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  1. I LOVE how that trade shook out. “We need a young defenseman with some tenure. Here you take our 3rd highest goal scorer (at the time) and this defenseman (Garrison) who is really good with being a mentor....and we’ll take....um....we’ll take that overpaid, under appreciated guy Manning and, now we need a Forward....oh you have a guy that’s overseas and probably won’t agree to come to North America u less he’s on an NHL roster? Yeah, we’ll take him off your hands. “ i like to think it happened like this.
  2. I’d like to see Rattie be re-signed. Even if it’s a one year deal. I guess that depends on who is being moved over the summer
  3. I was debating on even logging on the boards tonight during the game, but I can see that everyone also saw that effort. I wanted to add that I watched the late game (LA/CHI). LA won but I was watching the Chicago feed on NHL.tv. The Hawks post game had about a 10min section of the guys raving about Caggiula. Our gained asset from the trade is being sat in Bakersfield. Ugh.
  4. I didn’t see Nurse do so, but he did take a 40ft shot that was pretty useless.
  5. When can we do friendly wagers? Like if Chiasson re-signs then OJF changes his avatar to Brandon Manning for the year? If he doesn’t then I do. I’m just spitballing. Those aren’t the terms.
  6. Very true. He can choose a team that needs the depth. But since he already has a cup, it could be about where he and his family feel comfortable. I’m not saying it’s EDM, but he can control his destiny. Who wouldn’t want to play in EDM? The fans chirp you at the rink and at the mall. Equal Opportunity.
  7. Bobby Ryan should be doing that more. He’s making more money than the rest of the forwards combined**. **no research was actually done
  8. This is the first game I’ve been able to watch in a month or more. I like Chiasson. I don’t think it would breaking the bank to offer 2 years and double his money. Which should be about 1.6M per.
  9. Bruce has that history with him from their Capitals days. But BB just backed me up on that drum I’ve been beating all year about Hendy. Love that guy. Look no further than my avatar.
  10. No clue. That was a head scratcher for sure. It was almost like he was about to start his skate to the glass and back after the whistle...that never came.
  11. Lol. To be fair, I did say September in my post.
  12. He did get hurt and had to contend with Chiasson being white hot. I just think the minutes never really rebounded to what he was getting in September.
  13. I saw the first period and then went to bed. Woke up hours later and checked my phone. Thought I misread the score.
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