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  1. RapierShot

    Oilers vs Hurricanes

    The only stat of interest to management / owner is the SELLOUT tix sale. We've sold out every game and likely will through the season. Goodnight and thanks for watching!
  2. RapierShot

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    Not a good game by the Oilers....not prepared and unable to execute simple plays. Larsson and Jones were -4 tonight ....might need to rethink our defensive alignment. Kosk worked hard and deserved better. So did the fans!
  3. RapierShot


    The shooting % is not a definitive stat for sure. However, it is a reasonable indicator of accuracy / effectiveness. All I'm taking from these stats is that Klef should not be the presumed QB on the PP. We may have more success with Nurse and Jones taking shots.
  4. RapierShot


    The issue of Klefbom quarterbacking the PP is still valid today. While he leads all our Dmen in points, he doesn't really have a shot to brag about. (Most of his points are "redirections" to another Oiler that passes or finishes the play.) His shooting % is a mere 3.2%. The more ludicrous expectation is Benning doing that job. While he has 8 points, he just tosses the muffin into the mix and hopes for someone to finish. His shot % is 1.9% (i.e. C2G can shoot better blindfolded). For the record, our Dmen snipers are Russell (6.3%), Nurse (5.1%), and Jones (5%). BTW, Bouchard's number (in the 7 games played) is 10%...gotta like that. I think there's good reason to assign a QB on the basis of who has the hot hand and change them up as necessary. Insisting that it must be Klefbom is not supported.
  5. RapierShot

    Evan Bouchard

    Think Oiler fans generally accepted that Bouchard needed some seasoning before playing in the NHL - a stint in the AHL could do the trick. His numbers in junior are proof that he's a legit prospect and his few exhibition games this season gave us a good feel about him.
  6. RapierShot

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    We should NOT be in the market for rentals. The Oilers are not flush with assets - we have young prospects but their futures are still in question. Losing these now could prove costly in the longer term. We are NOT one piece short of a winning team; in fact, we have several gaping holes to deal with. The Oilers need to build a team with a view for long term success and not a fluke shot at the playoffs this year. That's an irresponsible approach. I'd love to have Dzingel here but on a sign-and-trade basis, rather than a rental basis. That way we're clearing cap space as part of a trade and not giving away picks or prospects.
  7. RapierShot

    GDT: OILERS @ CANUCKS - 01/16/19 8pm mst SNW

    I agree, Bronco...all the trades by the Ducks don't include any difference makers.
  8. RapierShot

    GDT: OILERS @ CANUCKS - 01/16/19 8pm mst SNW

    Too slow? Ever seen Nuge skate? Chiasson plays the ice well with good positioning.
  9. RapierShot

    GDT: OILERS @ CANUCKS - 01/16/19 8pm mst SNW

    How is it that Chiasson doesn't get OT time on this team? Hell, he'd be the first guy out after McD and Drai in my book.
  10. RapierShot

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    While other GMs are making trades and acquistions for the 23 roster spots on their teams, PC is committed to filling all the 23+ spots. We've got a gaggle of 7-8-9 Dmen and 14-15 forwards. Has Nicholson clarified that PC's not managing the ECHL team?
  11. RapierShot

    GDT: OILERS @ CANUCKS - 01/16/19 8pm mst SNW

    Now that Kass and Looch can sit back and take it easy, I'm expecting Cave and Reider to pop a couple each tonight. The Canucks have good speed and skill up front which should undress our defence regularly....Kosk will have to win all the battles back there. More pond hockey on the way...OT win tonight. Thx for the GDT, Happy....let's dedicate this game to Hillcat - he's self-sacrificing watching the games so the Oilers win!
  12. RapierShot

    GDT: SABRES @ OILERS 01/14/19, 7pm MST, SNW

    Nice game for Kass and Looch....but what a gong show! Sekera is now the Ference 2.0....hope he considers retirement after this season - seriously.
  13. RapierShot

    GDT: SABRES @ OILERS 01/14/19, 7pm MST, SNW

    Thanks for the GDT, Happy and TE...nicely done! SN has been reporting that our #1 pick is available for trade, as we're looking for a top-6 forward (hopefully we're using the standard NHL definition of top-6 and not PC's). Wondering if the pick is "attached" to taking a contract as well (we need cap space)? The story is that we're not likely to get into the playoffs and what will the current GM do to save his job? In other words, it's time to be really worried, fans. Oilers take it tonight if McD is playing 40+ minutes...otherwise, the edge goes to the Sabres.
  14. RapierShot

    Can we go 10 - 0?

    If the remaing season is considered as a whole, we likely need to win around 60% to 65% of the games to have a serious chance at playoffs.
  15. RapierShot

    GDT: Coyotes @ Oilers - Sat, Jan 12.19 8PM (MT) SN

    If the game is half as good as the GDT and the pics, I'm in...thanks C2G and Happy (and honourable mention to El Cid)! Fact is, if we can't beat teams like this - at home - we're not headed to any playoffs. Beating the Yotes does not require a lot of skill, just some honest, smart work for 60 minutes......Go Oilers!