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  1. At the very least, send PC and TM packing! They'll probably just "promote" Gulz, and I use that term loosely... And make Keith Gretzky GM I think he's sharper than PC anyway See how that pans out the rest of season and look externally if need be later... I liked Teddy Nolan...though that's doubtful...
  2. dkers77

    GDT: OILERS @ FLAMES - 8 PM (MT) Sat, Nov 17.18 HNIC

    Agree w others. How in the world does TM not call a timeout after the tying goal, or at least the go ahead..? He can't score on those breakaways, but not calling timeout is irresponsible
  3. dkers77

    GDT: OILERS @ FLAMES - 8 PM (MT) Sat, Nov 17.18 HNIC

    Missed opportunities to put game away earlier, bad calls, and poor anticipation in our own end lost this game. Would it kill this group to at least be first to a puck or win a board battle...geez! And TM removing Rattie from Nuge line, and leaving Lucic on first line too long...didnt help
  4. dkers77

    GDT: OILERS @ FLAMES - 8 PM (MT) Sat, Nov 17.18 HNIC

    Officiating is typically terrible! Wow! What happened to officiating the last couple years..? Totally out to lunch! Hope we run over pricks like Tkachuk and Backlund! But seems like the refs have it in for us, and our PK isn't great...these first 3 mins are gonna be tough...
  5. dkers77

    GDT: OILERS @ FLAMES - 8 PM (MT) Sat, Nov 17.18 HNIC

    I agree with practice lines But new 3rd line should be : Lucic - Spooner - Marody However with Rieder's Injury, I think Spooner should play next to Nuge. Which allows Marody to audition at center...creating lines of : 2nd: Spooner - Nuge - Rattie 3rd: Lucic - Marody - Chia/Russell 1st and 4th lines remain the same as last game of course.
  6. dkers77

    Oilers Trade Strome to Rangers for Spooner

    He's not being brought in to play first line minutes. I assume he's being brought in to freshen up third line and maybe in turn help Looch, like Looch helped his play as a rookie w Bruins. He also has ability to hang on a second line w Nuge, especially w Rieder gone for the next mth or so...
  7. dkers77

    Oilers Trade Strome to Rangers for Spooner

    Great trade I mentioned him along with Pearson in another post recently as players that would be nice additions given a change of scenery... Spooner is an upgrade IMO. Faster than Strome, and I think a better fit to center 3rd line. I was hoping Lucic was somehow involved going the other way when I heard we acquired him...However maybe their familiarity will create some early chemistry..? If not I hope Looch is next... Of course he can also more effectively play wing than Strome showed here as well. Between he and Marody, 3rd pivot postion should be covered. And Marody would be a nice addition at wing also...both perhaps breathing life into a stagnant 3rd line...
  8. At least the coaching staff now agrees with me, and has moved Leon to the wing, and Nuge back to center And it's the top line I wanted with Cags on the left and Leon on the right...however in practice they had Chiasson on Nuge's right on the 2nd line...I'd rather Rattie play there...but beggars can't be choosers I guess...I liked Rieder w Leon...but Toby and Nuge should play well together, and Chiasson adds some size to win puck battles.... Not crazy about Lucic and Strome remaining together, but it looks like Marody might slide in to Stromes spot with Lucic and Rattie flanking him...hope they try Marody in the middle, even though I think he may be a winger for this club. A fresh face in that 3rd hole and night or two in the press box for Strome wouldn't upset me... Sadly the 4th line has been our best line more often than not lately and deservingly remains intact...
  9. I'd like to see Nuge back at center and Drai on McD's wing for a couple games again...but pretty sure that ain't happening...as they want Leon to be our Malkin...so in light of that, and players that should be in lineup...would like to see: Nuge - McDavid - Rattie Rieder - Draisaitl - Chiasson Cagguila - Strome - Marody Lucic - Brodziak - Kassian
  10. I would agree goaltending hasn't been the main culprit in losses this year. Play in our own zone, unnecessary turnovers up ice and non active sticks on the PK, and not finishing our own grade A chances enough when presented, have been the main issues. I will say that to my eyes, Kosk has looked better than Talbot in the wins he's procured. Perhaps just a visual thing, and I'm not saying Talb's hasn't looked good or made key saves, but it seems Kosk early has been able to make a better % of saves of the grade A variety, that keep your team in games where your perhaps underperforming in front of him... I would agree also, and said in another post, that this year isn't about making playoffs...though that would be nice obviously...I think it's more important to see PROGRESS from players who should improve....Last year we were terrible, and saw very little improvement from players other than perhaps Nurse. We need to see what players are getting better and what veterans can be solutions moving forward...because I believe next season is going to be more exciting to watch this club...and when the real next chapter of success starts for this club, when McLeod, Benson, Jones, Bouchard, Bear, Marody, and Hebig are fighting for spots in a very real way. And hopefully JP and Yams have alot of time on the farm with those players dominating in the AHL together. Creating a confident and winning atmosphere down there will be paramount to the future of this club! This year is about moving the needle forward in the right direction, perhaps even getting close to a playoff birth. I'd consider that a win, compared to last season. We need to know who fits and who doesn't? What vets are going to be the most valuable to surround this relatively young group currently here and those coming in, as mentioned above...
  11. dkers77

    Trade proposals?

