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  1. The linesman's clothesline on Jamie Benn last night....right out of 3 stooges!
  2. I agree, Blackhawk. What drives me crazy is that the players know this...they've seen it work...they've talked that way....the message has been consistent...yet, they ignore it. Game after game. Only to say "we gotta improve our game" after every loss. What does that say about the players?
  3. Oilers are out of a wildcard spot by 6 pts (that used to be 3 pts a short while ago). We're trending in the wrong direction. Benning, Rattie and Khaira are questionable for tonight due to various owies and bo-bos. No info on the possible lineup for tonight. Malkin is out due to a suspension. GO OILERS !!!!!!!!
  4. I recall in the 80's that Gretzy referred to an NHL organization (believe it was NJ) as a "mickey mouse organization"....man, that karma can be a cruel beech!
  5. Last night's game was just dismal - we were on our heels from start to finish. In some ways, I can see Hitchcock being very cautious in his game prep....defending mode...hoping to limit the damage. I prefer the "take it to them" approach. We're not a strong team either way, but maybe the pace could work to our advantage.
  6. I realize we've all been saying that, unless the player's name is McDavid, they can be traded. But trading Drai would mean that we're no longer building - just looking for opportunities. Even if Drai doesn't center his own line, having two 30+ goal scorers together is not a problem. Besides, his ceiling is still higher. He's way too high a price to pay just to move Lucic. Perhaps we're "trying" too hard to trade Lucic if we have to give up good assets to do so. The new GM should just put Lucic's contract aside for now - we have more immediate and easier problems to deal with. We need to work out a realignment of new players, prospects, and our core players...build the team we're moving forward with over the next 2 years. And if Lucic's contract is the only problem after that, then we've come a long way!
  7. We could trade Chiasson for a good pick and sign him after July.
  8. If the Leafs offer / sign Marner at or near the $10m mark, it will mean that: 1. Drai's contract is a bargain already, and 2. Dubas is taking the expressway to Cap Hell.
  9. Good question, VO. I don't see trade values for many of the players but waiving some players might help (eg. Benning). We have hurt ourselves with contract buyouts and probably should avoid that until we have some cap flexibility (we're still paying $1.6 m for Pouliot and Gryba). But changes must be inevitable.
  10. Does the GM have to find talent or does he manage the product? If he has to find the talent, then credible hockey experience is an asset (Kelly McCrimmon for example) However, if he simply manages the product (signings, caps, trades, etc.) and has a process for locating / identifying talent, then direct hockey experience is of lesser interest. In the latter case, it makes sense to get a successful /proven player agent to manage the product. I can picture the player agent scenario, whereby that person is working with an asst GM to assess and evaluate talent; with scouts and the farm team to gather and develop; and with the CEO to plan the product. His experience in dealing with contracts, knowing team management dynamics and understanding the NHL world seems suited to the job.
  11. True enough, Sunder. All I'm saying is that McDavid has done what he can to commit himself to this team. If we blow it, then it's on us.
  12. As bad as the finish in the last game was - took the wind right out of me - I'm hopeful tonight that we get past that (like a bad taco going through the system). Apart from sitting out spare players, Hitchcock is not using the press box to send messages to players. If we want any chance of stemming crappy play on the ice, we have to be serious and consistent about the message. GO OILERS !!!!!!! Thanks for the GDT, Fogolin.
  13. Agreed...Point is there to stay....he's a difference maker, unlike RNH.
  14. The NHL and the CBA are committed to a cap system that is tied to hockey revenues. Period. The owners are not about to throw good business sense out the door for any one team (otherwise, they would have done a lot more for Arizona to avoid those struggles). Besides, if the cap is raised precariously (unsupported by actual revenues), that means higher escrows for the players which they would vehemently oppose. Escrow will be a major hitch in the new CBA, as the players want it to be reduced.
  15. McD signed on with the Oilers for 8 years, which shows his commitment to the team and its future. Matthews signed for 5 years with the Leafs being somewhat committed but not entirely. Thanks Connor....we owe you big time!!!!!!!
  16. Once JP is qualified after this season, the difference won't be big enough to matter.
  17. Larsson and JP for Parayko. Larsson's ceiling is too low and JP may never figure the NHL game out.
  18. The next CBA should have a clause that if a forward doesn't score a goal, his contract is reduced by 20% as well as the cap hit. Watching Reider brought that to mind.
  19. Close-but-no-cigar in Philly to ?????? in Montreal, a day later. The Habs have been doing well of late and having lost on Saturday, will be anxious to get the points. The Oilers are still in the vice and the pressure gets tighter. Koskinen is expected to get the start and we may (?) see Klefbom's return in this one. GO OILERS !!!!!!!
  20. The only thing in the water is the reflection of the people behind this mess.
  21. While the Oilers are in the process of hiring a new GM, there are a couple of other areas they need to pay attention to, likely during the offseason. 1. Head of pro scouting. This has proven to be a failure with this organization and just looking at the carousel of failed attempt to land serviceable and useful pros, underlines the problem. We desperately need to improve here. 2. Goal tending coach. Although it's hard to say how much of the demise of our tenders can be attributed to the coach, the position needs to be reviewed and re-evaluated before we move forward. 3. Cap Manager. I'm sure that PC is perfectly capable of creating his own mess & demise, but we have a manager that is supposed to be on top of cap issues, player options, etc. Has he been ignored by PC, or did PC lose confidence in the incumbent? That needs to be reviewed as well, and improved if necessary. Priority is the GM position of course and his attention to these other areas should happen when it's appropriate. Working with KG, they should be able to identify and address the rest. Now...how do we convince Bob Nicholson that the problem "isn't in the water", but right under his nose! four years on board and he has no clue!
  22. Through my rose-coloured glasses, I see the Oilers as a team that can make the playoffs this year and - by upgrading 2 forward positions - could have a good run. Sure that assumes a lot of things (Kosk playing lights out for eg.), but it's not improbable.
  23. First job for the interim GM - get rid of Manning. The dressing room needs character, bonding and trust. Moving Manning out helps bring that along. Another PC classic!
  24. Whoever manages the Cirque de Soleil.
  25. Pillotte...I think the answer is Bob Nicholson. His regime...his people...his responsibility.
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