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  1. Ah, the rumour d'jour....as expected, there will be lots of those floating around! In Ottawa's case, it could make sense as Anderson is 33, at high market value, and Lehrner (sp?) could be the future. Any trade would likely involve getting an experienced one in return (Fasth?), as the load could be too heavy for Lehrner. IMO, if the Oilers have a choice, they will try to find the 2nd Centre first. Driesaital is really struggling and out of his element - this is causing line problems for the coaches and holding the team back. Going back to the Bergland (St Lou), that's making more sense to me right now. He's not a great fit but we're desperate down the middle.
  2. Oily, I agree fully with your take on this, regarding the change at the top. Works way better than "slash and burn" approach, and has an order and logic that facilitates the other changes. In fact, IMO I believe that Nicholson has been working on assessments, structure and identifying opportunities, etc for Katz. He's qualified, well connected and a good hockey head. Could be exciting looking down the road.
  3. This is a season that's tough to watch. I keep hope for the future but this year, I can only enjoy small tidbits like a line that comes together for a game or two and shows signs of potential....a good defensive play....a tremendous save...that kind of stuff. It never happens in bunches and sometimes it seems like a mirage when it does happen. Hope the kids can hang in there...grow and develop somehow, and come out of this for the better. There are lots of reasons for this state of affairs (see the various topics/threads), and the thing that keeps me going is the draft. And the sense that the organization will change, improve and start becoming a winner. In the meantime, ouch!
  4. There's some buzz going around that we're talking to St Louis about Bergland /Eberle....has anyone heard more about this?
  5. Pat Quinn had a great hockey history. I recall seeing him play with the Oil Kings (the original version of the '60s) . Never flashy, never looking to score - he simply took care of his own end and his team mates. Glen Sather owed PQ his life on a couple of occasions! In an era that was starting to see the Orrs, Sandersons, Hulls, etc., it was great to see a quiet, formidable lunk find his place in the NHL too. May you have a foot in heaven, before the devil knows you're dead...RIP.
  6. "Never" and "always" are absolutes that seldom work in the real world, especially in pro sports.
  7. Let's not dig out too far! Sure the team / organization is a shambles but this is a generational draft year! After all this team, owner and organization and the fans have been through, let's make the best of it. Tank (rock bottom) for McDavid (or Eikel) and get our ducks in a row acquiring the players/coaches needed. I know that sounds callous and uncaring, but IMO that is best course of action available. If we tinker our way into 28th or even 25th place, for example, what have we really gained? Why throw away a chance at the best draft in hockey in years?
  8. Expect this to be an interim measure only, until the end of the season. A new head coach will bring his own people later.
  9. Small, but important, step for the future. Watch our goalies change from using "bad choreography" to covering the net - expect to see more top-side coverage, for a start. And aggressive blue paint presence. Like the change!
  10. Haven't seen a news release about this....or is it wishful thinking?
  11. This Team needs experience, track record and ability to utilize personnel effectively...Mess is not an answer in any of those respects. Personally (ideally), I'd love to get Babcock when he becomes available at the end of this season. Unfortunately, the Leafs will pursue him as well. We'll need big bucks and giving him more than just coaching authority. Will the egos in our offices be able to choke that down? Will the owner have the guts regardless? Stay tuned.
  12. IMO it doesn't matter where you start - front or back - as long as you commit fully to getting #1 players in all cases. In terms of centre, we need to end up with a Toews or Getzlaff level of quality - anything less, is just a filler. Same approach on D and G. I'm concerned that we'll settle for less on D and C and bet all the marbles on a #1 G. That may get you into the playoffs but won't go the distance.
  13. I think we all realized when Eakins Was hired that he would need more time - no NHL or Oilers background. We talk about rookie players needing at least 200 games before we can fully assess them, why would it be any less with coaches? Their job is more complex, their tool box has to be bigger, and their skills broader. I would rather have a rookie coach that has the potential to become really good with his team, even if that takes longer. In the meantime, he's dealing with tough situations (eg, setting up the 6 D-men....trying to get the right players on each line...and getting PP/ pK systems that work effectively). If we can add a #1 goalie, Dman and #2 centre, there won't be many questions about the coaching.
  14. IMO, there's always a spot for him. He gives the bench a lift, works hard, and keeps folks honest. Our young guys play with more zip when he's around. Also, takes some pressure off Hendricks in "policing" the ice. Welcome back, Gaz!
  15. Good question, Windsor. Yak has been a coaching dilemma since he arrived. Your observations about his play seem pretty accurate. IMO, he needs to be in a situation where he is the "go to guy" in the offensive end. When he's "sharing" the offensive load with the likes of the 1st line, he seems very unsure and lost at times. Alternatively, if he's the key trigger with 2 helpers, he can freewheel and dictate the play more. There was a comment recently that said Yak has to get more shots on net. Well, it's tough to make shots from the bench ( he's seeing about 14 minutes a game)...and a lot of those minutes are played in our end. I think playing defensively has been over stressed in his case - just have him cover the points then he's in position for a breakout play. Keep him high in our end - look for the break pass in the middle. God knows we have enough players playing low and staring at the puck.
  16. Win or lose, the Oilers let the Canucks get away with too much cheap and chippy play. I'm thinking in terms of Bieksa and Kassian for the most part. Until we respond in kind, our young / smaller forwards won't try to make the plays in favour of self preservation. I'm not advocating goon hockey - just send the message and play on. When you stand up to them, they generally wilt...when you don't they feed off it. Thoughts?
  17. The NHL playoffs reward teams that play Thunderdome hockey ( bring a total game into the pit...ala the Kings and Blackhawks), rather than pond hockey (passes that go anywhere, loose defence in own zone, and pretty skating). Until the Oilers can handle teams like the Kings and Hawks, regardless of the rosters and coaches, then we're only playing 82 games and fulfilling a TV contract.
  18. Now that we have some confidence and attitude, and some willingness to work hard, we'll need that for our extended "rodeo" road trip. I think the boys are seeing what it takes to compete but they need to ramp it up a notch for the west / pacific teams. BTW, Scrivens looked sharp out there - good positioning, good flow and no panic. A whole different look than a month ago!!!
  19. Seems the layoff slowed the boys down in the first (especially the PP) but finding their legs now. Nice goal Yak! By the way, is Eberle asleep or playing stealth out there?
  20. Lots of frustration and I share that. There are some overriding considerations related to making changes: 1. Players in their prime don't want to come here. They prefer to be in the playoffs; have less travel; and avoid "rebuilds". Those players on their last legs will come for a price only (witness our signings over the summer). 2. Prospective coaches will look at our hiring record and say "no thanks". They don't see a strong plan in place here, nor the management savvy to execute such a plan. 3. Players want the best of both worlds - good contending teams and great places to live. As a result, player agents don't put Edmonton (or Winnipeg, Phoenix, or Florida ) on their radar.
  21. Over the last two seasons, i've only wanted two things of the Oiler organization: 1. That management and coaches stop trying to feed us pablum - we can see what's actually going on. 2. That the team stop playing ringette - they all hold professional hockey contracts. Sadly, I'm still looking for those two things!
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