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  1. Actually, I hope part of the contract conversation between PC and LD went along these lines: LD: I want a chance to drive a line on my own, knowing it will take some time and combinations to make it work successfully.. My full potential will be realized that way and over the long term, I believe this will be great for the club. PC: Music to my ears.....sign here.
  2. Cory...just a thought on your comments re: acquiring Green. We are now officially in Cap-Sensitive country, meaning we don't trade high draft picks to acquire players...we acquire draft picks and prospects. Don't be surprised to see our trades send players out and picks in.
  3. YES!!! Very happy to see we got Leon on a long term deal! While the contract may seem expensive right now, in 2 - 3 years, it's likely to feel like a bargain (as others have pointed out). It doesn't take too much faith to expect the cap to continue increasing (the LV factor alone guarantees that) and the larger contracts to settle more evenly into the team's pool. I'd rather have the problem of how to manage McD's and LD's contracts than manage a team without them. Thanks to PC and LD for making it happen!!!
  4. Totally agree, OF2011....with a proviso that if we can get a seasoned /reliable vet (ala Bryan Campbell) to step in for this year to ease the Sekera absence and give the youngins some guidance. Otherwise, the Dgroup looks like it's growing and improving each time out. Good long term outlook.
  5. That's good news. Think he's the type of player that will make training camp / pre-season very interesting. There will be a lot of buzz in the barn when he's on the ice. Whether he sticks here or goes to the Condors, glad to have him in the system.
  6. You're bang on, 420....balanced outlook. In fact, I think the talk about Gulutzan has been understated - he may be one of the best adds the Flames have made in the past few years (at least he deserves a chance to run his system). The good news? the BofA is on with each team having a worthy opponent and the fan bases are pumped....looking forward to the next season already!
  7. Rumours out of NYC have the Rangers interested in trading Nick Holden - a right Dman with a left shot. Has a relatively easy contract at $1.7 million. Plays a solid game (at around 20 minutes per) and good for 20-30 points. Might be a nice fit here.
  8. Rumour out of NYC says that the Rangers are interested in trading d-man Nick Holden (a local guy) and looking for a centre. Holden is 30 yrs old...plays RD and shoots left. Plays a solid game in his end and contributes between 20 and 30 points a season. He's coming into the last year of his $1.7 m contract and will be a free agent in 2018-19. Given that Fayne and likely, Gryba will be be gone in 2018-19, we could find the room to do a 3 yr contract. Having him on board will make Russell expendable in two years (when his NMC expires) and give us the experience/ journeyman the Defence will need while the young'ens find their strides. Thoughts?
  9. That 30 lb. difference is all helium.
  10. Think our power play will be better this season with Jokinen - and his pure shooting and savvy - around the net. Strome is also a possiblity as a forward on the point (moves the puck well and has a decent shot). Hopefully, Nurse, Klef and Benning make long strides in that area too.
  11. Definitely improved - a lot of it comes from "addition by subtraction" with the parting of Chaisson, Wideman and Engelland. Added a good piece or two in Hamonic and re-signing Versteeg. Anything that adds to a good BofA is fine by me.
  12. Gazdic is headed for Stockton (AHL). He was playing in the AHL when he finished with NJ and will continue his AHL career with Calgary.
  13. Windsor...hoping for RNH to become a mini-Kessler? That would require a complete personality and athletic transplant! Kessler is always in the dirty areas doing dirty stuff to dangerous players. RNH? He's generally patrolling open ice hoping to unleash his 25-foot fluff wrist shot. Not even close!
  14. I'm hoping the Flames sign Jagr, thus making them think they are invincible....will make the crash to earth louder and harder.
  15. If all this is about whether or not RNH can / should play the wing position....I don't see him making an impact there....even less than his play at center.