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  1. Working tonight too :-( Back on night shift this year.
  2. Guys lets chill with the sniping back and forth at each other before it escalates out of hand. thanks.
  3. Thats anyone's guess. I'd say probably up to the individual player if they do that or not.
  4. This team has grown leaps and bounds. After years of being the doormat, we're a major force again. We'll be back with a vengeance
  5. From the Ducks GDT: I hope we don't get thrown into the DryCycle again. LOL! Light em up Drai!
  6. A lot better than a year and a half ago with Dallas "bad puck luck" Eakins
  7. Agreed!
  8. Tonight we need to shoot at them like there's no tomorrow... because lose tonight, and there isn't. We need to hit them like they stole from us. play the full 60 and never let up
  9. Maybe do like they do in little league baseball, have a mercy rule after a certain number of goals....
  10. I'm in the same zone as Nashville. Next series will be great for me
  11. i almost want to merge this thread with the game 6 thread for luck. Think I'll leave game 6 thread pinned for luck.
  12. someone needs to make kesler an offer he can't refuse
  13. Hell yes!
  14. http://www.bardown.com/grant-fuhr-rips-the-league-apart-after-ducks-controversial-game-tying-goal-1.744419