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  1. Oh ya for sure! That's why if we were to land Green I expect RNH or Sekera whomever were to be traded would be for draft picks back. Being that Detroit is in cap trouble the only way of getting him would be via draft picks and being Sekera and RNHs contracts are close to Greens cost, then they make the most sense in trading if we decided to keep Green and I expect them to get picks back in return and that way we don't lose our initial 1st rd pick and depending on who we trade with we could get moved up the order much closer to the top cuz I suspect we finish near the top of the league and be one of the last to pick in first rd.
  2. Ya your very right there and that's what Sekera mentioned as his main reason for signing here was because of Mcdavid!! Just don't know if what we have on defense is enough!! Skill wise and how great they have been playing has been very very good but it's the experience with the skill like Green has is where I'm a little worried!! But for now there's no pressure to win the cup this season being we just scratched the surface of what this team can do. And with Strome Puljujarvi expected to crack our top 6,I think this year is to find our strengths and weaknesses and adjust as needed and try and win the West and get to West finals in playoffs and next season starts the push to win it all and continue to for the next 10yrs
  3. With Draisaitl signed I think we need to get Green from Detroit since there still nearly 4million above the cap!! We have approx 6.5million of cap space and if we can trade perhaps a 1st rd pick for Green and maybe a average prospect in return for Green then it's very well worth it because he's a very skilled right shot Defense that could put 50pts up with our deadly skilled offense!! He would take a lot of pressure off of Kleftbom who being so young it would really help with getting the puck up to our Superstars and Star players who rely on our Defense to get the puck up to them as quickly and frequently as possible!! His contract is up at the end of this year as well so if he doesn't fit well then we simply trade him at the deadline or walk away from him. But if he's what we're looking for wich I think we will be then maybe getting Speakers to waive his NTC and trade him or we trade RNH and get a prospect and 1st rd pick back which could be better than ours if we play as good as expected and finish near the top of the league!! We have a ton of skill up front but we need another skilled RD wich Green is!! It's hard to find a great defenseman and this could be our chance!!
  4. With Draisaitl signed now I really think we should make a move for Mike Green of Detroit!! They need cap space and with them desperate to get under the cap we may not have to offer anything to crazy to get him,maybe 1st rd pick and prospect not included "Jones Bear Yamamoto" wich is reasonable for the caliber of player were getting. If Green doesn't fit well we simply walk away or trade him at deadline. I do like our Defense and the "scoring by committee" has been fairly good but I don't think we have the pieces on the back end to win is a championship!! Adding Green gives us a veteran presence with Playoff experience and a whole lot of offense whom i think paired with Russell could give us a much better 1-2 punch on the back end and hes a right shot wich we have been wanting for a long time!! Adding Green would also take some pressure off of Kleftbom who is still quit young and could feel overwhelmed when top superstars and star players are relying on him to get that puck up the ice quickly and frequently. Green would add more offense than Sekera and is paid a half million more. Green I think is a bit younger too and his contract is up this season as well so we could get him cheaper if he works out well with the team!! Only downfall is we would have to get Sekera to waive his NTC and trade him or we trade RNH and get a prospect and 1st rd pick back!!
  5. Going to be great seing different lines together trying to find who fits with whom best. Read some of what Strome has to say when he was here and I've got a good feeling about he could turn his game around here and that he's excited about this team so I really think he may start on top 6 RW with Mcdavid or Draisaitl depending how Puljujarvi starts as Well! But it's good that we have a winger with experience at center depending whom has better luck on different sides of rink. And Strome can shoot one timers wich Eberle couldn't so that will add to different plays for next season! Strome has a but of grit to his game which can help create space and make sure our Stars aren't being cheap shifted wich ads another dimension to his game. I was Leary about losing Eberle but with what we're trying to accomplish them it's obvious that having bigger boys will help a lot and even Puljujarvi is big and fast so that makes a difference in how we play!! All in all this is best case scenario to have lots of great players lining up to play there hearts out to gain a spot on this team!! This is my projection: Maroon Mcdavid Strome Lucic Draisaitl Puljujarvi Caggulia RNH Jokinen Slepyshev Letestu Kassian Kleftbom Larsson Russell Benning Nurse Gryba Talbot/Broissoit
  6. If he hadn't done so well with Mcdavid then he would be a 3rd line player taking Pouliots place on the team is what PC probably invisioned when first trading for him. PC never liked Pouliot and he traded him to Rangers when he was with Boston.
  7. Depending on how good Dillon Strome could be I think he would be awesome to see him on the team! If he's worth it maybe Puljujarvi and a pick would get him!! He's probably going to make Arizona's team this year and hopefully he plays Well!! Be cool to have both Stromes on our top 2lines.
