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  1. Looking at trading Ebs and Nuge. If PC holds out for one more season in keeping them, then he reaches the point of desperation. Leon's $$$ will have kicked in, and McD's $$$ are about to kick in. What bargaining position does he have at that time...damn little (picture the vultures circling). Especially if Ebs continues to drop (likely) and Nuge plateaus (likely), which only emphasizes their low trade value. PC would then be required to produce "package" deals which runs the risk of losing good prospects for a decent return. Keeping Ebs and Nuge through next season only pushes PC further into a corner.
  2. PC indicated that his priority is to sign McD and Leon...as soon as possible. If both players receive a new deal this offseason (Leon turns RFA in July, so he must be signed), they won't be cheap (how does $18 m for both sound?). That would mean that Pouliot, Ebs and Nuge must go to make cap space. Ideally, the Fayne contract as well. As such, I wouldn't hold my breath for great returns on those trades but they've got to be done in order for this team to move ahead.
  3. PC said his priority is to sign McD and Leon asap. Likely $18 million in total there or thereabouts. If that happens, Ebs is gone as soon as the ink dries.
  4. With Sekera out 6-9 months, Russell will very likely be resigned.
  5. During the playoffs, we heard a lot of comments / opinions about the NHL: (1) they are more involved in entertainment selling than sports, and (2) they favour certain teams / markets over others. A lot of this opinion was instigated by refereeing calls and command center reviews, and perceived favoritism toward certain / established teams. (The idea that refereeing is about "managing" games rather than applying the rules book.) I can't help thinking that the NHL is happier with Anaheim in the playoffs than Edmonton, reasons being the large west coast TV market and a stronger American TV presence. The NHL is committed to growing their products in "seeded" US markets like Arizona, Florida, California, and now, Nevada. Much easier to promote and expose these markets when the televised playoffs involve American teams. Of course, having Ottawa continue in the final four kind of shoots a hole in that opinion. Views? Opinions? Supreme indifference? Are Canadian teams becoming the backwater of pro hockey in North America?
  6. CapFriendly is showing Ebs as a "popular buyout"....hmmmmm interesting. Using their calculator, Ebs buyout would be $8m (2/3 of the remaining value of his contract),which can be spread over 4 years for cap hit purposes ($2 m cap hit per year). A trade would probably cost us that much in retained salary anyway.
  7. Hearing more and more that LV will take Reinhart off our list. So no bites likely for Pouliot, etc.
  8. Agreed. Letestu has provided everything asked of him and more (PP contributions and moving into 3rd center spot often). He will continue to be effective as long as he's not stretched beyond his reach. Good 4th line and PP contributor.
  9. Because of the cap hits - and perhaps limited interest - Nuge and Ebs may be tough trades to do. One thought is that after the LV expansion draft, we may be able to do a trade there. If LV is getting a lot of Pouliot / Desharnais kinds of selections, they may need to deal for experienced centres or wingers with 40-50 point potential (especially with high draft pedigrees for marketing purposes). Who knows?
  10. Disappointed with the game result tonight...the Oilers played a good series and deserved better....oh well. Very enthused about this team's future and the progress we've made and will continue making. Already, we've gone from cellar-dwellers to playoff performing. And it just gets better. Time for TM to have a break and PC to get busier. Is it October yet?
  11. We need to play like we're behind a goal - pressure the puck to the Duck-zone. So far, it seems like we're just trying to out-wait them in our end. Too much time / adventures in our end.
  12. We're solid on TM's game plan....cautious first period...grab the lead...now, the fireworks!
  13. To all the hockey fans in Canada, the United States, Newfoundland, and to the armed forces stationed abroad.....enjoy the game - it will be epic!
  14. In Connor we trust.....would love to see him get the winner and insurance goals tonight. Good to hear that Klefbom will be in.
  15. So how many beers does a game 7 require...3? 4? No, you're right, best not to take any chances so let's get 2 more kegs in case of overtime. Does youth = patience? I sure hope so because any game can throw a wrench regardless of preparation. Need to look beyond that and play our game for 60 minutes.