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  1. Blackhawk216

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    Reasonable answers, but from interviews etc it appears Hitch wants t be here longer than just the end of this season, time will tell. And I agree, too much turnover re coaches, lets keep Ken Hitchcock for as long as both parties want to so do. If we can get a stronger roster, with him as coach, who knows where it could lead to? I have not heard the club nor KH say he is only a "short term solution". Yes he was signed only to the end of this season, but does not mean he could not continue beyond that time line. Personally, I hope he does stay. I would much rather have a coach like Hitch who has a "feel" for Edmonton, than bring whoever else in to start once more with another voice, another philosophy, etc.
  2. Blackhawk216

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    1) Matter of opinion. 2) We don't know he would be interested in coming to Edmonton. 3) Absolutely nothing at all wrong with the current guy, in fact, a breath of fresh air, calls it like it is, and we do know (at least in my opinion) that whatever problems we have, they are not with the current coach. 4) With point 3 in mind specifically, why do we need a new coach? 5) Hitch is here because he actually wants to be here, any other coach would be coming for different reasons, ie money, an opportunity to coach in the NHL if they have not already, etc . Really looking forward to your thought out answer to point 4...….rather than just a two word answer.
  3. Blackhawk216

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Why did they not "go away" in Jersey? I am not going to wash Arnott's dirty laundry on here, but the "personal problem" he had was here in Edmonton, not in New Jersey. How do you know what personal pressure was on him whilst living in Edmonton for most of the year? He moves to New Jersey, and at least whilst the "problem" may still be hovering in the background, it wasn't in his face every day. Also, as this is supposed to be about developing players, we had an awful team for Arnott t be "developed" in...….that surely also didn't help matters.
  4. Blackhawk216

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    Please name a better coach.
  5. Blackhawk216

    Thoughts on PC's next moves?

    You mean like getting a player who is currently 12th in points in the NHL? Oh, hang on a minute .
  6. Blackhawk216

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    JP would be if only he used his physique to be the proverbial bowling bowl knocking down the skittles. Surely the coaches have tried to encourage a more physical approach from him, I can't imagine they have not, so I can only assume that he doesn't listen to instruction, or has not the attitude to use his frame to the required objective.
  7. Blackhawk216

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    I am just as concerned about Jones inability to stop or even hold up or slow down a man attempting to take the puck past him. His positioning just seems out of kilter when that happens.
  8. Blackhawk216

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Sorry, you have lost me on the "nobody knew about the personal issues from Arnott"...……...he knew, (that is what mattered) and it was affecting his game, and hence that was part of the reason he was "let go". Similar to the Pronger issue...….both players left basically with personal issues in their background, so we can't blame the Oilers for that. Both Arnott and Pronger wanted out of town...…….what are the Oilers supposed to do?
  9. Blackhawk216

    GDT: FLAMES @ OILERS 01/19/18 - 8pm mst, CBC, SN1, SN360

    True, Gaudreau having a great season, but does have considerably more help in accumulating those points.
  10. Blackhawk216

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    With all due respect Yuke…...Arnott had personal issues in Edmonton, and that has something if not all to do with him getting out of town, Dubnyk was for want of a better word 'crap' here, Petry still isn't that good in Montreal, Schultz, lets be fair, we were all glad to see the back of him, and cup or no cup, similar to Petry, is he really that good?, Cogliano and Satan sure, Brossoit...……….good so far, but not really enough games to make a profound judgement.....but couldn't stop a beach ball at times here, and another one just like Dubnyk and Schultz, we were glad to see the back of him. I am sure we are not the only club who "give up" on players only to see them come good elsewhere...…….eg Dougie Weight came to us from the Rangers, and to this day, have we had a better # 1 centre other than the obvious one? We all loved Dougie Weight, right?
  11. Blackhawk216

    Latest Oiler Signings and Acquisitions

    I am guessing Benning is the one who fell to the ice?
  12. Blackhawk216

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    Oh, so we are now only counting players drafted lower than 22nd are we? Yet you were saying goodbye to one who was drafted 4th? Are we playing to the same rules or what? Bouchard was drafted 10, if he makes it good in the NHL with the Oilers, does that count or not as a player developed by our club? I have to ask about Bouchard as I am not sure what rules you wish to select, below 22, above 22, below 60, above 60???????? As far as I am concerned if a club drafts a player, regardless of what position in the draft the said player was selected, and said player turns out to be a good NHL player, then the club has the right to say they "developed" him. You may not agree, and that is your right so to do.
  13. Blackhawk216

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    We have developed RNH, Leon, McDavid, Nurse and Klefbom over the past recent years. Granted, any team could have developed McDavid, but the point is, they were all high draft picks that have evolved their game in Edmonton. So I don't get this "we can't and don't develop any players". Khara is a work in progress and we are trying hard with Benning also, but some jobs are just too big . Both Hall and Eberle were developed in Edmonton, but for various reasons got traded. I would hardly describe Eberle as "succeeding elsewhere", and Hall isn't scoring like he did last season season? Between the two of them, so far this season they have scored 16, 5 on 5 goals. If JP's attitude to learning English is matched by his attitude to listening to the coaches, perhaps that is problem, and hence is not the Oilers fault, maybe he is just a lost cause and needs a kick up the backside like a trade may present to him to sort of jolt him into some serious self analysis.
  14. Blackhawk216

    GDT: OILERS @ CANUCKS - 01/16/19 8pm mst SNW

    I think Lucic and RNH have some chemistry...…….and why put a guy with "a hot stick" down on the third line with a guy who admits to not having a great offensive game? Whilst Lucic is in the mood, play him as high up the lines as possible. To me, Lucic currently has more potential for scoring than JJ has, especially on the same line as RNH.
  15. Blackhawk216

    GDT: OILERS @ CANUCKS - 01/16/19 8pm mst SNW

    By the time Sek comes back to full fitness and good enough for NHL, it could be that both Petrovic and Manning will be free agents...…...possibly. For 5m per, I expect better than Benning...…..much better.