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  1. I am currently watching another team that hasn't changed jerseys in about 50+ years, probably longer (not going to say forever for the literal people). SF Giants. I get your point. If the color change wasn't so awful, it wouldn't be nearly as bad.
  2. I'd go pull the logos and post them, but the cool thing is all I have to say is Blackhawks, Rangers, Habs, Bruins and you already know the iconic logos. Nevermind whatever you pulled up from the 40s. I think it's cool that the nearly identical jerseys link the past and present. That's just me. Maybe I am just more nostalgic than most.
  3. yep I knew someone was going to pull out all the exceptions to the rule....Nothing like pulling something from the 40s to make your point....
  4. Nope, the Oilers have it all figured out. Obviously. PS, one of my MAIN beefs with the orange jerseys in conjunction with blue lettering is it's difficult to read the last names, which makes watching the games more difficult and to a certain extent less enjoyable. Have the the people who put these jerseys together ever watch the Flyers play in their orange jerseys and noticed the white backdrop for the last names? Certainly doesn't look that great but at least you can read the names making the game, you know, a better viewing experience. Terrible pic and yes it looks like you've had a few too many brewskies. Sorry. But you get the idea.
  5. Tell that to the original 6 teams that rock the same iconic jerseys....and the current crop of players would do well to watch "Boys on the Bus" as well. They can't even make the playoffs let alone win multiple Cups and be considered arguably the best hockey team ever.
  6. Yep, looking like a collegiate football team is alot better..
  7. All the "decision makers" should be rounded up to watch "Boys on the Bus." Maybe all this orange and new fugly 3rd jersey might just go away? I can't believe this team is trying to get rid of that classic jersey from the glory days. Unbelievable. Oilers having a hard time paying McD and Drai a quarter mil a game?
  8. Of course he was saying what they wanted to hear. That doesn't surprise me in the least. It's like hiring someone for a "real" job. You have a couple interviews and then you need to make the decision. Alot of hiring is luck, just like drafting teenagers for your pro hockey team.. But I agree 100% percent with the rest of your post. Entitlement is rampant with this younger generation...even worse if the kid is an elite athlete. Everyone has bowed down at their feet and coddled them for their entire life and now they have to stand on their own two feet and EARN it. Good luck.
  9. It's all BS and conjecture at this point. All I have to say is I would much rather have Neal on this team than Looch.....that being said overpaid players with large guaranteed contracts in their 30s are usually not the ones who are motivated to bust quantum singularity out there....I am expecting between 10 and 20 goals and somewhere around 40 points. If his rating is above zero, it would be a success. However I bet he's a negative player. Hopefully not double digits negative.
  10. Depends on how bad his Fat Guaranteed Contract syndrome is. It's rampant in the NHL.
  11. The only thing players truly have control over is consistency in effort, hence the frustration when most do not deliver on a nightly basis. Every coach's main issue is getting players to play the game "the right way." It's pretty evident that a player/teams success level usually equates with the effort brought on any given night. IMHO, players are more concerned with image than putting in an honest night's work.
  12. Lucic only was a leader in hits (which is completely subjective and the Oilers scorer must have been lenient) because he was always trailing the play. That stat means nothing. How many times did his hit lead to a turnover? Not much because the puck was usually long gone. The only thing he legitimately led the league was slowness.
  13. Looch sucks. He will suck in Calgary too. There might be a honeymoon phase which tends to happen for a guy moving to a new locker room,. Game has passed him by and he has done little to improve himself. Why should he? Guaranteed $42M contract. Good job Holland!
  14. Low-impact is defined as an activity where one foot does not leave the ground. Skating qualifies, despite whatever you want to believe. Additionally, we are talking about a foot sliding on an ice surface, not hammering down on a hard surface. Sliding will dissipate energy that would ordinarily travel into the body. Your definition of what makes an exercise low or high impact is incorrect. Do some research. Skating is NOWHERE closer to running in terms of impact on joints. I guarantee you Looch is getting more impact jumping around a boxing ring than he ever would doing on-ice skating drills in the offseason. Here are just 3 examples of stuff I found on the 'Net. How many do you want? The fitness benefits Ice-skating is easy on the joints because it’s low impact, and it improves your balance and coordination. ‘You use a lot of small stabilizer muscles that don’t get a workout in day-to-day life, in particular those around your hips, knees and ankles,’ says Kristin Kunze, a certified skating coach and coordinator of the skating programs in the faculty of kinesiology at the University of Calgary. " Fitness Defined: Low-Impact and High-Impact Exercises (And Which is Right for You) Low-Impact ExercisesSimply stated, a workout is low-impact if at least one of your feet remains in contact with the ground at all times. Walking, hiking, rollerblading, ice skating and most step aerobics and cardio dance workouts are low-impact. Ice skating is a terrific form of exercise to both tone the body and build cardiovascular fitness. The calories burned in one hour of ice skating can be compared to an hour of jogging but without the impact on the joints. Skating tones and builds muscle in the buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and abdomen. This is all great news if you know how to skate, but if you are not a skater, it can seem intimidating to get started.
  15. This is getting stupid. Unsustainable IMHO. How can teams tie up half their cap in 4-5 players? We have see how well it works in Edm where 2 players are getting 25% of the entire cap.
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