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  1. Jesus, is that what TM is making? It's so out of whack it's disturbing...
  2. Yeah, Looch can suck and all the Oilers can do is sit him in the pressbox or buy him out. What a deal for him. I don't know how the owners put up with that crap.
  3. Uh, because you are getting paid $6M. It's his JOB.
  4. I like MacKinnon. Not only is he a superb hockey player, but he competes hard. Honestly, I haven't watched him much but whenever I do have a chance he nearly always stands out (in a good way)--kinda like our 97. Glad some of these series are ending. Now the CAL-Col series isn't banished to CNBC and I get to watch it tonight! Looking forward to it.
  5. The problem is the long term, guaranteed contract. Plain and simple. There is NO motivation for a player after he scores the big deal. It comes down simply to character and will you as a player hold up your end of the deal. Most guys won't. I would in complete support of a work stoppage for some radical changing of the way players are paid in the NHL.
  6. Bring in the AHL coach from Bakersfield. He did alright this year.
  7. I love Torts. He's my favorite coach.
  8. Fight everyone because I am scoring 20 points for the season and fighting is only way I can earn my $6M bucks
  9. he was walking the next day, if it was anything too serious I doubt he would be allowed to walk around unaided. And if there IS something wrong, it's probably not the type to get worked up about. Besides, the Oilers have another LONG summer to work on their tans...I mean game..and heal from injuries..
  10. IDK, the if we are taking Mcd for example, the Oilers lose that every time.
  11. I agree that it would be difficult to legislate against what we know to be an extremely dangerous play that should be illegal. It's much more complicated than modifying the icing rule. The league won't do anything unless a player gets severely injured. Look at how many injuries it took before they changed icing. If Connor broke something or tore up a joint, MAYBE it would have started the talk--but I am guessing we are the only ones discussing the play (Esp. with the playoffs starting).
  12. Hmmm. If I was a fan of the Flames and Oilers, I wonder which one I would be following more closely this season? The Oilers have had little to bring new fans into the fold since the playoff year...
  13. Obviously. I watched it again and most defensemen would not have dove at Mcd's feet like that (unless it's the 7th game of the SCF possibly.) Too bad Gio didn't get a face full of COnnor's heel or skate blade. Gio has gotten smoked by 97 multiple times and this was his low-life way of getting even.
  14. Clearly in? That means beyond a stick length, which is extremely rare. And even then the defenseman could dive forward and probably still trip up the puck carrier. Sure it's probably a penalty shot then, but who cares if the puck carrier is injured. That's really what the concern is here. Nah, Gio knew he had little to no chance of stopping Mcd without taking a penalty, so there was no reason NOT to do what he did (unless he had some class). As has been stated earlier, the league should be more concerned with the safety of the guys making the offensive plays, then the bonehead slow-footed defensemen. Who do the fans come to watch?
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