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  1. Managing the Cap - 2018/2019 edition

    It's going to be tough to bring in anyone via ufa or trade without moving 1 of our big dollar players! After seing what RNH can do with Mcdavid and Rattie playing great as well on that line I think it's safe to say we have our top line locked up it's just a matter of finding a player for Draisaitl to play with! Nurse Strome and Caggulia I see coming back next year with Nurse's contract being the most tricky to handle! Do we offer a bridge deal for a couple yrs to get a better idea of what we have and hope the cap keeps rising so we can afford a more suitable contract for him? Strome has finally found a place on the 3rd line C and shows promise and I think a 3yr 3million contract for him could work wich leaves a slight raise for Caggulia since he's a gritty player with upside. I think trying to move Sekera is our best bet at this time and try and get a solid top 4 Defenseman in return even if we need to overpay with a draft pick to entice the trade and Sekera willing to lift his NTC! Be interesting to see what happens this off season! Do we make a pitch for Kovalchuck if everything falls into place and we can afford him or do we try a deal with Kreider since NYR are trying to reload there cupboards? Hope something good comes of this all!
  2. RNH: To Trade Or Not To Trade

    Your a 100% right about how fans are too easy to lay blame on our players if there not scoring to their satisfaction! And yes if I were a player I would rather play in a city where your not criticized if you happen to be human and have off days or pucks just didn't go your way that game!! RNH is turning into a hell of a great player and yes he like Hall and Eberle will go to another team where they will have a great career and loved my many and we will continue to struggle. I think until Mcdavid finds another player besides Draisaitl to rack points up with and Draisaitl can center and produce on his own line we need to keep Nuge!! Once Yamamoto and Puljujarvi are ready to step in full time and play important roles in this team I figure trading our 1st rd pick and prospect if need be for a guy that can play with Mcdavid like James Neil or Kreider etc!! Until then keep Draisaitl with Mcdavid and get us James Neil to play with Lucic and RNH and let's hit the play offs and get some much needed experience and give our young kids a chance to really develop and grow properly!! Maroon Mcdavid Draisaitl Lucic RNH Neil Camallari Strome Slepyshev Caggulia Letestu Kassian I think we could play some good hockey and make playoffs and give our young guys a bit more time or keep Puljujarvi up if he continues to get better!! I have allot of faith in this team and figure cuz were in a bit of a hole adding another veteran player will make sure we get to big dance and gain more precious experience in playoffs!!
  3. Are Ekman-Larsson and Mackinnon possible?

    Ekman-Larson would be a perfect player for our team but ya it would come at a big price!! Benning is becoming a good player as well but only seing him as good as Petry wich is still top 4 at his peak but I'm sure Arizona will want a RD back in return plus a couple 1st rd picks and Larsson Benning and Bear are our top RD players so it's a tough call on what they would go for to pry Ekman- Larson away!
  4. It's obvious that were not scoring enough goals this season compared to last year and were coming up on 20 games soon and things need to get better (6-9-2)!! Last season at this time we were (9-6-2) and our goal totals were much much better and we don't want to get to far behind that we can't recover from later in the season so perhaps giving up a 1st rd pick and prospect for a high impact player should be done now rather than later!! Rumours out there tells me there's a few players that could be had for the right price and they would surely help in our scoring troubles: #1 Evander Kane This guy is a big solid power forward whom is coming off a 28goal season last year and having another great start to this year as well! I'm not sure if Buffalo is looking for draft picks for him or rather a solid player going back in return but his 5.25million contract wouldn't give us much room if nobody went back the other way so maybe Strome or Slepyshev and high pick (s) could get it done! He is known to have locker room problems and giving that this team is a close group he may not be best bet!! #2Kreider He's another big fast powerforward who has alot of upside! He doesn't have the scoring numbers of Kane but he's a smart player and is still fairly young that could easily score 30+goals with Mcdavid as his center! Only downfall is he's a LW and we have 2very good players already with Maroon and Lucic there already and unless he can play the right side just as effective than I'm not sure he fits the bill but if your a winger in the NHL than either side shouldn't be a huge issue! #3 Neil He hasn't been rumoured to be traded as of yet unlike the other 2 mentioned but he's a guy I would seriously consider trading for! He can play the right side and do it well! He's a proven 30+ goal scorer and he has speed he's big and can do it all!! He's a UFA at end of year and Vegas will want 1st rd picks all day long to improve there team in future and they will want to finish near bottom of league for best chance at 1st overall pick and with Neil scoring alot of goals there that's not helping!! I think he would be perfect on a line with Mcdavid and it let's Draisaitl center his own line giving us more scoring depth and with Puljujarvi looking very good we could put him with Draisaitl with Puljujarvi and Lucic with RNH wich has looked great giving us 3 deadly scoring lines!! There are more guys I'm sure that we could get something done with but these 3 I've named are most likely to impact team right away but with our cap being an issue next season and Neil being a free agent next season and easiest to trade for and makes most sense (to me) I think PC should get him NOW and get this team headed up in the standings! We've played alot of East teams already and now we're going to be seing and playing meaningful West games and Pacific division games so getting a trade done right away is going to be needed soon!! What do you guys think should be done to help us?
  5. RNH: To Trade Or Not To Trade

