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  1. Winds of change continue blowing as pro scout & VP of hockey ops Duane Sutter is shown the door.
  2. If the Blues win tonight I'll be 2 for 2 in my predictions for this round, quite a change from how the rest of the playoffs have been for me.
  3. The quarter-finals begin Thursday. Canada finished 1st in Group A thanks to a complete 3-0 victory over the USA this afternoon. We will play Switzerland whereas the Americans have the misfortune of having to play the juggernaut Russians in their quarter-final game. Germany plays Czech Republic & Finland plays Sweden. For the 1st time at the IIHF championship, teams will be re-seeded for the semis based on points after round robin play: 1st vs. 4th, 2nd vs. 3rd.
  4. good luck to MacT in Russia. Word came down today that Duane Sutter has been shown the door.
  5. the non-call on that hand pass was absolutely disgraceful & I don't even have a dog in the hunt anymore (I leaped off a bandwagon when the Jets got eliminated). I am flabbergasted that all 4 officials on the ice missed it. My gast has never been so flabbered ever since Talbot was interfered with in the crease in our series against the Ducks.
  6. Well, for this round I'll go with Bruins in 6 & Blues in 7.
  7. Considering my 3-5 record in Round 1, I feel fortunate to be 6-6 so far. I'm gonna go with the Blues in the West & Boston in the East but who knows, it could easily be the Canes-Sharks.
  8. and....the Sharks win. I went 3-1 in the 2nd round. On to Round 3.
  9. Colorado is unable to generate anything with their speed against the Sharks like they did vs. Calgary.
  10. Bishop was the main reason that game went to OT. He was incredible.
  11. So happy the Big Rig got the winner! Will always love him no matter where he plays.
  12. Blues still dominating...over 50 shots on goal now.
  13. I am cautiously optimistic about Holland but he has a hard road ahead of him cleaning up Chia's mess. I was also shocked to hear of Katz' health issues & I send prayers & healing thoughts his way. It puts everything in perspective, hockey vs. one's life. Considering our cap issues & goaltending issues, Koskinen's new contract extension looks worse by the day. Good luck Kenny, you'll need it. If he can pull this off & make us a consistent contender, then it will truly be "Mr. Holland's Opus." (see what I did here? heehee!)
  14. Dallas only had 1 shot in the 2nd period. Bishop is definitely the reason they are still in this game. Methinks this may go to OT. That's what makes game 7's so great & often unpredictable.
  15. If he sends the OBC packing I will be happy. As far as what I'm hearing over different media sources, it isn't official yet but it is probably the worst kept secret in hockey. I bet there will be a press conference in the next couple days.
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