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  1. just a half game back. The Indians have been doing the Jays a huge favour the past couple weeks. Looking forward to the game tonight.
  2. can't imagine anybody wants to see ads on jerseys.
  3. Blue Jays are stacked. The rest of the country is going to be tuning into games for the remainder of the season.
  4. I'm so annoyed that Hamilton is in Calgary.
  5. I like MacT as an advisor to Chiarelli. The Reinhart trade was expensive but makes sense as it brings in a young player who can play immediately rather than wait several years for whoever was drafted 16th to become NHL ready. Reinhart has already had some seasoning and should be able to crack our lineup. There is still Free Agency tomorrow, I'm sure Chiarelli will be able to replace Gordon, and Korpikoski is another good bottom 6 guy. Marincin i think we overvalued. I think we can all agree he was pretty soft, and i have no issues replacing him with Gryba. We aquired the best available goalie in Talbot. The same old Oilers mentality would have been to simply use our draft picks and make zero notable trades. Relax.
  6. The only trade i'm questionable on is Reinhart. But I like PC's moves. At the very least he is doing something, and not sitting on his hands while the team remains stagnant like mgmt has done for the past few years.
  7. absolutely not should Scrivens start for us next year. The last couple years i really feel the goaltenders kinda let us down early on in the season when the team was playing well. Scrivens can be the backup.
  8. i figured there was next to no chance of him choosing Toronto. Definitely surprised.
  9. Babcocks deal is rumoured to be about 50 millions dollars. That's absolutely insane, no wonder Edmonton chose to pursue Mclellan, that has disaster written all over it if Buffalo doesn't start winning soon.
  10. We get Mclellan and it looks like Buffalo is gonna get Babcock. It will be interesting to see who can get to the playoffs first.
  11. surprised not more people posted in here. One of the first things i did was watch all the lotto reactions after we won ahahah I like this one. as far as actual reactions this ones my favourite i think.
  12. indeed LeBron James is the best. However his domain is shrinking Warriors have Curry and Clippers have Paul James,Curry,Paul, 3 current best players in the world. -one can argue,but those 3 are my choices. I'd say in terms of just pure offensive scoring they definitely can match Lebron. But James is just awesome at every aspect of the game and it's what has and continues to make every team he plays for successful.
  13. how can you not love Lebron James? to be fair he has a pretty good supporting cast around him once again. The cavs were pretty much the oilers of the NBA for the past 4 years with 3 first OA in the past 4 years. Irving, JR Smith, Kevin Love (Injured), and Shumpert are all pretty good players to go along with the best player in the league Lebron James. Tristan Thompson has been a beast since Love went down as well.
  14. With Mcdavid, RNH, and now Lander looking like he's going to be a solid 3rd line center i don't see Leon, making this team to start the season. It's awesome that Edmonton suddenly now has such great depth at center. As for Bennett it sucks he's in Calgary because he looks as though he's going to be a very good player but Draisaitl definitely is a better fit in Edmonton and we should not regret our pick even for a second.
  15. I agree i don't' think Babcock will go anywhere. I shake my head at the idea of Toronto getting either coach to be honest. Besides the leafs wanting to throw a ridiculous sum of cash at them they really have zero incentives at the moment. Toronto is just always rumoured in everything but 90% of the time they swing and miss. I am pretty confident Edmonton will get a deal done with Mclellan no matter what.
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