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  1. I think with as much talent we have o the team it will have 3 very good scoring lines,if Pittlick and Kassian resign wich I'm sure they will I'm hoping Pouliot gets traded unless they plan on putting him on waivers and hope he gets picked up! With RNH turning his play into a great 2way player makes me think he stays at 2c and Mcdavid and Draisaitl play together next year and Strome could start at 3c if Puljujarvi has great start to his year. Lines could look as: Maroon Mcdavid Draisaitl Lucic RNH Puljujarvi Caggulia Strome Kassian Pittlick Letestu Slepyshev Kleftbom Larsson Sekera Russell Nurse Benning Talbot Broissoit Benning could start on top 4 while Sekera heals up or but don't see us picking up any UFAs unless it's a great deal for impact player. And Foo could be a factor if he signs with us and could make Pittlick out of resigning but all in all we have a great team to start next year and see nothing but first in our conference
  2. The way I see it is we traded Eberle for Strome and if we resign Russell or get another player around the 4million per year than we get 2 players for Eberles contract or a tad more but it makes perfect sense and we get our top 4d man and top9 more likely top6 forward! Add the 2million cap rise and hopefully we can resign Kassian and still have room to resign Draisaitl and once Pouliot and Fayne are gone we have plenty space for Mcdavid raise. Sad to see Ebs go but we got a good young player back and cap room for a damn so it's a great trade IMO
  3. Welcome to Edmonton Ryan Strome!! I'm excited that he gets a fresh start here and can really come Into his own here! Has more size and obviously will fight in the corners much more that you need in a winger so this could work well with our style we play here! Could be a great line with Lucic and RNH and take Letestu spot on PP with Mcdavid! Best of luck to you and just Play your heart out and you should be just fine!
  4. I'm thinking we have great options for Mcdavid with Strome and Puljujarvi as our RW players. This leaves us cap room to go after good defenseman as Well!
  5. I hope Strome has a great one timer cuz it will get used a lot on PP with Mcdavid!
  6. Salary cap went up 2million to 75million so that helps a bit for our team,kinda excited about expansion draft cuz it could really hurt some teams and help others depending how teams are working with LV! We need Pouliot gone to help with our cap relief!
  7. Yes I know RNH is more talented then Couts but to make this deal more easier to except because of giving up Simmonds who has a very nice contract for what he does we have to give up a little more talent with RNH. But Couturier would be a excellent 3c and if Draisaitl takes his own line because Simmonds would be with Mcdavid it makes our center position more complete and we have plenty of talent on our wings that we could afford to do this trade! And if Puljujarvi isn't ready for top 6 min we could afford to sign a player for 1year until Mcdavids contract kicks in and hope by then Puljujarvi can get there the year after!
  8. I agree big time about this team needing 3scoring lines and a energy line if we can have any chance of success and winning the cup! I would like to see Ebs and RNH stay but there big contracts could make things much harder to support 3scoring lines. If we could trade Ebs and RNH for Simmonds Couturier and add a pick or keep some salary for 1year to entice the deal than it could work! RNH and Ebs are built more to play in East and vise versa for Couturier and Simmonds for us! Maroon Mcdavid Simmonds Lucic Draisaitl Puljujarvi Caggulia Couturier Slepyshev Benson Letestu Kassian I think that would be some good strong talented lines up front and wouldn't break the bank. Benson would eventually be a top 6player and could keep the bulk of the team together as long as they kicked wich I'm sure the top 6 would for sure,juggle the bottom 6 if need be to compete with the toughest teams in NHL
  9. Yes I kinda figured that. That's why I mentioned with a 4million salary difference that we could keep half that for 1year to make the deal work
  10. I like RNH and Ebs but one trade that's not out of this world and could make both teams much better involves a trade with the Philly!! RNH and Ebs for Simmonds Couturier! Philly missed the playoffs this year and really need secondary scoring. Simmonds and Eberle are roughly same age,thing Simmonds is 28 Ebs 27 but Ebs has the edge in skill and toughness goes to Simmonds. Couturier is a good 2way player who is a solid 40pt player and with Nuge adapting to that role has a much more better upside skill wise and could be a great 1-2 punch with Voracek! I think if we added a 2nd 3rd pick or a good prospect could make this deal that much more enticing but I think both teams would be much better with these moves. The West is a much bigger division wich Couturier and Simmonds would do fine In and Nuge and Ebs would flourish where there style is better fitted!! I wonder if this would make sense for both clubs. We would save nearly 4million in cap space so maybe taking back half that for 1yr might help seal the deal. Couturier would make a excellent 3c if Draisaitl gets his own line and Simmonds I think would play great with Mcdavid! Maroon Mcdavid Simmonds Lucic Draisaitl Puljujarvi Caggulia Couturier Slepyshev Pittlick Letestu Kassian Kleftbom Larsson Sekera Russell/Transom Nurse Benning Talbot/Broissoit I'm expecting Pouliot and sweetener to LV freeing up more cap space and with Couturier 5yrs-4million contract and Simmonds 3yrs-4.3million we could keep this team together for a long time! How do you see this trade making out?
