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  1. hillcat

    GDT: Cowgary at Edmonchuk 7PM(MT) Sun, Dec 9.18 SNW

    Not at home but recording it for later. Phlegms have like a six game streak going. This would be a good time to be streak busters.
  2. I was hoping even without McD we'd put on a good showing. I was wrong. Last 2 times we played in Dallas, my son and I went. We lost. This time we stayed home. We still lost.. Guess its not us after all.
  3. I'm going to miss the next 3 games. Meaning we should win all three! LOL hoping for a good showing tonight.
  4. Exactly! I gave a shot, they took a shot! I hit the mark, they hit the mark!
  5. I'm off tonight so I get to watch the game.... On second thought. Maybe I should go give someone morphine (for those who may not know, I'm a nurse. When I give morphine, its legal. )
  6. Sweet. I went to give some morphine, come back and we've taken the lead....
  7. Been busy so far. Just now tuning in. Let's see what happens.. If we give up one, I'm off!
  8. Working tonight, so will be listening on CHED. Hoping for some payback!
  9. hillcat

    Oilers sign Koskinen

    Pretty much speaks for itself.
  10. hillcat

    GDT: Oilers @ Ducks - 2:00 pm (MT) Fri, Nov 23.18 SNW

    Awesome looking GDT. LEt's hope it brings good mojo