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  1. Hemer83_2.0


    Good signing. Thought he'd get more tbh.
  2. Hemer83_2.0

    Draft day

    What RWs? Yamamoto is 2-3 years away most likely if he pans out at all, PJ isn't a lock to be anything, struggled all year at every level. Are you referring to Kassian, Slepyshev, and Caggulia as RW depth? It's our shallowest position by a mile and we need will need help there most likely as soon as this year. We have no top 6 RWs going into this season that are known quantities. Part of why the Ebs trade was such a risk. We have nobody that can fill that role at the present time and chia will need to get it together before opening day.
  3. Hemer83_2.0

    Oilers Sign Kris Russell

    He is absolutely not. Hamonic was easily worth the 1st and 2 seconds.
  4. Hemer83_2.0

    Oilers Sign Kris Russell

    Because we should have let Russell go and not spend $4m on him. He was a UFA, we had an open D spot. Hamonic or Hjarmlsson both went in the past few days who are better players on competable deals. Would have been a better use of that money. At least wait till free agency and see what the options are. No reason to commit to a highly replaceable/upgradable player that hard, that early.
  5. Hemer83_2.0

    Draft day

    Like the pick. Was ready/expecting for them to go in a different direction but hopefully he can step in in a few years and be a good contributor at 2RW at least.
  6. Hemer83_2.0

    Why we should keep Ebs

    Ebs deal would have been much easier to swallow if the money was spent well after. Strome for Ebs is bad value, but it's understandable why it had to happen, and it's not impossible strome is a good contributor. But to use the savings the way they were is very disappointing
  7. Hemer83_2.0

    Oilers Sign Kris Russell

    Chia's moves look worse every day. He got fleeced on ebs, but at least saved money that could be used to sign upgrades in other areas. Then he blows that money on Russell's new deal, and signs him to long AND gives him a NMC/NTC. Now Hamonic to the flames makes him look even worse. Not to mention the other D traded the past few days better than Russell who went for nothing but picks and have comparable/smaller salaries.
  8. Hemer83_2.0

    Welcome to the Oilers Ryan Strome

    And now the flames get Hamonic. Wow. I don't understand how chia still has defenders at this point. But McDavid, talbot and Drai will drag us into the playoffs anyway so who cares if the rest of the roster is crippled by front office incompetence?
  9. Hemer83_2.0

    Welcome to the Oilers Ryan Strome

    At least Chirelli let me be happy for a half day after McD cleaned up at the awards before getting fleeced by the Islanders on value and then spending the cap space he saved to resign a 3rd pair D (on his best day) to a 4 year 16 million dollar extension with a NMC and modified NTC, without waiting for free agency to see if something better was available. Brutal.
  10. Hemer83_2.0

    You guys let the whole city down, what a shame

    Well this is awkward. Guessing there won't be a response by OP after tonight. "Long time fan of 20 years" who doesnt say a word till things go south in a playoff game LMAO. I have a feeling you won't be missed by anyone.
  11. Hemer83_2.0

    Oilers acquire Talbot

    100%. Been trying to convince people on here of this for months. I don't know if we really do have to address it though. IMO faceoffs are more of a perk, not a reason to go get a player specifically.
  12. Hemer83_2.0

    RD 2: Wash vs Pitts (All Things)

    That doesn't nessesarily mean that NBC doesn't have the rights to the other games.
  13. Hemer83_2.0

    NHL draft lottery or as it's known around here.....

    Say what you will about Hall, the man needs to buy a lottery ticket or two. Over 50% in his career now.
  14. Hemer83_2.0

    RD 2: Ott vs NYR (All things)

    Thats what happens when you build the arena an hour away from the city and gouge with your prices in an already suspect fanbase. Its such a poorly run organization that I'm really not sure why anyone cheers for them. The only sold out games they ever have are when they play another canadian team and half the building is away fans.
  15. Hemer83_2.0

    RD 2: Wash vs Pitts (All Things)

    Because money, contracts, and broadcast rights