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  1. The Calgary Flames have signed LW Ryan Lomberg and LD Rinat Valiev each to a one-year, two-way contracts with an AAV of $700,000.
  2. Buying out Frolik today would give Calgary an additional $2M in Cap Space ifor2019/2020. They'd lose $1M in Cap Space in each of the following two seasons.
  3. The Stockton Heat have signed the following players to AHL contracts: Alex Gallant - 26, 6'0", 185 lb C/LW Zac Leslie - 25, 6'0", 174 lb LD Jeremy McKenna - 20, 5'10", 174 lb RW
  4. If Chiasson does not play with McDavid, i expect him to score around 10G-15A=25P. Still worth the money.
  5. From reading many of your previous posts, I get the feeling that you have never been much of a fan of Michael Frolik. Fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. To my mind, Frolik has played up to the value of his $4.3M contract in 3 of the 4 years that he has been with Calgary (average of 37 points per season, if you take away the 2017/2018 outlier). I suggest that he may be easier to move than you think (at the TDL, there were rumours of Frolik for Jason Zucker straight up). I completely agree with you on Treliving, I'm seldom worried about anything he does except for some of his UFA signings/re-signings. Then again, that's the weak spot for most of the league's GMs.
  6. IMO, Granlund could be a good fit on the LW of the 2nd or 3rd line. He can also play at 3C in a pinch. He will usually play a 200' game, but won't shine at any particular aspect. He can score 20 Goals if playing with good line mates.
  7. My guess on how the Flame's will gain the Cap Space required to re-sign their RFAs this summer: 1. Michael Frolik (LW/C.RW) traded for picks/prospects only = $4.3M. 2. Michael Stone (RD) traded for picks/prospects only or gets bought out = $3.5M or $2.333,333M. 3. + the $9.473,292 they already have. = at least $16,106,625. My predictions: Matthew Tkachuk will re-sign for 5 years at around $7M per. (James Neal's $5.75M per contract would expire before Tkachuk needs to be re-upped). Sam Bennett doesn't really have a lot of ammunition for arbitration, so he won't get much of a raise from his last contract ($1.95M). I'm thinking under $3M for sure. David Rittich ($925k) will more than double his salary on a short term deal. Andrew Mangaipane ($800k) will receive a modest raise for a 2 year contract.
  8. Sounds like a great time on the river! Congrats to both of you.
  9. In addition to Cam Talbot, Calgary has signed 3 other free agents, all to one-year, two-way, $700k contracts: Justin Kirkland – 22 years old, 6’3”, 183 lbs. - LW/RW. Byron Froese – 28 years old, 5’11”, 190 lbs. - C. Brandon Davidson – 27 years old, 6’2”, 208 lbs. - LD. The Flames also re-signed 26-year-old centre Alan Quine to a one-year, two-way, $735k contract. I feel that they will all begin the season playing in Stockton, though Davidson may have a shot at the 7th D spot in Calgary. The following players have received qualifying offers: Sam Bennett (C/LW) Spencer Foo (RW) Ryan Lomberg (LW) Andrew Mangiapane (LW) David Rittich (G) Matthew Tkachuk (LW) Rinat Valiev (D) The following players did not receive qualifying offers: Josh Healey (D) Curtis Lazar (RW) - signed by Buffalo Mason McDonald (G) Brett Pollock (LW) Kerby Rychel (LW)
  10. The Calgary Flames will be hosting their annual development camp for 39 prospects (five goalies, 12 defense-men, and 22 forwards) beginning on-ice on Thursday, July 4th at WinSport. PLAYERS ATTENDING: (* limited participant) Group A: 60 - Lucas Feuk - LW 79 - Ben Freeman - C 59 - Andrew Fyten - C 80 - Glenn Gawdin - C 94 - Zach Giuttari - RD 57 - Robert Hamilton - LD 73 - David Kope - RW 83 - Demetrios Koumontzis - LW 74 - James Malm - LW 96 - Tommy Miller - RD 43 - Andrew Nielsen - LD 84 - Josh Nodler - RW 64 - Emilio Pettersen - LW 76 - Martin Pospisil - C 65 - Milos Roman - C 92 - Jerad Rosburg - LD 54 - Corey Schueneman - LD 82 - Tyler Parsons - G 40 - Dustin Wolf - G Group B: 61 - Tristan Crozier - RW 90 - Ronnie Hein - C 95 - Johannes Kinnvall - LD 46 - Carl Johan Lerby - RD 81 - Linus Lindstrom - C 91 - Mitchell Mattson - C 85 - Chris Merisier-Ortiz - LD 86 - Mason Morelli - LW 97 - Montana Onyebuchi - RD 49 - Jakob Pelletier - LW 47 - Matthew Phillips - RW 39 - Luke Philp - C 63 - Adam Ruzicka - C 62 - Filip Sveningsson - LW 98 - Jackson ven de Leest - LD 45 - Alexander Yelesin - RD *78 - Dmitry Zavgorodniy - RW 72 - Christoffer Rifalk - G 70 - Nick Schneider - G 50 - Artyom Zagidulin - G Four of the five Flames 2019 NHL Draft picks will be in attendance with the exception of Ilya Nikolaev who has prior commitments with his current club, Loko Yaroslavl in Russia.
  11. Calgary Flame's captain Mark Giordano was awarded the Norris Trophy last night, receiving 96% of the first place votes.
  12. I think that this season was the only year that RNH has played up to his 6 X $6M contract. His career NHL Face-Off average is a dismal 44%, his defense is average at best, and due to his size and temperament he has very little physicality in his game. For the first 5 years of his current contract; he has averaged just 50 points per season. This season was his best in many categories, but I feel that at age 26, he has pretty much peaked in terms of production. IMO, the realistic best case scenario is: RNH puts up 65 - 70 points per season for 2 - 3 more years, then his production will invariably begin to decline. The only way that I could see it differently is if he plays on McDavid's left wing for the remainder of his career. Don't get me wrong; he is a good Top 6 forward, but I don't feel that he is worth much more money than he is already receiving.
  13. We do find that we catch far fewer Walleyes if we use any kind of leader at all. Even the size/visibility of our line is pushing the envelope for wallies in Lake McGregor. The Pike don't seem to care much; and with steel leaders, we might have landed several large ones (there are 20 pounders in this lake). But personally, I prefer quantity over size. Also, I'll trade losing $35.00 worth of lures to catch 26 fish any day.
  14. The weather and the fishing could hardly have been better on our latest trip to Lake McGregor. We caught and released 26 fish (22 Walleye and 4 Northern Pike). We captured video on most of them, some of it is quite funny. PLEASE Watch, Like, Comment, and Subscribe.
  15. I'm really hoping that Ken Holland manages to find a way to rid the Oilers of one or more of their anchor contracts sooner rather than later. The quicker he manages that miraculous feat, the sooner that he will be able to put together a roster that can make it to and advance into the play-offs. I'm very pleased that he is signed for 5 years, as that's how long I think it will take to clean up the mess left behind by the last 3 GMs. If Edmonton can win a couple of play-off rounds in a row before his contract expires, I'll consider Holland's tenure a success.
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