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  1. Unless the Oilers improve their defensive game a lot, no goalie stands much chance here. This team has given opponents premium scoring chances every game...every period....for the last 13 years! And guess what? The teams cashed in on the give aways. Maybe we don't need goalies that have a 93% save average, if we only allow a couple of prime chances in a game. (Not shots...prime scoring chances.) There's a hockey adage that goes, "having a goalie steal the game" ...Is it also true to have a team steal one for the goalie? If by December our GA is tracking like previous years, we won't stand a chance. And that's on the team defence and goal tending.
  2. Blankface...I think you've described my fantasy for the Oilers this season above!!!!!
  3. Bill, I'm saying if the opposing team's defensive coverage lets Nuge have the time and space to make the plays. And yes, Tippett will have a better defensive game from the whole team.
  4. Nuge will make the plays if the defensive coverage lets him...which seldom happens.
  5. IMO, the Nuge/Drai combo never happened because of style of play. Nuge is a chip and chase center (go fetch), while Drai makes the plays coming to the net....in the slot.
  6. I suppose if McD and Leon are apart, there's more pressure on the rest of the forwards to perform / succeed. May be a good way to start out and see who's up for the battle.
  7. From the perspective of defence, this training camp promises to be rockin'. Jones, Bear, Persson, Lagesson and Bouchard won't be happy just getting a look...they're going for it. While many of us fans consider Bouchard to be a year away - the coaches don't necessarily hold that view. A couple of weeks ago, Tippett spoke on radio saying that Bouchard has as much chance of starting as anyone. It's what you bring that counts....best player available.
  8. I like 93 points / 43 wins.....this means that the team has turned the corner (not just small marginal gains) and ready to head for the long-term. The longer term includes promising prospects, increased cap space and a GM that has an IQ. Last year was such a low....basically a season of lame-duck coaching.....a walking-dead GM.....and no depth / reserves for the bench. If we can't improve by 20% over last year - given the changes to date and still coming - maybe it's time to consider renting out Rogers Place.
  9. According to Mark Spector, Holland is looking for a draft pick and a prospect in a trade....and he's not in a rush to make it happen.
  10. Way too early for this...but hockey is not a game for the meek! Without regard to where we finish in the standings, I can see a sliver of hope for the Oilers in getting into the playoffs (yes, I had Jim Beam for breakfast...what's your point?). If we can emulate the VGK results from last year: we're looking at getting 93 pts (vs the 79 we ended up with)...reduce our GA by 44 (roughly 1/2 per game) and increase our GF by 17, we might have a chance. Why would those improvements be possible? Firstly, Tippett...a man with a structure, system and accountability. This means players commit or sit....results are important and job competition is all season. Secondly, with even a small improvement in net (Smith and Kosk) and better defensive zone play (see Tippett), there should be less easy scoring against us. Third, our forwards should be better at 200-foot hockey, stability, and effort (see Tippett). Last year, between TM and KH the blender was king - TM ran out of ideas and KH couldn't wait to end the season, so everything was flung up in the air to see where it landed (missed most often). Expect less of that desperation this season. Finally, Holland has brought in players that can compete - focus on speed - so we can hope to see more dynamics from the forwards. And don't expect any wild/crazy/useless add-ins during the season (ala Chiarelli) if reinforcements are needed. Better personnel management has arrived here! Go Oilers! See you in the playoffs!!!!
  11. Add the possibility that we may have a Dman that can actually get the puck up the ice to our top six....consistently....but I dream!
  12. Who is this 26 year old Gagner??? We have a Sam Gagner that just turned 30 (with commensurate speed).
  13. To add to your comment, Pillotte.....Tippett's approach endures through the whole season, not just October (as we've seen around here in the past). Also, Holland likely won't insist on what players to put on the ice. Hitch and PC had differences regarding that. So we're going to have culture changes as well as team changes....I hope!
  14. Looking to nab a 3C...looking at the LA Kings. Wonder if they would do a JJK / Benning swap for Alex Iafallo? He's a decent+ C/LW and has 2 more years before he's UFA. LA's forwards are aging and JJK could give them some depth on 3 / 4 lines. Also, their defence is struggling for righties that can burn 3rd line minutes ....Benning could help there. $$$wise we would gain about $600k and the Kings have the cap space to easily take both.
  15. I'm not sure that I would look to trade Russell right now. We've lost Sekera and we know how the fickle fate of injuries work. Besides, we haven't seen exactly what the young Dmen can provide yet. Russell's trade value is not high right now (we'd likely have to retain salary). Russell would be a good in-season trade asset....when we know that we can afford to lose him, and when some team is backed into a corner (again the fickle fate...). However it goes, I don't expect to see Russell finish the season here.
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