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  1. Yep very true. I don't think we will win cup with Holland. I do believe he will lay the foundation for us. Then someone else will win the cup. Like what Happend to dave tallon in Chicago or how Burke inherited the ducks all ready loaded. Or how Holland got pre loaded ready for war team in Detroit.
  2. Oh man. That was a crazy thing the pens did. They most definetly regret. Giving a 2nd round pick to Vegas to force them to pick up fleury. Lol . What a hard pill to swallow. Yeah I agree with you on Talbot. I don't know if he would have bounced back for us. But like nearly every oiler that leaves does better somewhere else. I fully expect Brandon Davidson and Talbot to do very well this year, and do some damage to us in the process as is tradition. Lol
  3. Got it. I was getting that vibe all ready. I read through some of guys who are active with lots of posts. His posts are a bit different from a bronco73, oildude or deutch oil.
  4. What are you going on about? Why go flyers?
  5. Yeah. Notice how I said or. Which in this scenerio, would mean he did all he could and we still didn't make playoffs. Man learn to read. If we get into playoffs, in the other scenerio who don't care what his numbers are. But realistically bith scwnerios are unatanable for kosk. Which is why he's not worth a bag of pucks. how was I staying that was a fact? It was a scenerio, in which kosk contract would be worth it. You got me. Good one.
  6. Also Mike Smith takes the number one job from kosk as long as he's healthy. Kosk is a joke, with no hope. But I will be the first to admit I'm wrong if he does well. By well I mean becomes a number 1, gets us in playoffs. Or even if we finish out and he's still number 1 with an at least .920sv and min 30 win season. But will just have to wait and see this fire burn and what can be salvaged.
  7. Missing the point. When he was an still is technically an oiler(property). and even if he does get back on the team or not. Not a guy I would cheer for. Just like lucic. A lot of people are just fed up with him and guys like kosk. A lot of people were very sour on sekera as well, and didn't think he was worth it anymore give his injury history.
  8. Agreed with this. Your still crazy for telling facts in this feelings world.lol
  9. He did get you, and you blocked him. Wow. Because he busted your logic. Ok you take things Personal. I think I'll block you. I don't want to hear anything from someone who so sentive about cheering for kosk. Wow man really. You must be really upset not to be able to explain your point back. I really did like some of your points. You dont have an answer for this is weird. This seems out of character of you.
  10. Not cheering for bad contracts. Pretty sure we didn't cheer for Andrew ferance, PC after his first year either. Or even Sheldon souray. Sorry but I fail to see the appeal. I'll cheer for nearly everyone on the oilers. Just no future with kosk. Like PC hopefully he will be gone soon before his contract is up. Sorry but I don't cheer for incompetence. You guys can all you want. It's your right. But I'm not. This is my team I grew up watching and I'll cheer for whomever on the team I want. Not wishing anything bad on anyone. But like most of us we can spot a plug when we see one.
  11. You are entitled to your own opinion. As am I. Facts in. Guy(kosk) gives nothing to cheer about. We have a better chance of Smith doing better. He's at least proven he was a number 1 at one point in time. Yep.
  12. Oilyjet just cheer for Smith to be like Smith from years ago. You say to much about kosk to pretend you don't like him. It's cool. Your just gonna have to wait and see what kosk does. Highly likely he falls on his face. If everyone else is wrong. You will be the only guy who can say "i told you so" Wait this one out. Cheerleaders for bad signing are a hard sell in Edmonton these days.
  13. I dunno if he's being sarcastic? ***Fog with his earlier comment ***
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