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  1. Messrules11

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    On what? Did he mention anyone by name? He speaks in generalalities and is vague all the time. Personally I can’t stand his drivel, he should stick to reporting the facts
  2. Messrules11

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    I wouldn’t put too much stock into anything Friedman has to say, sure he’s good at being the first to report trades but his speculation is just that.
  3. Messrules11

    GDT: SABRES @ OILERS 01/14/19, 7pm MST, SNW

    I wouldn’t get too excited with this Jekyll and Hyde team. We get outshot every game it seems and unless our goalies play great we won’t win much. Happy we got the win but nothing has changed
  4. Messrules11

    GDT: SABRES @ OILERS 01/14/19, 7pm MST, SNW

    Orr has to be here for McD’s b-day. If Chia deals our 1st pick or heaven forbid McD I’m so done with this organization.
  5. Messrules11

    Save yourself 97

    What’s the name of this thread Deutch? You want to give him crap players on his line? You might as well drive him to the airport yourself. Like has been stated before might as well put all 3 together, atleast we’ll score some goals and the other 3 lines can trap. Boston and Colorado have no problem loading their top line, might as well try it here
  6. Messrules11

    Save yourself 97

    Why do you think it lasted one period? If you put two scrubs with McD how can you call it a first line? I don’t care about a Nuge-Drai 2nd line,
  7. Messrules11

    Save yourself 97

    They tried McD with Khaira and Kassian, it failed
  8. Messrules11


    Yeah he knows a thing or two about winning, problem is most people in his position know 10 or 20 things about winning
  9. Messrules11

    Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    I agree Hitch’s blender is coming out way too much. However, he didn’t have the 4 years TM did to understand his lineup. When Hitch first came in and we were playing well he had a healthy lineup, a hot goalie and the lines were more defined than they are now. He had the same players TM had and we went on a tear. I guess you forgot how TM did things around here but I’ll remind you. Never took timeouts, had poor communication with his players, same excuses all the time and spent more time blowing bubbles than an 8yr old. Obviously this roster is flawed but having Hitch is way better than having TM
  10. Messrules11

    Where's this train headed..?

    Hahaha, that’s gotta hurt.
  11. Messrules11

    Coaching or Management, which was worse?

    I’m not going JT, there’s only 3 guys with any skill anyway
  12. Messrules11

    Save yourself 97

    With the roster we have this is basically what I said. The only offence we get comes from the top line so switching Nuge for Chaisson/Rattie really makes no difference. We might as well though, play them 30 minutes and get the other 3 lines to trap. We’ve tried everything else. I read that our bottom 6 haven’t scored a goal in 12 games now. With all the line shuffling I’m not sure who is considered what anymore but it’s pathetic nonetheless. I guess Lucic is considered a top 6?
  13. Messrules11

    Save yourself 97

    We say the same things every year and nothing changes. It’s not going to change anytime soon and is why I won’t renew season tickets. There’s an old saying that goes- don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining... fits well here
  14. Messrules11

    Can we go 10 - 0?

    Destroy this thread