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  1. Good game. The Jets did not have a shot for 14 combined minutes of the third. Goalies played great. Perrson and laggeson really stood out to me besides the regulars. Bouchard also made a really nice pass to Nuge but Nuge fumbled it. Fun too watch. Can’t wait for tomorrow night now.
  2. Yeah I seen that. That will be nice for sure! I just can’t wait till Oct 2nd even if it means snow and cold are closer. Jets have been in our end all period so far
  3. I will have to try that next time. It took me a while just to get this so I don’t want to mess with it lol. Thank You for the info though!
  4. Holland was truly magical with this one!
  5. I’m blacked out. The stream from the site is horrible lol. I would watch it on a 1970,s black and white at this point though. Dying for hockey. Is the building pretty full?
  6. Looks similar to a lot of Oilers games. Seems like they fit right in to me lol.
  7. I just got the game streaming just before the Neal goal. Haas and Nygard aren’t all that impressive so far?
  8. Does this mean he’s back? i see above you answered already. I’m with you. I think he is going to have a good year. I’m not basing this off of the pre season goal. I think he fits this team.
  9. Is there anyway to watch the game tonight? enjoy the game Mess!
  10. Thank You BL4NKF4CE! Works great. Are you by chance related to TAPEFACE? Thanx Hap. Yeah kinda of a crappy summer. Did zero fishing. In fact just did a lot of laying and sitting. It’s all good though just happy to be getting around now. My last doctors appointment a guy came in and he had the same injury but to both of his legs. The poor guy can’t even get out of bed at all for months. I consider myself lucky when I see some others. I tore my quad muscle and tendons off of my knee. Looking forward to this season as I feel we are a much better team then last year.
  11. HELLO EVERYONE. HOPE ALL IS WELL!! Well it's getting to be that time again. WOOOOOHOOOOO!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been on here for quite sometime but I'm still alive. WOOOOOHOOOO to that as well. I had a pretty bad leg injury on May 13th in enemy territory so now I hate Calgary even more (If that is possible LOL). Flames Suck!! I'm still recovering but am able to be out and about without crutches or a cane. It happened to my driving leg (had to wear a splint 24 hrs a day for 8 weeks) so I was literally stuck at home for 2 1/2 months. It would have been difficult just getting in to a vehicle regardless though as I wasn't allowed to bend my leg. Anyways glad to be back and am very excited for this season to start. Holland in my opinion has done an amazing job bringing in players on short term contracts and getting rid of an albatross of a contract. Love Lucic but the contract sucks. CAN SOMEBODY TELL THE ADMIN TEAM THAT YOU CANNOT LOGIN ON THE MOBILE APP TO THE MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HAS BEEN DOWN SINCE THE END OF THE REGULAR SEASON. I'm going with the same format as last year as I feel it kept things a lot tighter. 5 game sets . The remaining 2 games will be used as a tie breaker where you have to choose in each game the total goals scored(this is only for the final 2 games). 7 PTS for the exactor 4 PTS for the right points 2 PTS for closest to if the above 2 are not achieved GAMES 1-5 1. VAN @ EDM 2. LA @ EDM 3. EDM @ NYI 4. EDM @ NJD 5. EDM @ NYR PREDICTIONS: SHARPIE 4-1-0 Can't wait for the season to start!! GOOD LUCK EVRYONE!!
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