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  1. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    GDT: Oilers @ Blues 6 PM (MT) Tues, Mar 19.18 SN1

    He wasn't horrible, he was honest and we can't have that kind of negativity around here. He got shipped out more for his interviews than his play.
  2. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    GDT: Oilers @ Coyotes 8 PM (MT) Sat. Mar 16.19 HNIC

    Roll up the carpet on the season. Critical game to win in regulation and the Coilers manage up 23 shots. Brutal .
  3. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    GDT: Oilers @ Coyotes 8 PM (MT) Sat. Mar 16.19 HNIC

    The banjo music leading into the commercial was fitting...
  4. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    GDT: Leafs @ Oilers 5PM (MT) 3.9.19 HNIC

    That was a brutal period. They plugged up the neutral zone and the oil generated zero for speed.
  5. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    The Next Coach

    Get a briefcase of Katz 's cash, put mact on a plane with his best apologising lipstick and go get Todd nelson back behind the bench.
  6. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    Peter Chiarelli

    Hahaha. Now that's funny...
  7. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    Who should be the next GM?

    Who it should be and who its gonna be are defined by this very reason. Hope everybody really likes kg cause after an exhaustive search that's who were gonna get.
  8. Big_Fuzzy_Dice


    Its like slow mo. Gives him plenty of time to explain each pass .
  9. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    So What Is In The Water?

    Its clearly koolaid, they tried to sweeten it up for next years season ticket holders using the ground up corpses of a coach and a gm. Oooh and there's also the won't flush floater they pinched off last night.
  10. Big_Fuzzy_Dice


    Well statistically we can finish worse than at any time in history thanks to vegas introducing the 31st spot...
  11. Big_Fuzzy_Dice


    Who wants to come sell paper bags outside rogers next home game. Big revenue opportunities.
  12. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    Oilers resign koskinen

    So bobby burgers confirmed in his presser, kg in while they search for a new yesman, err gm...
  13. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    Chiarelli Fired!!

    So... Tsn is calling the firing " throwing the frustrated fans a bone " does that translate into " season ticket cancellations have gotten out of hand, something needed to be done" looks like the oilers are back in selling hope mode.
  14. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    Chiarelli Fired!!

    Please turn on your sarcasm font, otherwise your posts are very confusing until one realizes you can't possibly be serious.
  15. Big_Fuzzy_Dice

    Oilers resign koskinen

    Maybe they let tablet go to f.a and when nobody bites sign him to backup money, he is at the very least a known commodity and has the potential to get hot.