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  1. Well said, Fog. you could add they changed coaches in mid stream as well....all in all a great sports story!
  2. Goaltending wise, we need a combo that can deliver about 50 wins to be a playoff team. IF Kosk can stretch and hit 35 wins (from his 25 this season), that leaves a doable number for a decent backup. Even with his bad season, Kosk was around 54% winning percentage (6 of his losses can in OT). In other words a bad season for him and he resembles Varlamov, Price and Dubnyk in winning %. Makes me think that reaching for a 35-win season should not be out of the question, as long as he comes ready to own the net. There should be some serviceable backups to ride shotgun.
  3. Good for the Blues! The broadcasters mentioned that the Blues have gone through the longest drought - 52 years. Wait, the Leafs haven't won since 1967...that's 52 years by my figurin'. A well-deserved drought!
  4. Agree, Happy...this team is not in a rebuild mode (according to Ken Holland), so let's move to real scenarios. Thing about trading Sekera is that there are a couple of windows (aside from the off season) to make a good hockey trade. Any team that loses a Dman to long term injury (during the season), or wants to bolster their back end (trade deadline) would look at Sekera as a stable vet that can give them. Let's wait for them to come to us...no harm done in the meantime.
  5. Goalies are weird. No really, they are. I still can't get over how Dubnyk rose from the hell-that-started-in-edmonton-and continued-to nashville, etc. to become a premier goalie. That's almost unthinkable. So, maybe Kosk does have another gear that he can hit to improve. Maybe the variables that determine his success are changing or about to change...beats me. All I'm saying is that nothing would surprise me anymore regarding goalies - even Kosk making a comeback.
  6. Might be better to predict whether we make the playoffs after the off season - when changes have been made. The current roster couldn't get it done, so let's see what players we end up with in October.
  7. The virtue of boxing training isn't in question - yes, it has a lot of physical / mobility benefits. However, for a hockey player, skating is the key factor to success. Now, given that Lucic - or any other player for that matter - is not going to spend countless hours training in the off season (especially a family man), what's the best approach for that player to follow? Where's the focus? Lucic is 30 years old - hardly too old to take on some skating training, especially with a skating coach. It's about edge work, controlling turns, and take-offs and not about bag skating for 8 hours a day.
  8. Bronco, I agree with Lucic being worth more than Eriksson (that's not setting the bar very high). However, I question Lucic's off season training. He needs to skate skate skate....improve his skating mechanics, lateral mobility, etc. Why he insists on boxing training is beyond me. Until he improves his mobility, he's going to continue struggling in all aspects of his game.
  9. According to my Secret Squirrels, the word is that Tippett is looking for an AirBnB while he's here. Just how bad is our reputation for coach turnovers anyway????
  10. EF....that's a pretty bleak picture of the coaching possibilities! This may become the 5 longest years of Holland's life if Tippett doesn't work out.
  11. SD...my sense generally is that we'll be seeing a lot of these type of "interest" reports for the foreseeable future. We can't afford to chase the prime players in free agency....we don't have solid hockey trade candidates (of our expendable roster) to land a winner....so we'll have to try to trick the youngsters and/or foreign players to come on board (and cross our fingers they can play at least a 4th line / 3rd pairing role). Oh, and then when a potential player is landed, we hope the talking heads don't do a Caggiula type trade.
  12. All the speculation was that a Tippett signing would happen this week. Suddenly, things have gotten quiet and no movement. Did a deal fall through...or just a hiccup? Has someone else appeared in the picture (I'm kinda betting it's Bob Hartley)? Off-season melodrama....not as good as going to the games but way cheaper!
  13. No official announcement yet....we can only assume.
  14. That was good stuff, Apps...never forget Dryden leaning on his stick during the quiet moments of a game - then closing the door on anything fired at him.
  15. Famous last words..."If we could only have gotten 2 less degrees from Toby, we never would have had climate change". Oh wait, apparently BN has posted that notice....as you were.
  16. Seems that Holland has no choice but to ASSUME that Kosk is a sub-par goalie (i.e. below 0.92) and that getting a backup with a higher ceiling is critical. We need another year for the goalies in the minors to develop before they can chew off a big chunk of the 82 games. In this situation, you need to improve the defence and get an honest 200 foot game from your forwards. That can impact the goals-against a lot more. And if Tippett becomes the coach, we're on our way there.
  17. Edmonton is not a dynasty team or an annual SC contender; therefore, the good / best coaches prefer to be closer to the higher fruit. Until this franchise can get out of the scrap yard, we have to settle for less-than-the-best. No disrespect to Tippett or anyone else but that's the state we're in. People have said that the incoming coach has a chance to work with the best player - McDavid. The subtitle to the story is that the coach has to raise the play level of 22 other players, which is a huge challenge. And we know how many of those players were acquired (thanks PC)...and we've seen them play. Good luck Coach!
  18. I guess it all boils down to....the last 12 years, we've had a problem that everyone in the organization has been part of....therefore, nobody has been part of a solution. Time to turn things over.
  19. And now, the end is near and so we face the final curtain.... In the wake of blown-up brackets, divorces, lost children and miscellany playoff catastrophes, we have arrived at the final round! BLUES VS BRUINS........bragging rights in every hometown pub until August! I want the Blues to win...for the Plager brothers (whom I watched play), for the St Louis bbqs, and for the blues music that named a team! And because they ARE the Cinderella story this year...GO BLUES!
  20. Funny how Holland figured out the Pro Scouting problems in a couple of weeks, while the old guard couldn't figure it out in over 6 years.
  21. And now, stepping up to the tee box....the Hurricanes! I can't believe that was the same Canes team that started the playoffs...how things can change quickly! The whole episode in the Blues / Sharks game can make a man cry. At the same time, have to remember that mistakes happen - even in the NHL. Think we'll be hearing a lot more about officiating / rule changes in the off-season for sure. Keep the faith Blues! Go git 'em!!!!
  22. That's an interesting question, Fog. We still need to see something about KGretzky's status and - hopefully - the pro scouting dept. P.S. The press release above refers to MacT as "the Canadian specialist"...wonder what they're expecting?
  23. Surprised to hear the news, but we had to expect some shoes to drop eventually. Good luck MacT - hope it's a nice change.
  24. Glad to see King Ralph back in the NHL. The English taxes must have been a great incentive to return. With Krueger's style of game, I think he should add Doug Weight to his coaching staff. They would work well together and bring some (overdue) excitement to that market. Congrats.
  25. Speaking of blinders, Mess.....you know that the last 2 GMs here didn't finish out their contract terms? So anything is possible regardless of the contract. I'm hoping that Holland is wildly successful and is GM for at least the 5 years...but I don't regard that as a guarantee.
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