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  1. Disagree, Gaudreau is a smaller player, but I've seen him become more involved physically year by year as he ages and becomes bigger and more fit (just like St Louis did).
  2. The NHL has gotten much younger in the last few years. I think some of these players almost think these series are going to be handed to them due to what they did during the season. Tampa is surprising due to previous playoff experience, the moves Columbus made at the trade deadline look genius now. Pittsburgh is baffling, so many players that have been there before and succeeded. Calgary I thought would be close but I by no means thought it was a gimme, doesn't surprise me they got bumped. If Boston falls, that's another team I would expect to win. I, like the rest of you, am very surprised how the playoffs have gone. I really don't know who the Stanley Cup favorite is right now.
  3. I remember watching St Louis as a Flame, he did disappear as a young NHL'er. The talent though was obvious, the speed was tremendous, but it was a different NHL then. I didn't like the Flames passing up obvious talent then, and I'd hate it now. The league is faster, younger, and talented. When Gaudreau gets to be St. Louis age, I have no doubt Johnny Hockey will be as good or better than St. Louis. Marty St Louis' first season with the Flames, he scored 2 points in 13 games and was a -2. Second season 18 points in 56 games. Tampa Bay his 3rd season saw him score 40 points in 78 games. Just to make this interesting, Gaudreau has had 5 full NHL seasons up to this point, he has 99 points. Marty St. Louis in his 5th full season (he missed games to injury but had a full season his 5th year) has 94 points in 82 games. Very comparable. To say Gaudreau isn't a competitor is highly mistaken and obviously hasn't watched many Flames games this year. I've seen pass options get taken away, and then snap he's breaking between 2 defenders to score a goal. A team can get physical on Gaudreau if they can catch him. Doesn't happen often, when it does happen he pops back up for the most part. Never really injury prone. You are making the mistake of judging a player on a few playoff games. Take Sidney Crosby, he had 1 assist in the 4 game sweep by the NYI, by your logic he's not a real competitor given that small sample size. I myself knew if the Flames could get past the 1st round it would get lengthy and Gaudreau would have time to find his form. I have none of the concerns you raise in regards to Gaudreau, he's definitely a competitor.
  4. I would argue that neutralize is a bit of a stretch given Gaudreau had 2 breakaways in the last game and a penalty shot. He's just lacking confidence and Peter's has said they will analyze the series and find ways of getting Gaudreau open. That is the right approach. Many coaches let refs know by complaining that they missed a call, players do it too on the chance the refs will even it up later. It's a tactic as long as isn't overused as might be the case with McDavid and Gaudreau. Many coaches have used the media to point out tendencies by the other team on certain infractions to draw attention to it hoping for extra calls. In the playoffs ever tactic to get an advantage is used. Quite often with Gaudreau it is a scoring chance that is foiled with a hook or a hold, so it does draw some ire. To think Calgary is going to get rid of a scorer in Gaudreau because he hasn't performed in a handful of playoff games is ridiculous.
  5. With Gaudreau, I feel it was a frustration level or a lack of confidence at some point. I saw him throwing checks which is unusual for Gaudreau. Complaining to the refs is standard in the playoffs, I have no issue for that. Same with Gio, McKinnon had obviously gotten into his head, but it wasn't from a lack of want or hate of losing. The game is fast now and is made for the Marty St. Louis' of the league. The team can obviously win with Gaudreau as it's the best player. Is he the most valuable player on the team? No, Tkachuck in my opinion is and will be going forward. This is something you have to go beyond skill to look at. Gio is at an age that I know he wanted a deep run with a chance of winning. This was a team with lack of playoff experience. You can't teach hating to lose or playoff experience. That's why Neal is so disappointing. I don't know that he did enough to prepare the team, it's partly why he was brought in to play for the Flames. Brodie too, he's just such a liability in a tight playoff game with bad decision making. I used to be a huge Brodie fan. How can't you like how he skates? There are players here that are very tradable right now for Calgary. Cap friendly contracts. The Flames need to make some small changes, obviously, we don't need a big shakeup. Another thing to remember, Calgary is still a young team right now.
  6. I stopped watching the game 10 minutes towards the end of the game. The Flames brass need to go through these games and find out who could finish and had mental toughness. The back breaker was definitely the Backlund penalty in game 4, the team played it's heart out and never really had any push back after such a good performance by 95% of the team. Of course there's more than just Backlund to blame here, but a few changes need to be made. Peter's obviously saw what I saw of James Neal. Looks like James Neal is going to be another Troy Brouwer for the Flames. On the upside, the Flames have lots of assets to trade to address the early playoff exit. It will be an interesting summer for both the Oilers and the Flames. I'm now looking forward to the Stamps and Eskimos games. Mitchell is back!
