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  1. I really think this kid can turn into something. Fingers crossed.
  2. Yeah, imagine a streamlined new age Habs jersey, it would be a laughing stock. Something to be said for sticking to your guns.
  3. This is what I’ve been getting at for a couple years now. Way too much ‘blender action’. Back in the day (when we were successful) guys like Napier or MacTavish knew what their roles were, they came to the rink everyday and knew what the job was. If they got a fat head and thought they were more than they were Slats would let them know, and fast. With TM and KH guys had no clue and were just thrown together for 17,000 to judge (against the best players in the world no less). Hitch I could see doing some experimenting but TM did it all the while he was here. I really hope Tippett is more like Slats.
  4. I’ll take the black/gold all day every day.
  5. Nevertheless, it looks WAY better than those new blue ones.
  6. That’s awesome man! Exactly the look I was hoping for, Holland ought to hire you.
  7. I’m sure I’ve said this before but since oil is referred to as black gold it seems like a no brainer for a third jersey. Not Pittsburgh or Boston yellow but a real deep gold. And bring back our late ‘80’s jerseys for home and away.
  8. How can a guy with a genetic disorder get drafted so high? What garbage scouts we had, no wonder Kekalainen passed on him. Benson had an injury and fell to the second round.
  9. In one sentence you claim what happens behind closed doors and what is said to the media are two different things and in the next you believe Nicholson’s claim that the Koskinen signing was a ‘group decision’. Which is it? Funny PC was fired just days after the Koskinen signing.
  10. Fedorov and Yzerman also killed penalties. Unless we have better pk guys than McD I disagree.
  11. I think it’s their offensive instincts that come into play while killing penalties. They know what the offensive player is trying to do and as a result it makes them very effective anticipating what will happen. Sure worked for Gretzky and Lemieux. Maybe when McD is a few years older you don’t give him that role but right now he’s a stud, play him.
  12. McD was only used to kill penalties at the end of the pp. it was done so he could maybe spring the guy coming out of the box or just get to 5 on 5 while the other team still had offensive players on the ice. He wasn’t out there to block shots. Funny Gretzky and Lemieux killed penalties all the time and piled up the shorties and weren’t too gassed to lead the league in scoring for over a decade.
  13. Ahh, I see it now, you’re 100% correct. Brutal
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