    That's precisely why I said for poops and giggles...and in theory, if you read my words. A hypothetical exercise if you will. Obviously not all that wouldn't happen in the middle of a season... Really my main point was by injecting a couple smart speedy players who can play up and down lineup, and giving our 3rd line a different look it would be more desirable, and freeing up some cap next year to sign an important piece would be a nice luxury... One of these moves is still however possible involving Lucic and/or Strome, but may involve a different team or players than proposed... Though I don't have much hope PC can pull any of these moves off...
  12. Your both right Talbot has not looked like a #1 goalie Koskinen has looked better and should get more starts, as a result. If he gets hot, ride him till he cools off or needs a break...then put Talbot back in and see how hungry he is to regain his supposed #1 status. And our finish is awful. I'm not sure I remember more grade A chances in games we've managed to lose than Ive seen this year. We've made others teams backup tenders look like the second coming of Marty Brodeur...We can't expect PTOs and streaky players to consistently provide secondary scoring while grade A chances are not being buried by players with large salaries who are paid to do so and fail...Lucic has 1 goal, and only 2 in last 60 games! Nuge of whom I'm a huge fan of what he does only has 3...hes over a point a game with a bunch of helpers...but he needs to bury more of those chances as well...Strome isn't getting enough chances and snakebitten when he does...and you could lump Rieder in there too Lately I don't think our defence as been awful in these losses, as much as the forwards have been directly to blame for their own missed assignments or giveaways...especially at each blue line...and we could go into puck support or lack there of...etc... But I think TM had the right idea as the game went on, moving Nuge back to center and moving Leon to wing. I was at the front of the line calling for Nuge to ride shotgun with McD, but you may know how I feel about Leon being an elite winger and only a good center...as well, and I think it's time to do something like the following for next game... Caggulia - McDavid - Draisaitl Rieder - Nuge - Rattie Lucic - Strome - Chiasson Khaira - Brodziak - Kassian I believe they should send kids to farm but I liked JP on the 4th line, for the simple fact it teaches him how to grind out a cycle using his big frame with those guys which will help him when he eventually plays with more skilled linemates again...I think for that reason it's a good learning tool for him for now...if they do keep him up...
  13. dkers77

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    Yes, as far as I can tell Rust doesn't have NMC, and I'm thinking Lucic would agree to trade to Pens...
  14. dkers77

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    I heard PC was at a couple Pens games, and Rutherford may want to shake things up..? If anything it's likely to be a one for one trade... But just for poops and giggles... Here's a couple one for ones I'd do...any and all of them in theory...would help playoff push Lucic 2.5 retained (3.5M) for Rust (3.5M) - same money, similar term for Pens...Pens get a premium policeman that they've missed since Reaves. We get a speedster who can play up and down lineup... Strome (3.1M) for Sheahan (2.1M) - similar players, similar pedigree...who may complement their new teams wingers on 3rd line better than the former...and we save 1M. 3rd for Hagelin (4M) - Another veteran speedster who can play up and down lineup... Kassian for 3rd (Carolina) - Carolina have cap space and could use some muscle. We get our 3rd back... Lineup: Nuge - McDavid - Rattie Rieder - Draisaitl - Rust - 2 speedsters flanking Leon would be deadly on the forecheck... Hagelin - Sheahan - Caggulia - totally different 3rd line to work with...good hockey sense and speed on both sides... Khaira - Brodziak - Chiasson Marody I honestly think in any of these deals, Rutherford would be asking for Caggulia or JP back...in that case Marody is a smart player who could fill in that 3rd line...if another ready body isn't coming back...but would hate to lose the Drake...and obviously a deal involving JP would change proposals above as well...This is what I'd propose if I was PC... These deals work for both clubs currently against the cap. And may even give us ability to move a Hagelin at deadline should he not fit...as he'd be a cheap rental for someone at that point, and we could get a prospect or pick back for...and helps Pens at deadline as well... Sheahan's contract ends this year, as does Hagelin's...and we save what we would have paid Strome and Kassian till 2020... Allowing us to spend or attract a top 6 forward or 4 hole Dman. McLeod likely slots in at 3rd line center next year anyway, if we don't re-sign Sheahan...or even better if Sheahan is good in Oiler silks he'd be a great 4th line center, replacing Brodz. These deals look like they change team's drastically but really it would benefit all clubs involved, and works salary wise...and the introduction of a couple new players for each the Pens and Oilers shouldn't mess with chemistry for either in a negative way... That lineup above would be awesome IMO.