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  1. looks like we can slot riley sheahan in the 3c slot, 1 yr 900k deal
  2. people should stop reading so much into this pick, and his numbers in men's league, kids playing d in European mens leagues very rarely get more then limited minutes to play, this is why his numbers are so low, yet is touted as an offensive d man, plop him in the chl and his numbers are a lot different and its not hard to see why Holland steered clear of the us team's players, how many of the so called "diamonds" are garbage being shined up by the players around them, with that many highly touted prospects on one team its a complete crap shoot as to which ones are the real deal. same crap has happened time and time again coming out of the chl, amazing tandem gets drafted to nhl and only one of them turns out to be a really good player
  3. he's already got a step up on half our forwards, he seems to like following the puck to the net instead of just doing constant fly bys
  4. Nah this just proves Kenny has it all wrong, didn't you know its all toby reider's fault
  5. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1740825/oilers-ceo-if-rieder-had-10-12-goals-wed-probably-be-in-the-playoffs as much as I agree that Reider has wayyyyyy under performed, for a ceo too come out and blame a player in this fashion is despicable, how about he look at himself, we’d probably be in the playoffs if u knew how to pick a competent gm over pc, and then just stand by for how many years while he destroyed the franchise and all the oilers fans are screaming for his head cause we could all see he was just compounding his Cheerio ups with each move he made
  6. Jeez guys stop being so critical of the oil, hitch told us we have a really good team and they’re going to be hard as hell to play against down the stretch. Lol
  7. Come on this is the oilers we don’t leave lines together long enough for guys to settle in
  8. nah he'll likely end up being crap for us by the time we finally getting around to playing the kid, theyre giving dustin Schwarz a lot of time to mess up the kids game. Its too bad, cause I agree with ya, from what ive seen of him he looks like he's got the skill to either be a sensational back up, if not a reliable #1.
  9. Strange, everyone seems to have a hop in there step tonight, even looch raced over to screen the goalie earlier. must all be playing for a trade, or gags and Reggie told them to smarten the hell up
  10. If he can trade off the rest of chia pets garbage players, even for small wins you may have to start considering him, we all know chia would have added at least a 3rd to that deal now how do they handle him, winger for mcd or rnh, or give him 3c and have him try and help pulj
  11. I’m just amazed that we were able to offload spooner, esp for a player with less cap hit at the nhl level,
  12. Agree with you on booing the players, its quite obvious the players on this team don't have thick enough skin to let it roll off there backs, and its not a bad thing. Some ppl hear the boos and rise to the occasion and play better because of it and others get dejected and worry about every move they are going to make. I would wager that what's going to end up being the biggest problem is the fact that systemically the oilers management is in such disarray that they don't have a clue where to start to fix the situation. if Nicholson does his job and gets through his second review of the teams management since he's been here there should be more then a few job vacancies to fill if not then we'll likely have to expect more of the same. Where can u point the finger and say that's the problem, that's what needs fixing and were good to go, if you really think about it, its top to bottom of the staff, drafting is terrible or is it player development thats terrible or both (why is jp playing 10 min a night on a 4th line, when he could be playing in Bakersfield for 20 min a night), nhl scouting is terrible and so on right up the ranks The next gm better be one savvy sob to fix this team in a relatively short period of time,
  13. Wow! I’ve never seen a bunch of players so fragile, any sign of adversity, or a little pressure late in a game and almost the entire line up forgets every single fundamental of playing hockey. Oh well guess we get to hear hitch tell us how they’re getting better and it’s a process, think id like to have some of what’s in his water
  14. Guess refs hate the hawks more then the oilers
  15. Nice too see benning making tape to tape passes tonight, now if he can figure out too pass to the guys in orange and not white
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