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  1. Prediction Thread

    5-1-1 thank you very much
  2. Oilers Vs Habs 12/23/2017

    FYI, a new set of predictions starts tonight. 5 : 2 oil
  3. Prediction Thread

    Well done bronco ;-) 6-1-0 please
  4. Imagine the blues would have scored against the drai line in the dying seconds of the game.......the could the damn coach let the minus 2 line on the ice...aso a lot of opportunists/haters out there....
  5. Judging after 8:16 TOI. You should become an oilers scout.great work
  6. PullRV looks l ike a nhl player. Same with Davidson and juju. Good news
  7. Didn't want to start a new Eberle/PC controversy. It was just a move I didn't get 100%. Thats all. If cap space is raising we should be a contender within the next 3-4 years. IMO it will be a plus to have our top two guys on long contracts then...
  8. Prediction Thread

    4-2-1 Thanks
  9. Heard today that cap space will raise to 78 - 82 mil...good thing. One thing I dont get: Was there any need to trade Eberle before the season even started? cap wise, contract wise? Dont get that move...
  10. Flyers with the fewest GA 5on5 . Crazy..... 6:3 Oil
  11. Oilers @ Flames: 8 PM. Sat Dec 2.17 CBC HNIC

    ....Will be UFA in 2019. Giving away drai for basically nothing...Great idea.
  12. Optimistic point of view: Could be the turning point of the season. They have to start acting like a team again. now. With LB in goal everybody has to step up. Next two weeks are crucial. 4:2 oil

    Lifting his skates?
  14. Prediction Thread

    7-0-0 last chance.......