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  1. New president . The fail era leafs former president. I guess.
  2. So bobbys a chairman https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/oilers-hire-tom-anselmi-promote-bob-nicholson-chairman/sn-amp/
  3. yeah the gm thing i mentioned in another post. Its crazy to see a gm changed that often. The core you mention. I hope stay intact (and we rebuild around these guys). But I keep hearing RNH and nurse come up in trade talk. Not all that worried anymore. Not joking, when PC was still gm it use to give me anxiety(pretty sure a kot of us did) that he would try and trade drai, nuge or nurse dor like a bag of pucks. I dont feel like Holland would do that. I think he would be more inclined to get of big contracts if he can some how get rid of lucic. He would look very cleaved to me. Which I do have faith in him making that move. Because he has done that move before, with dumping datsuyk contract when he bolted to the KHL. I believe Arizona had it on books after Holland traded 1st round picks(only 1 year left at 7.5 million on labels deal) still impressive, with only giving up a few spot ahead in the draft and taking a yotes dud with concussion problems for a year. So hopefully this old man can do it again(a few times).
  4. I agree with you and Art. Mzarek is best option. I feel like anyone else would be disappointing.
  5. Yeah agree, goaltending being our biggest problem. But that alone won't get us where we need to go unless we can find a goalie as powerful as binnington(which is Not gonna happen anytime soon). Realistically foreward depth is a major problem. After mcdavid, drai and nuge and maybe kassian who else does anything? Chaisson is not signed yet(and goals were a problem as well, who fills them?) We still are struggling with a our defense as well. Sekera has proven to be a band aid. Being hurt most of the time what do we do? Guy was playing on the 3rd line when he came back. Klef has been getting hurt lots. Larson hasent been the same since his dad died. Russel is not getting younger or faster. Nurse is still making rookie mistakes, and matt benning looks like he will be traded here soon to let Jones and bouchard in(more upside). Closest we have seen a 1 line team do is avalanche make it to round 2. But they had a true number 1 D man in Barrie and an ok goalie in Grubauer and they just snuck into playoffs. I'll have to disagree, I'm along the lines of everyone else we are in a rebuild and very far out. Way too many red flags and fires on the oilers. Hopefully some of them get put out before the season starts. But as it stand who's under contract is a worse team than was put forward last season(on paper).
  6. Probably does but im saying if he can't move the other 3 first as a last resort he will move him. I don't see him having to go that far down the list. But will wait and see who goes first off the list
  7. Yeah. Dumping. Like we dumped spooner off to the canucks. Like manning was dumped on us. Or how we dumped pouliot(more of a buy out). It's semantics so really it's a broad term in this sense of hockey. And yes we have to get rid of someone. It's addition by subtraction. It if you don't understand it's ok I don't need to explain further. Will just wait until the season starts and the move is done before then and you will see what I mean.
  8. We don't have any room on the cap take a look at cap friendly and look at what position we need to fill and what money we have left. Numbers don't add up. He's right 1 person at the very least. 2 highly unlikely, I agree with you too hard to move lucic or kosk. But would be nice. Some of you guys spend more time on the board bickering about nothing than making an actual point about the oilers. Get over it. This is oilers thread. Not hey let's hate each other because don't agree. It's an insight to what fans are things and some times debate; Debate is fine, you prove the point or the fact. No point and making it personal. We are all oiler fans here. He just said he doesn't care why do You think, what's your guys deal, everyone has am opinion and would like thing to be done a certain way. We need to get over it's just an opinion.
  9. Yep I agree. No playoffs until we can have a reliable number 1 or 2 guys that can do a Andy moog and grant fuhr style tandem.
  10. He's going to have to move down a list of high paid guys with not enough return. We have to lose 2 the cap is really tuff on us. I'm thinking he will start with either 1 lucic/kosk 2russel 3sekera. I think he has to go that far down the list to make room. If he cant move lucic or kosk. At the very least 1 have to go. It's tied our hands so much. Ideally 2 guys but 1 of them he will move I think by season start. It's a rebuild and we need cap space. Like yesterday. I'm sure he does. But circumstances are circumstance I think he would be last choice to move . But if you get painted into a corner what do you do? Also see above Idk. I feel like I've seen more than enough. I had high hope after seeing him on a line with mcdavid in pre season. He was put on his line and couldn't produce very much. And as soon as he get put on other lines below. His production is gone completely. I think his time is done. If you can't produce on the top line with mcdavid, who can you produce with?
  11. Going forward. I wouldn't want dubnyk. Great regular season guy. But could never get out of the first round as the number 1 guy. The oilers invested nearly 10 years in the guy from from draft to pro. He's very overrated. Imo. Reminds me of a poor man dan coutier.
  12. No playoffs next year for sure. But I expect some more roster moves. And attempts to dump lucic, Russel, sekera or koskinen. Obviously at least 2 have to go This year. I expect a good draft. But I think we fall backwards in the standings for the next 2 years. And maybe a 3rd if we haven't dumped these guys yet. I hear talks about bring ty rattie or even jujar back. I think this would be a mistake. This year. I hope some more executives go and certain goalie coach.lol
  13. Kosk is horrible in have no faith in the guy whatsoever. Yeah 20s I agree, room to grow and learn. But 30, you can't teach an old Finn new tricks. Especially when he is not from our N.A. hockey system.
  14. Yeah agree with the upgrade But I don't think we can afford to let 20 goals walk out the door. I mean, him on 3rd line I'm fine with. Long list of forwards I would let walk or get rid from oilers this year over chaisson. Kharia, rattie, reider all ufa and rfa's And if I could literally push off the team lucic, broadziak. And puljarvi needs to go. He maybe a 2nd liner one day, But not here, he has soured on the oilers and you can tell he doesn't want to be here. I also like gagner but speaking of over paid 3million. But I get its clean up. Chaisson mcdavid, draisitle are literally the only forwards that met exceeded expectations this year. To an extent kassian. I would be fine with changing 7 line up forwards and 1-2 That press box hang.
  15. Maybe Arturo should have told you no offense and it would have been Ok?like you did to him, Lol. Oh the irony of you being offended when you do a personal attack on Arturo (and say no offense) and the site says no personal attacks. I see both sides of it. You made it personal with him, when you insulted him, and its very clear you did. Otherwise you would have not said "no offense " before you told him english wasent his first language in an insulting manner. He makes points valid points. And you guys were saying pretty much the same thing. So really no need for any of this. Just calling it as I see it.
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