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  1. hillcat

    FYI- boards down tonight

    Just a heads up, they'll be taking the boards down later tonight (Thursday night) for maintenance. They should be back up running tomorrow morning (Friday AM)
  2. hillcat

    Humboldt Broncos

    Thats terrible. Last night at the Tulsa Oilers game, they observed a moment of silence for the team and played the Canadian national anthem in their honor.
  3. hillcat

    Humboldt Broncos

    I heard a brief clip about it down here. I know some of the players lost their lives. Any idea how many? Sad regardless of who, but even more so with a junior team. Guys just starting out trying to get somewhere. Terrible situation.
  4. hillcat

    My son is on Spotify!

    It's just him, but yeah Parallax is the name he uses
  5. hillcat


    Very good post, and dead on. There was a duplicate that I took out.
  6. hillcat

    Lineup ideas/roster changes 2018

    how about the coach
  7. hillcat

    2017-18 Keeper League- LEAGUE IS FULL!

    Got it set. Made a few changes already.
  8. hillcat

    2017-18 Keeper League- LEAGUE IS FULL!

    for sure! ok, will look for it. thanks- Just checked, nothing there.
  9. hillcat

    2017-18 Keeper League- LEAGUE IS FULL!

    the new email is michaelbulger_rn@yahoo.com Similar to the old one, except RN instead of LPN
  10. hillcat

    2017-18 Keeper League- LEAGUE IS FULL!

    does anyone know if its possible to transfer it to my current email account? I never use that one anymore and never go there.
  11. hillcat

    Lineup ideas/roster changes 2018

    Here's my suggestion: DeutchOil OilyJetFan Coffey2Gretzky Bronco Superdave Hillcat
  12. hillcat

    Thunder Goalies.

    Got to see two of our contract goalies last night here in Tulsa, Shane Starett gave up 4 goals and got the hook 10 minutes into the 2nd period. Nick Ellis came in in relief, Gave up another goal. Final was 6-3 Tulsa (there was an empty netter). Ellis looked decent. Starett, not so much.
  13. hillcat

    Random Oilers stuff

    I've driven to Dallas twice to see the Oilers. We lost both times. Maybe I need to stop going.
  14. hillcat

    My son is on Spotify!

    Just remember the rules son, NO POSTING LINKS ON THE FORUM. You're the only member here I can truly punish if need be! LOL
  15. hillcat

    My son is on Spotify!

    My 13 yr old son has been working on composing and making music for a couple of years now. Just recently, Spotify accepted him and he has an artist page with his music, He gets royalties for everytime one of his songs is played. I can't post the link here as its a violation of forum rules. I can however give the link out individually to anyone who PM's me and will be happy to do it. I ask that you help spread the word about him and send the link to your friends/re-post on social media. Thanks!