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  1. Thinking Puli will be better after a surgery, one that is said to be hereditary is wishful thinking. His value has dropped 3 straight seasons, holding on to him so his value drops further is the same thing they did with Yakupov. He’s a bust, move on.
  2. I’m not debating any of that. IMO Hall and McD are legit 1OA the other two, not so much. Still, it could’ve been Perron for Barzal, PC screwed us from the beginning.
  3. Perron was traded for Klinkhammer and a first round pick that turned into 16th overall, not exactly bottle caps and pocket lint. Blame Chiarelli for trading that pick to the Isles for absolutely nothing.
  4. Well, that’s that. Another year in the books. Now back to the Oilers. Hopefully the playoff thread involves us next year.
  5. Agreed. For years fans have wanted change, now the real idiots are fine with the status quo. Unbelievable.
  6. Absolutely. Kretzky, what a joke of an assistant. Tie his name to Manning, Petrovic, Brodziak, Rieder, Koskinen, Cave, and Stolarz is a nothing trade as well. Gagner is a guy the Canucks paid 3.5m to stay away from their farm prospects. I wouldn’t give a pail of you know what for his second opinion.
  7. Can’t fire everyone, but he should’ve. Kretzky isn’t anything special.
  8. I wouldn’t worry too much, this guy was brought in for the Ice District and other North American businesses for the Oilers. Better than having Bob Nicholson oversee such important things as the downtown core.
  9. That’s not what I would call ‘great lengths’ it was one sentence regarding a truth that I have observed countless times over the last 3 years. It’s likely every member here knows I’m not a fan of the Nuge, he doesn’t play the game the way I like and he never will. Lucic on the other hand is my type of player, I like hitting, intimidation and love a good scrap. Lucic is still at the top of the league in hits despite dwindling ice time and while he doesn’t fight as much as he used to I still get out of my seat when he does. Funny that I debated with some earlier this notion of teams going to speed and skill and how the game has changed yet Tampa couldn’t win a single playoff game and a big team like St.Louis is one win away from a cup.
  10. I’m not trying to argue with you, more you’re coming at me. I used one comparison to prove Lucic’s skating isn’t the issue many make it out to be. If that offended you prove me wrong.
  11. Oh I get it, you want to run Lucic and give Nuge a free pass on everything. He’s on his 7th coach going on 9 years. Talk about a coach killer.
  12. I agree, thinking this is a top 6 player is unrealistic. His contract is bad on many levels but he belongs on the 4th line with minimal expectation. Come playoff time he could still be a valuable asset.
  13. I’m in this boat as well. I, like most fans in the building get excited when Looch has a good game. When he does score on home ice the place erupts. So many criticisms of him on social media yet go to a game and he’s still a fan favourite.
  14. I use Nuge for comparison because I’ve seen it live, lots of times and they both make 6m.
  15. I honestly don’t see his skating as his worst flaw. I’ve seen him pass Nuge while they’re both back checking countless times. At 30 and with his size his skating is what it is. His biggest problems to me are his hands. He doesn’t give or receive passes worth a crap. He needs to work on that more than anything, it’s actually astonishing that an NHL player, going on 12 years has such a hard time with the most basic fundamentals of hockey.
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