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  1. hillcat


    Thanks foggy, good to have you here with us. welcome back AH
  2. my bracket pretty much got shredded and burned. The only one I got right was NYI
  3. Last game of the dismal season. Lets go out with a win and make some positive changes over the summer.
  4. I'd like to see a double hat trick against the FLames tomorrow night, or a Gordy Howe hat trick, or a line brawl...something... ANYTHING
  5. Ok, I couldn't remember the exact timeline and I was too tired when I got home this morning to look it up. But still makes me wonder about the Kos-tract
  6. Almost makes me wonder if Chia pet saw the writing on the wall, knew his head was on the chopping block, and decided to screw the team one last time by trading T-bot and giving Kos a huge contract before he left.
  7. Good to hear and good luck to the Oil Kings The Tulsa Oilers were founded in 1928. 90 years of hockey!
  8. Just home from the Tulsa Oilers game.. We won in OT... Got home in time to see goal #5. Looks like if I want to watch playoff hockey, I better stay in Tulsa
  9. Going to the Tulsa Oilers game tonight.. We're in the ECHL playoffs btw. Hasn't started yet, but we clinched a spot. Trivia question... which city has had a pro hockey team called the Oilers longer? Tulsa or Edmonton? I'll post the answer later on.
  10. and the drought against the stars continues
  11. Well I was close..... the magic number was 15
  12. could go either way... 1) they could ride the momentum from Tuesday and come out hard and fast, take no prisoners or 2) they could assume since they destroyed LA that Dallas will just roll over and play dead and they can phone it in. Hopefully Hitch will drive it home that #1 is the best option. If so, then 12 shots in the first.
  13. I knew there had to be a reasonable explanation.
  14. Damn.... i go give meds. I come back we’re up 7-2? Think I’ll go give more meds
  15. Holy toe fuzz! Who are these guys? Figures I’m working tonight. RNH with a Hattie in the first? Amazing. Keep the hammer down.
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