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  1. I guess Lucic saw what happened and felt there wasn't enough hair out of place to beat the snot out of Tkachuck.
  2. Nah, top 3 hated yes, top 3 dirtiest... not even close. Worst one I saw was the elbow to Drew Doughty. The other stuff is overblown. Especially the one where he messed McDavid's hair. Although now Giordano will now be considered dirty for "intentionally" taking out McDavid cutting to the net. It's fast hard hockey, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  3. I think it's more a of Theoren Fleury or Kenny Linesman style. Not as dirty as Avery or Marchand even. A middle of the road kind of guy with size and skill that doesn't mind spending time in front of the net (rare). A perfect leader going forward. I do hope he's got more in common with Drai's pay than with that of Marner.
  4. Mangiapane made a good decision and has signed with Flames for 1 year at 715k 2 way deal. It's a show me contract with the door open pending a Tkachuck signing.
  5. I believe Tkachuck likely started with 10M, the Flames countered with 7M. 8.5M would be a good comprimise. I would not trade Tkachuck for a second for Marner or Draisaitle, all very good players, Tkachuck just has the intangibles the other 2 can't offer. I want Tkachuck on my team in the playoffs. I don't think Tre is going to blow up his salary structure on a few players like Toronto did. I think Toronto may regret not trading Nylander when his stock was high, if not just for salaries sake. I was listening to sportstalk radio and they were discussing ESPN getting in on the action in the broadcast negotiations. It will shoot TV revenue up 6 fold. They're speculating it could send the salary cap to $100M, but it's 2 years off. League also gets the expansion money for Seattle.
  6. Are you asking me if I'd like to rescind the Neal trade? No thanks. I could live with a repeat performance from Lucic, not a repeat performance from Neal. Reider has speed no? Smith-Pelly has a good shot no? Obviously these players wouldn't make the roster without the absence of Tkachuck. They are players in their prime age wise, and will push the Flames younger talent for spots. Tre knows what he's doing. I think Talbot was picked up to be exposed in the expansion draft. Russell is a good NHL player, it's not Calgary's fault he is over-paid now. I'd take Russell back, less salary, to be on a 5th or 6th role with Vallimaki out.
  7. Some good PTOs with the possibility of Tkachuck being out. I like what the Flames are doing here. https://www.tsn.ca/calgary-flames-add-devante-smith-pelly-tobias-rieder-zac-rinaldo-and-alexandre-grenier-on-ptos-1.1360494
  8. Just finished watching an interview with Neal. He looks fired up and wanting to prove himself. He looks like he's under a lot of pressure. Lucic on the other hand looks very relaxed coming in, and wanting to have fun. I personally like the pressure rather than the fun part. We'll see how this plays out.
  9. I think Edmonton makes the playoffs this year. Vancouver is also a team to be worried about. Pacific is stacked.
  10. If Monahan can improve on his physical play, which he has done every year, he'll be a force next year. https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/sean-monahan-is-motivated-to-improve-on-last-years-results/c-308793286
  11. I don't think the Flames expect Lucic to be the first guy back checking on the line. Peters' was thinking of putting Ryan, Mangiapane together with Lucic. Ryan is an excellent 2 way center and faceoff guy. Really he is a top notch reliable center in the NHL right now, many times last year he was again'st the top line on other teams. If Peters' theory on Lucic is the correct one, that he needs a right handed centerman to reignite what he did in Boston I'll be happy with Lucic on my team. The NHL is a faster league no doubt, the Flames I believe will not be known as a slow team now because of one player. Tkachuck also is not going to be the first player back back-checking. Mang and Ryan are both skilled shooters and passers, Lucic will get more opportunities to score and be physical with the 2 smaller players.
  12. Monahan does benefit from Lindholm coming in as a right handed faceoff man given game situation, so numbers should benefit him. His faceoff numbers are really around 50% for most of his career. I like Monahan's playmaking, but really it's his goalscoring that really benefits the Flames. Both Gaudreau and Linholm are also very well balanced for goals and assists. Gaudreau is known as the setup guy though. I liked the interview Peters gave about Lucic, Peters and I are on the same wavelength in regards to Lucic. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/flames-peters-says-lucic-phenomenal-shape-talks-potential-lines/
  13. Definitely contributed to their success. https://flamesnation.ca/2018/09/28/will-the-flames-take-fewer-penalties-in-2018-19/
  14. On a conciliatory note, Monahan and Gaudreau were the 1st line on a second place team 2nd to the President's trophy. In all games that really matter (the playoffs), they wilt though. Bennett had a 70% faceoff percentage, 5 points in 5 games, was a 0 in +/- in the first round. Perhaps Bennett really did deserve the contract he got. We'll see. He might just be the diamond in the rough I've been waiting for.
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