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  1. 5-4! WOO HOO! unreal! Playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow!
  2. went and gave more meds. Did we win?
  3. YEAH< I got more meds due!
  4. wait a minute! I leave at intermission to start med pass (for those who don't know, I'm a nurse). We're down 4-1. I come back, we're tied 4-4??!! 😤
  5. And not even let them off the ice. Make it right after the game until they turn out the lights
  6. Another stupid penalty!
  7. hillcat

    First ever NHL game in Tulsa

    was a great game. Went to OT. 11,200 people there (arena holds about 19,000 I think) Hopefully they do it again next year.
  8. hillcat

    First ever NHL game in Tulsa

    last time I looked its about 75% sold. Not bad for here. Thanks! Should be a fun time
  9. hillcat

    2018-2019 Keeper League is up!

    Thanks guys, was working last night, just saw this now. I'm good
  10. hillcat

    First ever NHL game in Tulsa

    that works. We're directly behind the panthers bench. will try and get some selfies there
  11. hillcat

    Oilers Rotisserie league

    I'm gonna pass on this one. I'm signed up for 2, thats enough to keep me busy
  12. This Saturday, Dallas vs Florida. Got tickets 4 rows behind the bench. Section 121.
  13. hillcat

    Oilers Rotisserie league

    is this a 3rd league? whats rotisserie?