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  1. I wonder if Dallas stars would be willing to trade Radek Facsa since they have Seguin Pavel ski and Hansel down the middle? His cap hit is 2.2million and a solid 30+pt player that can kill penalties! Would we be willing to trade Puljujarvi for him or try another route to aquire him. Faksa would be a good 2way player that could play against top lines and give our top lines better opportunity to score more goals. Thoughts?
  2. Is there a team out there that would be able to take Gagner and JP for a solid 3c coming our way? I know moving Gagner might be hard to move but adding JP might make teams show more interest in that trade! But in saying that what is out there that we could get back in return? And if we somehow pulled that trade off and got a solid 3c in return with a cap friendly contract could or would we try and add Vanek to a 1yr 2.5million contract and have him go up and down the line ups depending on if he can gel with some players and see where it goes! Thoughts?
  3. Ya I had a feeling that he's wanting to stay close to his son or he would of signed elsewhere already! Maroon RNH Neil would make a good line I think
  4. Would we try and sign Maroon on a 1yr $2-$2.5million contract? He isnt the fastest guy but we do know he played well with Mcdavid and would add some grit and keep guys from taking cheap shots on Mcdavid and Draisaitl and could add 15-20goals and Im sure he would love to come back another season and give us toughness we lost with Lucic! He would put more points up than Lucic too lol! Maroon Mcdavid Draisaitl Neal RNH Yamamoto/Kassian Chaisson Granland Haas/Gagner Khaira Brodziak Archibald Kleftbom Larsson Nurse Benning Russell Jones/Bear Koskinen/Smith If Benson has a good start In Bakersfield i could see him making the team later in season or sooner. And Yamamoto could make the club as well but I wouldnt mind seing Maroon back cuz we know he played well here already and on a 1yr contract it would give us more time to develope Benson Yamamoto!! Whats your opinion?
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