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  1. Quoting myself here to revise, or clarify...if only for my own satisfaction. 1. When I suggested we draft a player like Lavoie, I'm suggesting trading down...if there's a player on one of those clubs we could use, and using that pick on an older draftee like Lavoie.. Certainly if a Cozens or Zegras falls to us at 8, and Ken decides to take the player, I won't be disappointed. In case anyone read this, and thought I was off my rocker. I tried to revise immediately after, but couldn't.
  2. I mentioned in another post the Oilers should do this if no other trade is possible, because each player needs a change of scenery, and Eriksson has more offensive game that could help 3rd line. He can also kill penalties...but I totally forgot to mention the Tippett connection. Obviously he's not the player Tippett once had, but could have at least one good season under old coach, and would be more attractive to buy out, if things don't work out, as he has one less year than Lucic. All that said, another possibility may be a 3 way trade of inter divisional rivals. This is highly unlikely, but may actually make sense for each team and each player involved... Lucic to Vancouver Eriksson to Calgary Neal to Edmonton However, Neal's contract is more attractive to buyout over the next couple seasons, than Erickson's, but actually is more than Erickson's in the long run. So short term less attractive to Calgary, but long term becomes more attractive. For Edmonton, it's a win over keeping Lucic, and certainly provides a better buyout option if Neal doesn't rediscover some of his scoring touch. For Vancouver, they may require a sweetener in the form of a pick coming back...so between these 3 players and picks...could make sense for everyone involved..?
  3. Ya I would tend to agree the proposal may have to include an add from our side...but a deal involving these two players would be plausible in some way, shape or form...
  4. Puljujarvi for Zacha. Both RFA first round picks who haven't exactly lit it up...but have great upside still... Zacha can play center or wing which is more valuable to us, than Jersey since they'll draft Hughes...though they may want to move Zacha to wing...which is what I'd be tempted to do next to Nuge...but if we don't get a 3rd line center like Haula/Eakin/Filppula...then Zacha is more capable of slotting in as 3C, than anyone else we have, giving Tippett the continued option of playing Leon w Connor... 2nd Line..? Zacha - Nuge - ? 3rd line..? Nygard - Zacha - ? Zacha would be a good option if we can't sign a player like Ferland..etc, to flank Nuge. If fact may be a great low cost option, but not sure if Jersey is a willing partner..?
  5. Here's my 2 cents... Sign a proven goalie to play 30 + games. Top choices: Elliott or Varlarmov. Trade Benning for winger. Example: C.Brown. Trade Khaira to team looking for forwards on the cheap because of cap issues. Example: Vegas. Khaira + for Haula or Eakin. Vegas will move one of them...both 1 year from UFA, but can fill 3C this year. Good stop gaps for McLeods development. Qualify Puljujarvi, to retain rights. Unless there's a desirable hockey trade to be made... Use 8th pick to select Rapheal Lavoie. There's other RW's rated slightly higher, but ones Yamamoto 2.0, and the other will attend Boston college for up to 4 years...Lavoie is an older draftee, whom could make the jump sooner IMO. A little off the board at 8, but had a great Memorial Cup... Sign UFA like Ferland for upwards of 4M...other notables in that range or less: Donskoi, Connolly, Filppula, Tanev, Panik, etc... Trade or buyout Russell, I think it makes more sense than Sekera...we get nailed next year, but less cap hit in the long run, and more relief this year. Trade would be preferable. Make the Lucic for Eriksson trade. IF NO BETTER TRADE OPTION TO SHED SALARY IS POSSIBLE! Example: 3 way trade w cap floor team and add'l team Lucic will play for...I understand the intangibles Looch brings to the table as a peace keeper, but I think both these guys need a change of scenery...its just not working out. Plus if things get chippy, we have Kassian, Nurse, and potentially Ferland...thats more than some clubs...Eriksson brings more offensive creativity to a 3rd line role, and can also kill penalties, and perhaps help countryman Nygard, as a veteran presence on that line...Having said all that, if we're stuck with the big man, perhaps he can revitalize his play somewhat under Tippett... Hypothetical Lineup Example: Draisaitl - McDavid - C.Brown Ferland - Nuge - Kassian Nygard - Haula/Eakin - Eriksson Benson/Gambs - Marody - Gagner Klefbom - Larsson Nurse - Jones Sekera - Persson/Bear/Bouchard Lagesson/Vet? Koskinen - Varlamov/Elliott These moves and examples above work within the cap, including old buyouts...
  6. I don't see why Detroit does this... They have Larkin and Athanasiou down the middle... And would have to pay more for Nuge's versatility I guess...
