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  1. Wow congratulations to the earning the best prize of all! Hope you bring her up love the Oilers and put the Bad Bruins in the back drawer...... but love her Dad.

  2. Congrats on baby girl! Another Oil fan born into the world! Name?:)

    1. Anie8706


      Emily :D thank you

  3. I had my baby girl on October 2nd! A new fan of the oilers:D

  4. My husband is a West Ham supporter and he's so pissed off newcastle won against his team today. He used to love the manager Slaven but now he's ready to throw him in the dust bin.
  5. Both will be huge winners with the amount of publicity they've done to earn all that cash. Good work! The hype they've done is a great success. I'm expecting to be very underwhelmed by everything.
  6. 7 more weeks until my little Oiler/Bruin fan will arrive. (My baby's dad is a Bruin, sorry I didn't get him earlier to convert)

  7. Wish I could watch it on normal tv. That'd be great! Too bad it was 3am in the UK and I only have internet to watch
  8. I really need to pee but can't miss the final minute. Please stop punching my bladder
  9. I really hate the ducks.
  10. Get Nuge out of the pp
  11. the refs make me feel like this most of the time this series
  12. To perry,
  13. Kinda nice seeing the Oilers also finish their checks tonight