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  1. So Hi everyone 2 questions, just out of curiousity If you could choose any young player (1st or 2nd year) to join the Oil who would you choose? (my choice would be Mathews) If you could choose any experienced player (3 years plus) to join the Oil who would it be? (my choice, P J Suban)
  2. I stand by my prediction from the start of the year 98
  3. Well they put up a fight, at least in the second half, but it wasn't enough. The Eskies are out and heading home. Thanks for the season Eskies, lets get em next year.
  4. Well we can finally say something that we have not been able to say in a long long long time, THE OILERS ARE TIED FOR FIRST PLACE IN THE NHL I dont know how long we will be able to say this truthfully so I said it now
  5. For the Jays its time to rest, then start preparing for next your, hopefully, they will be better. It's really too bad, but thats sports for you.
  6. Congrats to Cam and his wife Kelly on the birth of their Twins, a Boy and a Girl. (say goodbye to sleep for a while LOL)
  7. So Conner got 6 points in the first 2 games, then is held off the scoresheet for 2 in a row, should we be concerned? My opinion is no, we see the talent and he will get his points, and so long as the team wins, it doesnt matter who scores. Whats your thoughts?
  8. The penalty he took for unsportsmanklike conduct the other night was ugly and selfish, if hes that upset he has to learn to hold that in as it hurts the team. He can be an excellant player when he uses his skill and speed, but I think he may be the next to go as part of a deal to bring in another D. My idea is that with all the offensive assets we have, and with puljarvi coming along, Poo would eventually be relegated to the third line, he needs ice time to be effective and the money he makes is too much for a 3rd liner. thats my opinion on the matter
  9. Lets hope we dont lose any more, and not one of the top 6 please, or Talbot, or one of the top D Last year at times Mcdavid Nuge Ebs Yak Klefbom Too many main guys Oil need to stay healthy
  10. Really? I am going by an app on my phone, it showed the score the other way, if they are up its still a long way to go, but its a start The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step this could be that step
  11. Well it looks as if the Jays are going out, too bad, a Canadian team winning would really be good. They're not out yet, but its a LONG LONG hard uphill climb for them now, down 3 games to 0 and down 4 - 1 at the top of the 8th good luck, maybe ????? but I dont think so
  12. Well another year and again the injury bug is again hitting us, So far its the support crew but no injury is a good injury. The monster is the latest and lets hope the last for this year and lets hope as well that the injured players get back real soon.
  13. Where as you do have some valid points in there, I dont agree with all your comments, If Larson can play 1st pairing minutes and play well, that makes it a good trade, Reinhart may not be here now, but give him a couple years and he should be a top 4. I agree we should have gotten more for Yak, but perhaps thats the best we could get, and better something then nothing. Russell has been in the top 5 in shot blocking in the NHL in the last couple of years, he is experianced and brought in as a stopgap till some of the younger guys come to play and he is on a 1 year contract, if he works out great, its not like in the past where long term contracts were signed with older D men (fain and Nikiton). Talbot is a real number 1. no one said Grant Fuhr shouldn't have been drafted as high as he was because he was untested , or that Andy Moog should not have played against Montreal in that playoff series as he was not experianced enough. So I dont agree with all your points, but thats why we discuss things on this forum and why we wait to see how it all turns out.
  14. HI When the Eskies make the playoffs, will it be in the West or the Crossover, I think the crossover would be interesting as it would set up a possible GRAY CUP BATTLE OF ALBERTA can you imagine that wow whats your thoughts?
  15. Black Unicorn

    N F L

    Just have 1 thing to say here LETS GO PACKERS thank you
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