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  1. My 1st post here and my take on it is This is Bettmans Parity promise to the owners of Game Management and Loser Point System That your team will have a chance to keep its fans interested the entire season and sell tickets/merchandise with this system in place You can almost always predict by the score who will get the next penalty If the Oilers are down in the game, that hit on McDavid is called ! I am sure Bettman has laid out the Business plan to the refs that this is our business plan, we want parity, If you miss calls and follow through with the plan, that there will be no repercussions from doing so With a Parity Business Plan he can sell, that the Owners, the Players, The Refs, Arena workers etc all gain and can make more money with this plan The players have no part in this plan I am sure (As they even state hockey is a Business now)- Every business needs a plan and strategy, They just go about playing the hockey end of it, and aren't involved at that level The DOPS in the NHL are useless with their stupid decisions, they should have a Medical Doctor with hockey knowledge in charge of safety (not some ex goon who was punched in the head too many times) In the next CBA, money should not be an issue, but DOPS should be ! Every player should be protected from injuries (maybe a 3 panel system (Owners 1 rep, Players Union 1 rep, Independent 1 rep) Narcisstic Bettman got himself into the Hall of Fame (Shame maybe) and Paul Henderson isn't?? The NFL was not like it is today Gambling made the NFL grow with credible reffing to insure games were legit, otherwise that business plan would not sell A penalty in the regular season is still a penalty in the playoffs No matter what the score is Most people do not follow the NHL, as it is too confusing to them, especially when they see what is supposed to be a penalty denied, and then some lame one called to get a team a possible goal - It comes across as Bush League or just above WWE to new viewers
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