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  1. I miss the Octane girls...a lot.
  2. Maybe not 9 of 10 but we’re stuck with rocket glove Koskinen so probably 5-5.
  3. We already had 4th line ‘depth’ up the ying yang
  4. Fills our top 6 wingers need, or maybe our 3c need? Nope none of the above.
  5. How is it the fans enabled it? One minute your blaming management and the next your blaming the fans. Which is it already?
  6. Chiarelli screwed us right from Day 1 with the Reinhart trade. Trading for Manning after his history with McD let alone his terrible play is unthinkably stupid.
  7. Gravel signed in Toronto for 700k. Why we couldn’t afford 700k is a mystery. Manning is pure junk
  8. Lagesson looks ready to step up. Good size at 6’2”, 207lbs, 23 years old, drafted in ‘14, played two years of university, one year in SHL and last year in the A where has was a +25. Likes to hit and is good in his own zone.
  9. You’re absolutely right, my concerns are guys like Haas, Nygard and Jurco seem like nothing more than Rattie, Rieder and Brodziak. People have Granlund penciled in yet the Canucks, one of the worst teams last year, wanted nothing to do with him. Tippett appears to be the difference, I sure hope so.
  10. If we can somehow get him I’m all for it.
  11. The link doesn’t seem to work. I did read that he’s probably the best player outside the NHL but will command north of 4M. Vegas being in our division likely means no chance anyway.
  12. Who cares? It’s the Leafs. How good is Karlsson defensively? Got anything else to whine to me about today?
  13. A whipping boy? Attention? If you’re blind to all the moves league wide then that’s on you. Wake up.
  14. Honestly, I can’t stand Kadri so I wouldn’t even attempt to trade for him.
  15. Who says they aren’t improved? You? From what I’ve seen and what the pundits on the sports networks are saying his off-season has gone surprisingly well.
  16. They also got Kerfoot in that deal, he’ll take Kadri’s spot and is more of a passer which bodes well for their wingers. Barrie will be just fine, he’s better than you give him credit for, that’s for sure. They’re a winning team and that will continue, only one team can win the Cup so there will be 30 teams in the same boat there.
  17. I was always in support of the Holland hire but after 13 years without playoffs we all have a right to be critical, no matter who’s running this show.
  18. Winning in the regular season isn’t meaningless around here. Not after 13 of 14 years of crap.
  19. I’m not going to debate their history, that’s plain as day. Fact is Dubas is getting creative to keep the wins coming. As fans that’s what you want.
  20. Ya, so why did we buyout Sekera? So we could sign that fossil Mike Smith? Give him 2m and another 1m in bonuses for games played? Games played? What a stupid thing to give him bonus incentives for. Why not wins? When your other goalie is as terrible as Koskinen is obviously Smith is getting some action.
  21. Well Dubas sure was able to unload salary. Trade for a guy like Barrie. Spezza for 700k looks better than Jurco doesn’t it? He’s building a solid reputation while Holland picks scraps, Haas, Khaira, Smith and Granlund. I did say he has the rest of the summer, problem is everything slows down after the free agent frenzy. Most teams are set in stone and we miss out on the party.
  22. Their first game or two? They looked good for a hell of a lot longer than that. Jones was moved to first pair minutes before he looked to be in over his head. What are these ‘huge holes’ you claim to see? I’m not saying play them 25 minutes a night against the leagues best players, but they should be able to hold their own now that they have more experience. At what point do the training wheels come off? You keep looking at past failures but offer no suggestions of just who we should play. Is it Manning? Lowe? Answer the damn questions already. The NHL isn’t a development league, no kidding but why should Joe Fan shell out hundreds of dollars to watch Benning and Mannning piss away games? When was the last time you were at an Oilers game? Oh right, you don’t even live in this province. Easy for you to yell at the clouds from your living room in BC.
  23. So are you saying bring up Manning and Lowe as our 6&7 defencemen? I recall Makar looking pretty damn good in the playoffs for Colorado, how old is he? 20? That was playoffs where everything is amped up, hell, they just traded Barrie, that’s showing some confidence. Jones played 17 games last year, he can handle it this year. Bear played 18 two years ago, he deserves a shot. Bouchard might just look better than either of them but yeah, let’s go with Benning and Manning instead.
  24. It’s sink or swim for sure. You seem to guarantee it’s sink. What options are there Deutch? We tried the bottom pair vet routine last year. Garrison, Wideman, Gravel, Petrovic, Manning. All trash. We have Persson, Samourukov and Bouchard turning pro so add Bear, Jones, Day, Laggesson, Lowe (ugh), Stanton and possibly Mantha, (though I’m unsure of his career status) all in the minors. How do they develop them all down there? It’s time to see who swims, we have no cap room anyway. Unless Holland earns his paycheque and gets creative with some trades we’re using rookies.
  25. Jones had 6 points in 17 games. Projected over 82 games and another year older is around 30 points. Russell had something like 16 points and just fires the puck off the glass all game. I think Jones could easily make this team, Benning is a sloth and without Sekera has never looked like an NHL regular. It’s time for some real change on the D, let’s face it, our 3rd pairing really can’t be any worse. Larsson/Klefbom Nurse/Jones Russell/Bear or Laggesson/Persson/Bouchard has to be better than a Benning/Manning duo
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