  8. If RNH has another mediocre season then he may be the next to go to save money. Faynes contract gone will help and hopefully Draisaitl signs for no more than 7-7.5million tops then hopefully we can sign the boys who in my mind are keepers: Strome,Nurse,Maroon,Benning! I believe Caggulia Slepyshev will be replaced in a year or 2 by Yamamoto and Benson and Sekera and Russell by Jones and Bear. Good thing is we've drafted well so going out and overpaying for UFAS won't be a factor and as long as the cap goes up a lot we should stay fairly close without going over the cap and still have a deadly team!! One thing about Mcdavid signing such a great contract because he's worth far more,other players should take that into consideration and players will sign reasonable contracts because they know they will win several cups here if we can keep a great core together!! Maroon McD Yamamoto Lucic Draisaitl Puljujarvi Benson RNH Strome Khaira Letestu Kassian Kleftbom Larsson Nurse Bear Jones Benning Talbot Broissoit If we could keep that group together and they play to there expectations than this team will win a few cups together I'm thinking!! GO OILERS!!
  9. Ya it's a pretty good way to start our season trying to choose thru all the talent and who will play best with each other etc!! One thing is for certain and that is were going to have a kick but team and the only teams that could challenge us in the West is Dallas Nashville and Anaheim!! We have the best skill up front and pretty close in net it's just our young Defense that will be our biggest test!! Gonna be a great season and as long as we can score a lot of goals then our Defense can make a mistake or 2 as they learn and still win most games
  10. Would a trade with Philly make sense? I know they need scoring and even more so after losing Schenn to St Louis but could we get a deal done with trading RNH for Couturier? I really think that would be a great trade for both teams and would give there team a good 1-2-3 punch with Giroux RNH Patrick which would provide more scoring for them and give us a solid 3c with some offensive flair.Couturier is big and very good at faceoffs and would be perfect for this team!! I'm just not sure if Philly can add the extra 2million against there cap but i feel RNH is right for there team and the East rather than with the big centers that fill the Pacific division where Couturier would compliment us in that area! I think it would be worth it even if we kept some salary for the first season just to entice the deal and or add a good draft pick as Well!! How do you guys see this working out? Does it make us better?
  11. Agreed ×2!! I think this year will give us a real good look at who's worth keeping and resigning because some are in there 2nd season in the league and others there 2nd season with the Oilers so if they can overcome the sophmore jinx and become a good or great fixture with the team than I see them resigning and I believe for nothing crazy either because they know this team gives them the best opportunity to win a Cup and staying competitive is key!! With Mcdavids contract leaving money on the table as well will show that there in this together and in a cap world taking a bit of a pay cut to win a cup for many years than everyone sacrifices. I certainly hope that that's the message being relayed to all players starting with what the Captain did with his contract. And others that don't share that idea most likely won't be resigned but we have some great talent that's itching to showcase and steal there spots as well wich for once in a very long time is a good feeling!!
  12. Being so many guys need to be resigned next season this year will play a HUGE role on who will stay and who will go! Strome Maroon Caggulia Slepyshev Letestu up front and Benning and Nurse Gryba on defense will all need to play there hearts out if they want to play here in the future and in my mind with all our talented young guys set to make the team In the next 1-3yrs the only guys I think will get any length to there contracts I only see Strome Maroon Nurse and Benning as long term players for the team at least 3+yrs! Puljujarvi Yamamoto Benson Bear Jones Simpson are the players that I see making the team in the future that will make the biggest impact for the team! Maroon and Strome I think will be 3rd line players with perhaps RNH if we can afford him and Puljujarvi and Yamamoto will be our top 6 RW, and Benson Lucic on the left with our Superstuds down the middle! Russell Sekera will be traded or waived if and when Bear and Jones are ready to play with Kleftbom Larsson Benning and Nurse our top 4
  13. Yup I agree,other then Lucic we don't have anyone else signed long term but with Puljujarvi Benson and Yamamoto as our rising star wingers I don't see anyone else sticking around!! With Mcdavid and Draisaitl as our 1-2 punch down the middle and if the youngsters I mentioned above do crack the top 6 with Lucic up there I can only invision Maroon and Strome sticking around on our 3rd line or maybe RNH playing center if we can afford to do so! And with Jones and Bear already making noise it's only a matter of time before there on the team and Nurse Benning Kleftbom Larsson as our keepers I can easily see Russell and Sekera being the odd men out if In fact Jones and Bear make it!! All in all I don't think we need to make crazy stupid overpaying for UFAS in our immediate future because we have drafted very well and can't wait to see how this team evolved into there dynasty that I'm no doubt they will become!
  14. With Fayne gone next year it's the last big money contract that's wasting away this year but will free up a bit more money but depending on what Draisaitl signs for is it enough to resign Benning Nurse Strome Caggulia and I think Slepyshev!! Maybe a Bridge contract for Draisaitl is the best bet so we have a better idea on how all these guys pan out and whom will get bigger contracts and whom we let go. I'm assuming that they will all have great seasons but the defence and Strome may be the ones that get resigned and Benson and Yamamoto should be ready to make there step into the Oilers roster!!
  15. I wonder if players like Doan and Iggy would take a 2way contract and play on the farm until called upon? Kinda feel bad that they haven't been signed because they could be very helpful at the end of season and playoffs when injuries happen because they would have some great experience and it would be cool to see them win a cup before they retire