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  1. Not a great 2 periods by the Oilers...looking lethargic at times and not sharp most of the time. Talbot is the insurance policy today, it seems. If we could muster some real shots from the points, we'd be kinda scary. Oh well, teams just seem to try to do "just enough" on the road games...no different today.
  2. In his interviews this year, RNH continues to emphasize his increased focus on defensive play. It seems to have become a singular goal for him (strangely). The point about his needed creativity (OJF) is valid, since his linemates don't bring that - which means nobody is "driving" the play on that line.
  3. For the record, Yuke.....LD's fate was in MacT's hands when the decisions were made. Yam is not making the decision easy - and I guess, that's a good thing. As Deutch noted, he's very coachable and gets better with each game. A lot will depend if Caggs, Slep, Kassian and Strome rise to the level expected of them.
  4. Wondering if Benning will slide into the lineup this game or next. Otherwise, we're looking at the same crew that beat the Hawks. Ordinarily, I don't like the team's chances in early games on the road, but the Oilers are on a mission to get on track so they should be okay today. Talbot will bring his A-game again which will be a big boost - Oilers by 2....McDavid provides more highlight reel moves / points! Thanks for the GDT, Bronco,,,,HappyHappy brings the force today.
  5. Sometimes I think it would be easier getting Putin's bank pin# than injury details in the NHL. Caggs' injury is a mystery and nothing being said about it. Presumably, Benning could be able to go just about anytime (illness) so we may see him back in a few days.
  6. Tonight we frustrated the Hawks (especially Talbot), and held them back. Let's change gears so that we're the team to stop now and assert our play from the start.
  7. I'm generally of the same mind 420...although I don't have a specific return player in mind. RNH will play out this season (and hopefully raise his trade value somewhat) but I don't see him doing anything that would make PC want to keep him (the cap hit alone is incentive). If PC has an open approach on a trade (i.e. not requiring a center in return), we may have some good possibilities.
  8. Alright! Kudos to RNH on the faceoffs - he made that look easy (so why did it take 5 years to get there?). Liking Malone a lot - he needs to be out there. It wasn't a very crisp and well paced game but you got to win the ugly ones to stay alive.
  9. Let's get the puck out of our end sooner (better passes) and we'll be off to the races. The Hawks can be had tonight - we need to up the tempo to do it.
  10. Good call, WHA. Thing I like about Yammamoto is that he's never far from the crease! Apparently, he doesn't know he's small (and therefore should be a periphery player). Good game sense too.....enjoying watching him out there.
  11. The Oilers kick off a 3-game road trip with a visit to the Hawks on Thursday. For you old timers (like myself), these visits have been a tonic for the Oilers in the past - we've won many games there (usually with a big goal differential), which has given us a lift even in the miserable decade past. Hell, Kevin Lowe scored his first goal there and his stories about it still go on..and on...and on. We're bringing our 1-4-0 record against the Hawks' 4-2-1 record...I like our chances! Wednesday night, the Blues beat the Hawks soundly so they'll be stinging and wounded, and ready to be had again. Oilers need this roadie to get some blemishes out of their game, without the home town pressure. The lines should be available around noon (check the "News" tab) but we'll be without Caggs and Leon. Look for some rousing moments in this game as the McDavid show hits the Windy City!! Oilers by 3....Go Oilers!!!!! P.S. If anyone feels like adding stuff (lineups, game music, etc), please do - this is the limit of my tech skills.
  12. When the going gets tough....the tough get goals! Scoring by McD, Kassian and Klefbom to eke a 1-goal win tonight. Go Oilers!!!
  13. Remember 2006....take no prisoners!
  14. By mid-season, gravity will take over and the universal order of playoff contenders will start to be revealed. LVK will look more like an expansion team by that time. Meanwhile, let Cinderella enjoy the ball!!!
  15. I hope the move is more about caution than severity of the injury.