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  1. 6-0-1 for me please
  2. You may be right......but a full time NHL head coach who is working with Letestu day in, day out thinks differently about him: “If I was going to pick an individual in the locker-room who eventually could lead a team somewhere as a coach, using his hockey acumen or his IQ, I’d say it would be Test,” said the Oilers bench boss. “When we talk about Test, he’s a very bright hockey player. He understands concepts, he can make adjustments personally and within the group.”
  3. From After finishing without a point in the Game 6 loss, Getzlaf has no goals and three assists in his past nine Game 6s and 7s. He's a minus-9 in those losses.. lets go oilers
  4. A little bit. But they were not that bad last game. If you look at the scoring chances they had.... Could be the last game for at least one of them.....
  5. 6:3 oilers Nuge,ebs,pou with 4 points,ebs with the gwg. Oh yes.
  6. Crosby went down short before the contact. No time to react for the defender imo. If there would not has been contact with ovi before there would not be any complains about that crosscheck. It was a head shot but no intention here imo.
  7. Did you check the betting odds? Oilers are in the mix....
  8. Last game the stick lifting by drai with 2 mins to go....
  9. Oilers in 6 with 31 goals. Thanks for the presidents trophy. At first i wanna thank my family......
  10. 6:3 Oilers in 6 And I will take the crown guys ;-)
  11. It should be drat. Its as simple as that ;-)
  12. On the board and in the media the highs are too high the lows are to low. After three games it could have been 3-0 either way... Now we got a best-of-3 with home ice advantage. Dont think draisaitl will be suspended. They have to regroup und get game 4 out of their heads.....and start scoring at even strength... Oilers in six....
  13. Its not fair. LD had a jump-start. I think he never shaved again after start of the regular season ;-)
  14. Did some homework: if i am not wrong last years PO goals average was about 5.2 or 5.3. In the first round about 5. Oilers in 6 with 31 goals....;-)
  15. A question: Right number of games just counts if you pick the correct winner?