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  1. Very interesting article on GAR stats on the Oilers. https://www.tsn.ca/defensive-issues-could-cost-oilers-the-playoffs-in-2020-1.1337541 Comparisons of individual players and their GAR ratings... https://public.tableau.com/profile/sean.tierney#!/vizhome/GoalsabovereplacementvaluesbyEvolvingWild/Dashboard1 Gio has a high rating. Mark Stone and Radulov have great Ev. GAR stats. Barkov is in Sidney Crosby range.
  2. It looks to me like the Winnipeg Jets are the ideal trading partner for the Flames right now. They have lots of cap room and are in desperate need for defensemen. I really don't know what Winnipeg is doing or if players are avoiding Winnipeg.
  3. I think that's $1m addition taken off the cap isn't it? I never was too clear on how that worked.
  4. Frolik was useful for the Flames when they had no draft picks coming up through the ranks. I think at 4.3m he has been overpaid for quite a while for a defensive winger. Like 420 said, I've never been much of a fan. On another team maybe it would be a better fit. There are just so many younger players that can take that 6th spot at forward. Especially if Neal turns it around next season. Frankly, I'd do every thing I could to trade Frolik and not give up a high draft pick. Which would mean assuming maybe 25% of salary, or just buy him out which would free up about $2m in cap space. I'd rather lose Frolik than Brodie or Stone. I know the Flames will likely need to lose either Brodie or Stone to make room prospects that impressed last year and also make room for cap space. To basically give Jankowski away makes no sense to me either.
  5. Canuck fans are worried about the 3.5m they're paying Ferland. To me Ferland is a far better player for less pay, even though he does get injured alot, probably why he's only getting 3.5m. Ferland checks a lot of boxes in what he has to offer. Frolik is a one dimensional player.
  6. I agree Fogolin. A good example of this is the trade of a much better player in Marleau with an age difference of course, Marleau is 39. Trade: -To Carolina Patrick Marleau ($6.25M/yr) only 1 year remaining. 1st round conditional 7th round pick -To Toronto 6th round pick
  7. I have no problem with trying to dump salary. Frolik is almost untradable at 4.3M, Calgary may have to eat some salary for picks/prospects. Frolik had a reasonable playoffs and did well at the Worlds. He was obviously under lots of pressure last season, he adjusted to it under bad circumstances. Just at 4.3M I don't think there will be lots of takers out there. May need to be bought out even though Calgary doesn't like doing that. I think Stone can be traded if injury is behind him and is in good shape. Stone would actually have more trade value than Frolik in my opinion. At 5 years I think Tkachuck will want somewhere between $8M and $8.5M, I can see Tkachuck maybe signing $7M at 2 years. Power forward with skill, can pass, can check, can irritate the opposition, and is a born leader. I agree Riitch's salary will double even on a short term. Bennett will likely get $2.5M, I wished he had more playing time last season... should have stuck in Frolik's spot. I think Mang will get the short contract, I'll guess $1.1M. Tre has surprised before he's a shrewd GM but fair. He's really only failed on signing big time free agents. I won't fault him on Neal's signing, I was all on board with that. I thought with Neals consistancy over the years it was a can't miss contract.
  8. I really don't mind Lucic, just his contract. Calgary needs a big productive winger, I was hoping Neal would work out. JP would be a project, I think needs time to work out. Looks like Calgary is stuck with Neal for now, I'm hoping he turns it around next year.
  9. Kadri would have improved Calgary's toughness. Overall though, I don't like the trade either. Kadri at best would be on the 3rd line in Calgary, in Colorado will likely be on the 2nd line. To give up on Jankowski, a short handed threat along with a good penalty killer, also he has some size. Brodie is prone to some crazy gaffes, but makes up for it with his ability to create offense. Connor Brown would end up in the A or alternateing in and out of the lineup on the 4th line. Kadri is also undisciplined. I'm glad the trade didn't go through, looks like Tre was trying to unload some salary and Calgary's backlog of defensemen. I personally wouldn't mind seeing a trade instead for Puljujarvi for a reasonable defenseman prospect in Calgary's system. Puljujarvi seems to want out... https://www.tsn.ca/agent-jesse-puljujarvi-edmonton-oilers-seem-to-not-be-a-fit-1.1334614
  10. Don was irrevelant in a few ways. He was always down with European players, skilled Europeans have improved the NHL. Don does call out some of the fakes in the NHL, that dive and complain too much. He also pointed out some of the character players that don't get all the attention. I liked that. The things Don was good at was to draw attention to the military and added some Canadian patriotism. Even when some of the wars Canada was drawn into were false flag events. Don Cherry is not finished in broadcasting, he will catch on with another network.
  11. I'm guessing he's likely asking in that ballpark. He probably won't get 10 though.
  12. He'll get over 7 million per easy.
  13. My guess is Tre will get him signed along with Tkachuck. If not Bennett's rights would probably be traded to an eastern team.
  14. The only thing Oiler defenseman will have to learn is there is a major difference between playing in front of Kos and playing in front of Smith. In Calgary there were many confused defenseman used to fetching the puck behind the net only to find Smith there ready for an outlet pass. Of course with the defenseman literally right beside him that takes away a pass option. Opposing teams can take advantage of that. When Kos comes back in defenseman will need to adapt to the conventional style of the goalie just stopping the puck and retreating back to the net right away so the defenseman can pickup the puck. In Calgary Riitich started doing more puck handling so there was a little less adapting between tenders. I still think Edmonton won't regret the Smith signing.
  15. I watched Granlund grow as a player before being traded to Vancouver. I know him fairly well. Yes it is a very good signing for a cap ceiling team like the Oilers. I doubt he'll meet much scorn from fans after games. He's a responsible player. He's not an Aho or a Panarin of course, but it's the start of building a good team.
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