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  1. Just out of curiosity...why?
  2. Nope not saying that at all. Crosby plays to win and his numbers are a side effect of that and are secondary. No one knows what would happen it he was an Oiler. Maybe if he was the Captain on the Oiler's ship, things would be different? I am convinced Connor is not a Captain other than in title. Bottom line is Crosby does the things that are needed to help his hockey club win, including, but certainly not limited to, playing the Dzone. And he's 6-0 heads up versus Connor for whatever that's worth.
  3. Regarding the discussion about Connor's defense. From the head coach. And the reason why Crosby is the best in the league as mentioned previously: “Connor has that (skill) in him,” Hitchcock said. “He sniffs out danger offensively, but Sid thinks it defensively too. He’s got both going. That’s what Connor is going to get to.” To clarify, Mcd has superior physical skills, but Crosby just wins. Since the goal is to WIN, I feel Crosby is superior. That very well may change soon, but right now that's my opinion.
  4. Knowing the outcome of a DVRed game ruins it for me, so I choose to watch it win or lose. Skipping the commercials and intermissions let's me watch the game in about an hour and a half....if I can stay awake. But yeah, it can be frustrating watching this team play--then turn on the Jets or Preds when their games literally seem to be on fast forward compared to the Oilers.
  5. oilersfaninca

    GDT: Sharks @ Oilers - 5 PM (MT) Sat Feb 9.19 HNIC

    I never said Benning is elite. It's quite possible he's not as bad as people think or more likely he's adequate at his role as a 5/6 Dman. It's not a perfect stat, but it's an indicator. People are so enamored with points (including the people who vote for the Norris and HOF.) There is more to winning hockey. How many winning Cup teams has Karlsson been a part of?
  6. oilersfaninca

    GDT: Sharks @ Oilers - 5 PM (MT) Sat Feb 9.19 HNIC

    What's your definition of "elite defender"? Elite point producer as a defender, yes. Nearly 40% of his career points coming on the PP, yes. Great defensively, I would say not. It's not a perfect stat, but it's an indicator.
  7. They tried this for a couple games a while back. At this point, what the heck. Maybe Kassian might have Mcd's back.
  8. It's like a train wreck. You just have to watch to see how bad it can possibly get. Haha. I said the same thing many times during the TM era. It's obvious when you watch the good structured teams that the players move as a 5 man unit. When the Oilers play you see a couple players in the screen, then some hail mary pass that has no chance of connecting. I never heard TM address that basic issue. I am glad our current coach can identify this basic flaw. At least if it's identified, it has a chance of being fixed.
  9. oilersfaninca

    GDT: Sharks @ Oilers - 5 PM (MT) Sat Feb 9.19 HNIC

    True. He does it quite often. That's because it's easier to coast over the bench than get on his horse and backcheck. I mean, he has to backcheck THEN play in the Dzone. Screw that!
  10. oilersfaninca

    GDT: Sharks @ Oilers - 5 PM (MT) Sat Feb 9.19 HNIC

    Perhaps that's because Karlsson is over-rated. Over a career it's a telling stat given the large sample size which mostly eliminates the variables the stat detractors like to point out.
  11. oilersfaninca


    ELECTRIC, even 13 years later. And remember the Wings were the #1 seed and considered the best team in the league at the time.. The game faces during the anthem (see the Ducks video). The sheer elation when a goal is scored. How about after the 4th goal with all 5 guys celebrating all the way down the ice. Yep, it meant something to this bunch. Kind of fun re-living they best hockey for Oilers fans in a LONG time!
  12. oilersfaninca

    GDT: Sharks @ Oilers - 5 PM (MT) Sat Feb 9.19 HNIC

    The point is for winning hockey games, goals kept out of our net are every bit as important as scoring at the offensive end. Bottom line. You can say the Oilers are AHL and justify Connor an Drai not playing defense in lieu of offense all you want. That formula hasn't worked since the '80s. The BEST players (which would include our generational talent) separate themselves from the rest because they can play both zones. When Connor is "on" and skating, he has no trouble playing both zones--you know the phrase "defense leads to offense". Of course, it would help our cause to have some Dmen who can move the puck to transition out our our zone much more efficiently. Most players (especially at the Center position) are not good enough to play both zones, so they cheat. Depending on which way they lean they tend to become guys who score with bad plus/minus or guys that are "defensive" forwards that don't score but don't give up much defensively either. Of course those are kind of the extreme ends of the spectrum, but that's basically the way I see it. Bottom line is I believe Connor is good enough to tend to both zones adequately. He just has to skate to his potential on a nightly basis and he is mostly unstoppable out there.
  13. oilersfaninca

    GDT: Sharks @ Oilers - 5 PM (MT) Sat Feb 9.19 HNIC

    I have always thought of plus/minus as a long term stat. It does show a trend over the course of time. It's pretty crazy that Benning is a +8.
  14. oilersfaninca

    GDT: Sharks @ Oilers - 5 PM (MT) Sat Feb 9.19 HNIC

    Bergeron backchecks. The only reason Mcd is not seriously negative is because his offense covers up his average at best defense. I'm not saying he's awful defensively, but it leaves alot to be desired. Why do alot of people still consider Crosby to be the best player in the league? It's not scoring. It's because of the other phases of the game, like defense. It's both. It just depends on what night it is.
  15. oilersfaninca


    Yep. It sucks. Love the stand up by Ranford. He's playing the shot, not dropping and hoping it hits him. Good stuff.