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  1. Back to business, folks, as the Oilers take on the Kings tonight as they start a 3-game road trip. Sekera has been activated; Rattie has been called up, and Davidson has left the building. Not sure how the lineups will shake out but likely they will have a few twists. Hopefully, McD will add to his 71 points tonight and continue the climb in the scoring race. GO OILERS !!!!!!
  2. Peter Chiarelli

    OJF....I've got a big question mark regarding Sekera going forward. He's 32 and coming off injuries usually means the player's effectiveness suffers. That may pose a problem for us next season and beyond.
  3. Peter Chiarelli

    That's twice that Davidson has been traded....PC is not in his corner obviously! A 3rd round 2019 pick isn't as immediately impressive as Davidson's growth here. This hurts.
  4. Peter Chiarelli

    So much for building our defence core! This is putting pressure on Bear and Jones, etc. to step up.
  5. JP Development

    Development may have been slow but it's clear JP is better in Feb than he was in Oct. If he has a chance to play alongside Nuge the rest of the season, think it will show his strengths much better and give a better sense of his potential. Being centered by Strome or Letestu is not doing that.
  6. Peter Chiarelli

    Likely Maroon being traded.
  7. JP Development

    JP is soon turning 20....still a young player with tons to learn. That having been said, he's presented the Oilers with a "chicken / egg question". By that I mean, is he developing slower than hoped for, OR, is TM coaching away JP's potential? On developing slower.....at times JP looks lost in the Ozone and can't seem to find a read on the play or get positioning. Is this a function of the centers he's playing with or just unable to visualize the flow of play? On having his potential coached away....TM seems more concerned in exposing JP to gritty checking play (3rd and 4th line stuff) than building on his offensive skills. Hockey is like anything else - build on the strengths, the rest will come. The most frustrating thing about TM's approach is the lack of JP's time on the PP. Why TM is stubbornly sticking with Letestu, Camma and Strome in those situations is more about TM's shooting himself in the foot (and re-loading several times) than JP's ability. And getting experience? There's only one way to do that and, considering we're not playing critical games now, why not try???? The business of "earning" PP time is blown away when looking at what Letestu, Camma and Strome have "earned"...virtually less with much less potential. Over the season, I've seen JP get better....and TM become less impressive.
  8. The third game between these teams this season (split the first two). Of note, Maroon didn't practice yesterday - not sure if there's an injury (no details). Maroon and Letestu have been mentioned as trade possibilities to teams heading into the playoffs - meaning have to be done before the deadline. Could this be why Maroon is out / shelved? Looking for different lineups as TM experiments with the roster. Montoya is the expected backup as LB has been returned to the Condors. Hopefully, there's some points tonight for McD - keep him in (well-deserved) contention. Would love to see some bombs coming from JP and Slepy...you know they can. GO OILERS !!!!!!
  9. Yuke...just watch the post-game pressers from now on. Losses are being minimized...same old cliches about needing to improve...one game at a time, etc. This season has been done in early December and what changes have taken place to correct that? You're right that losing isn't acceptable but nothing being done to change that. We're playing the season out without pressure or expectation.
  10. Remember folks, we're not chasing the Flames or Ducks now...we're going after the AZ Coyotes....closing an 8 point gap soon.
  11. 2017-2018 Trade Deadline moves

    Trades? Forget it....PC likes to lurk over the waiver wire and get the cheap stuff.
  12. Las Vegas Golden Knights

    Depending on how far they go in the playoffs, the VGKs are going to be analyzed to death this off season....especially by the new Seattle group. Will be interesting to get McPhee's take on things - what was the main element he was looking for in the players selected? Trade watch in the offseason - they've stockpiled Dmen for this purpose, so will see what they manage to get for them. All in all, should be a fun ride for them.
  13. The Oilers are coming off a win against the AVs and playing at home tonight. The Bruins had to use OT to beat the Flames and may be a bit ragged as a result. Oilers are without RNH, Sekera and Montoya going into the game and the lineups are, well, fluid. Nice to have Larsson back on the defence. But enough of this saccharine-laced fanfare......drop the puck. GO OILERS !!!!!!
  14. I have the same question, Groovey. My take on it is...could this season possibly be the result of a single, reasonably minded GM? And I'm working on that.
  15. Your entertainment Bitcoin goes farther on the OMB - 2 GDTs for the price of one! The game against the 'Yotes looked like the pilot for "The Walking Dead". So we shake that off, and thunder into Colorado (31-22-4 for 66 pts) looking for a goal! With the possibility of LB in the nets, the same video review staff on board, and heaven knows what else, we will be in over our heads. Let us pray.....GO OILERS! P.S. You don't have to actually watch the game to discuss your favourite hilites....it's optional.