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  1. this is the rumor. It's different but I actually like it.
  2. for me KH has been hit and miss so far but he hit the ball into the second deck on this Lucic trade. (at least this is my summer take on things)
  3. Really like this trade. I think Lucic is finished, much better chance of Neal bouncing back. Interested to know what the conditions are to determine the draft pick, it will be be based on Neal's production I assume. Great job KH
  4. would Jones have to be clear waivers? If so, he'll get claimed for sure. I would say maybe Lagesson is an option with Jones, yes. I don't think Lowe, 4 games at age 26, is a realistic option to now be a full time NHLer, I'd be surprised if Manthan ever is but who knows. Sure, if Jones gets beat out by one of those guys send him back to the AHL, I don't think that will happen and that he is the best of the bunch. If he is the best and breaks into the NHL this year I wouldn't say it's premature, he was drafted 4 years ago and has been in the AHL for two including a stretch in the NHL last year. I'm saying if he does make it, it should be in the exact role they put Sekera in last year in terms of minutes and competition.
  5. Due to the cap situation the Oilers are going to have to bank on Jones being an NHLer this year. Keep in mind, basically he is replacing Sekera and Sekera was sheltered last year when he came back (and played fairly well) so they can choose to do the same with Jones. They are short on depth and experience, frustrating to still be in this position after all these years of bad teams.
  6. I heard the same thing but putting McDavid in that position in the first place was a jerk move imo
  7. they'll probably sign a depth guy later in the summer or on a pto or something there is some cap room to do that still. Certainly that isn't a strong defense and this is a result of KH being completely backed into a corner with regards to the salary cap.
  8. Depends on the situation; the player/contract being traded, the player being acquired, the cap situation. In this case it was a dumb trade because it weakened the roster for 2017-18 and there was no cap pressure to make that move.
  9. If his intent was to use cap space then trading Eberle for Strome was quantum singularity backwards.
  10. any you're an idiot if you think Chiarelli did a good job that offseason
  11. All the more reason to not weaken the team by trading away a bigger salary better player (Eberle) for a smaller salary lesser player (Strome), that's the thing I called Chiarelli an idiot for if you actually read the post.
  12. I think the situations are different. Vancouver is in a rebuild and aren't as worried about making the playoffs as they are building through the draft rather than signing free agents or making trades to get better today. Why did Edmonton have so much unused cap space in 2017-18 is a good question. Probably the best answer is that Chiarelli is an idiot. He went out of his way to create cap space for that year that he didn't need when he traded Eberle for Strome.
  13. If you can't sign a free agent then you can use the cap space to trade for a player that will help you, like the Maata example I threw out.
  14. Incidentally Maata played more minutes per game than Sekera and on a team with a deeper defense, he'd play more here. Maatta is 24 (25 and heading into his prime) Sekera is 33. Sekera has played 60 games the past two years Maata 142, you'd be crazy to value Sekera over Maata going forward.
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