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  1. Does anyone else think McClelland is the reason this Oilers team has totally busted the past couple years? So basically what Im saying here is that his coaching put this team on a long term downward trajectory, and as a result the Oilers were never able to find the momentum needed to be a winning team. The way he coached and managed the team was abominable. This guy basically destroyed the teams confidence. Recall back when the team had no hope to make the playoffs just before Matthews was drafted. This guy was hounding on the bench like it was no tomorrow just to try to squeeze out a couple of meaningless wins. Those wins cost the Oilers the chance to draft Matthews and bring this team into the same state as the glory days of the 80s. What a special friend McClelland is. He's not only one of the worst coaches, but he's not very intelligent. He likes to look like a tough dog on the bench but thats meaningless when you're also dumb. Some of the asinine things McClelland did. -completely downgraded Milan Lucic's role as a power forward. -treated McDavid as if he didnt know how to compete. -banished duel position d-man and forward Yohan Auvitue to the press box -ripped apart the confidence of Jesse Puljujarvi with constant demotions and no tutelage -overplayed overrated players like Sekera -Mismanaged the power play -Mismanaged the goaltending It would be stupid to get rid of Ken Hitchcock based on the stability he's provided. (For Dave freaking average Tippet are you kidding me!?) Just because they were losing, Hitch didnt go all bloodhound on the team and look what happened. McDavid and Draisatl became the best one two punch in the league. Not only did McClelland cost the Oilers at getting Matthews with his pretentious decision-making abilities and his inability to manage pressure intelligently, but he's not the one who welded that great one two punch we see. That's all Hitchcock. This magic would never have happened under the coaching of McClelland. The number one downfall of Chiarelli wasnt the bonehead trades he made, McDavid and Draisatl couldve absorbed that, it was that he hired the worst coach imaginable in Todd McClelland. He treated many of the players like pieces of crap. He couldnt even get a blue chip San Jose team very far, so really, the fact that he's a bad coach is IMO the best kept secret. Hopefully Hitch and Holland can pick up the pieces and reinvigorate this team after the terrible job McClelland did.
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