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  1. We've only been to Mexico twice (Cabo San Lucas and La Penita), but at both locations, the guides told us that if you're looking to catch a Bill-Fish (Striped, Blue, or Black Marlin, Sailfish, or Swordfish) or a large Yellowfin Tuna, you will have a 10% chance during a half day trip. If you prefer to catch Dorado, Bonito, Sierras, Groupers, Wahoo, etc. you will have an 80% chance of success. During two full day and two half day trips, we have been successful 100% of the time.
  2. The fishing itself was quoted at 700 Pesos per hour, but we were only charged for 4 of 5 hours each trip. So, 2,800 Pesos + 15% tip of 420 Pesos = 3,250 Pesos. At today's exchange rate, that's about $230.00 Canadian per trip divided between the two of us. IMO, $115.00 is cheap for 5 hours of fishing entertainment with an experienced guide.
  3. Our fishing plans got totally screwed up, so we only got out on the water twice. We did manage to catch a few Blowfish while surfcasting from some rocks before we managed to find another boat. First Trip – 5 hours: 12 very small Bonito (Skipjack) 2 medium Dorado *I fought a large Wahoo for about ten minutes before he threw the hook just a few metres from the boat. Wow, did he ever leave some deep tooth gouges on the Rapala X-Rap Magnum 30. We kept the two Dorado and cooked them on a grill. Dorado are always super tasty. Second Trip – 5 hours 1 very small Barracuda 6 small Bonito (Skipjack) 1 medium Mojarra 7 medium Sierra (Spanish) Mackerel 1 medium large Seabass (Curbina) *Something huge broke a Penn Tuna Stick rod in half and snapped the 80-pound line before we even got it out of the rod holder. We kept two of the Sierra Mackerel and just pan fried them in butter/salt/pepper. I was really impressed at how tasty they were, as I was definitely not a fan of the flavour of Atlantic Mackerel when I lived in Nova Scotia. Edit: Please be kind enough to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. Be sure to hit the LIKE button on every video. Click on the BELL, so that you will be informed of my new videos.
  4. Ken Holland has a five year contract, if he can't fix this mess in that time, I'm not sure who else could. As for the Oilers fans, we need:
  5. I'm off to Mexico tomorrow for two weeks of sun, fun, and fishing. I hope to return with some videos to post in this thread. We will be back just in time to begin fishing the Bow River with my partner's jet boat. Tight lines to all!
  6. You knew that this was coming. Enjoy all you Flames haters.
  7. Mark Giordano has been selected as one of the three finalists for the Norris Trophy. Sean Monahan has been selected as one of the three finalists for the Lady Byng Trophy.
  8. The Flames announced today that they have signed RW Martin Pospisil to a 3 year ELC. The 6'2", 185 lb. 19 year old Slovakian finished this season with the Sioux City Musketeers of the USHL. He scored 16 goals + 47 assists = 63 points and added 118 PIM in only 44 games. Calgary chose him in the 4th round (105 overall) of the 2018 draft.
  9. Of course, I’m disappointed that the Calgary Flames did not win a play-off round this season. That said, this was the most exciting version of the Flames that I have seen since the late 1980s. It was only the second time in the team’s history that they won 50 games or more. For most of this season; their style of play was a joy to watch and provided me with plenty of entertainment.
  10. Last night, defense-man Juuso Valimaki played in his first play-off game and picked up an assist, his first play-off point. Derek Ryan scored his first ever play-off goal.
  11. The Flames announced today that they have recalled the following 10 players from the Stockton Heat of the American Hockey League: Foo, Spencer (C) Lomberg, Ryan (LW) Gawdin, Glenn (C) Parsons, Tyler (G) Graovac, Tyler (C) Phillips, Matthew (RW) Hogstrom, Marcus (D) Robinson, Buddy (RW) Lazar, Curtis (RW/C) Valiev, Rinat (D) Calgary's active roster now consists of 38 players (4G - 12D - 22F).
  12. Colorado opened the scoring in tonight’s game, their first goal in 87:16. Calgary’s rookie 3rd pairing D Rasmus Andersson scored his first play-off goal to even the score. It felt like a true play-off game, back and forth to a 3 – 2 OT win by the Avalanche.
  13. "Unlike with ACLs, it's not common to have a PCL surgically reconstructed, because it's a tough ligament to repair with current surgical methods. "We've had a lot of trouble restoring the PCL," Monto says. "When we do reconstructions, patients are just not as satisfied compared to ACLs."Instead of surgery, a non-invasive rehab protocol is usually prescribed. Here, Monto outlines the most up-to-date PCL rehab steps:Initially a knee brace is worn to prevent the knee from bending more than 50 to 60 degrees, which reduces stress on the PCL. You'd also use crutches.Developing quad strength is an immediate focus with exercises such as Leg Extensions. The quads help to pull the lower leg forward, making them critical for an athlete with a PCL injury. Hamstring exercises are avoided because they pull the lower leg backward.Two to three weeks after the injury, you're allowed to walk without crutches, ride an exercise bike and continue developing your quads. Range of motion is still limited.By weeks eight to 10, running is incorporated along with more advanced quad development exercises like Step-Ups. When training, avoid deep Squats and other extreme knee bends.It's possible to return to play after two to three months, which is significantly faster than the year it typically takes to come back from an ACL injury.Once the return to play, athletes wear a carbon fiber knee brace with straps that prevent the tibia from falling backward." https://www.stack.com/a/meet-the-pcl-the-lesser-known-knee-ligament-thats-keeping-nfl-players-on-the-sidelines
  14. McDavid was playing mini-golf at West Edmonton Mall yesterday:
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