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  1. Judging after 8:16 TOI. You should become an oilers scout.great work
  2. PullRV looks l ike a nhl player. Same with Davidson and juju. Good news
  3. Didn't want to start a new Eberle/PC controversy. It was just a move I didn't get 100%. Thats all. If cap space is raising we should be a contender within the next 3-4 years. IMO it will be a plus to have our top two guys on long contracts then...
  4. 4-2-1 Thanks
  5. Heard today that cap space will raise to 78 - 82 mil...good thing. One thing I dont get: Was there any need to trade Eberle before the season even started? cap wise, contract wise? Dont get that move...
  6. Flyers with the fewest GA 5on5 . Crazy..... 6:3 Oil
  7. ....Will be UFA in 2019. Giving away drai for basically nothing...Great idea.
  8. Optimistic point of view: Could be the turning point of the season. They have to start acting like a team again. now. With LB in goal everybody has to step up. Next two weeks are crucial. 4:2 oil
  9. Lifting his skates?
  10. 7-0-0 last chance.......
  11. Matt Rupert is -9 down in the ECHL. Will never make it. Nightmare
  12. According to a repeat offender on OMB . of the worst line combinations in 2017/18 so far: Sheary - Crosby - Pasternak Domi - O‘Reilly - Zuccarello Pacioretty - Dvorak - Radulov Debrusk - Zibanejad - Andrighetto Letang - Ekman-Larsson Weber - Shattenkirk Goligoski - Krug Combined +/- of -164!!!! (-9,111111 average +/- per player) They look like AHL material...GMs get rid of them.. Combined points scored 218. (12,1111 average points per player) all information is supplied without guarantee....
  13. Same happened with Draisaitl....and it was working for him...