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  1. I've become cynical with this organization after so many years of watching them shoot themselves in the foot, then reload and do it again...and again. Whether it's Holland or ???, until I see him walk on water, he's just another guy getting us nowhere. Holland is the only one with GM experience...the others are young turks looking to start a career. The search is being conducted by someone with no previous experience in searching for a GM and the Oilers are his first NHL posting. Yeah, I'm cynical.
  2. "To dream the impossible trade..." The Canucks are probably scratching their heads and thinking wtf is Lucic going on about! They are a rebuilding / developing team that is focused on a youth and cap-friendly roster. They blundered with the Loui Eriksson contract and that's an expensive lesson - no need to rinse and repeat here. If they want some muscle on the team, it's available for a lot less than $6 for the next 4 or 5 years. Keep in mind that when teams are trading "bad contracts", that neither team is getting any cap relief in the process. It's easier to redefine the player's role and make some marginal gains in their performance. Lucic needs to focus less on gym training and more on skating and on-ice puck work this off-season for starters. Use his place on the roster to experiment with prospects being called up while he sits out a few games....it's not perfect or even likeable but it helps us cope.
  3. This whole Ken Holland business has me baffled. As some previous comments pointed out, he's been in the Detroit system for 36 years and deeply settled there with family - why come here for the grief and frustration? Detroit considers him as having reached the expiry date (moved him to advisor and brought in Yzerman). Hard to believe that he would have the ambition, drive and tenacity to drag this franchise into the winning column. Not arguing that he doesn't have the wisdom / experience needed but this ain't gonna be an easy ride for a few years. I'm secretly hoping that the Oilers have floated this trial balloon and Holland will politely decline.
  4. Well, wasn't that 1st round a piece of work???? Did any brackets survive? For those of you pairing wines with the playoffs, best go with a hooch / porch climber for any occasion...again. CBJ vs Bruins (aka the Leaf blowers) Stars vs Blues Canes vs NYI Avs (aka the Flame killers) vs Sharks Fewer teams but no less fun....go hockey!
  5. OJF...I can certainly relate to what you say. So many times you hear, "the coach is sending out his guys for the last 2 minutes...". A game of defence by shot blocking. You may remember the dynasty Habs - last couple of minutes in a game, LaFleur and any other scorers were sent over the boards...games were meant to win and not position for odds. Defence by offence! In today's hockey, a 2-shift cycle on the boards is regarded as dominating....back when, the boards/cycle were minimized because the game was about scoring and moving the puck to the net.
  6. A pick in the top 10 should be a nice add to a good trade package. Let's start with teams that don't have a 1st round pick - Sharks, Blues, CBJ, Leafs, and Jets. Might shake something out of that group.
  7. The way these playoffs are going (totally crazy), we may end up with a couple more candidates by the end of round 2. Keep our powder dry.
  8. There is definitely a new version of the game now. It seems that the NHL has evolved the game from a form of "sport" to a form of "entertainment". Whether the TV audience demographics are responsible or network packaging, or whatever the reason, the game has morphed. We've gone from Pac Man to Fortnight on the ice. I won't be surprised to see playoff OTs settled by 3 vs 3 in the near future. It all started with the orange pucks and cooperalls!
  9. My faves are out.....I'm cheering for October!
  10. Sayanara Trawna....glad to see you out! Imagine, the best team in the universe got knocked out in the 1st round. A crime for sure haha. Expect Jurassic Park to be packed for garbage bag day - it is a custom there!
  11. Tier 1 = season tix holders....my reference. We don't know what a president will do ahead of time, do we, so let's not speculate. The Oilers have some building blocks - an improved amateur scouting group, improved development and core players on team. Do you think that BN would be able to get us to the post from here? I don't...so we agree to disagree.
