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  1. Holland may be SOLD to us, the Oiler faithful, as the wind of change, but I feel that it is just passing wind. The issue is not anyone on the Oilers bench, but upstairs. OEGroup must be replaced and their stranglehold on hockey operations in Edmonton. Yes, culpable and proven to be incapable, starting with Nichols and Lowe - too long, too little, and too late. Nothing will change, without change in the most senior leadership. Proven winners have been scouted, drafted, and prove themselves again, only when traded? Coincidence? Holland granted full autonomy in hockey decisions.....says the passing wind. I have good friends too, but suggest Katz might better spend his days with his buddies at home, discussing yesteryear, because if it weren't were for D.Roloson and three home grown boys in Lupul, Smyth and Pisani, of 13 years ago...we have not had a real sniff in 20 years. There's a storm brewing, and (sadly unfortunate) an ill Katz may leave us, and our Oilers will also be gone. Is there another owner for even a bargain-priced passing wind.
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