    Well happy happy it looks as thou were looking pretty smart tonight cuz Nuge done exactly as we have always thought he would And be a key guy in the victory against Dallas!! I for one like Nuge just as much as the rest of our top players and really it's not RNHs fault that he was put on the top line with Hall and Ebs and had a great start to his career and was offered what the rest of them got!! Thankfully the brass for Edmonton see the value in Nuge and won't move him and he will continue to get better and better! I see us getting a Patrice Bergeron type player out of RNH once he nails down his new role with the team and he will be highly regarded and remain a key player for a long time!! I just hope the cap rises considerably wich I think it will since teams like Toronto and Edmonton and other big market teams will need the cap space to keep there good players and there influence and the rise in the market should dictate such raises in order to stay competitive for yrs to come. I'm thinking that the cap should be better than expected and we can resign the players we need in order to keep moving forward with our losing anyone significant! Here's to hoping anyway lol!! But Nuge will be a safe bet to dawn the Oilers jersey still once we start winning cups in the next yr or so and for a few yrs after!! Cheers to our next dynasty!! GO OILERS!!
  6. RNH: To Trade Or Not To Trade

    I personally think we haven't seen his best yrs out of him yet!! Last year he was called upon to be a more 2way style player and he's improved alot and has played some tough minutes! This year hes improved his faceoffs and has made great improvements there as well and although he's overpriced I think he can still raise his game even more! He's young at 24 and has done fairly well considèring he started at nearly the same weight as Yamamoto and if he's continued to improve from what is asked from him then I believe he can still be a great player!! It's because of his contract is why people are to eager to jump on him,But now that he's finding his game that's wanted from him I think hes a valuable player that shouldn't be traded! If Mcdavid or Draisaitl suffer a injury more than a month or 2 it's sure nice to have that player ready to jump up in the lineup and be effective for the team!! If he was paid 4.5 million people he would make sense to have as our 3c!! I hope we can keep him and he continues to get better!!
  7. I know were only 7games into this season and it hasn't been as great as everyone thought compared to last seasons start. Giving our cap space issues for next season and us being weak on the right side,it's making things difficult on what we can really do if we keep playing the way we do this season. Although I really like what Puljujarvi could be for us in the future I think we trade him and possibly a draft pick for someone we could use now!! Yamamoto has looked good and will make up for the loss of Puljujarvi easily!! It's a tough call and is a bit premature but if after 20games and were still below 500 I think we need to make something happen and start thinking about winning now and possibly give up a 1st rd pick and Puljujarvi or prospect to really get some good lines together to start making noise with!!

    Benning played fine last year when he kept it simple and didn't play above his comfort zone! He made some great hits and never took bad penalties and at times out shined Nurse. I think he needs to get back to what worked for him last year and keep it simple,But again our Defense as a whole hasn't played very well and hopefully we can get things under control sooner than later!! Go Oilers!
  9. To take something good from last game against Carolina,Lucic RNH Strome looked very solid and seemed to catch fire at second half of the game! Once Draisaitl is back I think add him with Mcdavid and Yamamoto on the first line!! This could give us 2 excellent scoring lines and 2 good scoring lines hopefully!! Maroon hasn't played good to start the season and has taken bad penalties as well so maybe putting him on the 3rd line to get him playing great again! Draisaitl Mcdavid Yamamoto Lucic RNH Strome Maroon Caggulia Jokinen Slepyshev Letestu Kassian Our Defense has been horrible with Kleftbom leading the way in terrible plays but let's hope this road trip gets this team closer together and gel and get back to playing solid 2way hockey and some great playing from the first line to goalie!! This is just a hiccup and this road trip although a tough one will hopefully bring the best In every player!! GO OILERS!!
  10. Lines for the 2017/18 Season

