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  1. Hahaha. Awesome. Thank you so much for this great news.
  2. What is happening this year?!? Happy for Maroon!
  3. No kidding... what a turd. That guy has less personality than the garbage bag full of leaves I rake up every spring.
  4. Sounds like KH has put the head coach search on hold too, focusing on the scouts now. Hopefully some impactful changes are made here too. Way to go, Ken!
  5. Good riddance! Maybe he can “coach” Yakupov?
  6. HALLELUJAH!!!!! THE FREE RIDES MIGHT FINALLY BE COMING TO AN END!!!! NEXT: HOWSON. Thank you to whomever is responsible for this wonderful news. One string of the puppet snipped. Red wine stocks are about to plummet during this breakup.
  7. Should have been fired after the G Reinhart trade - that was absolutely awful. Then he couldn’t have depleted this roster even further to where we sit now, again.
  8. Probably. It was an intense, extensive process, no stone was left un-turned. KLowe knows a thing or two.......
  9. The rumor is it’s not dog poop, it’s Rieder’s...
  10. Great hire in comparison to what was likely going to be our other choice - Craig MacTavish! Don’t like the 5 year term but that’s what it will take to get someone like Holland here. Hope he cleans house big time. Stay away from the wine, Ken!
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