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  1. GDT cleanup

    Greetings all. Just a heads up, we're planning to go through and prune the GDT's from this past season, just to clean up the board some.. I'll probably start working on it Saturday. If there's anything you want from there, get it now.
  2. Humboldt Broncos

    Thats terrible. Last night at the Tulsa Oilers game, they observed a moment of silence for the team and played the Canadian national anthem in their honor.
  3. Humboldt Broncos

    I heard a brief clip about it down here. I know some of the players lost their lives. Any idea how many? Sad regardless of who, but even more so with a junior team. Guys just starting out trying to get somewhere. Terrible situation.
  4. give bear one of the stars tonight
  5. Going green. recycled GDT made with 100% reused electrons.
  6. Sorry for the confusion. i didnt realize we were reusing this GDT. i moved it to archive but i think its right again.
  7. Good luck today guys! Rapier, thanks for all the GDT's you've done!
  8. My son is on Spotify!

    It's just him, but yeah Parallax is the name he uses
  9. TV SN1, SNW Radio 630 CHED puck drop 7:30 Feel free to add lines, etc.
  10. It's the Oilers, plan on it. Had he been on one of Bettmann's anointed teams, he'd get player of the week.
  11. Looking for us to be the spoilers in the flames playoff bid. 2 less points for them!
  12. that didn't take long.
  13. Goalie goes to sleep from boredom, Lucic scores an "empty netter".
  14. At work (again ) time to dial up CHED on the computer!