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  1. Welcome Holland and please don't drink the water in Edmonton.
  2. With Kucherov being out for one game, i see CBJ ending it real fast. If not, than in five games.
  3. Anyone else think that Keith Gretzky looks like Al Bundy from Married With Children?
  4. Alain Vigneault. he's the only good coach that i see that's available right now. Unless you want Randy Carlyle?
  5. If Hitchcock stays than his crew GG and others will need to go. GG had players in Calgary and he couldn't do anything there. Mind you having Lindholm, Hanifin, Andersson and Valimaki make a huge difference.
  6. Yeah couple more bad seasons with no playoffs and I can see McDavid gone. A lot of teams will pay McDavid and then some. The organization needs to get their crap together if they want to keep McDavid and others in Edmonton.
  7. I'm hoping they will show up for Draisaitl so he can get his Rocket hopefully.
  8. A Smart GM and getting all the old boys out. It's a simple fix, but they can't get it done. Katz is good friends with Gretzky, Lowe, MacT and i'm guessing Coffey, so he's NOT going to get rid of them. They say that the "old boys" has no say in who they get or trade, but i find that hard to believe.
  9. They need to get rid of pretty much everyone. We're talking from People from management, scouts, players and coaches. Hitchcock WAS a good coach, but i want him to retire. I don't want him getting fired (He doesn't deserve that especially coming back from retirement) I'm seeing a different "rebuild" than other People here. My way of "rebuild" is pretty much wiping everyone out except few players.
  10. That's because Hitchcock wants to come back as a coach.
  11. I know Kosk let in few softies, but his defense is not there for him. They look lost or they keep screwing it up for him. Good defense is good goaltending
  12. There goes the playoffs hope. Dang it, i thought they would play better than that.
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