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    THE COUNTDOWN: "19 Wins" to get to the show!

    16 teams in the playoffs...15 teams out, including Edmonton. Our playoff run has likely hurt our drafting odds somewhat, so we're in a hockey limbo. Oh well, they say the draft is deeper this year (top 10 spots) so there could be some good that comes of this. If management is counting, this makes 12 seasons we've been out since 2006....anybody home?????
  2. RapierShot

    GDT: Oilers @ Coyotes 8 PM (MT) Sat. Mar 16.19 HNIC

    If this was the Oilers' version of "take no prisoners" hockey, time to clean off the golf clubs.
  3. RapierShot

    FA's That Would Choose Edmonton

    But we got West Edmonton Mall...of course they'll come!
  4. RapierShot

    GDT: Oilers @ Coyotes 8 PM (MT) Sat. Mar 16.19 HNIC

    I know this is (ANOTHER) must win game but tonight I'd like the team to forget about playoff standings. Just go out and hang a great big jeezus lickin' on those Yotes! That team has jerked us around some many times, it would be nice to just get some real revenge on the scoreboard. Run up the score, etc. And when they pull the goalie, put Reider out there.
  5. RapierShot

    Sekera assigned to Bakersfield

    I've been impressed with Sekera's return - surprised how seamless it's been. Considering he has to cover the other team's players and cover for Benning, Sek is walking on water.
  6. RapierShot

    Oilers vs Devils March 13

    Good point, C2G regarding the team thinking it's skilled... this TEAM is neither quick nor skilled by comparison to the top teams. If they don't bring the lunch buckets, they ain't eating.
  7. RapierShot

    What has changed since the 2016/17 season?

    Good thread and well presented, Troutlake! All the above discussions apply to some extent - in my view, the defensive part was the most noticeable. Seems we had way more games since 16-17 that featured soft goals against more consistently, poorer PK and less effective backchecking. Also, we gave up some character in the likes of Hendricks.
  8. RapierShot

    GDT: Leafs @ Oilers 5PM (MT) 3.9.19 HNIC

    Time to strap the pads on Russell.....a stick and puck just cause him a lot of problems.
  9. RapierShot

    GDT: Leafs @ Oilers 5PM (MT) 3.9.19 HNIC

    Let's take it to the Leafs boys! Lots of pressure on Stolarz but things are never easy with the Oilers. Reider scores in the 1st period (possibly a shorty)...then is sent down to the Bake for inconsistent play. Looking for a 60 minute, 200 foot game tonight as we kick things up a notch. Thanks for the GDT, C2G...now get your sons, nephews, and grandkids hot for the win!
  10. The playoff watch continues....the Oilers sit at 65 points and those in the know suggest we need about 90 pts to get a wildcard spot. In other words, we need to win 75% of the remaining games. So, we start with the Canucks! While our home record is not very promising, Hitchcock feels that is about to change as our players bring more patience to their home games (i.e. don't fall apart if we get behind - get even!). We've been rolling quite well as of late (7 of 10 points on the road), Koskinen is playing like a money goalie, and our roster is in pretty good shape. Khaira appears to be ready but not certain whether he draws in. Look for some Hitchcockesque tweaks to the lineup, but the main order of business would be to come out hard and fast and get ahead. GO OILERS !!!!!!!! P.S. has anyone had a Gravel sighting or update? Seems like he's just disappeared.
  11. We gotta make the home barn more intimidating for the visitors...what about some English soccer singing for 60 minutes? The Oilers gave the Nucks a clinic on puck management for 2 periods, then seemed to ease up too much. But we got the 2 pts...and more to come on Saturday!
  12. Thanks TE...solves that mystery.
  13. RapierShot

    RIP thread

    RIP Ted Lindsay. I actually saw him play (on TV) in the late '50s while he was with Detroit. He was the meanest sombitch you could find in a small body! Off the ice, a real gentleman and friendly character. I remember how awful he was treated by Adams / Detroit (on behalf of the teams' owners when he started organizing the players. But he stuck with it and here we are today...well done!
  14. RapierShot

    Who should be the next GM?

