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  1. Oh yeah. I’m lovin it
  2. If we keep it together and win this I’m doing the next get too. I’ll keep going as long as we keep winning. Lolls like bono got the hook.
  3. Game time 5:00 MST. TV SN, Radio CHED. feel free to add lineups, etc as they become avail. A win tonight and we get 4/6 points on this road trip. Columbus is 19-10-1. The Oilers better bring their "A" game otherwise it'll get ugly fast.
  4. Merry Christmas kid...
  5. Would like to see the same kind of performance as yesterday. LGO
  6. yup! keeps them distracted! LOL
  7. a butt load!
  8. WOO HOO! first post. Need to make it count tonight and play like they mean it!
  9. Hey guys, I'm available. Minimal cap hit too! Will stop pucks for food BEER!
  10. I'm a free agent. does that count? LOL
  11. That was insane! giving up a 6-1 lead is inexcusable!
  12. SWEET! they're helping us out.
  13. change his name to Broisieve