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  1. I'm still hoping that Vegas will need to take on a couple larger contracts just to stay above the cap floor and doing that they take Pouliot! And with Letestu can't we resign him to new contract and add a no movement clause in it for this year that way he can't be taken nor do we have to protect him? He in my mind is a keeper for a couple more years,he's a great utility player that can do all! Love him on the PP and if we resign Kassian they would make great 4th line and PK as well. The way I see it Pouliot,Hendricks,Desharnais will be gone next year and we have Slepyshev already and hopefully Pittlick gets healthy and Puljujarvi is ready to play next year to! I hope there's not to many crazy changes cuz we done well with whom we have and Ebs and RNH will be ready to get back to there great game to!
  2. Yes I agree about Ekblad and how he will get much better even more if not for his Injuries and because defenseman tend to be late bloomers and how we will start to see his true potential in a couple more yrs! Kleftbom and Larsson have sure came into there own and have matured unbelievably so to think how Ekblad will be is exciting! But ya as far as Draisaitl goes,I'm sure he will be better than Taylor Hall if he isn't already
  3. I think your right about Draisaitl being the best coming out of that draft class and Ekblad should be involved in this conversation cuz defenseman are usually a couple yrs behind forwards in developing so I could be wrong but Ekblad only had 21pts this season! I'm just grateful on how much he has matured and produced this last year because he definitely makes up for our bomb Yakupov turned out to be because we weren't smart enough to do as Draisaitl and send him back down to the WHL to win a Calder cup with Kelowna Rockets. I hope Puljujarvi does the same thing and blossoms into a great player!! I guess 1 thing good that come out of high picks the last few yrs is we won't be over paying for players for awhile,we have great young talent growing in the garden!!
  4. Would it be safe to say we got the best pick of 2014 with Draisaitl? 1,Ekblad-227gp-96pts 2,Reinhart-167gp-90pts 3,Draisaitl-191gp-137pts 4,Bennett--159gp-63pts 5,Dal-Colle-N/A Given each player has played a different number of games and Ekblad is a defenseman there could be arguments between 2 players, Draisaitl and Ekblad! I did forget to look up there +- stats but regardless I clearly think Draisaitl is the best player coming outa that draft and feel as thou we got another 1st overall pick now as well. Ekblad played 35 more games but Draisaitl has 39 more pts since the draft so my feeling is he has a clear edge but certainly buffalo dropped the ball when picking Reinhart on draft day! I would go as far to say Draisaitl is a better player than Hall so when PC was looking for a Defenseman I'm so happy with his choice to trade Hall and it has paid off big time!! What's your thoughts on who won 2014s draft?
  5. Well now that flames are out so soon ANA will be well rested,I was actually kinda hoping Calgary would win a couple games and take a bit of steam outa the Ducks but I guess that won't happen! Let's just hope we can get our job done and get back to our winning ways cuz the Ducks have been playing good the last 2-3 weeks. But if any team can get them off there game it's our team! Let's get thru the sharks first!
  6. I like Ebs alot and I hope he has a great playoffs and still has that clutch hockey in him still like he did for Canada Jr's! I think we roll with 3 scoring lines next year and hopefully Puljujarvi can take Letestu spot on PP and see how the team plays! I think we will have an even better season next year if Everyone new next year performs as we think!
  7. Ya I agree and Pittlick had a great start if he could ever get healthy I would like to see him get 1 more chance and see how he does this year! He's had nothing but bad luck with injuries and maybe being plagued with them that he might never get a chance. I forgot about Russell as well,if he signs another short contract to see if he does play like he did in Calgary then he would be worth keeping until Bear or Jones are ready to play NHL
  8. Well here we are guys and WOW does things feel different! Instead of wondering who's getting the #1 draft pick were excited for a different reason.... Playoffs!! Well I'm not going to talk playoffs although I really hope they do great and get a ton of experience with it and really enjoy this because they earner it! Next year is going to be hard to judge what happens and how were going to look like next year coming into next season! Draisaitl is a rfa and there's a handful of ufa players looking to cash in on a new contract or wait till free agent day and hope to get a nice payday! As for expansion draft Pouliot and Broissoit stand out on the 2 whom may be taken by LV and I sure hope it's Pouliot and I'm hoping I'm right cuz they will need to reach the cap floor and anybody that's worth anything that's good will be protected so taking a couple bad contracts may be the way they do that. But if he's not chosen a buyout should be the next bet route or trade if we can. I think Desharnais and Hendricks will also be heading to test the free agent waters as well so replacing these guys will hopefully come from within the organization so we're not overpaying for a bunch of guys if we don't have to. Pittlick, Puljujarvi are who stick out for me coming up from the farm and perhaps Benson will be ready of he's over his health issues because he's thought to be a very promising player! Lander,Slepyshev and Pakarinen are also hoping to play full time but I'm not sure there status of being signed up for next year. But if Lander and Puljujarvi played half as good as they did in AHL then they would be a much better improvement then Pouliot and Desharnais and Caggulia could play LW on their line to take up our 3rd line worries and Benson Letestu Kassian Could be great energy line to use on our 4th line! I love our top 6 guys and hope they don't go anywhere but still hope there's enough money left from Pouliot 4.5 Desharnais 2.8 and Hendricks 1.8 million absence and 6 million cap space with it going up another 2.5 that we can resign Draisaitl and McDavid long term. If that all went to plan I think our team would be even better than this year although there not proven. But they are highly talked about! Maroon McDavid Draisaitl Lucic RNH Eberle Caggulia Lander Puljujarvi Benson Letestu Kassian If Benson still needs time in AHL wich couldn't hurt we still have Pittlick,Slepyshev and Khaira who would probly be a better option on 4th line because of there hard hitting tougher play wich would be a asset on our 4th line! How do you guys vision next year's team looking like?
