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  1. So you throw him away? Like Petry and Schultz and many more? This thinking is why the Oiler's are in this situation and poor management also. It's time to stop and reavaluate the culture of this orginization.
  2. This^ ... draft and develop. The Oiler's have failed on Jesse's development true. This comment has the brain matter the Oiler's have been using since Sather's depature. Bust? maybe , but do you throw away another good player? This is just an other silly comment.
  3. Another take on it, if nobody watches the Oilers on TV does that change things? It sure did when Lowe couldn't sell a pay per view game a few years ago.
  4. It sounds like fans of the team. Maybe the real fans should stop buying season tickets and or tickets until the product improves and prices go down.
  5. You forgot Hockey IQ also. Slow, can't pass, can't recieve a pass,can't finish a play and pouts, miss anything?
  6. A bag of dog droppings off my lawn is a good return for Lucic, give your head a shake know it all.
  7. Lucic, RNH and Koskinen for a 2nd round pick, that's what Chia has left us!
  8. Smyth and Elliot are hot GARBAGE! I don't know much about Mzarek but how the Oiler's go about their goaltending we are not making the playoffs until Koskinen is either bought out/traded or plain out fired for any excuse that can be found. Tippet is in a bad spot if he brings in more garbage than we already have!
  9. Wouldn't that be a slap in the face for this monkey grinding organ..ization, Petry for Nuge. No way No how I do that deal.
  10. Well Agent 86 does Agent 99 concurr? or should you meet with the Chief under the dome of Silence? Why hasn't Keith Gretzky been let go? Keith is responsible for the Manning and Petrovich debacle........Very, very strange isn't "not so Smart".
  11. Can we see the video ? I miss everything good!
  12. Lucic should be embarrased to take the ice with not just the Oilers but any pro team , and he is an embarrassment to the NHL. It isn't his fault the Oilers gifted him that contract but everyone associated with should be fired and I mean whoever hired Chia and has taken the game away from Edmonton hockey fans who cannot even afford a Booby Nik's hamburger and never mind the price of a hockey ticket. I for myself will never waste one dollar on this team until the product is better and reasonably priced, what a sham! This team is starting turning to turn into the early 90"s again, and you watch the empty seats!
  13. That's all we will get for Lucic even if we throw in Nurse or someone comparable. Lucic is the worst thing to happen to the Oilers besides Chia.
  14. Chia is no longer here and a real GM is, so I don't see any offer higher than a qualifing offer for Jesse. Take it or leave it and I like JP but he looks like a bust right now. I think it might be time to dump what you have at a high price and rebuild. Get rid of Lucic! even if it costs Nurse. Lucic and Nurse for a bag dirt, that is what Chia has left us!
  15. Who would want to coach for this disfuntional organization? Tippet has a better job in Seattle and will probably have a better team than this lacklustre team.
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