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  1.  Glen Sather and John Muckler set the bar very high in Oil Country (indeed for the whole NHL). Ever since their leadership, the skid has been downward and long-lasting (a whole host of reasons).  Hopefully, the Holland era will stop the skid and begin to reverse things.  I don't know that we'll ever repeat the giddy heights we once enjoyed, but I "feel" that in a year's time, we'll be talking about how much better the team has become and how promising the Oilers look down the road (serious playoff contenders....not like the Flames).  Well within the McDavid and Leon windows.



  2. Just for the record....1. Smith's bonuses are all tied to making / advancing in the playoffs.  1st bonus is for getting into the 1st round and it goes from there...according to the hockey writers.

    2.  Money from a franchise purchase (ala Seatlle) does not count in the hockey revenues in determining the cap.  learned this when LV came in.


  3. The Smith signing left be wondering but there's a couple of factors in his favour....1.  He knows the Pacific division very well and can come into games feeling confident.  2. Relationship with the coach...he and Tippett can communicate and understand each other.  3.  He generally knows our team play and what to expect.  He actually talks to his Dmen and helps them out (by comparison Talbot and Kosk were mimes).

    That doesn't guarantee more wins.  It does make our end a bit more solid.

  4. I agree, Deutch.....getting something useful as a result of the added cap space is the only way a buyout is acceptable in my book.

    Looking for Holland to trade up prior to Oct so that the space will be useful.  Free agency price/term inflation is to be avoided whenever possible - and Holland seems to take that approach.  Getting Granlund, Chiasson, and Smith at those prices is good business and a good place to stop....for now.

  5. I'm liking what I've seen so far.  The offence is showing no signs of struggling without Reilly - in fact, they are darn scary with Harris!  The defence has really asserted itself (thinking the Lions game) and dominate.  We have definitely improved the rush and the deep coverage...nice start.



  6. My immediate reaction is "no way"....not another player looking for a pasture to retire.  I'm jaded by these kinds of players - sent away by other teams, have no drive at this stage (especially if there have been recent health issues), and more interested in collecting a paycheck / "being involved in hockey".  What's his incentive to maximize his performance here....a shot at the Cup?  Get an all-star nod? 

    This looks like a Ference / Brodziak / etc situation...there's no upside for the team.

    Besides, $2 million these days is nothing to sneeze at.  A promising young winger or a decent backup goalie.


  7. Arturo...what I'm saying is that I don't regard Kosk as a complete loss.  He's definitely had his problems this past season (as you noted).  That could either mean he continues to trend downward or there's a chance that he lifts his game.  For the sake of the team (which is most important to me), I hope he can trend upwards because his contract doesn't give us many options.

    But it's interesting....he's had almost identical results (winning %) to three other goalies (noted above and can add Helleybuck) that reached the playoffs.  And that's in a disappointing season.  Kinda makes me want to see what happens IF he turns it around.

  8. Goaltending wise, we need a combo that can deliver about 50 wins to be a playoff team.  IF Kosk can stretch and hit 35 wins (from his 25 this season), that leaves a doable number for a decent  backup. 

    Even with his bad season, Kosk was around 54% winning percentage (6 of his losses can in OT).  In other words a bad season for him and he resembles Varlamov, Price and Dubnyk in winning %.  Makes me think that reaching for a 35-win season should not be out of the question, as long as he comes ready to own the net.

    There should be some serviceable backups to ride shotgun.

  9. Agree, Happy...this team is not in a rebuild mode (according to Ken Holland), so let's move to real scenarios.

    Thing about trading Sekera is that there are a couple of windows (aside from the off season) to make a good hockey trade.  Any team that loses a Dman to long term injury (during the season), or wants to bolster their back end (trade deadline) would look at Sekera as a stable vet that can give them.  Let's wait for them to come to us...no harm done in the meantime.

  10. Goalies are weird.  No really, they are.  I still can't get over how Dubnyk rose from the hell-that-started-in-edmonton-and continued-to nashville, etc. to become a premier goalie.  That's almost unthinkable. 

    So, maybe Kosk does have another gear that he can hit to improve.  Maybe the variables that determine his success are changing or about to change...beats me.  All I'm saying is that nothing would surprise me anymore regarding goalies - even Kosk making a comeback.

  11. The virtue of boxing training isn't in question - yes, it has a lot of physical / mobility benefits.  However, for a hockey player, skating is the key factor to success.  Now, given that Lucic - or any other player for that matter - is not going to spend countless hours training in the off season (especially a family man), what's the best approach for that player to follow?  Where's the focus? 

    Lucic is 30 years old - hardly too old to take on some skating training, especially with a skating coach.  It's about edge work, controlling turns, and take-offs and not about bag skating for 8 hours a day.  


  12. Bronco, I agree with Lucic being worth more than Eriksson (that's not setting the bar very high).  However, I question Lucic's off season training.  He needs to skate skate skate....improve his skating mechanics, lateral mobility, etc.  Why he insists on boxing training is beyond me.  Until he improves his mobility, he's going to continue struggling in all aspects of his game.

  13. SD...my sense generally is that we'll be seeing a lot of these type of "interest" reports for the foreseeable future. 

    We can't afford to chase the prime players in free agency....we don't have solid hockey trade candidates (of our expendable roster) to land a winner....so we'll have to try to trick the youngsters and/or foreign players to come on board (and cross our fingers they can play at least a 4th line / 3rd pairing role). 

    Oh, and then when a potential player is landed, we hope the talking heads don't do a Caggiula type trade. 

  14. All the speculation was that a Tippett signing would happen this week.  Suddenly, things have gotten quiet and no movement.

    Did a deal fall through...or just a hiccup?

    Has someone else appeared in the picture (I'm kinda betting it's Bob Hartley)?

    Off-season melodrama....not as good as going to the games but way cheaper!

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