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  1. My eyes hurt reading this, can you say soap opera? I figure Oil will take this one, they are due, and with Gio and Turtle boy (as Broncs calls it) out of the line up it should be easier. Oiler 5, Flames 2.
  2. Ill start everyone on a positive note. Oilers 5, Ducks 3. (Cant stand California teams)! Put that in the "win" column. Some of you might remember me as just "AlbertaHockey" from way back, and yes I am back.
  3. Hey Bronco remember me?  I couldn't log on my AlbertaHockey account so created another with the #22 behind the name.  (Yes that was the number I wore when I played hockey in the minors).  I will continue to be professional on the boards and voice my opinions respectful, you remember me as Flames #1 and Oilers #2 but we all cant be alike.  Hope all is well with you and your family, keep your hat on tight i heard the winds in LA are blowing again.  (Miss living there). 

    1. bronco73


      hello there and welcome back!  Very excited to get back into discussions with you :)

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