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  1. Telly, I think perhaps I misunderstood your meaning. I thought you were indicating that if Kass and Chiasson did not produce and were moved down that we had more legit Oilers players to form 3 scoring lines. I guess you were actually referring to Zack and Alex as the "legit players". Personally I am still not totally convinced re either player, and particularly Chiasson who prior to last season had not broken the 13 goal NHL barrier. Even Kass who I think scored 15 had his best year ever in the NHL. If we also take into account that Alex I think scored 8 times in the last 49 games, again not what I would call "legit NHL scorer", for one year sure, but can he repeat? We have four guys who are "legit NHL scorers", and we know who they are......after that, it is a crap shoot. Some, all or none of the others may come good, we shall have to wait and see. Why people are accused of being negative by simply offering another viewpoint is best for you to explain. What happens is going to happen regardless of what is written on a message board such as this one. I will be cheering on Alex and Zack for sure, and if they can score 37 between them again, it will certainly help the four main hopefuls to lift this team up the standings. See, a bit of positivity there
  2. Glad to see your enthusiasm and optimism telly, but just for my benefit, who are these legit players on the Oilers that may result in 3 scoring lines, disregarding the obvious such as Connor, Leon, Ryan, James (and Sam who most on here have apparently ruled out)...……….. if Alex and Zach are moved down as mentioned in your post? By "legit" I am assuming you mean proven NHLers/scorers. Not trying to be negative, just to be educated.
  3. No offence taken, and I don't disagree with all of the points you make, however: I maintain that Benning did not deserve a virtual if not more than 100% increase in his salary at the time it was given. I did see some improvement in his overall play last season, and whilst you could make the argument he was the best defensive defenceman last season, not all would agree with you. "Chiasson is a 20 goal scorer". Yes, he is once in a career so far. To me, that isn't a 20 goal scorer when he does it once in approaching a decade. I think I am correct when I point out that he actually scored just 8 times during the last 49 games last season. I believe that means he scored 14 in the first 33 games (some of which he did not play) so at the 33 game point, he was on par for 35+ goals...………….does that make him a 35 goal scorer? Klefbom…………...hindsight is a wonderful thing eh? Like we should start inserting clauses in players contracts that says they don't get paid when injured? Pouliot…..we are talking about the same guy aren't we? The one that in 16/17 accumulated 14 pts in 67 regular season games, and none in 13 play off games? And the same guy who the following season went on a huge run of point gathering with 19 in 74 for Buffalo, and was then "let go"? Strange how two successive NHL teams didn't agree with your opinion that Benoit was a "useful" player and a decent top six winger? Decent top six wingers don't get 14 pts in 80 games in a good team which the Oilers were in 16/17...….or am I wrong? Did we gain anything by trading Spooner for Gagner? Is that a serious question? Most people were delighted to see the back of a player we thought untradeable. Gagner's better days are behind him, for sure, but he showed more energy and interest than did Mr Spooner and it didn't take Vancouver long to weigh that guy up. Smith? I will wait and see the guy play before I comment, other than to say he can't be worse than Koskinen was at times last season, and he is half the price. For one year, worth a gamble, and Holland's hands were tied due to the incompetence that was PC. Neal, happy with...……..if he does bounce back...……..if he doesn't, to use an aleady used phrase, "can't be worse than...….you know who", and I have yet to read of any pundit or journalist say anything other than the Oilers won that trade...……...even Flames fans think we won it......bar the one on here who can't see further than the end of his nose. Larsson...……….we made the play offs in his first season...………..last year he had a close family bereavement, must have affected him, along with a pathetic attempt at defending around him (including him also) and inept goaltending. He will come back and (no offence) it is absolutely ridiculous for you to compare his contract with Fayne…..a sign that I take as you really struggling to enhance your list in responding to my post. Russell agreed and if you think it is way too much now, think back to when PC offered it to him, at that time it was ridiculous. I don't care what a bottom six forward is "going to get soon"...……….and to be honest, regardless of what happened last season, (and don't get me wrong, I like Alex Chiasson) Chiasson is a bottom six forward in any team other than the Oilers, or to put it another way, he isn't a regular top six forward in any other team than the Oilers. I think our top pay for a current bottom six forward (correct me if I am wrong) is Granlund at 1.3m. I knew Alex would be in for a big increase, but from .65m to I think is it 2.15m? Over 300% increase for a guy who scored 8 in the last 49? My trouble is that I live in the real world, not the NHL one . Having commented as I have, I still hope Alex Chiasson has a good year and puts up the goals again, but his historic date doesn't support that he will, that is all I am saying, so we are basically paying not even for one good full season, but more or less one very good/excellent half season. I suppose desperate times = desperate measures.
  4. Here is what I don't get...……….Chiasson has one good season in terms of scoring almost double what he had done in his entire career, and at least one guy on here suggested we offer him 3m+ which I argued vehemently against, suggesting 2m tops as one swallow a summer does not make. So we offer Alex 2m+ per for two years, and hardly one person has him even penciled in as a top six player this coming season, at least not from what I have seen on here so far. I will make a bold prediction here and now by saying that no way is Chiasson going to come close to 22 goals this season playing in the bottom six, even if he gets PP time, and to be honest, and again based on historical data, perhaps not even if he was on the top six. So, my question is, if we are not going to play Alex Chiasson in the top six (which I am not suggesting we do) why have the Oilers offered him over 2m per for two years? And as a follow up question, would any NHL team also have offered Alex Chiasson as good a contract? Nothing against Alex Chiasson, I like the player, but not at $2m+ now that we have Neal and it is looking like 5 of the top six players are concrete. My thinking here is that no other bottom six player is going to be earning anything close to Chiasson, and most are on one year term. Should a player be rewarded for good performance? Yes, sure. But does one good season merit an over 300% increase in salary guaranteed for two years to a player that may not even be put in a position to repeat a one season success? With cap space being such a big issue nowadays, we seem to continually "over pay", eg Chiasson, Benning, Koskinen,......those three to me are an over pay of about a combined $4m. Gagner I have to accept as it was worth his contract to unload that ueless piece of **** Spooner. Over paying "non-impact" players is one reason we have had to endure such a weak roster.
