has a chance at making the big team as 3C. About the goalies... who knows?! Starrett was money all season. I could see him getting a cup of coffee in the NHL later in the season. I hear that Rodrigue (sp?) might be a decent up and comer. I don't think we have anyone near ready for a fulltime NHL gig in the near future however. Starrett is the front-runner atm from what I can tell.
  17. Great news on Woodcroft staying in the Bake! He helped create a winning team down there and it will be a big positive for the players to have familiarity behind the bench next season. On another note, I'm also happy to see Gambardella signed and today Starrett and Malone were also signed to 1yr deals.
  18. I don't expect anything, and I respect your capital letters.
  19. Are you saying stick with Hitch? Was never an option. I'm not sure how many coaches we have had since 06, if you are curious you should look it up though. This is a DT coaching thread, hence why I posted my coaching comments here, on coaches, and DT being ours. lol. I disagree the team needs a major roster improvement. Tweaking yup, but overhaul nope. We got some eggs close to hatching on the farm. Patience.
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    GO RAPS GO!!
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