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  1. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Future of the Flames

    Flames ahead 2-0 over NYI. I think it's time Lindholm becomes a centerman. Backland playing great offensively and defensively, Frolik makes a great pass on a scoring play (shockingly). 1st line playing great with Monahan hitting post. 3rd line looks strong. Defense aggressive and pushing puck ahead with great passes. Not many great chances by NYI.
  2. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Future of the Flames

    Wow, projected lineup tonight has Tkachuck on first line?! I do think of him as a first liner, but he gives the 2nd line a scoring threat. Will be interesting to see how Lindholm does on 2nd line as a complete player, 3 good defensive forwards is a great shutdown line. I like the 3rd line of Jankowski, Czarnik, and Bennett. Will be interesting to see how this turns out again'st NYI.
  3. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Conspiracy Theories

    Operation Mockingbird https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird
  4. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    GDT Oilers vs NYI

    I like Keith's trades so far.
  5. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Future of the Flames

    Before the All-Star break I raised my concerns about a dropoff from the Flames. This is indeed the case. I also warned there has been no slump for the Flames this year until now. Character of the team is now key and should be analyzed as we go through this stretch. What I see, is the Flames aren't playing with enough emotion. Detail to defense is terrible, giveaways is up, and open ice is at a premium right now. What the Flames need to do is commit back to simple old time hockey, and wait for opportunities. Still commit to speed and be better positionally. Other teams just aren't allowing players to run and gun right now during the playoff push. This is where I think a trade for Simmonds or Lucic would have been useful, so long as the asking price is reasonable. A return to that mentality just before the playoffs is needed right now, or else Rickross is right the Flames will lose in the first round. Special teams is also key right now with added emphasis to defense, scoring will come down in the league is my prediction heading into the playoffs. It's easy to blame the goalies, and they have been suspect on a few goals, but the prime time opportunities again'st is way to high. This is where Bill Peters really earns his pay.
  6. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Conspiracy Theories

    Operation Northwoods https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods
  7. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Conspiracy Theories

    My all-time favorite conspiracy theory is 911 was an inside job. Architects and Engineers for 911 truth.
  8. CalgaryFlamesAltFan


    Calgary went through some very lean years with high expectations. I prayed Iggy would get traded, especially during them infamous slow starts he always seemed to have. The focus of the team and city on one player really handicapped the team in my opinion. Through all of them years I never once adopted another team nor threw away a jersey let alone do it on TV. So point is well taken. The fans that throw their jerseys on the ice want to achieve two things in my opinion. One, voice their displeasure visually. Two, rub salt into an already gaping wound. It is counterproductive in a few ways. When the player's see this they feel less obligated to dedicate themselves to do what is needed to win. Free agents are less likely to sign there when these images are flashed on TV. 5 years of Nicholson is enough in my opinion. I was curious on what he could do with the Oiler team, there was much optimism when he signed on with the team. I was skeptical back then because he was only really known for what he did with Team Canada teams. He was involved in assembling the best of the best, and the best always accepted the invitation because it was for country. In the NHL, it is completely different and Edmonton was rebuilding. Lowe must absolutely go. The connection to the past must be broken for the sake of NHL hockey in Edmonton.
  9. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Future of the Flames

    If the Flames end up trading either Brodie or Stone they have some no-trade clause restrictions to some teams. Surprisingly Hamonic is free to be traded to any team. We'll see if Andersson continues to improve! Should be interesting to see how the Flames handle this logjam of players and contracts.
  10. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Future of the Flames

    Agree with both of you on Andersson. I was not as high on him as 420 to start the year, but has impressed me immensely each and every month since. His skating somehow has changed dramatically, he's aggressive with the puck, he defends teammates, he protects the front of the net. I have no doubt he'll be a top 4 defenseman now. My concern starts with the expansion draft and the Flames depth. Vallimaki, as good as Andersson is, I think Vallimaki will be better in time. Vallimaki did beat Andersson in the preseason for a spot on the roster. I just think Andersson will open the vaults to a huge contract soon, and the Flames will not be able to afford him. He's a coveted right shot. If not for the play of Kylington I would not recommend a trade. The trade market would highly value Andersson over Stone and Kylington. I personally see a 1st and 3rd round pick for him because of recent play.
  11. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Future of the Flames

    Good game again'st the Caps, I think Smith had a bad game. Timely penalty at end of the game by Backs who opened with the greatest goal I think he's ever scored. Overall, I'm not disappointed as a whole about the team's play. Would like to see Tkachuck and Bennett back together on the same line.
  12. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Future of the Flames

    Here's hoping the All-Star break hasn't changed the Flames direction and alternatively for the Oil. These long breaks concern me a bit. I enjoyed Tree's interview on Boomer and Rhett show, this guy is sharp as a tack. I have no concerns he will sign both Tkachuck and Riitch this summer. I really don't see any concerning weaknesses with the Flames right now. An affordable backup goalie would be ideal, but don't sell the farm to get him. I'd also trade a bit of depth to get some picks if I really wanted to do a trade, I'd have faith that Tree would get full value in such a trade. I'd likely dangle Frolik and Andersson.
  13. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Armchair Gm

    I think Edmonton needs good defenders, even more than it needs a good winger right now in the process of building a good franchise. Calgary has 8 NHL capable defenders. Calgary lost its second-round choice and needs more distant prospects. Something should be worked out between the 2 teams. Gio, Brodie, and Hanifin being the only untouchables.
  14. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Man that gal can Fly !

    She beat Clayton Keller I think, I always thought of him as pretty quick. Great job by the American woman skater.
  15. CalgaryFlamesAltFan

    Positive Thoughts

    I hope that doesn't happen again. A player like that, that takes all of the focus, is detrimental to a team's development. I don't think "Iggy" or Iginla liked anyone challenging his throne. Being positive, the Flames have turned the corner after the trade of Iginla. They've been far more entertaining to watch, and no longer require an all-star goalie like Kipprusoff to keep them in games they should have lost.