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  1. Decent signings. Do you guys think you will be better or worse this year over last?
  2. Lol, “depth”. The entire Condors team is depth. Actually, if you left Connor and Leon off the roster and the Oilers played the Condors, I think the Oilers lose 9/10 games.
  3. Anyone heard what Maroon is doing?
  4. We are making the playoffs this year boys!! A Stanley Cup vet has signed with us. He had 12 goals last year, that’s more than enough to squeak us in!!!! I’m officially excited.
  5. Wonder if we score on our first shots on Talbs like everyone else seemed to be capable of doing? Probably not. Next.
  6. Please no more Russians. All they do is cry and flee to the KHL as soon as they don’t get their way. Negatory on the Goose for me.
  7. Sure hope Vancouver of all teams doesn’t finish better than us this year. How embarrassing
  8. Some interesting names there. Wonder what it would take to pry Lowry from the Jets. That would be a nice addition imo. Same with Eakin.
  9. Hopefully he’s gone. Hearing about players suits and how good they dress, the fact he can’t string a proper sentence together, or pronounce any players’ name correctly gets old pretty fast. Time for Ron to take the reigns
  10. Rattie is so good, he went from our top line to playing on MacT’s 4th line in Siberia. Speaks volumes to the depth we had.
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