  12. I disagree, Yuke. A new guy coming in should know what a good team needs and how to go about getting that. Not going along incrementally assessing each piece and then wondering - 4 or 5 years out, why it has parts missing. The president is the architect and has a solid vision and feel about the work he's doing. BN lacks all that and while it's nice that he's willing to learn, that's not helping our cause at all. Imagine, speaking in front of the 1st tier fans and saying we would have made the playoffs but for Reider! That's not just ignorance...that's lost.
  13. That's how you build teams - getting the right guys.
  14. Yuke - I don't know BN or what his background and experience are all about, but I do know it's not about building or operating an NHL team. The issue of learning his job as he goes along is very worrisome. How long does that take to master all aspects - two years, three? Is that what this franchise needs at a time when when we're burning McD's best years? How does that make us a credible organization after 12 years of spinning our tires? This franchise needs a solid, competent individual to build a strong base (GM, Scouting and Dev, coaching, analytics, etc) that starts the future now. Is he able to identify the best people available for the GM job? Can he imagine the team we ought to be? I have problems believing that he can.
  15. If you listen really closely, you can hear the tumbleweeds blowing along the Red Mile....c'mon AVs...let's get it done!
  16. The main focus has to be the GM - getting the right one will make the short- and long-term difference. In order to avoid having to rush the coaching hires (and settling for less than required), why not extend Hitch for another season (max), with the understanding that it could be less if things fall into place with a new coach. This would give the new GM flexibility and a chance to get his people.
  17. We're seeing an Eberle that didn't play here, especially in the playoffs. Now that he has to play for a contract, he's forced to raise his game. Besides, Chaisson has given us 20 goals, for a lot less $. Happy for the guy but he is where he belongs.
  18. Agreed, EF...there's TBL with 128 points this season (1st overall) and the Oilers with 79 points (25th) and the only difference in their seasons could be 4 games / round 1. Unlikely for sure. Round 1 - the black hole of the playoffs!
  19. One thing to consider in doing that buyout, is what is the status going forward of McD's "posse"...Lucic, Kassian, and Nurse? Job #1 for Lucic is to ensure teams don't take liberties with our smaller / skilled players. It's worked very well because of Milan but also the readiness of Kassian and Nurse. McD has 7 more years here....they better be healthy ones.
  20. If Krueger does return to Canada, it would likely be for something like Hockey Canada or Soccer Canada. The latter has some organizational issues / personnel to address which he would likely handle i.e. the coaching days are over. As Nochi mentioned, why come back to help a team that Skyped you?
  21. How about...using the Gio / McD example here: First, there is a tripping penalty involved. If the play then results in an injury to the puck carrier (McD), then the offending player (Gio) is suspended for the length of the injury.
  22. Hopefully, there's a chance for qualifying JP AND have him return to the Finnish league, at least for one season (seems like a win-win but who knows). Montoya and Petrovic can be released - we haven't missed them this season...expect won't miss them later. Reider is gone (per BN)...Khaira and Rattie to follow. Josh Currie and Gambardella can step in and have already shown promise. We can find another PTO/ free agent or trade for a bottom-six forward. That would reduce some of the drag on this team. More to follow in 19-20.
  23. Our problem is that we have too many roster spots for "5th line" players, ala Reider, Rattie, Khaira, JP, Brodziak, Gagner, Petrovic, Manning, and Montoya that are not marketable. (I may have missed a name or two.) It's no secret we'll need 2 years to move all those contracts out (contract expiry because trades won't work). So the only way to create space on the roster may be to waive and reassign a couple to Bakersfield. That doesn't help the cap but it could improve the roster somewhat by bringing up Condors that are ready...over 2 years. If we can bring up one forward and one Dman effectively, that's a good start. For any important trades, package this year's 1st round and next year's 1st round.
  24. The 8th pick is not a hot seller, so looks like we either package it with a prospect or a player. The focus should be on winning now and any deals that move us closer (or get rid of the drag holding us back).
  25. The playoffs....when using your face to score a goal (Pavelski) is what you do for the team. Whatever Torts was giving his guys after the first period should be on our shopping list. The only problem with the first round is that I don't have enough TV remotes to chase all the games!! Great problem to have.
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