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  1. Wow. Thanks Evil!! That was such a spectacular interview!! Many have said for years how much Edm needed that mentor and it looks like Chia hit a homerun with Lucic. He knows his role and what needs to be done. It all starts in that dressing room. Listening to this and knowing what Belanger said about his time here and about vets, change is inevitable. Although this is a Lucic thread I still want to give Maroon respect also. Those games we beat SJ and LA, in his interviews talking about what the Oil needed to do to win and how he stressed to the team on how to play, he sounds like another very vocal player. Lucic and Maroon should really dominate that dressing room is my bet. Good times ahead
  2. Great video. Tx. So excited for this guy. It's amazing how much he looks like Claude Giroux lol.
  3. So are trying to get into a peeing match to get posters to believe u more lol?Well ur already wrong in one part here as one of Yaks goals came on a direct assist from McD on the pp. And that's by memory, but pretty sure I'm right
  4. ^so is that how you remember it or you just being argumentative? I'm not trying to convince anyone of a anything. But if anyone tries to claim Yak and McD were razzling and dazzling the other teams in the offensive zone, they'd be lying as that was not the case. Yak was contributing in the neutral zone mostly.
  5. I wouldn't say tbat, no. I remember that line vividly. Yak was playing responsible d and made some great and responsible first neutral zone plays but for the most part worked very hard to make sure he trailed behind the play as to hope McD found him hitting a seam. In the offensive zone there was very little,at best, plays going on between Yak and McD.
  6. Everytime Chia talks about Larsson he always adds that we in this community know little about him. I interpret this as we seriously got a hell of a player. By mid season he could be a legit#1. If the guy even mimics his game last year, we will floored how much impact it will have.
  7. ^Comparing Yaks points to Ebs with McD is unjust imo. Yaks points were mostly second assists I believe. Also, just going by memory, Yaks contributions came mostly in the neutral zone. After that is was McD and Poo. Although they had the same points you say, Ebs line was still more dominant and produced more chances from what I remember.
  8. Nope. I have no value. I am not the one who brags that I have been an allstar dman like yourself. Lefty/righty...it don't matter. C2G can do it all! I bet you have as much value as Yaskupov right now
  9. When Larsson is out there 25min a night batting pucks away and making tape to tapes to McD nobody will even remember that Hall played here. Alot of posters will not appreciate him till they see him controlling games. Just like Hamonic, most fan bases outside of their own have no clue just how valuable and appreciated players like this are. Eyes will be opened very soon. He will be a fan fav by Dec imo.
  10. http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/nail-yakupov-edmonton-oilers Bahahaha. Yakupov is a hard worker. Eberle has no heart. lol. Who makes up this crap?
  11. ^Terrible and false argument. Chia said he's been pounding the pavement to find a top dman. That means he has been working on this for awhile. Can't see how you turn that into panic and first available trade? He was in on Subban. He talked to St. Louis. He talked to Minny. he talked to Buf and Philly. Probably alot more that we haven't even heard of. He said he's been following Larsson for almost a year. That is not panic. That is due dilegence But please, tell us who you think Chia could have waited to get for Hall?
  12. When Marincin signs another entry level contract Windsor will still try and convince everyone he is Pronger 6.0
  13. Hemer /Joey is a wash. That trade makes no sense I still take Hemer tho as he is is a brilliant mind and is a Flyers fan. Brother from another...
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