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  1. More offence in one play than Rieder had all of last year.....
  2. Are you friends with Reuben Buegler by chance?
  3. Oh God, Rieder is still hanging around the NHL? 0 goals last season. 0 goals. 0. He single-handedly cost us a playoff berth!!!!
  4. I’m so ready for this season to start!!!! Ahhh!! I’ve been locking my cruise control in at 97 km/h in 110 km/h zones, and 29 km/h in 40 and 50 km/h zones. I’m tired of being honked at!!!!!! Let’s get this started already.
  5. I’m thinking he goes 40G 65A this year if he stays relatively healthy. If McD misses any substantial time with this injury of his, which I think he will, I think Drai’s points go down at least 20%.
  6. Yeah I am in the same boat, I unfortunately think he has an injury-riddled season this year. It’s definitely still not 100% at all if he misses his BioSteel and still has a brace on. This should be an interesting one but I think he still nets almost 80 points in 50ish GP this year.
  7. Oh I could not agree more. Just saying.... why Tampa, and only $900k?!
  8. Yeah he needs to just go away at this point. I was so stoked on him even before we drafted him, but now, it’s just become a joke. Another draft pick bites the dust in Oilers Wasteland. What can you do.
  9. Hahahahaha. Wow. Just wow. How about that list of future Hall of Shamers ^
  10. He signed with Tampa for 1yr $900k What in the......?
  11. Y a-t-il une bonne pizza à Montréal?
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