  9. I like our top 6 guys the way they are and the last few games have proven why there important here! Pouliot and Desharnais won't be here next season,Pouliot to LV and Desharnais to UFA and that saves us 6.5 million there. I think Puljujarvi and maybe Benson could be playing with big team next year and would be great having good rookies coming into our top 9! I heard Lander is going to Khl next year wich sucks but Letestu is very capable of playing 3c and Hendricks is ufa as well but Khaira will fit fine in his role so I think we keep whom we have and look to our young guys to fill spots to support McDavid Draisaitl pay raises! Maroon McDavid Draisaitl Lucic RNH Eberle Benson Letestu Puljujarvi Khaira Caggulia Kassian Could swap Caggulia and Letestu but I like what we have already! Look what this team has done this year!
  10. I also care about the Stanley Cup and do as a teams championship! But in winning it there players and coaches that stick out that year and for there heart and determination and obvious wanting to win for their club they achieve great praise for the great things they do by themselves and getting personal bests as well! I think are coach should be very close runner for Jack Adams if not win it! This team was in 29th place this year and now we have 101pts and 1 win away from winning the Pacific Division if Anaheim loses to LAK tomorow and we win our last game! That's absolutely one of the biggest turnaround 1 team has made from 1 yr to the next! Talbot may not win Vezina but he's tied for 1st with most wins with 42 with 1 game to play. He's broke a 29yr record of Grant Fuhrs! He may not win but top 3 for sure! I'm so excited for what this team has done in one year and everyone involved should be very proud of themselves for what they've done for this team! We haven't had this kinda praise since our glory days so this team deserves all the hype and can tell this team is going to be another dynasty team!! To many guys to mention on great play this year! So happy for them!
  11. This team has turned from a bottom league team to a top playoff team in one season thanks to PC getting the right players,McDavids mind blowing play,Talbots beast mode goaltending and McLellands wizard like coaching!! It's been a season to remember thanks to the guys I've mentioned and all the other boys that have went above and beyond any of our expectations!! McDavid is a shoe in to win the Hart trophy for his outbreak season but Talbot and McLelland also deserve to be mentioned for what they have achieved this year as well! Talbot broke Fuhrs 40 win record and has played some of the best hockey this we have seen in a long time. Can't wait to see what he has in store for the playoffs cuz he can rise to the occasion when needed so I'm sure his level will jump even more this post season but he does deserve to be added to the Vezina candidates! McLellands coaching has been awesome this year by getting all the new players we have involved into his plan of creating a winning season and has gone beyond! Lucic,Larsson,Russell,Benning,Desharnais and all the other young players called up and down have all grasped what he has been teaching and have really excelled at it as well so he should also be right there for Jack Adams trophy! What do you guys think about this season and if these guys deserve the accolades in what they've shown this year!!
  12. That sucks! Also I forgot about Benson and how great he has potential of being! I know he's a LW but if he does turn into player he's been thought of being than he fits in our top 6 in a year or 2,and with Puljujarvi growing into a stud player we have the talent inside our club from being so terrible the last few years so we don't have to overpay any more players to come to Edmonton wich is awesome! We can trade or bring them up thru the minors rather than UFA signings!
  13. Well if Maroon ends up going elsewhere we gotta remember we have Benson coming up in next couple years! He's not a big hulking player but before his Injuries last couple seasons he was thought of going in top5 of his draft year and he has potential of playing in our top 6 if he blossoms into the player he's been thought of being! And best thing is he's from Edmonton so you know he's going to play here if he reaches his potential!
  14. Maroon loves playing with McDavid and Draisaitl and you can tell there great friends. I'm sure he's not going anywhere and would sign for 3.5 to 4 million tops and give him bonus if he scores 35 goals a season. He won't get as many pts playing anywhere else and he bleeds are colors now anyway so we will get him resigned for at least 3yrs. If Pouliot goes to LV and Desharnais signs elsewhere I think Lander and Puljujarvi as great as they've played could be our new 3rd line with Kassian going to LW. Lander is great faceoff player and on PK and could be great 2way player. Sign a bridge deal once his contract is up buying us time for cap to go more. I hope McDavid does what Crosby did and sign his jersey number contract. 9.7 for 8yrs and Draisaitl should earn 6.5 - 7 million 8yrs. I hope they would rather stay together and win cups at a cheaper price rather than want big bucks and play elsewhere where chances of winning cups will be harder. This team k ows I'm sure that there the next big dynasty if they stick together and I'm sure Katz will buy them all free sportscars or sailboats etc so the team stays under the cap and stays together!