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  1. Your point being? I am not quite so down on Yammo as I think he was drafted at 18 (?)…………..shouldn't we expect a bit more of a #4 pick than 18? Hence my focus on JP, I await development and improvement with both players, especially as they play in a position that we are desperate to fill. We can only hope they will both be successful, eventually...……...but will it be with the Oilers?
  2. I have now checked...………….drafted just before or just after JP was a whole host of players now doing (in my opinion) really well at the NHL level, and in some cases brilliantly well : Mathews, Laine, Dubois, Tchakuk, Keller, Jost, McEvoy and the lowest pick of those was McEvoy at 14. That is 7 of the top 14 making in my opinion a real impact at the NHL level already. As compared to our guy, JP who so far, looks to lack the character, determination, even ability to make it at NHL level. Could that change? Sure it could. Is it likely? Who knows, but from what we have seen so far, and his value in a trade being bantered around as not very at the moment, it probably won't. Naturally I hope I am wrong, but my point being how good would Tkachuk or McEvoy (both drafted below JP) be for the Oilers now, as compared with a "woe is me" and "I want to play in the NHL but not in Edmonton" JP? Maybe he didn't actually say those words but it is reported that his agent has. Even Keller, and Jost would be an improvement on JP's efforts, or lack of more like it. To me it looks like JP is not prepared to put the effort in required to play at the NHL level. Surely it can't all be down to mismanagement of the player, sooner or later he has to take some responsibility for his (so far) failure to help the club that drafted him? Leon travelled down a similar road as JP has, and we all know the sort of player he is now. So come on JP, it is now or never, make 2019/20 your season.
  3. Yes, we wouldn't want a successful 1st round pick on our hands or to make the play offs would we? I can't believe what you just wrote OilyJetFan.
  4. I am not concerned about other 1st round picks, but I do know what Tchachuk has done, and like him or hate him he has been a lot more impactful than JP. JP doesn't appear to have the desire or determination to succeed, hasn't really made a big effort to speak English, and apparently now is sulking and wanting away. It isn't just the on ice effort that I see lacking in him, he comes across as a spoilt kid who isn't prepared to work hard enough to succeed at the NHL level. Yammo has been underwhelming also. I really want these guys to succeed, but like I say, I am not banking on it.
  5. I understand but we really should expect more success from two first round draft picks than we have seen so far from JP and Yammo? That was my point. Hopefully they will come good eventually, but I wouldn't bank on it.
  6. You forgot to mention JP and Yammo
  7. Would you prefer Spooner to Gagner? No? Thought not.
  8. Just a question...………...do we really have a goalie problem, or is it more weighted towards a defence problem? Probably a bit of both I guess. Sometimes it is hard to split one from the other, and during conversations such as this one, my mind always goes back to Dubnyk. Absolute garbage here, but a decent career in Minny. We have to be careful we don't throw out the baby with the bathwater here with Koskinen. 50 games or thereabouts could be his maximum output for him to do a reasonable to good job for the Oilers. Then a good proven relief goalie for the other 32 or so games could do the trick...………….but not if we don't improve our defence significantly. I would be shopping Russell and Benning, bringing in one puck moving defenceman if available and affordable, and giving a chance in the big league for one of Jones, Bear, or the guy from Sweden that we have just signed for one year. Can't recall his name, Perlson or similar? Add a good defensively sound 3rd line centreman, and maybe we can keep the puck out of our net a bit more often than last season? With Connor, Drai, RNH, possibly Chiasson and one (preferably two but at least one) new scoring winger the puck going into the other net should take care of itself.
  9. The Talbot deal may well end up being nothing in return, which is exactly what we would have received had we just let his contract run out. What it did give the Oilers was an opportunity to take a look at Stolarz, as it happens, that doesn't look as though it will work out. I am sure I am not on my own when I say I was shocked, amazed and delighted that regardless of the return, we got rid of Spooner. And if as you say "Benning is not exactly bright", good for KG for dealing with him. I never mentioned Gagner, but as you did, he brings a lot more to the Oilers team than did Ryan Spooner. We have a lot to criticise the Oilers trades and deals over recent times, but the Talbot and Spooner ones are two that we can't complain about, and two moves that we can say we did not lose, and it isn't often we have been able to say that for a two or three years.
  10. Getting rid of Spooner was "spectacular" enough for me, and what did you expect in return for "first shot goes in again" Talbot?
  11. Maybe the kid or picks we would get in return might be "higher value" than this guy who has never really looked good enough or comfortable in Oilers colours. Do I want JP to come good? Of course I do, but it has taken him 3 years and he still can't really speak English that well, (not a good sign eh?) and from what I have just read on here has disregarded training instructions, has been sat often during games, and not even been that successful in Bakersfield. I am happy to try again, but to me, the writing looks to be on the wall, hopefully JP can erase it.
  12. Maybe JP has been mishandled by the Oilers, he wouldn't be the first would he? Having said that, if he wants out, then this to me reeks of a player not prepared to look himself in the mirror with a critical mindset. From what I see, he is soft on the ice, and soft in the head, maybe the heart also. And certainly not what I would recognise as a hard working player. Get rid and lets try another young player or one/two picks in return...……..can't be any worse than JP's results so far if we do go down that route of exploring other options.
  13. You are probably correct Fogs, 4 mil savings may not be enough of an improvement, but add to that a couple of "spare million extra cap space this year", and maybe another trade/cap dump of a lesser amount (I know we don't have much to trade but we do have several players with value) and that might be enough to allow us to bring in a couple or three players that may make a difference. We know big money signings don't always work out as much as some would like (Lucic, Erikson, Neal and so on), and as an opposite example, two Oiler players last season with a total combined salary of around $2.6m scored 37 goals between them (Chiasson and Kassian). And as we now know thanks to BN, had Rieder scored another 12 we could still be playing hockey now (other than the McDavid injury of course) .
  14. Clearly you don't read other people's posts properly.
  15. Arturo, if you have not yet got the message that you are becoming a pain in the backside yet, then I will say it, "you are becoming a pain in the backside". Like others on here, I don't appreciate your attitude, and would be thankful of anyone letting me know how to put a know all like yourself on ignore. I have tried but couldn't find a way so to do. Any suggestions how to achieve this and rid myself of having to read the crap you post would be most welcome.
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