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  1. Talbs to Calgary, Smith to Edm.
  2. Are you sure? I heard he was being renewed for another season of Coach's Corner. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I don't know how they can manage it either. Rittich will probably command a starter goalie's salary since he was the better of the 2 Flames goalies last year. Tkachuk is probably looking at 7 or 8 million or more & I heard Bennett is going to salary arbitration. Calgary's gonna have to shed some salary somewhere in order to make this work.
  4. Davidson has bounced around a lot. I wonder if he'll stick in Calgary, probably as 7th D depth player.
  5. welcome back doc. I too, took a leave of absence but nothing so glamorous as earning a Ph.D for me but I did write a book over the past 4 years about my travels to North Korea. I am eagerly awaiting free agency tomorrow, hoping Holland can cleanup some of Chia's mess.
  6. who do we need to take out to get drunk to make this happen?
  7. Maybe Shane Starrett becomes our Jordan Bennington (did I get his name right? St. Louis goalie?) Sorry, my mind is going.
  8. I'm not a big fan of this signing. Smith was barely any better than Talbot was on a much better defensive team. Yes he was the reason the Flames weren't swept in the playoffs but he is 37 & seems to be breaking down. A 1 year deal, however, is low risk & a stop gap. Come on Smith, prove me wrong.
  9. We played pretty well against BC & the defence made life very difficult for Reilly. I like the fact that we finally have an attacking defence again. Still, especially in the 1st quarter, too much undisciplined play & penalties where they are shooting themselves in the foot. Another tough game vs. Winnipeg coming up.
  10. Eakins set the Oilers back years in the rebuild. On the other hand, without us sucking under his tenure, we likely wouldn't have got McDavid so...
  11. Next summer will be fascinating when Hallsy is due to become a UFA since there are reports that he doesn't want to sign long term with the Devils.
  12. Oilers...don't sign him please! He is well past his Best Before date.
  13. It was good to see the Eskimos win their 1st game but boy, do they need to clean up in many areas. Way too many undisciplined penalties kept the Alouettes in a game they had no business hanging around in. Our new QB, nearly 450 yds passing, great performance.
  14. good for Ebs & a reasonable deal from the Isles point of view too.
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