  11. Shedding salary without losing experience and depth is our biggest challenge in the next couple yrs. I really think Pouliot plus a draft pick will go to LV and Hendricks and Desharnais won't be back next year as well. I believe Pouliot and Hendricks can be replaced by our young players,Slepyshev and if healthy Pittlick will replace them guys and Pittlick will resign for a cheap contract because of his injuries and Kassian will hopefully be back as well. Perhaps Caggulia will center our 3rd line but PC may look to add a face off gifted player depending on what the price will be for UFAs Maroon Mcdavid Draisaitl Lucic RNH Eberle Slepyshev Caggulia Puljujarvi Pittlick Letestu Kassian Kleftbom Larsson Sekera Russell Nurse Bennett Talbot Broissoit I think our Defense will stay the same because it's been the best players we've had in yrs and Gryba will return with Simpson coming in or Reinhart till Sekera is healthy but with our bottom 6 getting more of full time roles this season I think they will really step up and prove there meant to stay here and be successful!! We will have shed a great deal of salary but will be gone next year once Mcdavids contract kicks in and Nurse and Bennett. Hopefully with Fayne gone and cap goes up to 78million we can keep our core or find cheaper replacements by then! Go Oilers
  12. I think signing Oshie would cost us at least 5million so we wouldn't save a ton of cash and he is hurt so no telling how he recovers and he hasn't been as consistent as Ebs other than playoffs but he is 32yrs old as well. It's so hard to say how things could work for teams cuz I like Strome from Islanders but he hasn't produced as well as we thought but another guy I wouldn't mind seeing is Brayden Schenn. He's a good player and could play RW and Center and he plays a tough game! But as of now we do have a great team and who knows who could step up and make someone expendable but the good thing is is were not desperate to find players so we are sitting good in that direction
  13. I'm happy we have been signing other players as of late so we can perhaps grease the wheel to have LV pick Pouliot. I know we have no 2nd pick because we have PC now but 2-3rd rd picks and 2-5th round so let's hope we could even offer a 2nd round pick plus Pouliot and get a decent 3c or perhaps a defenseman that they got from another team, Maybe even our 1st rd pick if we can get the right guy!
  14. I'm hoping PC entices LV with Pouliot by adding a draft pick in the deal to lose the 4.5million salary for next 2 seasons. We can deal with Faynes for 1 more season and put him in the minors but can still afford his contract but once Mcdavids kicks in after this year it will make things much more tighter the year after with Eberle and RNH steep contracts still on the team. But if Ebs turns out being worth keeping and if we can do a bridge deal with Nurse and Bennett until we can resign Eberle for cheaper than we have a better chance to evaluate our defense since they tend to take longer to develop. It would be nice if the cap goes up enough and Mcdavid and Draisaitl sign for contracts that won't kill us so we can keep the core together because they will make more money on other ventures with sports drinks commercials etc. Draisaitl is already Germany's newest hero and Mcdavids is Canada's so in a perfect world we can keep our best guys together long term then we can staŕt another dynasty again wich no other team can and win cups over the next few years! I know it may never work but we do have some good talent evolving in the minors ready to jump up soon as there's space, going to be exciting future for this team!
  15. It's sad that a guy as young as Ekblad is already dealing with serious head injuries and can only hope it's his last one he needs to deal with! I feel bad for a lot of these players that are Being targeted like Ekblad has been and Mcdavid when he had his injury because we're going to lose out on some amazing plays that a player might normally try but in thinking of there safety a lot of these players are going to refrain from taking that risky play because they know that the opposition is being told to do anything to prevent that star player from going to drive the net! It's too bad the NHL couldn't find a way to let players excell at the game more freely without taking a big gamble on thère health. It's nice they took the chase out of icing but is there anything else they can try to eliminate without taking away from the game to prevent more injuries? Players are so much bigger and faster now so it's going to take some good thinking to help with This,not sure if we can make boards more flexible or padding for players much better without it changing the game.