  7. Ok, I'm going to make a list of players I believe are mean't for the playoffs for the Flames. It's something you can't put into a corsi stats list or has nothing to do with scoring. It's my opinion on leadership and players that HATE, and I mean HATE, LOSING. This is the mix you need to succeed in the playoffs. Players that will go that extra mile, players that will go through a wall to get what needs to be done. It's why I didn't want Hamilton or Iggy on Calgary's team, they really accepted losses well. I can't stand players that can sugar coat losses, they are players I don't think do well in the playoffs. For example, I see McKinnon, despite the obvious talent he hates losing. I can include McDavid too, he really hates losing. Without being in the dressing room or being on the bench this is my opinion. Players that hate losing: Johnny Gaudreau (really hates losing) Matthew Tkachuck Elias Lindholm Mike Smith Michael Frolik Sam Bennett Gio Travis Hamonic Rasmus Andersson Garnet Hathaway David Riitich Michael Frolik Ryan Lomberg Players that are on the bubble: Andrew Mangiapane James Neal Derek Ryan Oscar Fantenberg Austin Czarnik Jusso Vallimaki Mark Jankowski Michael Stone Alan Quine Players that seem to accept losing well: Sean Monahan TJ Brodie Mikael Backlund Noah Hanifin Oliver Kylington Dalton Prout
  8. I don't think the '19 version of the Flames is going to succeed in the playoffs. Just not tough enough mentally. Many players are likely just happy to be in the NHL. I agree with Roenick and what it takes to succeed in the playoff grind. “We had an amazing opportunity in 1991,” Roenick said in an interview with Sportsnet on Wednesday. “That team was so good. And I remember we were built for a playoff run. That’s the one thing we were so confident on, was when it came down to playing playoff hockey, which is in your face, physical, hitting—you know, the grind—we had the durability and the mentality. The mentality is everything in playoffs. Being able to fight through the pain. Fight through the injuries, fatigue—we had that. That was the most frustrating thing for me was how good we were mentally.”
  9. Yes, Backlund the goat, just can't do that in the playoffs at that point of the game. Then Hanifin pumping it over the glass unnecessarily immediately after. Calgary deserved the loss. I can't ask anymore from the rest of the team. It's unfortunate, both players played a good game before the mental lapses.
  10. Posting with about 10 minutes left in game, Flames up 2-1. Regardless of whether Flames win or lose, the Flames came out hard and played fast transition hockey. Great zone overage and support by forwards coming back. Great support by the defense on the attack. Monahan was aggressive tonight, looked like he wanted to win every faceoff. Really impressed with rookie Valimakki's play given his limited time playing in the NHL. All four lines contributing. Gio was a leader. No cheap penalties are taken. Love it win or lose. Smith again looked solid. Colorado net looked crowded and hectic. Both teams skating hard all game.
  11. I think his experience in Edmonton will make him a better coach for LA. There was no adversity for him before that.
  12. I should add. I was very impressed with MacKinnon's compete level, you could see the emotion and leadership in his face throughout the series. Landeskog is also a stand out. Many of Colorado's physical player's came to play and skate. Eric Johnson also had a solid game both offensively and defensively. Cole was committed. Calvert was a physical force. Grubauer made some great saves at key times in the game and looked comfortable back there.
  13. 10 minutes left to play in 3rd period in what appears to be a loss in game 3 of the playoffs for the Flames. Flames down 6-2. Very disappointed in the compete level for the Flames. Started at the opening faceoff, Monahan waves his stick, almost like he was disinterested in winning the faceoff. I'm starting to question many player's compete level starting with Monahan. Brodie, despite scoring a goal, makes way too many ill-advised passes, and makes terrible decisions on when to break. Again, Neal was reported to be complaining for ice time, but I only saw him floating out there. For a big guy you would want him fighting for the puck, especially with the disappointing season he's had. Lindholm and Gaudreau a -3? Lindholm is invisible, which is very rare, he's usually a hard checker and noticeable defensively. Hanifin looks soft. Frolik actually didn't look all that bad tonight, he was skating. Bennett was tough and in the mix. Hathaway invisible. Mang had a good game I thought. Gio had a very off game, seems that MacKinnon has gotten into his head. 1/2 the team took the night off. So I don't blame Smith for the high score. It's one of the more disappointing losses this season, probably since the blowout again'st Pittsburgh where Calgary turned it around after being ridden and beaten like a rented mule. So I guess that's the only real positive I can draw from this game, is the Flames need to go back to their hotel and take a good look in the mirror.
  14. Honestly, I was trusting the source of the $500k for that number, I don't know what Coffee is being paid or if he is even being paid.
  15. Usually, you have other players helping players get acclimatized. Unless the team is dysfunctional and it's all about the money. I believe in San Jose, it is Joe Thornton that welcomes any new player at the airport. It might be another player that shares his place to make sure the transition is smooth. $500k does seem steep for a consultant job when an assistant coach in the NHL makes between $42k and $50k. Perhaps Coffee should take on the job of the liaison too for that kind of money. The lowest known head coach in the NHL is in Detroit being paid $800k (Jeff Blashill).
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