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  1. Yeah, I don't want to be the guy that tells McD..."well we're focused on getting better in 3 years or so....". Any smart trade ideas that could include the draft pick should be the priority.
  2. Neufab....the roster issue will affect anyone coming in. Woodcroft is doing well in Bakersfield - looks like he's found a great coaching niche for himself and the organization seems to love having him there.
  3. Let's go with the Dream Team of coaches....Ralph Kruger and Todd Nelson!
  4. One key injury....one Chris Kontos.....one Ken Dryden......one missed goalie interference......and the whole thing can be up for grabs! Gotta love the playoffs!
  5. Thanks for the update, Happy. That kid is making the playoffs look easy. Fans here expected him to have a good year when he returned to junior but this is probably way beyond our expectations! Stay healthy Evan and have a great summer!
  6. The litmus test for determining how well a team has drafted is whether those prospects are able to succeed in the NHL. We have some good possibilities awaiting their turn and winning in the AHL and junior, but the biggest test is still ahead of them, so it's too early to declare any outcome. Remember that JP and Yamo were regarded as good drafting but still not making the last step....maybe they never will or maybe they're on the verge. It's a crapshoot and not entirely a science. As fans we have to accept that and hope that the hockey gods will smile kindly upon us. The biggest challenge for the scouts is trying to find young players that could rise to playing well at an adult level that offers them no advantages that they enjoyed at the junior levels (size, speed, etc). Griffin Reinhart couldn't make the change, while Leon aced it. KG brings good tools into the amateur scouting job but can't be expected to perform miracles.
  7. The press conference did not instill any confidence in me that there is strong leadership driving the process and the future of this team. Deutch nailed it with the specific issues / responses that were given. Still today, I do not know if the Oilers will be hiring a GM and president of hockey operations, or if we're looking at 2 separate positions. The only thing that is evident to me right now is that the further BN is from the hockey side, the better.
  8. What's going on, Bob? This morning (Apr 8), the Oiler press releases have you stating that Hitchcock's fate will be decided by the new / incoming GM. Then 2 hours later, we're told that Hitch won't be returning as coach. If they want to improve communications, they may want to start with you! Unreal...we keep looking like a mickey mouse organization more each day.
  9. Watching the playoffs without the Oilers is disappointing; however, it gives us a chance to follow our other favourite teams until June. The first round is usually the wildest, surprise-filled, and most exciting round as teams desperately try to climb the ladder. Post your thoughts, reactions, and predictions here. West Flames vs Avs VGK vs Sharks Jets vs Blues Stars vs Preds East Canes vs Caps CBJ vs TBL Pens vs Islanders Leafs vs Bruins Enjoy everyone....and keep your sticks on the ice!
  10. Thanks for the thread, OJF....nice to have a chance at a mini-exit review... For me it was the goaltending by a mile. First Talbot (very disappointing) then he passed the baton to Koskinen (not impressed). With most of the other players on the team that had bad-to-middling seasons (Lucic, JP..others), it's easier to work around that, With a goalie, it's impossible to hide the problems, let alone behind this defence. That hurt us big time. There were many also-rans in the award, but enough for now.
  11. OJF...think folks are ready to see Joel Persson take a shot at the 3rd pairing. Not counting on Bear to be ready but him and Bouchard can stew in Bakersfield next season.
  12. I'm just hoping / praying that McD or Drai doesn't suffer a serious injury in these meaningless games. Would be nice to see Drai and McD grab some serious points, but otherwise...yawn. P.S. thanks for the GDT, BFD.
  13. "But Benning is +11....he's doing great". And that's how sarcasm turns to someone believing it. By that logic, someone would rather have Benning than Nurse (he's -6), or Chabot (-9), Krug (-2) or Doughty (-32). Just watching him play makes you check the tv listings to see whether you're watching the NHL or a beer league tryout. The only reason he's still up is that he's RH....and that's flimsy as his passing is risky (onto the tape of the other team) or iced. Be gone Benning.
  14. Good news Bro-lo...the management (aw shucks) committee signed Shutout Tutor to a 4 yr NMC $16 m contract. The side bet is how many games does he play before they realize they could have had him for $60 from any sports shop.
  15. Hopefully the kids in Bakersfield are the ones sending the message.
  16. Flames Fans (you know who you are)....as the season draws to an official close in a few days, I've finally forced myself to eat humble pie and say "well done, Flames...a much better than expected finish to this season"! The team has grown leaps and bounds this year and there's probably a few good reasons for that (eg. Bill Peters). The off-season analysis will likely identify a few more. My personal penance is that I hope Giordano wins the Norris. His body of work this season should be recognized (and I've always liked him). I need a tissue......
  17. When the Dallas Stars' CEO ripped Benn and Seguin in the media, he got backlash from all corners - even though he went after the "big boys", guys who had inflence on the team. Nicholson's actions are troubling because of the type of comment (specific player blaming - his team) and the target of his comment. So much finger pointing...so little responsibility in this franchise.
  18. 16 teams in the playoffs...15 teams out, including Edmonton. Our playoff run has likely hurt our drafting odds somewhat, so we're in a hockey limbo. Oh well, they say the draft is deeper this year (top 10 spots) so there could be some good that comes of this. If management is counting, this makes 12 seasons we've been out since 2006....anybody home?????
  19. If this was the Oilers' version of "take no prisoners" hockey, time to clean off the golf clubs.
  20. I know this is (ANOTHER) must win game but tonight I'd like the team to forget about playoff standings. Just go out and hang a great big jeezus lickin' on those Yotes! That team has jerked us around some many times, it would be nice to just get some real revenge on the scoreboard. Run up the score, etc. And when they pull the goalie, put Reider out there.
  21. I've been impressed with Sekera's return - surprised how seamless it's been. Considering he has to cover the other team's players and cover for Benning, Sek is walking on water.
  22. Good point, C2G regarding the team thinking it's skilled... this TEAM is neither quick nor skilled by comparison to the top teams. If they don't bring the lunch buckets, they ain't eating.
  23. Good thread and well presented, Troutlake! All the above discussions apply to some extent - in my view, the defensive part was the most noticeable. Seems we had way more games since 16-17 that featured soft goals against more consistently, poorer PK and less effective backchecking. Also, we gave up some character in the likes of Hendricks.
  24. Time to strap the pads on Russell.....a stick and puck just cause him a lot of problems.
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