    Bill....McTavish as VP of hockey operations was responsible for the Condors...no direct Oilers involvement. The President of hockey operations has broader responsibilites than the GM...he has the corporate functions (marketing, partnerships, community etc), as well as overseeing the AHL and ECHL teams, in addition to the Oilers. Also, he's the one responsible for setting the course / plan for the team, acts as the alternate governor (usually) and deals with the league. If the GM can just focus on the Oilers, coaching, and scouting, that makes for a better arrangement.
  15. RapierShot

    Who should be the next GM?

    One approach I'm liking more and more is that of making the President of Hockey Operations a separate position from the GM. Chiarelli held both positions and that greased the skids for this team as there wasn't a direct oversight to the GM's handling of things (BN became too remote in the organization to take that on...as he always deferred to "Peter's plan..."). I don't have any solid ideas about who the POHO might be, but I would be comfortable with K Gretzky as the GM in that situation. He's led our amateur scouting, knows the business (Boston and here), and with solid guidance from a credible / capable POHO, could succeed here.
  16. Looks like we're going with the same lineup today as the Sens game. The Blue Jackets will be a much tougher game and the Oilers are wearing down - not a good thing, especially in the matinee time slot. GO OILERS !!!!!!
  17. So, we're all agreed then....our first pick will be used to get any player from PEI,
  18. Well done Oilers!!! That's all we've asked of you for the past 50+ games...better late than never.
  19. Even in a season filled with struggles, beating the Leafs is always a highlight...let's do it, Oilers! It appears that Klefbom will play after that nasty wrist injury against the Preds, and our bad-boy is back in the lineup after the 2-game suspension. This game outta be a whole lot of fun with plenty of highlights. Connor must be champing at the bit and there's no better venue than in front of his hometown crowd. Hang on tight. GO OILERS !!!!!!!!
  20. RapierShot

    The Next Coach

    Here's a chance for wishful thinking....my choice would be Jon Cooper (TBL). He hasn't extended his contract with the Bolts, so he's free to sign in July. Why would he come here? Well, if the Bolts win or lose this season, he's pretty much achieved a lot already in Tampa. And, I believe the McDavid factor (Leon, young prospects, building a fast and skilled team also) would be enticing to him. He's a Canuck enjoying the Florida climate and favourable tax regime, but he would likely consider "compensation" for giving that up. Sure it's a long shot but the Oilers need to go after the best - management and players - to create a new culture here and make this a more desirable destination.
  21. RapierShot

    Trade Deadline Reaction

    Very disappointing trade deadline. How was KG not able to convince 30 GMs that our bottom six forwards are really cleverly disguised all-stars?
  22. Whatever else we do this season, the OMB must sign Fogolin to provide the graphics...hilarious! Again!
  23. Still in the home stand, so that's not good news. Will Connor be in the lineup? GO OILERS !!!!!!!!
  24. Regarding the Russian players... When these guys think about playing in the NHL, they think about the better aspects of being here. They love the New Yorks, California teams, Florida, Boston, Chicago because of the sizzle of those places. Sure, they've heard of the Oilers and Gretzky, etc but living in Edmonton is not exciting to them. They play here if it means getting in the door of the NHL, but that's pretty much it.
  25. Sometimes I think the whole draft business is a crap shoot. For instance, Detroit got Datsyiuk in the 7th round. On the other hand, we got Yakopov 1st overall. Regardless of scouting talent, the whole thing is a crap shoot, mainly because we're trying to project how an 18 year old will develop / grow / etc into an adult elite league. Scouts can't win for trying in those circumstances. So, I'm not wedded to keeping draft picks per se. If our #2 helps move Lucic's contract, then do it. There's not much perceived trade value in rounds 4 to 7. Almost better to take a chance on picking.