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  1. Power Play and Coaching

    Can you understand why Slats used Gretzky, Messier and Kurri to kill penalties? I’m not a stats guy but I think they still managed to get a few points after they killed off penalties
  2. Power Play and Coaching

    The pk was terrible last year, McD was on the ice for 89 shorthanded minutes. That’s peanuts. Your worrying for nothing
  3. Power Play and Coaching

    Ok, but I guess having Gretzky and Messier killing penalties was a bad idea too? Stauffer IS an idiot
  4. Power Play and Coaching

    Considering the options we have for killing penalties I think McD on the pk is just fine. He’s smart and fast and thinks the game better than anyone we have. He’s not going to block shots we all know that but like Fog stated he keeps opposing dmen honest and if we’re going to get any shorties McD will be front and centre
  5. Gryba versus Benning

    Todd Marchant scored one goal I’m sure we all remember but he had the worst hands I ever saw
  6. 1985 Edmonton Oilers: Voted Best All Time

    I’d have to put that Islander team at the top. That ‘83 team was unreal and destroyed our Oilers. How many series in a row did they win? 19 I think it was, that’s insane
  7. Darnell

    They’re all paid for potential at one point or another. See Nuge 😂
  8. Darnell

    All true. When he finds his comfort level out there he can control. I sit row 17 and watching Nurse was a real treat at times last year. Sometimes he was the only defeceman that showed up
  9. Darnell

    Facts eh? So what did PC say about him? What’s he supposed to say? Is he supposed to compliment and beat a drum for him in the middle of negotiations? Come on, ask PC the same questions mid season and I’m sure he’ll have his back
  10. Darnell

    I’d like more offence from the point as well but it’s not the role I see for him. We got no meat back there and that’s our biggest problem. If he can bring some intimidation and clear out the crease, drop the gloves and rush the puck more often I think he’s going to be a force one day. He’s not there yet, but I think it will come
  11. Darnell

    That’s all your opinion. I see a young guy that’s getting better. Better than Benning and that’s for damn sure
  12. Darnell

    So if offence has more value than defence I guess a guy like Scott Stevens was overpaid too. I’m not saying Nurse is the next Stevens but give him some time, who knows. He’s only getting better and meaner and looking at our current D we need some meanness back there.. If we can pay Nuge 6M all these years we can give Nurse at least 4M easy
  13. Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Well Tikkanen is still hard to understand and he had a pretty successful career. Give the kid some more time. I’m sure his English will improve
  14. Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    I did that on purpose. I guess a translator is a valuable thing
  15. Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Your making a mountain out of a mohill if you think his English is that bad. Are you saying we have no one to translate? Tikkanen had Kurri to help him out. I guess we have no other Finns on the team to help get across a few hockey terms 🙄 Go watch boys on the bus