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  1. Agreed. That blue was great, and the away ones were very cool looking. I loved the Oil in the '80s but not crazy about the colors.
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/sports-content/hockey/opinion/2012/02/trade-history-edmonton-oilers.html https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/authentic-edmonton-oilers-doug-weight-1731380731 These were the best Oiler Jersey's ever. Why can't we all just admit it and go back to them. This new thing makes me want to hurl.
  3. ....'here to get you up on time and get you on your way.......'......Good morning, good morning....
  4. I was a supporter, hoper, until this year. At this stage, I think I don't 'like' him, but then I'd get over that if he became a productive top six for us. (imagine/remember the days when we had some productive guys that stayed for years.....) I'd welcome him again, if he grew TF up and helped his teammates. It would make me laugh too, but not for the irony....wait maybe that too.......nahhh
  5. Someone tell me why Nicholson is even there? Seems to me he is a value detractor in this equation.
  6. "I would like to see McDavid and Draisaitl kill fewer penalties this year. Not that they're not going to kill at all, but see them kill less. " https://www.nhl.com/oilers/news/talking-points-tippett-talks-2019-20-lineup/c-308396668?tid=277567784 I take that as McD is not going to take regular PK shifts every time. Amen.
  7. Agree to disagree then. Tippet agrees with me though. Just sayin. Correct.
  8. In the interview, Tip said exactly that. I am adamant about it, argued it last year and had a couple of jokers here (blocked thank goodness) jump down my neck. Some aholes like to argue for the sake of it. McD and Drai (maybe others) should not ever be primary PK guys. Ever. Most obvious thing in hockey. Do not waste McD's playable hours in a primary PK role blocking pucks etc. Can't believe we are still discussing this stuff.
  9. Hey, if we had the wingers to fill it out and could score with McD, imagine having a 3C as good as Nuge. Oh, well, back to reality. It'll be interesting to see because if it works as I expect Drai/McD/(kass/chiasson), Neal/Nuge/(kass/chaisson), there will be a real and clear delineation between the top and bottom six instead of the constant up and down line juggling. I think it would create an environment of real competition from some of the new and AHL guys to prove they can be at least somewhat productive on a bottom six role (for now). Two stratas. These guys will really be gunning to prove they are not fourth liners, in a way. I don't know much about some of these guys (jurrko (sp?)/Haas etc) so it could be fun to watch. At least it will be if a couple of them come through.
  10. I believe you are understating it somewhat, but I'm not going to look it up so will defer to your memory/research. I remember people joking about it in high school. "Did you see Semenko?! He made a good pass to Gretz. Amazing." Either way, I think Kass is a higher skilled player than DS was as well. He could easily get 20 on the top 2 if played in a consistent role. When we have better wingers, I'll listen.....Anyway, I'm just messing around now. It's up to Tip and we'll see how it goes.
  11. And he had questionable wingers for much of the year I'm pretty sure. Nuge is good - very good. He's not a miracle worker.
  12. Pretty sure that's what Tip said his plan was. Drai/McD/? Neal/Nuge/? Makes sense to me. Seems to me whoever just posted Kass and Chaisson are the top 2 to start, or at least the ones to beat, make those two pretty solid lines (if Neal rebounds like everyone seems to think). BTW, remember the late, great Dave Semenko? How many years did he play on the Great One's line? Kass could work, I think.
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