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  1. Has the addition of Brandon Davidson turned out to be a shot in the arm for the team? His work is very sound and he doesn't send pucks up the boards to lala land...finding passes quickly.
  2. Honorary star for JJK....stepping up when Foligno was yanking McD.
  3. JP has been reborn on this road trip. He's finding success with his board work, passing and shooting....putting his whole game together. Keep up the good work!
  4. No snake bites tonight - except Khaira on a crappy penalty call. Going to the net nicely, digging pucks, etc...great to watch.
  5. All round performance tonight, Oilers....does everyone notice how cleanly we are getting the puck out of our end tonight? Best transitional game in a long time.
  6. History shows we ALWAYS win when LB gets an assist....ALWAYS!
  7. Does BD wonder what happened to the Oilers team that he left? Anyway, he has turned out to be a welcome addition to the D Corps. Auvitu should be the odd man out - high risk, low contribution.
  8. I don't think we get snake-bitten twice in a row.....Oilers take this one...in regulation time. GO OILERS !!!!
  9. When Larsson, Sekera and Talbot return, our back end is going to improve a lot and that will feed the offensive play (better management of the Dzone and more chances up the ice). It will take some pressure off Klefbom, Russell and Benning. So far, Davidson's return has looked good after only 2 games and that should help as well.
  10. He had a Vezina trophy night against us!
  11. We brought the game all night - if only half the post hits had scored, we would have won that game. Hopefully, we've used up all the bad luck for this season.
  12. OJF - unfortunately, the 18% success rate on the PP is correct. For comparison, the Tampa Bay rate is 28%. Last season when we were running a better PP, our rate was about 23% or so, towards the end of the season.
  13. No doubt LD is having a bad run this year, but regarding the PP: There's 5 guys out there firing blanks! And I wouldn't want to be a beer vendor when our pointmen are lining up a shot. It's a bad thing getting worse. LD is a big part of the PP and the 5v5, and that has hurt the team. So what is the entry goal level to get on the PP? That seems to be the argument for keeping JP from giving it a shot. I think the Oilers can do themselves a favour and admit it isn't working and try something very different for a change - with JP involved. Could it be worse?
  14. There certainly has been a lot of buzz on the forum regarding the Oilers' special teams this season. Rather than limiting the discussion to a GDT or two, I thought it might work better to focus these as a topic of discussion on their own. As of now (Dec 10), the Oilers' PP stands at 18%. The PK is at 72%. I won't rank the numbers but suffice it to say they are not stellar. We've seen both special teams lack success, putting more pressure on winning the 5v5 battles in games. Special teams were controversial last season, but late in the year, the PP kicked it up a notch or two and we had an edge as a result. I for one, am very disappointed with the special teams: the PP and PK are not aggressive imo and they are too predictable. Any team playing us can probably mimic our sp.teams and anticipate the play fairly accurately. To me it looks like our systems / designs are at fault and the players are not having success for the most part. Sure there are missed checks, passes and shots that take away from success, but overall we're not being dominant enough to get past that stuff. Prognosis - big changes needed. Thoughts? comments? criticisms? accolades?
  15. The 5-on-3 should have had: McD in the middle; JP and Camma (Caggs) on the wings; LD and Nuge on the points. You don't need a Dman on a 5/3....for the full 2 minutes (as there isn't much skating involved).