    This team is even more potent than last season with Strome Jokinen and Yamamoto taking Pouliot Eberle and Desharnaiz spots and with the rest of the team untouched but a year older in there young careers this team is going to be deadly however Mclellan stacks up the lines!! I like the idea of putting Mcdavid and Draisaitl together to start the season just to get the ball rolling and get so.e wins in and confidence at a high level so we can start season with a bang!! Nice thing to know is our top 9 are stars to superstars and only a couple teams can really say that so as long as we're healthy this team should win Pacific division and finish season top 3-5 in NHL!! Maroon Mcdavid Draisaitl Lucic RNH Yamamoto Jokinen Strome Caggulia Khaira Letestu Kassian Kleftbom Larsson Russell Benning Nurse Auvitou Talbot Broissoit This will be starting season line up!! Then once we get going it will become: Maroon Mcdavid Strome Lucic Draisaitl Yamamoto Jokinen RNH Caggulia Khaira Letestu Kassian Kleftbom Larsson Russell Benning Nurse Auvitou/Gryba Talbot/ Broissoit This team has such a variety of great players it's really going to be a fun to watch season!! Love this team and can't wait to show my pride!! GO OILERS!!
  11. The lines 17/18

    With all our different looks we could have due to having very skilled centers we could stack our lines against tougher teams or when trailing in the 3rd period and special teams but I do see our top 3 centers as centers and everyone else to where they best fit! Here is my forward and PP/PK predictions Maroon Mcdavid Strome Lucic Draisaitl Puljujarvi Jokinen Nuge Slepyshev Caggulia Letestu Kassian Kleftbom Larsson Sekera Russell Nurse Benning PP #1 Lucic Mcdavid Draisaitl Kleftbom Letestu PP#2 Maroon RNH Strome Sekera Puljujarvi/Jokinen PK#1 Lucic RNH Kleftbom Larsson Letestu Kassian Nurse Russell Things could and will change depending on who fits best where but I have a good feeling about Strome and Puljujarvi playing top 6 and the PP forwards mixed with our top 4 defense could be used when trailing in 3rd period or against tougher teams just to mix up the oppositions pairings but again with our team stacked as good as we are other teams won't be able to contain all our lines!! So awesome to have these as problems lol!! Going to be a great year!! GO OILERS!
  12. How mant pts will Doctor Drai record in 17/18?

    Draisaitl Lucic and Strome will play the 2nd line and with them all 6'2"-6'4" and 205-230lbs,it's going to be a Power forward nightmare for most teams to play against!! Since they won't be playing the best lines next year I see very good numbers coming from these guys cuz there capable of being 1st line players on any other team!! Draisaitl 75pts-Lucic 60pts-Strome-55pts!! And if Nuge plays with Mcdavid I see crazy numbers coming from them!!
  13. The lines 17/18

    Mclellan is our coach, I think I spelled his name wrong,oops!! And yes I'm not a Wideman fan either but not sure how long Franson will stay a free agent cuz I'm sure he will get signed far before Wideman so I was looking for options there! But yes I do agree totally at having 27 million spent down the middle is crazy but I do like the idea of having both Strome and Nuge as utility players and trying them out in different area's and situations. Im sure it will make for some great combinations and make it that much harder to contain this team!! I guess we will have a better idea on the outcome of this teams lineup after this season mainly depending on how well Strome Maroon play and if Puljujarvi is capable of reaching his bonuses to!! I hope we keep Nuge because he could turn out to be a great 2way center!
  14. The lines 17/18

    I'm a big fan of RNH and I really hope that we can keep him because of how he turned his game into a 2way game and still put up 48pts!! He's what this team needs and can play as our 3c but can easily move up to 2c when playing tougher teams where Draisaitl moves up with Mcdavid to make sure we come out with the 2pts when facing division rivals!! Another option could be swinging a deal with Philly and trade Nuge for Couturier wich is a good trade for both sides where Philly needs more scoring after losing Schenn and we get a bigger 2way center that may not score as much as Nuge but fills the bigger tougher skilled forward role that fits our type of team that PC is known for and what is needed in the west!! This also saves around 2million in cap space and with Giroux slowing down and underperforming the last 2yrs Nuge and the new guy they just drafted will be a great start for there future and we get our big strong center that we need when facing these bigger teams in the West!! PC and Mclelland both like Nuge but they also like Couturier when he was added to team NA last season and with Mclelland getting a chance to coach him during that tourney I'm sure they've have a great idea of what Couturier can do and what's expected from him when he was given the more defensive role on the 4th line of that team and played very well wich even shocked everyone at that tournament!! We should also give Wideman or Franson a try out at camp and if it turns out to be a great addition then we could sign him to a 1yr deal and depending if Sekera can't earn his spot back on the team we could get him to waive his NTC and trade him to add cap space there as well which will help us down the road! With Yamamoto and Benson as our next promising forwards slated to join the team and Jones and Bear a little later,we won't have to resign all our free agents next year and rather pick the guys who've looked the best and keep them and leave room for our young guys and let the others go so we do stay under the cap yet still have the same if not better caliber of players!! I don't think we will be as bad off as most think given we have good players in the minors and won't have to overspend on free agents for the next little bit and we can continue to win Stanley Cups which were very close to doing!! GO OILERS!!