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  1. Just this makes it clear Kretzky doesn't belong in charge!
  2. El Cid


    Isn't bad enough we have to watch this team suck the life out of the Connor,Leon,RNH and the fan base, why do we have to be insulted with listening to remenda?
  3. The stench lingers, Keith is not the man for the job and furthermore if it was a concensus amongst the scouting staff as Bobby Burger stated to sign Koskinen to a 4.5M contract the scouting staff and Keith should also be fired.
  4. El Cid

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

  5. Looks better than Talbot!
  6. El Cid

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

  7. El Cid

    Trade Deadline Reaction

    Kassian is a keeper and I would try to sign him up for three more years at the same price!
  8. El Cid

    GDT Feb. 23 Ducks vs Oilers

    And again how did the Oil beat them......................................?????????
  9. El Cid

    Jesse Puljujarvi Welcome Thread

    What possible bonuses has he ever earned? Interesting, I would like to see that. I too am getting tired of Jesse after watching Sam and Currie last night.
  10. El Cid

    2018-2019 Prediction Pool

  11. El Cid

    Sam Gagner

    They have good a good coaching and development staff.
  12. El Cid

    Possible Trades?

    The next big trade will be RNH in the off season it only makes sense.
  13. Looks like that didn't work either!
  14. If they put Koskinen on waivers how much will he cost when no one claims him? Manning will cost 1M+
  15. Hughes is not the guy. When the Oilers pick first, I would trade down and make a blockbuster trade with Vancouver. The Knuckleheads would pay dearly for the brother. Right now I would take Kakko,Podkolzin,Cozens or Dach, after those four I would trade the pick for immediate help for proven high end talent.