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  1. 2017-2018 Trade Deadline moves

    Oilers should've picked up Phaneuf. Maybe Phaneuf wanted to go to LA because of his wife's career.
  2. Halls comments

    Waking up an old thread here:: 54 points for Hall and 17th in the NHL standings. He's playing some good hockey. I kinda miss him.
  3. Y'all awake?

    I don't like Switzerland, but their flag is a big plus.
  4. Y'all awake?

    Okay i am awake now...Let's chat :-)
  5. Future of the Flames

    Both Calgary and Edmonton have great talents, but there's something missing. Flames fans say that it's a coach problem and Oilers have something happening behind closed doors.
  6. Y'all awake?

    I like cheese too. Grilled cheese though yummy
  7. Y'all awake?

    Anyone awake and can't sleep? Come in and let's chat. What's up?
  8. Player Plus Minus Discussion

    Playoff? Oilers will win the cup.
  9. Future of the Flames

    Yeah i like coming here myself. Very chilled crowd. Don't get me wrong though, i watch every Oilers game. It's fun watching them too (Great talent)
  10. Future of the Flames

    No not BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! in shootout. Flames put that in the W column for their 10 straight win.
  11. RIP thread

    I'm sorry for your loss Telly. May he Rest In Peace. Other than that, we lost 2 great singers. Michael and Jackson
  12. Future of the Flames

    It's cold out and that's why they're hot. Once the weather becomes warm, they'll be cold. Ya think i'm right?
  13. Who will win the cup?

    I'm saying Oilers in 8