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  1. Wow, a little hurt feelers there I see.He did a good to great job with what he had and was given. Who coached the Oiler's to their last Stanley Cup finals and would have won if the goaltending was healthy?
  2. He was a good coach and that can't be taken away. I think he maybe had monkey gloves involved in his GM desisions though. Lowe should be fired just on principle and I don't mean Gene!
  3. Do you think Holland will reside in Edmonton? I would personally like to run my job from Palm Springs! This might be the problem, at least Manitoba has good fishing.
  4. Geesh, I don't know how is Tuesday looking for you? the wife is pretty bitter after the weekend.
  5. Holland doesn't draft well, his team of scouts do. Holland doesn't have a team of scouts here, he has nothing to work with.......YET! Fire everyone that was involved in the Rheinhart trade and the Manning debacle! The Koskinen signing and Petrovic ordeal! Get rid of Gretzky and all the remaining scouts!
  6. Keith Gretzky had his part in it also and should be sent to the minors again!
  7. It has been rumoured that Keith was all in on the Manning situation and other bad moves.
  8. What's wrong with Manning? Keith Gretzky traded for him and still has his job?
  9. There is a simple answer to who is the next coach. Next GM , clean house and hire his own people and clean house of everyone involved in the trades last year. Keith Gretzky should take alot of responsibilty for the Manning trade and the Koskinin signing and should not be in charge of the fart parade. Bobby Burgers should just go away, he doesn't bring anything to the table!
  10. Your wrong Ellis is right
  11. And the goaltending has been outstanding!
  12. And just how are they going to get out this contract? Management is terrible and no one should be comming back!
  13. Hughes is not the player to pick. We already have a bum in Yamamoto, enough of this dwarf draft picks! This organization reaks of unstable drafting and management. I see no way how to fix this team without firing every single manager,coach , mascot and a goalie! really hope season ticket holders do not re-up !
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