  7. I'd like to see some of the following: A deal involving Benning for C.Brown Makes sense for both clubs. Puljujaarvi + 3rd for Burakovsky UFA forwards that may be moving : RW: Nyquist - obvious history w/ Holland...but wouldnt pay $6M tag RW: Donskoi, Connelly - cheaper options can play top 6 mins... LW: Ferland, love his aggressive play, and he's a fellow Manitoban...will cost north of $4M... LW: Dzingel - could be $4M as well...bit of an enigma...bad playoff, but steadily improved last couple seasons and has great wheels... LW: Panik - cheaper option can play top 6 mins... CENTER: Filppula - skilled vet can still play. Could be a good stop gap to center 3rd line until McLeod is ready. Sign B.Elliott - reasonable vet backup who can still play up to 30 games... Would rather sign Mrazek who I've been trying to fake acquire for 4 years...or McElhinney, but if I was Carolina, I'd be signing both of them. Trade Khaira for a pick, or resign for depth. Dump Lucic if at all possible..? May involve a 3 way with cap floor team and 3rd team he's willing to play for... If not insert him on 4th line. I'd rather see some of the forwards listed below make the jump, than watch Lucic and other underwhelming vets again... Benson, Gambardella, Marody, P.Russell, up front and Jones, Bear, Persson, Bouchard...on the backend. Perhaps not ideal in some cases, but most of these players have played at least one AHL season. Maybe more time is required for a couple of them though... I'm fine with 4/5 graduates from a great pro season on the farm in the lineup, than signing more veterans who aren't as full of piss and vinegar and eager to learn under new bench boss... I realize footspeed may be an issue with Marody, etc...but these are smart players, and have some chemistry together at least... Trade K.Russell or Sekera, whom also might be a buyout option... I'd keep one of them to play the left side on the 3rd pairing with young defender making the jump... Lineup something like this: Nuge - McDavid - Kassian Ferland? - Drai - Brown? Burakovsky? - Drai - Donskoi? Dzingel/Panik? - Drai - Connolly? Benson/Gamb - Filppula - Gagner Gamb/Lucic - Marody - P.Russell Cave, Currie, Khaira... Klefbom - Larsson Nurse - Jones Sek/Russ - Persson/Bear/Bouch Koskinen - Elliott
  8. I'm fine with Keith remaining with the Organization, perhaps remaining as Asst. GM, much like they kept MacT around...which garners mixed reviews even from myself...Seems they've done a good job of amateur scouting and restocking Bakersfield with competitive young talent...with more coming.... I don't know how realistic it is with Keith remaining as Asst.GM, when new GM is chosen..? My biggest issue, and everyone else's is the obvious lack of success on the pro scouting side... Perhaps a Sean Burke replaces Sutter, etc... I'm not sure about Holland, but he's one of the only candidates that's done the job for several years...thats available. This is a mess that needs someone with a ton of experience I think...to be hired as GM or at least as POHO overseeing and mentoring a first time GM as a tandem... I'm not sure why Hextall was never mentioned..? I wouldve considered him.
  9. I actually like Remenda. I don't understand the hate on for this guy..? He's knowledgeable and tells it straight...thats what I want from an analyst. I don't want some homer selling sunshine and rainbows, and making excuses when the team is playing crappy... I also like Kevin and DeBrusk... Geno's good too...but he's gotta lose the terrible shtick and props...yikes! It's almost as embarrassing as those jerks in Carolina's post game celly's!
  10. I approve Lineup from morning skate: Kassian - McDavid - DraisaitlGambardella - Nuge - GagnerKhaira - Cave - ChiassonLucic - Brodziak - Rieder I think Gams could be a good complementary player in the top 9 going forward...Smart players whom cost little, are good on the boards and can make quick heads up plays to their perhaps more skilled linemates if playing with the big 3, is going to be paramount for this team next season... Marody and Benson could be added to the short list of these type of players as well...with Benson having the highest upside of course...and I think he'll be ready out of camp. I look forward to seeing those players in the lineup... Would like to see forward lineup more like this next season: Nuge/Drai - McDavid - Kassian Benson - Drai/Nuge - Nyquist/Donskoi Gambardella - Marody - Chiasson Khaira - Cave - Gagner I'm not sure I wouldn't rather have a Filppula type center the 3rd line, but it would be nice to see if these guys can continue their chemistry and success at the next level as well...which also may be dictated by cap... We need to see a couple of young puck movers make the jump on the backend as well. 2 of Jones, Lagesson and Persson...hopefully by moving out Russell to make room in more ways than one... Larsson hasn't been good this season, but my guess is, he voices back... Maybe backend looks like: Klefbom - Larsson Nurse - Jones Sekera - Benning Lagesson, Persson
  11. I really like Gams game since this call up too Good complementary player
  12. It was deflected...but still looked bad Maybe he should just wear another blocker on that hand...yikes!
  13. Irrelevant at this point...but I like the lines...
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