  5. Well let's hope Persson is a better gamble than the likes of Rhinehart, Wiseman, Petrovich and Manning to mention just a few of PC's defencemen gambles that went flat. Based on historical data, I won't be holding my breath on Persson. However, as the saying goes, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Just hoping that this time next season we can explode with Bouchard, Jones and/or possibly one other of our prospect defenders bursting onto the NHL scene, or bring in the ready made job via UFA/RFA/Trade/ helped by increased cap space (that we will probably also need for a new goalie/top line scorer). Ken Holland still a big job to do, made much bigger by the "blind squirrel".
  6. I realise it is only two games but from what I read, Benson wasn't even a stand out player in either of the two rookie games v Calgary. Maybe he isn't actually ready for the NHL yet anyway?
  7. You are pretty good at this hindsight thing Deutch, I will say that about you. Bottom line with draft picks is that unless the pick's name is Crosby or McDavid etc it is a crap shoot...…...end of story. Looking back is an awful lot easier than looking forwards don't you agree?
  8. I don't think that will be a problem anyway as I think for the Las Vegas expansion we were allowed to protect 7 or 8 forwards, so still room for JP if necessary. Why let him go for "free", let them take Khaira or any other "expendable" forward. Even if Neal has a terrific year, and we want to protect him, we should still have room for one or two other protected forwards. I am guessing Benson would have to play a minimum number of NHL games to qualify for non-protection anyway. The more we see the current make up of the team with so many short term contracts offered to forwards, it is beginning to look more and more like KH's plan is to get through this season as best we can (without totally giving up on it), get rid of any deadwood next summer, and then start to use whatever cap space relief/trades/UFA/RFA signings we can to bolster support for Connor and Leon, and to address other issues like defence and goal tending (if still necessary). Ken Holland sensible medium to long term planning, PC knee jerk blunderbuss type reactions...………….what a difference.
  9. Good point often overlooked by many people (including myself) I am guessing. From what I can see, we currently only really need to protect Connor, Leon, Ryan, Alex and Zack of our current forwards...……...I can't think of another forward who (at this moment in time) we would be upset if we lost in an expansion draft. And with all due respect to Tyler Benson, at this point in his career he likely won't be the difference to the Edmonton Oilers either making or not making the play offs. Probably a no brainer to give him one more season or part season in Bakersfield.
  10. Nice post Fog, but you missed out on your list of these mythical players. When will you be posting it on here? I don't want to miss it And don't forget they need to be getting around 70 pts per season, as did Nuge last year in a terrible team, so that rules out the Nashvilles and the Pittsburgs and the St Louis type teams.
  11. Why play our most valuable (in fact some nights our only valuable) players wasting energy chasing the opposition best players? Maybe for the last 30 seconds or so for a possible breakaway opportunity once we get to five men again, but in principle, I just don't get it...……….and for sure if Connor comes back not totally 100% fit, definitely not. And don't kid me that the Oilers won't attempt to suit up Connor if he is not 100% fit...……….we all know how professional sports works, and when it comes to commonsense decisions, I don't believe the Oilers are at the top of the class. Maybe that will change under KH and DT......time will tell.
  12. With todays salaries for point getters do you think RNH would re-sign for 6m or less? What was it last season......just under 70 pts? Salaries move so quickly nowadays that it is the 8.5m that Leon signed for that is the strange one, not if RNH was offered 8m by either the Oilers or some other team. Nylander in Toronto nowhere near the all round player that Nuge is, and he is earning (not exactly sure) around 6 to 7m isn't he? No one believed it at the time, but we got lucky with Leon, and maybe even with Connor's contract. If they are not so already, in two or three seasons those contracts will be like gold to the Oilers, and RNH plays his supporting role as good as anyone likely could. Nuge I thought was overpaid when he was first offered the 6m, but not today he isn't.
  13. It was you mrtea who brought up the salary cap issue, not me, but my response is still that we surely can't afford to be paying 6m for a 3rd line centre as was mentioned, and that is what I was responding to. Commonsense illustrates that the lower down the lines RNH is played, then the less likely are his wingers to convert scoring opportunities, whilst at the same time, to get value out of RNH he has to be given the appropriate minutes for a 6m player...………..that can only mean less minutes for our two world class players. That is the point I am making.
  14. Well it won't be when RHN is looking for a new contract...…………..are we prepared to pay lets say 8m for a third line centre, whilst cutting the minutes of Connor or Leon at the same time? We can't even get high quality top six wingers to play with Connor or Leon let alone worthy 3rd line wingers to play with Ryan.
  15. I am pretty sure it was TM that said by playing RNH on the third line means that either he does not get enough minutes that a $6m player should get (Lucic was unavoidable as he slipped down the pecking order) or the other option is to give him more minutes and cut down on Connor's or Leon's minutes...…….neither option was satisfactory especially when our weakness on the wings was also taken into account. TM may not have said those exact words but that was the gist of his comment.
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